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RATING: NC-17 WARNING: Descriptive sex. Graphic violence. Smut biscuit. Please, no one under 17.


SUMMARY: Mulder reacts to a Scully outfit and starts an emotional avalanche.

DISCLAIMER: Ho Hum – Well, none of the characters mentioned here belong to me. If they did, M/S would have been doing the horizontal mambo a long time ago, complete with all the angst and complications. No, unfortunately, they belong to surfer boy, Chris Carter and the folks at Ten Thirteen Productions.

THANKS: To my bodacious, blonde, beta reader, Rita, for her selfless time and effort. I really appreciate it.




I almost lost him again today. He acts like a child sometimes, but what the hell would I do if I lost him? I love him. He doesn’t know that. I mean, I suppress the love side that wants to go sexual. He is my partner after all. I’m content with our partnership and our friendship. Aren’t I?

Anyway, here I sit on the edge of my bed, head in hands, reliving the panic and fear. We are in Philadelphia of all places. The city of my rebel indiscretion. Tatooville. Jerseville. What an idiot I am. We were supposed to merely consult on a serial killer case for the local Bureau office. There had been 7 women found murdered, laid out on display like gruesome works of art. The local agents couldn’t come up with a lead, so when the seventh woman was found, we got a call. An old friend of Mulder’s from the Academy by the name of Paul Morson was calling in a plea for help. He knew Mulder’s reputation in the Bureau was not good. He also knew he was brilliant profiler. They didn’t have a local profiler and the Bureau had been reluctant to send one from the Behavioral Science Department in D.C. They were all tied up, according to Morson anyway.

We requested the trip to consult and surprisingly, Skinner approved it without batting an eyelash. We had been doing paperwork for two weeks in the basement waiting for a case to come up and Mulder was getting cranky. I think Skinner was tired of being pestered for a case, and was relieved to give Mulder something to do. He even said ‘take your time’. So here we were.

Mulder and I had been hours going over the police reports, witness statements, crime scene photos and autopsy reports. They were horrible. The women were splayed out on their stomachs, ritual knives protruding from between their legs and M-I-N-E carved on their backs. Ankles and hands were tied with nylons, arms stretched above their heads. They were all prostitutes. And one little detail no one had mentioned. They were all red heads.

Mulder had gasped when he saw the photos. Agent Morson had suggested using me as an undercover decoy and Mulder nearly pulled his weapon on him.

I’d never seen him lose it so quickly. I tried to calm him down as Agent Morson had backed up against the wall with his hands raised in surrender. I know Mulder cares for me but this was ridiculous. I volunteered and Mulder went nuts again. From his profile, Mulder knew that the guy was watching the cops, taunting them with his knowledge of their bungling attempts to track him. He was getting bold and Mulder predicted that he would escalate and be trolling for victims nightly in no time, whether he was being watched or not. His success had made him cocky. Notes left on the victims with crude poetry were evidence of that. So after an hour of arguing, I put my foot down and insisted on doing it. Mulder made me agree to have him, Paul and two other plain clothes cops on stake out while I walked the streets.





Vice had pulled two other red headed hookers off the street and paid them a night’s take, so I would be the only red head. They had money for these things. I vaguely wondered what that would be like instead of justifying every cup of coffee on my expense report.

Two cops from the local precinct vice squad, Mulder and Morson hung around at street lamps and doorways, dressed in casual clothes, I was beginning to get tired.

It was now midnight. My feet hurt from the 3” high heels I was wearing. I was chilled in a leather mini-skirt, tight tank top, no bra, and a small bolero jacket that hid the downsized shoulder holster that hid my weapon. I stopped to lean on the wall of a local mini-mart and give my legs a break. Then it happened. A man in his early 30’s pulled up in a black panel van. He rolled down the window and motioned to me to approach. I pushed myself off the building and approached slowly, wagging my hips. I was careful not to glance at Mulder who I knew was at the other end of the block; hood of his sweat jacket pulled up over his head.

I leaned into the open window on the passenger side and peered into the darkness, my arms resting on the window frame in front of me. The guy was relatively handsome, brown hair, brown eyes, full lips. But the eyes, also brown held the gleam of the demented. A shiver ran down my spine.

“You lookin’ for a date, honey?” I asked in my best trailer trash accent, snapping my gum. He peered at me through the gloom.

