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Subject: Swirling Water
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Disclaimer: I do not own Mulder and Scully. They belong to Chris Carter, David and Gillian, Fox, and 1013 Productions. No infringement intended.

Title: Swirling Water

Rating: NC-17 for sex

Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance

Summary: Scully takes a vacation half way across the country, Mulder finds her, and does what we’ve all been waiting for.

Spoilers: Minor for 2Shy, El Mundo Gira, Bad Blood

Thanks to: Rita! You’re my savior!


Author: Paradise

Written: 1999


She’d escaped. Dana Scully had escaped. She stood now, at 2:13 in the morning, wearing a white bathing suit that she would never wear in the day time, in front of the beautiful San Diego beach.

The moon reflected sparkling stars on the distant waves, and she felt shivers as the ocean moved. Her body moved with it. With millions of lit dots glittering on the swirling water, Dana felt as though it were a computer chip, blinking sparks and rays and her blood ran quickly through her body.

She’d always wanted to see the world from the outside in, for she’d always felt she’d been someone outside looking in. She was always watching Mulder, watching him solve the cases, watching him believe, watching him with growing passion in his eyes for something he could never touch, it was never quite in his reach.

She’d escaped. She’d flown across the country, in search of peace, something she would never find in the same planet as Mulder, but this was as close as she could get for a short vacation.

God, Mulder. He was so ambitious. He was so intense that he wore her out. Always out there, never where the rest of the damn planet was, searching for something he was so positive was the truth, and for once, it wasn’t so much that she didn’t believe him, she was afraid.

Dana Scully shook her head free of those thoughts. Right now, it was her time. She had to wait until 2:15 in the morning to get a moment’s peace, a moment alone. She lied her towel in front of the waves. She slowly let her feet and the salty water meet. It was cool, refreshing, clean.

She slid in. The water reached her knees, her stomach, her breasts, her shoulders, and then she stopped. It felt so wonderful, she didn’t ever want to let the moment go. The water embraced her like a breath of fresh air. The water swirled to all parts of her body, washing and sliding up and down her hot skin, and she looked up at the moon, thanking God he was allowing her this one moment.

She ducked her head under the water, tasting the saltiness around her creamy skin. She approached the surface again, and her wet hair touching her shoulders. It was so beautiful. She looked up at the stars, the light from the moon twinkled in her aquamarine eyes.

She floated on her back and the bathing suit clung to her chest. Her feminine legs just resting, her arms to each side. If anything was a vacation, this was. She felt silky above the creamy water. Smoothness along her skin, coolness around her chest.

She tilted her head back and the water covered her scalp as she looked up again at the sky. She closed her eyes and felt relaxed. She hadn’t felt relaxed in years.

Suddenly, a hand that came from under her floating body grabbed her foot and yanked her down. She was scared out of her mind and screamed only to be plunged under the water.

Her “little feet” didn’t reach the bottom with her head above the water. She swam with her arms back to where she could stand, coughed the water, and looked up to where another person stood.

“What the…hell you trying to do?!? You trying to scare me have to death so I get killed you pig!”

She slapped the man across the face and flipped the hair out from sticking to her cheeks. She paused, caught her breath. She looked closely.

~Oh no. No, it couldn’t be.~

“Oh my GOD!”

“How flattering,” he said massaging his newly formed bruise.

“Mulder,” she said coyly.

“What a wallop.”

“What…what are you doing here,” she whined.

“Came looking for you.”

“You followed me?”

“Call it what you will.”

“You followed me across the country?!?”

“Well, aren’t you worth it?”

She looked down, smiling. But hell she was pissed.

“You son of a bitch. Why are you here? This is a vacation for God’s sake and you scared the living shit out of me!”

“Language language Scully.”

“Oh shut up.”

“So how are you?”

“Wet, shaking, and bitchy! Now move out of my way.”

Scully made her way past him, walking into the shallower water, and Mulder for the first time ever, got a good look at her feminine legs walking through the swirling water. He didn’t see her legs very often. With each step, she splashed water. He could hear the smile on her face as she spoke angrily to him, which pleased him.

“…and you know something, all I ever wanted was a vacation, all I ever wanted was to have a little peace every couple of years so I get as far away from you as I can, and then you show up and scare the-”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, his hands on her face, his lips against hers. His lips covered hers, moving across her face and his large hand held her head firmly to deepen the kiss as much as possible. Her mouth opened slightly and he slid his tongue to meet hers. Her tongue stroked his, and their lips over-lapped and played with each other.

He grabbed a hand full of her wet hair, pulling her lips from his but holding her face close enough that she could feel his breath. She looked at him, straight faced, almost triumphantly.

“Pretty good,” she said.

“Not so bad yourself, red.”

