Thanks go to the writers of fan fiction who got me suckered in to this, and for the fan artists whose work inspired me to give it a go and keep on experimenting.  I share your works with the utmost respect, and would love you to know that your works are still being enjoyed and appreciated after all these years.  I’d like to link to all the sites I pilfered covers from eventually, but there are a few banners at the bottom of this page.

Image sources for original images:

All X-Files images are copyright Fox & TenThirteen and are used without permission and without gain.  I’ll also sometimes use promotional images in my work as well. The copyright belongs to whoever owns them. Please contact me if there are any issues with image copyrights.

The majority of stock images come from Pixabay.  I get a lot of background patterns and textures from there as well.

Fonts I use come from all over the place.  If you want to know the creator of a certain font, just ask me and I’ll look it up for you.


A lot of very talented x-artists of old shared a lot of their resources, such as textures and brushes. I love using their products to keep the authentic phile feeling going.

  • Veredgf no longer has her website, but she has a LOT of stuff available on deviantart, and hers were the first textures I began to tentatively experiment with:  Veredgf on deviantart.
  • Tere is another x-artist who influenced me and provided me with goodies to use. You can visit on wayback.
  • Kessia made heaps of photoshop brushes which she kindly shared at The site appears to have finally disappeared from the internet but you can access the wayback version.  You can contact me for the zip files if you’re interested and can’t get them through there.
  • Shiricki gave us  which is loaded with photoshop brushes.
  • d-art at (on wayback) also shared lots of brushes and textures
  • I’m sure was another phile-associated page, but my memory is failing me.

Free Non-phile goodies

Extra free fun stuff to play with came from


There aren’t many original sites still in existence. I’ve linked to the existing pages, but I’ll need to go locate the wayback ones again, so you can try the URL  at in the meantime.

Theresa’s XF Mind’s Eye is still alive and kicking: (recently defunct – wayback link)