“You a natural red head?”


“Tell the truth.”

“Yeah, curse of the Irish.”

“Get in.”

“How ‘bout we go to my place?”

“You have a place.”

“Yeah, my old man has a room we can use down the way.”

“The Striker Lodge?”

“That’s the one.”

“What room?”


“Meet you there in 10 gorgeous.”

I snapped my gum, smiled and nodded and then started walking towards the flea bag motel called the Striker Lodge which was two blocks away. I was surprised he hadn’t insisted I get in for the ride, but perhaps there were things in there that he didn’t want me to see. I glanced at the corner and Mulder was gone. I knew where he was.

I entered the dingy room and sat on the bed. I didn’t have to wait long. A sturdy knock came before I even had time to think of something to occupy myself. I stood and opened the door. The pictures of those other girls flashed through my mind and I had to suppress the bile that rose in my throat. I’ll spare you the details, let’s just say he didn’t waste any time. He reached into his boot, extracted a knife, grabbed me and sliced my top completely up the center in one stroke and sent me flying backwards onto the bed flat on my ass. He leaped for me.

Then I did what no self-respecting FBI agent does. I screamed. I screamed a really girly scream too. I cringe just thinking about it. But I was terrified, despite knowing that the other agents and cops were in the next room. The connecting door to the room thundered open and slammed against the wall. This distracted him enough for me to kick the knife out of his hand. He spun from me to Mulder who was now aiming his Sig directly at this guy’s head.

“FBI, freeze.” Mulder’s voice was a deadly growl. The guy looked up at Mulder and I pulled my weapon, rolled off the bed and pulled the little bolero jacket closed, buttoning the one button in the front. It didn’t hide much, but I felt better. I was behind his back now.

Mulder ordered, “Hands on your head, asshole.” He complied. “Scully, you O.K.?”

“I’m fine Mulder.”

I saw him wince. He hated it when I said that. I hastened to reassure him.

“I swear. He cut my shirt, but not me. I’m O.K., just a little shook.”

He nodded, leaning to the side to see my face. Morson and Mulder were watching him carefully. Morson said, “I’ll do a search.” As he advanced to do a pat down, the guy surprised us all. In all the confusion, I didn’t realize that the door was still open. Stupid. The perp lunged through the door and took off at a dead run, with all of us behind him. I abandoned

my shoes and took off barefoot with nothing but my stockings covering my legs and feet. My adrenaline was pumping and I didn’t even feel the cool pavement beneath my feet or the little stones that bruised me.

Did I mention that Mulder is a runner? He outdistanced the rest of us in two seconds flat. He darted into the small patch of woods by the road after the guy. We followed, emerging about a block’s distance later to another horrible sight. Mulder being yanked into the side of a warehouse with a gun to his head.

I leaped after him but was restrained by Morson, breathing hard next to me. “Dana! It won’t do any good to rush in after him.”

“That’s Scully to you.”

“Sorry, Agent Scully.” No one at work could call me Dana, too personal. My family did and now I let Mulder do it if he wanted. He used my given name when he really wanted my attention. It was a privilege I extended to him only. He was the only co-worker allowed to call me Dana. He never did it in front of other people.

I looked at the young vice-cop, “Michael, right?”


“I need another weapon.”

He crunched his brow, looking at Morson. Morson shrugged. Michael pulled a Barretta 9 MM from a holster on his waist, loaded the cartridge, checked the safety and handed it to me butt first.

I nodded, sticking the gun in the waistband of my leather miniskirt against my abdomen. “Thanks.”

Morson looked at her. “What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, but if I can get a weapon to him, I will. I don’t have that many rounds in mine either. He nodded.

“Wait for us Dana, we all go in together. I’ll send one of the vice guys in to do some recon and scope out the situation. She nodded and he turned to walk away, looking for the other cop.

Michael peered at her. “Nice outfit.”

“Bite me.”

He chuckled. “Do you want a wind breaker?”

“No, thanks anyway.”

They fanned out and surrounded the building. Michael’s walkie-talkie bleeped into the silence. He grabbed it, annoyed. “Not now,” he grunted into the mouthpiece in a ragged whisper.

The voice on the other end said simply, “Your perp is Broman Jakes.”

