Jealousy Fics

Aftermath by Zuffy
This series began with the devastating effects One Son had on Mulder and Scully's partnership, and continued through their desperate attempt to understand the alien threat and the complex loyalties of Diana and other players. Parts 3 and 4 take place after Biogenesis as Scully and Mulder try to come to terms with his mysterious illness. There's a shippy end for believers... Read more.
And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms
Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there puts their partnership, their investigative skills, their love and even their sanity to a test neither could ever have imagined. !non-consensual sex, suicidal thoughts This is another dark and angsty one, but well worth the pain. I somehow missed the original dustjacket despite the hundreds of them in my collection, and it wasn't until I went to get the link for this post that I discovered there was one.  After adding the one I made to the epub and pdf files I Read more.
Assumption of Guilt, An by Gerry Hill
Scully makes an assumption about Mulder and it nearly derails their partnership. The stress of back to back profiling cases results in some friction between our agents.  A series of misunderstandings doesn't help things until they finally work out where they're supposed to be. 😉  I was looking for a solstice fic, but because I'm on the wrong side of the world it's Yule here, and in the X-Files world Yule is at Christmastime, so nothing quite fit.  I gave up and got one set around the northern Summer solstice in season 7. Read more.
Beauty in the Breakdown by Neytirijade
Mulder tries pushing Scully away to protect her. Scully doesn't give up that easily. Neytirijade delights us with some MSR smut at the Gunmen's on New Years Eve.  There's a dash of Fowley angst, a pinch of idiotic Mulder, and a splash of self-medicating Scully all whipped up into a delicious coming together. 😉 Read more.
Behind the Looking Glass by Wendiae
After returning from Philadelphia Scully is unsure of her reaction to Mulder's anger and takes an assignment away from him unintentionally placing herself in grave danger. Read more.
Best Friends Series by T Bishop
Scully's feelings for her partner are forced out into the open when another woman comes into the picture. Anthology containing: Best Friends 1 Mulder's Girlfriend Best Friends 2 The Date Best Friends 3 Sleeping Together Best Friends 4 Work Ethics Best Friends 5 Jealousy Best Friends 6 Blood & Water Best Friends 7 In the Future Read more.
Blinded by White Light by DashaK
Blinded by White Light: What are we, but the sum of our memories? Open to White: We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.   Read more.
Bone of Contention by Kel & Michelle Kiefer
When an investigation in the middle of nowhere opens old wounds, 2000 miles away becomes too close to home. Can Mulder and Scully unravel the puzzle before they fall apart? Another gripping case file. This one puts our agents in the perilous position of investigating a cloning facility.  I can't quite remember if it's mytharc related, I might have to read it again - all I remember is the Dr Scully awkwardness after Mulder's hurt. Read more.
Butt, Montana & Hellhole, Idaho by Jess M
Scully goes on a date. Mulder is incensed! Comedy and Love ensue. I thought I'd lighten things up with some jealousy smut. The Scully/Other is no more than a plot device, therefore it could be argued that there is some plot involved. Read more.
Catalytic Converter & Pretensioner by Diana Battis
Diana Battis was one of those authors who could write sweet, sizzling smut while managing to slip some in some plot in as well. If you enjoy a side-order of jealousy and friction with your MSR, these two stories should be right up your alley. Catalytic Converter: Mulder plays Good Samaritan. Pretensioner: After an office confrontation forces Mulder and Scully to re-examine their relationship, the situation is further complicated by the untimely appearance of a woman from Mulder’s past. Read more.
Colombian Exchange by Taylor
It's a story about coffee, terrorism, love, sex, and families, though not necessarily in that order. What happens when a third agent is assigned to the X-Files - a female agent? What happens when Mulder starts dating that agent? What happens when Scully requests a transfer? Cancer rears its ugly head, as does Bill Scully, Jr.   Read more.
