Until I find a more appropriate way to catalogue stories, there are a few selections available under  Genre.

Fic Length: The actual length of each story is on the story page itself, but it’s not sortable there.  Stories have been classified by length as follows:

Fic Era (Timeline/Setting)

Other selections available under Genre

  • Vignette – short mood fic, typically under 5,000 words
  • Combined Series – A series of stories combined into one file, or part of a series.
  • Standalone – standalone story
  • Part of a Series – One part of a series when the series is posted here in multiple files.
  • MSR: Mulder/Scully Romance – Mulder-Scully romance. Could be either UST or RST, but the LUST is there.
  • MSP: Mulder-Scully partnership (or less).  They’re generally partners at some stage in the fic. Sometimes there’s fondness and sometimes there’s friction. On rare occasions they outright despise each other. ie The general status quo. NoRoMo safe.   I haven’t even bothered adding anything for other character relationships yet, my personal library tends to only contain MSR.
  • Anthology – this is a category I’d like to introduce once I work out the logistics.  It will be a number of unconnected stories by the same author  or a number of related stories (by trope, location, episode etc) by different authors combined into one file in a Reader’s Digest kind of fashion.