As soon as Morson was looking the other way, I slinked away. I looked back once at Michael and he saluted me, a quirky grin on his face. He knew I wasn’t waiting. I entered the building through the same door as Mulder and Jakes. I crept along the wall, letting my eyes adjust to the light. The space was filled with racks, holding cardboard boxes marked as stationary supplies. I caught a glimpse of him through a rack and ducked, carefully making my way to the end of the aisle towards the clearing beyond this row of racks. My stocking feet were silent on the tile floor. I was almost glad I didn’t have shoes, but stockings were slippery. I’d have to be careful.

I heard scuffling and a crash and stopped sneaking. I bolted into the clearing beyond the rack to find Mulder flat on his back with Jakes straddling him, Mulder’s own gun pointed at his head. His hands were tied behind his back and he was sprawled on top of his arms gracelessly. A broken wooden chair was splintered over the floor next to the pair. Looked like Mulder’s work. Broman hadn’t seen me yet, as I slid to a stop on my stocking feet about 20 feet away. Mulder did. His eyes locked with mine, wide as saucers. I knew if I didn’t misdirect him, he was about to pull the trigger. A girl lay on a massage table across the clearing. I could tell she was dead and she had red hair.

I schooled my voice to a dead calm. “Broman, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

His head whipped around to find himself staring into the business end of my Sig. A Sig identical to the one he was holding. He smiled. The bastard actually smiled. I planted my feet shoulder width, knees loose and aimed directly for his head. I felt a stab of panic as Jakes rested the barrel of the gun against Mulder’s temple. Mulder’s eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open, staring at me. I had a brief flash of what I must look like, bolero jacket hooked in front of my breasts by one lousy, flimsy button, black leather miniskirt, shredded tank top hanging at my sides, Barretta in my waist band and Sig in my hands. I would have laughed if the bastard didn’t have a gun to my partner’s head. I took a calming breath. This was no time to panic.

“I’m FBI, slime ball, drop that weapon right now. You have 5 seconds.” He chuckled again and I began counting.

“One.” I looked down to see Mulder’s eyes flicking back and forth from me to the gun. Anyone else would have mistaken the look for panic. But I knew better. The flicking was rhythmic. His tongue peeked out between his lips and he simulated biting his tongue. He wasn’t supposed to talk. My brows furrowed, dividing my attention between Jakes and him now.


Mulder croaked out. “Nice and safe here.”

Jakes pistol-whipped him with the butt of gun and Mulder moaned, blood starting to trickle down his face. “Shut up! I told you to shut up!”

“Three. Jakes!” I shouted his name to bring his attention back to me.

Safe? What was safe? Jakes? ‘Nice and safe here.’ What the hell? Then I zeroed in on the gun in his hand. Oh my god, I couldn’t see from here but I bet the safety was on. Jakes was a knife man, not a gun man. I hoped to hell my guess was right.

“Two seconds Broman, Four!”

He aimed at Mulder’s head again. “I’ll kill him, I will. And you’re going to help me out of here.”

“Five.” I fired at his right shoulder, just as he pulled the trigger and stopped short when nothing happened. He didn’t even have time to ponder it as my bullet ripped through his rotator cuff and he dropped the gun. The warehouse was suddenly swarming with cops and I ran to Mulder and skidded to a stop on my knees, rolling him onto his side.

“Mulder, are you O.K.”

“I’m fine, Scully.”

“You’re not fine, Mulder,” I exclaimed, seeing the purple bruises on his wrists and blood on his temple. I untied his hands.

“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, Scully.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

He looked at me pointedly, “I’m F-I-N-E, Fine, Scully.” He got up rubbing his wrists and staggered. I lunged at him and wrapped my arms around his waist. Without shoes on he is over a head taller than me, but I braced him so he wouldn’t fall. His arms went around my shoulders.

“Sit down Mulder so I can look at your head.”

He sat gingerly in a chair someone had pulled over. I glanced around to see the forensics team swarming over the girl on the table. Morson was leading Jakes out in hand cuffs, despite the EMT’s persistence in bandaging the shoulder. Michael walked up. “How is he?”

“Not sure. Bump on the head. Oh, thanks,” I said, handing him the Barretta.

“No problem.” He smiled a mega-watt smile at me. “Nice working with you Agent Scully. You looked like Xena: Princess Warrior there for a minute.” I glanced at my attire and we laughed together.