She looked down and smiled, shaking her head free of his grasp and turning away from him. She gathered her towel she’d laid on the sand, and wrapped it around her.

“Mulder, what the hell are you doing?”

“You still mad?”

“I asked you first.”

“I asked you second.”

~Dammit why is he always so difficult. This is my vacation, he shows up, scares the hell out of me, kisses me, and then asks me if I’m mad! Well, yeah.~

“You shouldn’t have put the towel around your waist Scully, you look good in a bathing suit.”

She hadn’t thought about the fact that she was in her “white” bathing suit. God knows what he saw. She chose not to think about it. He’d probably seen it before. She looked up at his face, then her eyes traveled down the length of him.

“Nice speedo,” she commented.

“Why thank you.”

“How did you find me?”

“That’s what we do for a living Scully,” he noted.

“What do you want?”

He didn’t answer. He walked over to her and sat down on her blanket. He took hold of her hand and tugged at her fingers, drawing her towards the ground. She stubbornly tried to remain standing, but gave up and landed on the floor with a plop.

“Mulder, can I ask you a personal question?”


“Did your parents ever tell you to do something besides searching for things as your life ambition?”

“They were the cause of it.”

“Whatever,” she said and lied back on her blanket, staring up at the full moon. “It is so gorgeous.”

“You have good taste Scully.”

“Coming from the man who’s apartment looks like a garage.”

Mulder clutched a hand to his heart. “I’m brutally damaged.”

She giggled softly. It was just an exhaled laugh. He lied down next to her, facing her so that his breaths were against her ear. She smiled and turned her head to his. This was vacation.

She looked into his beautiful green eyes, staring at her so attentively. There was no one else on the earth besides her and him, and she knew she’d never get away from him, and somehow, even now, it was comforting. She turned back to the moon, tilting her head straight above her. Mulder jumped up and held out a hand to her.

“What,” she asked clueless.

“Let’s go back in the water.”

“Oh now you want to?”

“Yeah, come on. Let’s go.”

Scully didn’t move. He bent over and grabbed her hand, pulling her to a sitting up position. She still didn’t move. He bent further down and placed his hands under her arms dragging her up.

“What,” she wailed.

“Let’s go.”

“You’re never just…easy are you?”

“What text is “easy” in this situation?”

“You’re also never practical!”

“And you’re too practical.”

She stood up, still much lower in heighth than him, especially now without heals. She walked with him and their feet touched the smooth, moving water.

“So why’d ya kiss me?”

“I’ve kissed you before. Attempted to at least.”

“Yeah but I’m not dying or leaving this time.”

“Figured it was about time.”

“You’ve got that right,” she muttered under her breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” she said innocently.

He turned so that he was in front of her, bent down grabbing her lower legs and lifting her up as her waist and all above struggled slightly above his shoulder. She giggled slightly, realizing she was never going to get a vacation, but knowing Mulder was always more fun than that.

As he ran deeper into the water, scaring her by his speed and the fact that it was so dark, he dropped her catching her wrist as she hit the water. He held her up as she caught her breath from laughing.

“You never let me rest. Even when I escape you find me and scare the crap out of me, pick me up like a sack of potatoes, then drop me in the water…”

“Shut up Scully.”

He grabbed her shoulders and pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him roughly on the lips and grasped his head, drawing him closer. His hand quickly pressed against her breast, placing delightful pressure against it and her nipple hardened. His other hand moved from her shoulder to her bathing suit strap, moving it swiftly from its place. The other one fell and she stretched her arms out to let it fall to her waist. Both of his hands cupped each breasts and she gasped and broke their kiss.

“I’m sorry, you okay,” he asked sincerely.

“Your hands are cold!”


His lips were on her neck, and she tilted her head back, feeling every part of her body enjoying his touch. Her fingers pressed into his back, and the water moved around them both, swirling and sizzling between them. Exploding in all areas. His fingers tangling themselves into her wet hair. As his lips were on hers, he realized his hands were caught in her hair, and when she realized it too, they both laughed, lips still touching.

She placed her hands on his chest lightly, showing she never had before. She was shy about it, delicately brushing her finger tips over his nipples. He shivered at her touch. He lowered his head from her neck and kissed her collar bone. Her made his way with his mouth down to her exposed round breasts. His tongue went around her nipple over and over again, and then covered her nipple with his mouth and sucked.

“Mulder,” she pleaded.

He didn’t reply.

“Mulder, I’ve had sex in the water before, it’s hard as hell. Let’s move out of the water.”

Mulder would’ve ignored her like he usually did, but at the sound of, “I’ve had sex in the water *before*”, he was slightly started and stopped. Dana Scully, having sex in the water? He hadn’t even done that. Was certainly willing to try though. However, that look in her crystal eyes, so sensible, so realistic, he gave up.