Damage Wrought by a Trip to Philadelphia by JHallmark
Mulder reacts to the events in "Never Again." Part I: Mulder Comes to a Conclusion - R for language and slight sexual imagery Part II: Scully Finds Some Cardboard Boxes and Her Key - PG for angst Part III: Dead Men Don't Feel Regret - PG-13 for slight sexual imagery Part IV: He Didn't Know about the Drops of Blood - R for angst and language Part V: All's Fair in Love and War - R for language and slight sexual imagery Part VI: Her Mother Called Him Fox - PG for Angst Part VII: Memories of a Florida Vacation Read more.
Edge of Darkness: The Complete XFBandit Collection by Dawson E Rambo
Dawson E Rambo writing as XFBandit. THE NOIR COLLECTION Aphasic [R] Scully is being interviewed about something that went dreadfully wrong with a case involving Mulder and the disappearance of two boys from a deserted farmhouse. Warning: This is not a "nice" story, folks. Please read with caution. Angst, Story, Relationship Base Secrets [PG] A first-person Mulder story that talks about his relationship with Scully. Some parts of that relationship are not what the FBI or the Consortium thinks they are, and this story addresses both how that came to be, and how they maintain the deception. MSR, Angst. Choices [PG] Read more.
Erlona’s Heart by MD1016
Mulder takes Scully on her dream vacation but things don't quite go to plan. If you haven't figured it out yet, MD1016 is one of my favourite authors, and possibly even the one who got me sucked in to the world of XF fanfic to begin with .  She combines the angst and UST and unleashes the smut in a way that I find most appealing.  This is a vacation fic set during the cancer arc, with all its tenderness, angst, love, and seasickness. Read more.
Fidelity by Suzanne Schramm
A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth.  Takes place right after Two Fathers/One Son. I puffy heart this story so much.  It fulfills my post-One Son need for Mulder to have to suffer for his treatment of Scully in that episode (even if it's Scully who's feeling most of the pain). I can be rather masochistic in my enjoyment of the pain of the rift caused by Mulder's unwillingness to believe that Fowley would betray him.  I'm like a mutant who feeds off the intense Mulder-Scully feels, and this story Read more.
Fifth Column by Kemystre
Fifth Column - (noun) - a secret or subversive group that seeks to undermine the efforts of others and promote its own end. --- Encarta World Dictionary After the events of Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati, Mulder and Scully come to a crossroads in their relationship. The decision that Mulder makes will forever change their path together and quite possibly cost Scully her life.   Read more.
First Time Series by Lolabeegood
A series attempting to establish their first time together... These fics have been compiled in the order in which they were posted to Ephemeral, but the PDF & ePub versions should have a table of contents so you can read them in whichever order you like. They are all pre-eps, post-eps or missing scenes. First Time - SR 819 First Time - The Beginning First Time - Terms of Endearment First Time - Drive First Time - Milagro First Time - Orison First Time - Agua Mala First Time - Sein & Zeit First Time - all things (A) First Read more.
Fox’s Book of Martyrs: Crucifying Scully by Ktblle
Your end is your beginning is your end. Oh the angst. What's a girl to do when her new lover decides to push her away to save her from himself? Go to Hawaii and setlle, that's what. But is that what she really wants?  Maybe, maybe not.  Spoiler: the answer isn't yes. Read more.
Full Circle to the Truth by Des
Special Agent Diana Fowley. Special Agent Dana Scully. What do they mean to Fox Mulder? Does he know? If not, how far do you have to go to find the truth? I thought it was time to find out. Read more.
Girls’ Night Out & As Good As It Gets by Jenna Tooms
Girls' Night Out: Scully has a girl's night out that does not end exactly as planned. As Good As It Gets: Sequel to Girls Night Out, Mulder accompanies Scully to a wedding.  Mulder learns fulfilling his obligations has its benefits … And though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted, She will hear me out, and won’t easily be converted To my way of thinking, in fact she’ll often disagree, But at the end of it all, she will understand me…” Yes, the Depeche Mode might be a little schmaltzy, and the M & S in these stories Read more.