“Thanks again Michael, for the gun, and for not giving me away to Morson.”

“Anytime, Agent, anytime.” He winked at me. Mulder looked at the guy and gave him a dirty look.

I turned back to him and stepped between his legs, placing my hands on his head as I began and careful, but slow and thorough check of his scalp for any lumps, abrasions or tears. “Being dizzy isn’t good Mulder, are you nauseous?” He shook his head ‘No.’ The nick on his temple was coloring but was not deep. The blood made it look worse than it was. I leaned in to check behind his ear and that’s when things went a little blurry.

I could feel his hot, moist breath tickling the sensitive skin of my chest and I realized I had leaned into him, placing his nose almost directly between my breasts. Before I could react, his hands slid up the back of my thighs and gripped me firmly at the same time his tongue darted out and gave me an open mouthed lick between my breasts with the flat of his tongue. I let out a sound somewhere between a gasp and bark and surged backwards. I would have fallen if Mulder hadn’t leaned forward, keeping his hands on my thighs and steadying me. Then he let go.

“Sorry Scully, but you have to be a little more aware of what you’re doing when you are dressed like that. Sticking your chest in my face was not up there on your list of most brilliant things to do.” His voice was maddeningly calm and smooth. He had a quirky smile on his face. “I’m fine.” He stood up and started walking away but then turned and faced her again. “Oh, thanks for saving my ass, Scully … again.” With that he turned and made his way outside.

I stood there, unable to move just yet. I was panting and suddenly feeling light headed. My nipples were so hard they were almost painful pressing against the back of the lining in the skimpy bolero jacket. My face was crimson and my body’s reaction to Mulder’s tongue and hands on my thighs had been instantaneous. I didn’t have to check to know that my underwear was

soaked. Christ, what the hell was that? How dare he? My other voice said, ‘He’s right, you stuck your boobs in his face, what did you expect?’ ‘But I didn’t do it on purpose!’ ‘Are you sure?’ Oh, shut up, both of you!’ I took a calming breath and trudged back outside.

Mulder was shaking hands with Morson. “Take care of that noggin’, buddy.”

Mulder smiled. “I will, I happen to have a doctor for a partner.”

“Oh, yeah, well, then, we’ll get together tomorrow to finish the paperwork. Go back to the hotel and get some rest. It’s 3:30 AM, for Christ’s sake.”


“Will do.” I turned to her. “We have to catch a ride with someone.” She swiveled her head, spotted Michael and hollered to him.

“Hey Mike, can we hitch a ride back to our hotel?”

He beamed a smile at her again. “Of course. Sure. Hop in.” He made for the driver’s door of his cruiser.

Mulder stared daggers at his back. ‘So it’s Mike, now, is it? Not even Michael.’ He slid into the back seat. He couldn’t make a scene. Scully was pissed off at him already. What the hell had he been thinking? He’d just grabbed his partner like a drunken teenager. She’d been trying to examine him in that detached clinical doctor way she had, and he’d lost it. That outfit! He hadn’t been thinking at all, that was the trouble. He stopped thinking as soon as her tiny fingers started messaging his scalp looking for damage.

He stopped breathing when her cleavage had loomed into his face, blocking out his field of vision to anything but that sight. Her breasts were full and large for her frame. The jacket covered the front of her breasts, but the inside curves were completely exposed to him, one little button stretched to the limit, holding the jacket across them. The jacket hung just an inch or so below her breasts, exposing her midriff. Their milky whiteness was so beautiful. Then he could smell her, cinnamon and baby powder, mixed with sweat and something else. The scent that was just her, ‘Ode de Scully.’ He inhaled and felt his groin tighten. When she leaned forward he was lost.

Yeah, he’d lost it but for God sakes, his nose was nearly touching that wicked little button. Without the permission of his brain, his hands had grabbed her thighs and he licked her skin, tasting her saltiness and feeling her exquisitely soft skin. Despite her negative reaction, he was hard as a rock in an instant.

Now he was in a cruiser with Mike the Charmer heading back to the hotel while he watched Michael hitting on Scully. His blood was boiling, but he couldn’t say a word after that little adolescent display in the warehouse. At least no one had seen it. He hadn’t humiliated her in front of anyone. All thoughts of the trauma he’d just been through were wiped completely from his mind. He stared at her without remorse and she kept glancing back at him, but he said nothing. He wasn’t going to stop staring either.