He reached for her hand and he was by her thigh, which he lightly brushed by while bringing her hand out of the water and kissing it. She smiled and then he took one arm grabbing her legs that were beneath the water, and the other behind her back supporting her as he threw her up in his arms. The water slid off of her body slowly. She giggled a girlie giggle as he moved with her in his arms to shore.

He reached her blanket, surprised at how light she was even though she was barely over five feet. He’d usually been with decently tall women. He gently set her down on the blanket, and lied down next to her, looking at her asking for reassurance. She smiled and placed a hand over his shoulder. She gradually leaned in until his lips reached hers. She felt her stomach explode in wonderful sparks that were sent through out her body.

He pressed and moved purposely against her, separating her lips with his own to capture her top lip between his and then taking gently between his teeth, her lower, fuller lip, pulling it into his mouth, running the damp edge of his tongue across it, and without remorse or regret, ended with a little tug.

Long, slow, open kisses, her tongue sliding against his, and her fingers brushed over his face. She slipped an arm below his arm around his waist, drawing him closer to him. His lips teased against hers for a while before pressing hungrily to her again, exploring her mouth.

His finger traced over the skin around her nipples, and he caressed it delicately until his hands began massaging it without being so careful. His palms lightly went in circles around her nipples, then he teased them until they tightened to the max. He moved his mouth to her earlob, gently enveloping it between his lips, nipping it lightly.

Her nipples, hardened by the intense touch of his hands, and then he further more put pressure over her breasts increasing her enjoyment, and his fingers played with them. His hands peeled down the bathing suit she was wearing, and he planted soft kisses on her stomach and he climbed on half way on top of her. She rolled his red speedo off of him.

His fingers moved from holding her face, to running over and over the curves of her waist, to the heating folds of skin between her legs. He gently inserted two fingers and began going back and forth. His thumb caressed area outside her center. He lingered there for a moment, before releasing his grip. His head moved down to her and he spread her legs gently, letting his mouth explore her. He kissed the folds of her delicate, damp entrance. He kissed her clitoris, then incredibly gently put it between his teeth, bringing it into his mouth, gently sucking on it. Her hands were in his hair, and she whimpered softly. In the past, she’d usually been the one giving.

Her hands found his head and brought his face back up to hers, and she hugged him gently as he slid inside her. She was so hot. Her insides felt liquidy, and her body felt like melting releasing heat. Her melting body felt a crash every time they thrusted. Burning waves and crashes. All of his muscles rippled as she rose to meet his thrusts.

Her hands went around his back and pressed into the soft skin as her teeth gently rested on his shoulder. Her hands moved down, grabbing his rear to bring him deeper inside of her. She began to welcome his more demanding thrusts, and she tightened her muscles as he slid out, and sparks of excitement ran through her body as she encouraged his return. They were both reaching their climax. As he made his final thrust, he opened his eyes watching her as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he said scared.

She shook her head. He moved off of her, lying beside her, her hand in his. She was shining and the tears reflected in the moonlight.

“What’d I do?”


“Are you hurt?”


“Then why are you crying?”

“Shhhh, it’s just, no one has ever cared the way you do.”

He was relieved he hadn’t hurt her. She now placed her hand over her eyes, and was smiling. She wiped her tears away and caught her breath, looking at him.

“You okay,” he asked softly.

She nodded yes. She giggled softly.

“What are you laughing at,” he teased.

“So much for a vacation.”

“Want me to leave-”

“No. You just never give up. On anything. I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever seriously notice me!”

“Hey I’ve always noticed you.”

“Not unless I was dying.”

“That’s not true.”

“Or when I’m leaving.”

“Scully,” he said calmly, but firmly, “I have always noticed you.”

“What took you so long?”


She turned to face him. “Yeah you! If I’d approached you first, you would’ve lost all interest.”

“How do you know?”

“I just did.” She paused, remembering something that brought a smile to her face. “Hey where was the weirdest place you ever had sex in? And with whom?”

“Probably with Phoebe in front of the grave of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyne.”

“Phoebe, her mouth was so ugly. It was as if it was made for a blow job.”

“It pretty much was.”



“She used to have really long reddish hair. She looked better than. Besides, you only saw her as the stone cold bitch she portrayed years ago.”

“The stone cold bitch she was,” Scully noted. “Beat ya anyway! I did it in a movie theater.”

“Excuse me?”

“No,” she defended herself. “I mean, there was no one in the theater.”

“Still. Anyway Scully, how do you know I would’ve lost interest?”

“Experience,” she said pursing her lips.

She smiled. She knew Mulder would never let that one go. She now couldn’t believe it. They’d made love. For the first time, on her vacation, in front of the waves. That was not predicted. Her business partner, she’d had sex with. Finally.


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