Gradual Precipitation by Narida Law
Mulder gets in hot water with an agitated Scully.  A post Brand X fic. Mulder and Scully in a laundromat.  What more can I say?  Spin cycle! Read more.
Green Silk by Eowyn Evenstar
This version includes the short Christmas fic, The Present. The Present: Scully receives a mysterious Christmas gift. Green Silk: Mulder overhears Scully and her sister discussing whether Mulder might be gay. He has to prove her wrong. Green Silk has some classic fic elements like Jealous!Mulder, Sexy!Scully, a sexist small town cop, and some frenzied season 3-4 smut... It's been a while since I posted so I hope I remember everything I have to do 🙂    Read more.
Hardball by Missy P
Summary withheld at author’s request. It's enough to say that it's a ball fic, with gossip and jealousy, misdirection and  misunderstanding.  Note: I'm unsure whether Missy has used her real name so I've just used her last initial on the site.  Her full name is on the dustjacket where it can't be googled.     Read more.
Healing Waters Series by xgirl
XGirl continues the Crossing Lines universe, taking Mulder and Scully from after Sixth Extinction through most of Season 7 with angst and love.  There are two R rated stories in this section - if you want to skip the smut, XGirl has PG rated versions on her website.   I: Truths Untold: In the dark hours before the early morning, the greatest truths out there may well be the unspoken ones. [PG] II: Reconnection: A day at the beach and a story about a boy and his sandcastle spaceship. [PG] III: Acceptance: Mulder and Scully take a significant personal step forward Read more.
Impulse by Suzanne Schramm
Mulder and Scully investigate some strange doings in a little town where people seem to have no control over their actions. Read more.
Increments by Dasha K
The Increments Stories An exploration of love and commitment, set post-Tithonus . . .  After Scully's shooting, she and Mulder must learn to finally accept change in their relationship. Light Sleepers- PG-13 - The original vignette that started the series. A sleepless night, a conversation, a resolution. Increments-  NC-17 - Sometimes love and healing don't come all at once, but in increments. Phoenix Rising-  NC-17 - Marking the moment of change in ink. Keeping the Stars Apart- NC-17 - A brief respite from difficult lives. The Professional- with Plausible Deniability- NC-17 - A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help.   Read more.
Jitters Series by Donnilee
First Time Jitters: In the middle of a fight, Scully makes a stunning confession that prompts Mulder to act on his feelings. Jitters 2: M/S embark on married life and Mulder sets out to teach Scully about all the things she's been missing. Jitters 3: Scully's education continues. Wedding bells are in the air. D'oh. I finally upgraded the site to https the other day, so I had to type these book URLs in from scratch... and I got the site URL wrong... 😀  I've now corrected this.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I was actually expecting the whole site to Read more.
Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)
As members of a domestic terrorism task force, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bombings linked to a traveling carnival show. Set early season six. Mulder and Scully are carnies. It's been a while since I've read this one, but from what I remember Scully is initially undercover on her own, and Mulder (who can't be without her of course) joins her.  There's some jealousy involved, leading to an insecure Mulder who needs a little reassurance.   And Scully does a great job of reassuring 😉 Read more.
Leaning I & II by FatCat
Leaning I: A series of misunderstandings step in to enlighten Mulder and Scully Leaning 2: The Seduction: The relationship that was exposed in Leaning I continues to develop, despite a non-X-File case and an outside threat to their commitment. Jealousy, fighting, Mulder convinced that Scully's leaving him, assumptions, UST, romance, lost luggage and smut. 🙂   Read more.
Lifeguard by ML & Jacquie LaVa
A beach, the sun, some brief swimwear, a locked cabana and our Agents... who could ask for anything more? After Touching Jericho I figured some PWP was in order. Read more.