I almost lost him again today. Here I sit on the edge of my bed, head in hands, reliving the panic and fear. I can’t decide whether to weep with relief that he’s alive or put a bullet in him for that little stunt in the warehouse. No man has ever been able to infuriate me faster or with more finesse than my brilliant, pig-headed, but oh so handsome partner. The man could make a nun blush the way he looks at me sometimes. He’s never inappropriate though.

Until today that is. Then again, he’s never had my boobs up his nose before either! What the hell was I thinking? I totally forgot about my attire. All I was afraid of was that he was dizzy and that he might have a concussion. I went into doctor mode, forgetting that I wasn’t wearing clogs and sexless autopsy bay scrubs. No, no, I had been dressed like a two-dollar French whore! And to top it all off, my tank top had been slit from stem to stern by our little madman and was hanging ragged down my sides. My little bolero jacket didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, so the insides of my breasts and my entire abdomen were hanging out for the world to see. Normally, this would have mortified me, however, my concern and near panic for Mulder’s safety had overridden all of the normal feelings of disgust and hormonal glitches that accompany being seen in that state of undress. What a sight I must have been!

No, admit it, Dana Katherine, you cannot blame this one on Mulder. He’s your partner and your friend, but you tend to forget that he is a normal heterosexual male. Not normal, no, actually quite hot blooded. Male, yes he was, in every way imaginable. He’s not only male and hot-blooded, he’s passionate and … SHUT UP. Great, now I’m mentally scolding myself. What next, Dana, schizos r us? Ah, Christ, this is embarrassing. And he is so fucking sexy! Did I just admit that? I’m in trouble. I should really be pissed about this. But I can’t be. He was calm, as though he’d just had a normal every day reaction to something obvious. I on the other hand, turned into a bubbling, hot, panting mess. What the hell? Get a grip, girl.

I can’t get that tongue out of my mind. It was so hot and scrubbed my skin. The man’s got one hell of an oral fixation. I wonder what else he could do with that tongue? STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, DANA KATHERINE!

And so my thoughts went until I heard a sharp knock on my door. I sighed and got up to let him in.





“Hey, Scully, all showered?” Mulder asked.


He approached hesitantly and instead of taking up his usual place sitting beside her on the bed, he carefully lowered himself into the chair she was using with the little table to set up her laptop. We were silent for a couple of minutes, just looking at each other. He was wearing sweats and a snug tank top.

“Look, Scully, I’m so sorry about earlier.”

I opened her mouth to protest, but he held his hand up.

“No, let me finish.” I nodded.

“I don’t know what the hell I was doing. I would like to blame it on the knock on the head, but I can’t. I was just overwhelmed and being an asshole. I’m sorry. I never mean to disrespect you like that. That was unprofessional. But more than that, with our friendship, that was unforgivable. I’m so sorry. It was unforgivable but I’m gonna ask you to forgive me, one more time, Scully. I shouldn’t have to keep asking, I know. I should just practice not being such a bonehead, but …”

“But?” I was enjoying his groveling immensely. This didn’t happen very often and I wanted to milk it for all it was worth. I couldn’t stay mad at this man, but he didn’t have to know that.

Mulder sighed and looked directly at me. I could see a hint of fear there and something else I couldn’t quite put her finger on. “Scully, do you have any idea how you looked?”

“Xena: Warrior Princess?” I repeated Michael’s appraisal.

“Only an asshole would say something like that.” I gave him the raised eyebrow. “Oops. Sorry. There I go again.”

“S’okay. I know I looked like a whore Mulder, I was supposed to look like a whore.”

He was silent again and then he whispered so low I could barely make it out. “But you’re so beautiful it hurts to look at you when you’re fully clothed, let alone when half your body is on display. I’m sorry Scully, I just lost it.”

Did he just say what I think he just said? He thinks I’m beautiful? Well, what do you know? “You think I’m beautiful?” I asked.

He laughed outright at that, raising his head to look her in the face. “Oh God, Scully, you amaze me.”


“You must be the only stunningly beautiful woman on the planet who has absolutely no clue what they look like. You are a brilliant doctor, a great FBI agent and a compassionate person.”

I was stunned by the things he was saying. “But you are incredibly dense when it comes to your sex appeal and your beauty,” he concluded.


