Increments by Dasha K

113,000 words

Book Cover: Increments by Dasha K

The Increments Stories

An exploration of love and commitment, set post-Tithonus . . .  After Scully's shooting, she and Mulder must learn to finally accept change in their relationship.

Light Sleepers- PG-13 - The original vignette that started the series. A sleepless night, a conversation, a resolution.

Increments-  NC-17 - Sometimes love and healing don't come all at once, but in increments.

Phoenix Rising-  NC-17 - Marking the moment of change in ink.

Keeping the Stars Apart- NC-17 - A brief respite from difficult lives.

The Professional- with Plausible Deniability- NC-17 - A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help.