Lost Time by Spider
Diana continues to interfere after One Son. Our agents couldn't be any more distant when they're sent out of the country on a case. Author's Notes: For almost 20 years I have lived in a country with a 5,000 year old culture, spending months in villages that count years since the last white person was seen. I was once an academic and thus am still more skeptic that believer. But I have also seen things... On my last trip to Ambrym volcano, I was stuck in a leaky hut with dead bodies from black magic littering the area. . My Read more.
Making it Personal by Brandon D Ray
A series of episode-based vignettes, covering the second half of Season 6 and tracing the evolution of Mulder & Scully's relationship during that time. Read more.
Miles to Go Series by MD1016
Mulder and Scully in the desert, talking to each other through tin can phones. This is a nice 'n' angsty jealousy/betrayal story involving the incredibly dislikable Diana Fowley.  Scully issues an ultimatum and a proposition.  Mulder considers the options.    Read more.
Not Without You & Chained to You by Spooky’s Girl
Not Without You: Mulder and Scully vs the wild west. Chained to You: 18 months after Scully leaves the bureau, fate intervenes, and Fowley tries to... Read more.
Omens by Lepus-Arcticus
Mulder and Scully are called to Horizon, Montana to investigate a mysterious and gruesome death. Read more.
One Belief Away by Laura Blaurosen
Mulder and Scully are called out on an investigation involving a supposedly haunted house with a murderous ghost. They also find out a few other things (unrelated to the case) while they are there. This one's a brief Mulder/other, resulting in some intense Scully jealousy.  Don't worry, it ends as it should ;-).  I'm still excited that I got to go on a paranormal investigation last night, complete with EMF Meters and heat and Kinect cameras and everything, so I figured a ghost hunting fic was in order.  Unfortunately my experience didn't end up NC-17 rated though... Read more.
Parabiosis by Penumbra
Science and Mysticism conjoin. A detailed look at season 7. (Rated R) This story is supplemented by an NC-17 'addendum to casefile' 'Upsidaisium', which is included.  Upsidaisium is set around Gethsemane which is a bit confusing but smut is smut.  Scully dared herself to give in to this life, to call this enough - dire middle-of-the-nights with this unbelievable parabiosis arcing between them, and the daytime eternities of pretending there was nothing new. And now when he wanted to lie with her, kissing and talking, she thought of how they would act tomorrow, of the subsequent days until they could Read more.
Price of Truth I & II by E Livingstone
Price of Truth: Scully puts her life and beliefs on the line to get Mulder his truth. Tangled Web: After trying to find Mulder his Truth, Scully has to face the consequences of having seen too much. E weaves quite a complex web with these stories.  After Scully ditches Mulder to prevent him getting hurt, angst and jealousy arises. Read more.
Professional, The by DashaK & Plausible Deniability
A woman from Mulder’s past returns, desperately needing his and Scully’s help. This one's a 'Mulder's caught hiring a substitute-Scully' fic, with all its associated revelations and complications.  Don't let the Mulder/other freak you out, think of it more as a faux-Scully to genuine-Scully fic. Read more.
Punishment by Spooky66
SO! I threw around the idea that Mulder likes to be spanked and was asked to write it! This is just a little bit of gratuitous smut just because Mulder deserved a spanking after One Son.  Spooky66 and I collaborated on  this illustration for her post-One Son punishment fic.  We just had to make Dom!Scully spank Mulder with a name plate with her name on it.  I'm so easy to lead astray. Read more.
Recycled Virgins by Kel
The world of MSR fanfic has many wonderful stories about the "first time." Here's one about the changes and adjustments that follow. Mulder and Scully suffer through their own insecurities as they take on the Consortium. Some jealousy for Mulder. Read more.
Remember Me? by Caroline O
Mulder and Scully have been forcibly separated from each other for fifteen months. Scully has a new life, but no knowledge of her previous one. Read more.
Revelations Series [Volume 2] by Windsinger
The Complete Revelations Series This series takes place during the first season of The X-Files, beginning the morning after the last scene in The Jersey Devil and ending prior to the Season One finale,  The Erlenmeyer Flask. The full series is split into three volumes, as follows: VOLUME ONE: 1. REVELATIONS 1: DAWN (This has been mislabelled as "Revelations" at the top of each volume) 2. REVELATIONS 2: THE BOX VOLUME TWO: 3. REVELATIONS 3: THE VACATION Angst (of course), developing M/S relationship. Occurs towards the middle of the first season. There is even a tiny bit of foreshadowing of Read more.
Sal From 4C by Dianora & MD1016
Mulder and Scully have a fight to end all fights, then discover that making up makes it all worthwhile. Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 313: Syzygy Convergences
Syzygy smut, including Improbability - Fran Hartman Syzygy Causes Lust - Paradise Hey Jealousy - Eponine119 Syzygy Smyzygy - Mystic & Angela Game - Eponine119 Stars Misaligned - Donna BONUS: Links to more Syzygy goodness at AO3   Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 413: Never Again
SIX SMUTALICIOUS 'NEVER AGAIN' POST-EPS Skin Against Skin by para8Dice Visceral by Danielle Cold Night Warm Bed by Atticus Never Never by Crash Two Steps Forward by Soodohnimh Expiation by Johnie In celebration of my brand new tattoo I thought I'd put together a few angsty first time fics involving Scully's tattoo. I know many don't like this episode, and I admit that I was in the 'Scully didn't do it' camp for a long time, but I've switched to the 'Scully really wants Mulder but he's being a total jerk so she can go have whatever fun she needs Read more.
Smoking & Patch by Alanna & Michaela
Includes Smoking: Oh, the trials and tribulations of jealousy and frustration Patch: The sequel Jealousy may be unbecoming but it makes for great smut.  Scully has dinner with an old boyfriend while they're out of town on a case, resulting in an irresistible dark and brooding Mulder.  Michaela and Alanna also toss a good serve of humour in this smoking hot fic and its sequel.  Read more.
Sounding the Depths Series by ML
Sounding the Depths: In which Mulder gets Lesson One in Regaining Your Partner’s Trust. A series of missing scenes from “Agua Mala.” Interval: Bridging gaps and redefining partnership. A conversation after Agua Mala and before Monday. Do Overs: Continuing work on partnership. A series of missing scenes from "Arcadia." The Nature of the Beast: Mulder and Scully continue to work on their partnership in the aftermath of Two Fathers/One Son Read more.
Tam Lin by Pequod
Myth and murder combine in a remote Scottish village and Mulder and Scully investigate. Pequod gives us that ever-infuriating Mulder who withholds important details but gets away with it because he's adorable.  The plot is strong, as is the UST, until PartyDress!Scully tips that over the edge.  It's a well-written tale with the humour and banter that made me fall in love with Mulder and Scully, set in the beautiful Scottish countryside. And Kilt!Mulder even makes a cameo. 🙂  Read more.
Til Stars Align by MonikaFileFan
Mulder and Scully are currently stuck under Kersh’s thumb and banned to the bullpen. It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and Scully also finds herself under romantic admiration from another. Scully has a secret admirer, Fowley's messing with them, and there's an FBI Ball.  I'm a trope tragic. Read more.
Tootsie Pop I-III by EvieLouise
CONTENT WARNING: The following story is contrived, cliche-ridden, unrealistic, and unhygienic. And really, really smutty. ~Sap alert~ as well. Don't venture further unless you dig that kind of thing Tootsie Pop After returning from an assignment where Mulder inadvertantly caught sight of Scully in her underwear, a cliched evening of boring paperwork was made more interesting by Mulder seeing even more of Scully. Tootsie Pop II: Marshmallows & Mints Summary: Mulder and Scully go on another nice trip to the forest, or thereabouts, share conversation and confections, and engage in other fun adult activities. Tootsie Pop II: JellyBellies and Twang Read more.
Touching Jericho by Ford & Ursula Luxem
Sometimes one man’s faith is all that stands between revelation and destruction. Scully/Other, M/S UST, Angst, Mytharc I was surprised to enjoy this one as much as I did given that it's a Scully/Other. The story sucks you in, and it's set during the time of Mulder's disillusionment in Season 5, a few months after The Red & The Black, when Mulder's trying to deliberately push Scully away. While Mulder's playing up his asshole side, Scully's still trying to come to terms with the whole cancer/chip/Emily thing, so it's understandable that she'd seek comfort with someone who's going through a Read more.
Undercover Swing by 2momsmakearight
Mulder and Scully go undercover to find a heinous criminal... who also happens to host sex parties Keep a fire extinguisher close to your device.  This could possibly be the hottest fic I've ever had the privilege of reading.  Mulder and Scully try desperately to keep in character as Paul & Holly to pull off a convincing enough performance to be invited back to the next party, never quite knowing how much is an act and how much is real... the tension between them is sky high.   Read more.
Unnatural Disaster by Michaela
It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ... Glorious angst.  18 months after Never Again, Ed Jerse returns to taunt Scully in this gripping tale. It's one that's hard to put down so free up some time to indulge yourself.  There is a character death, but it's not one most people would cry over. I can't remember whether it's before or after Fight the Future, so I guessed. *files reuploaded with Read more.
Walking Away Series by ScamBeliever
Walking Away I: Big Mistake: Regretting One Night Walking Away II: Stolen Shots: Bridging the gap has been painfully trying. Something else makes it even worse. Walking Away III: Unexpected Visitor: Scully gives in at the wrong time. Walking Away IV: Passing Torches: Things might never happen. Walking Away V: Repress, Restrain, Deny: "I won't follow you anymore, Scully. I can't. Not in this." - Mulder Read more.
What Doesn’t Kill Us… by Katherine Benton
Mulder and Scully struggle with issues of trust and betrayal during and after the events after Fight the Future. It includes: Betrayal From Within Betrayals From Without The Ultimate Betrayal Even the Strong Will Crumble Some extra angst for the Easter break. This is a masterful series by Katherine Benton that sees some major changes in Mulder and Scully's personal and professional lives, and tugs on the heartstrings a little. This is the only fic I've read that deals, among other things, with Mulder's discovery that his body was used for sex without his consent during Dreamland.  It's a deliciously Read more.
Whole Truth (The) by Admiralty
Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley, a partnership of like minds. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, a partnership of perfect opposites. A journey beginning pre-XF and throughout the series exploring these relationships. (Includes Mulder, Diana, and Scully POVs) Chaps 1-5: pre XF- Pilot Chap 6: S2-S5 Chap 7: The End Chap 8-9: Fight the Future/ The Beginning Chap 10: Drive/ Triangle Chap 11-12: Two Fathers/ One Son Chap 13: Arcadia-Field Trip Chap 14-17: Biogenesis arc Read more.
Women’s Intuition by J Greco
Mulder is targeted by a woman who has allegedly killed four men in a mysterious and undetectable way. They attempt to gather evidence against her, hoping to break the hold she has on Mulder before she takes everything from him. Jamie gives us that irresistible territorial Scully, whose mission is to keep this dangerous woman away from Mulder.  There's also plenty of opportunity for Dr Scully to give her special touch therapy.  This is a fic I only discovered because it had a striking dustjacket by Anne Haynes. Read more.
XII by FragileVixen
A killer romanticizes each and every victim, leaving behind symbols of his "love"...but who is his intended target? Sometimes I'm not sure whether to be impressed or concerned about the minds of authors who create horrific case files.  This is one of those stories 🙂 This is an epic fic which I haven't finished reading yet, so further tags may be added as I go. This is only the first story in the Into the Shadows series. The second story in this universe, Dance in the Dark, is currently underway.  Read more.