“Sex appeal?” I squeaked out.

He looked at me again, locking his gaze with mine. He had an amused tilt to his head. “My god, you really don’t have any idea, do you?” he asked, an amused tone in his voice.

“Any idea about what?”

“How incredibly beautiful and sexy you are.”

“I am not! That’s ridiculous.” I was blushing like a school girl. That was also ridiculous, just because it was Mulder who had said it.

“Scully, I didn’t say these things to make you uncomfortable.”

“Then why did you say them?”

“Because I’m trying to explain to you…what happened in that warehouse.”

“What happened? Tell me the whole story.” My voice was low, but I silently congratulated herself on how steady it was. Mulder thought I’m beautiful! No, he’s just saying that to excuse his behavior. Wasn’t he? O.K., Dana, let him explain, I thought. “Well?” I prompted.

He took a deep breath. “I was stupid. I took off after him afraid of losing him in those woods. “

I nodded.

“It never occurred to me that he would stop or double back. I figured he was on a panic run. When I burst out of the trees onto the street I didn’t see him. So I snapped the safety on my gun and looked around. I saw the warehouse and was about to take off again when he jumped me from behind, knocking my gun away from me and lunging for it. He was fast and beat me to it and the rest is history. He tied me to a chair and started telling me all the things he was going to do with you. He still thought you were a hooker, and that we had set you up to take him down. I thought I was going to be sick.”

“What did he say?”

“You don’t want to know. Anyway, he left for a potty break and I guess and I started ramming the chair into the floor trying to break out. I succeeded just as he returned. Then you came sliding into the room silent as a cat, but I knew you were there instantly. I knew the safety was still on. He was a moron, knew nothing about guns but he could knock me out with it and he hit me every time I talked.”

“God, Mulder, I was so afraid I had read you wrong. He pulled the trigger, you know? If I’d been wrong…” I choked up and tears shimmered in my eyes. He was off the chair in an instant, sitting down on the bed and pulling me into his lap. He cradled my head against his chest.

“Shh, you weren’t wrong. I’m here. I’m O.K., and you did great. You were spectacular. God Scully, the way you looked.”

I shifted. “How did I look?” It felt so good to be in his lap and his heat all around me. I snuggled closer, wrapping an arm around his waist. Suddenly, I really wanted to know how I looked to him.

He chuckled, “You looked like an avenging angel, all fire and fury, your hair flying out all over your head.” He paused. He dropped a peck on top of my head then lowered his lips to whisper in my ear. “And so fucking hot I almost forgot where I was.” I shivered uncontrollably and felt my nipples harden. His breath was moist and hot in her ear. He had gone still, afraid he had offended me. He rarely used the F word.

The silence became a little awkward as my heart hammered against my rib cage. No one had ever called me hot. I realized he was waiting for me to say something.

“Yeah?” I sounded breathy.

“Yeah.” His voice was low and husky sending shock waves down my spine. “And that’s why I lost it when you leaned into me. Your beautiful skin was so close I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t help it. I had to know if you were as soft as I had always imagined you’d be.”

I swallowed a moan but was sure he heard it anyway. “Imagined?” I squeaked out.

“Mmm. You didn’t know that I think about you all the time?”

“No.” My voice sounded small, even to me. This whole situation was crazy but I couldn’t bring herself to pull away from this sudden arousal. And I suddenly had a burning need to know what he saw when he looked at me.

“You didn’t know that I wonder if you’re as soft all over as your face is?” he asked softly.


“You didn’t know that I lay awake at night wondering what it would feel like to touch you, to have your scent all around me?”

Warmth gushed from between my legs and I wasn’t able to swallow the moan this time. “Mul…der…”



He chuckled again, amazed that I was making this confession and that I seemed turned on by it. “Didn’t know I love the way you smell?”


“Why I invade your space all time and stand so close?”


“So I can smell you and remember your scent when I’m alone at night and missing you. It comforts me.”

“Does it?” I asked, knowing my inability to speak more than one or two word sentences must be giving me away. Suddenly it didn’t seem important.

“Mmm, hmmm.”

Silence again. I wasn’t resisting or pulling away so he found the courage to continue. “You don’t have to be dressed trashy to turn me on.”

“I don’t?”

“No, just seeing you move is sometimes enough to do it, or chewing your lip. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a suit, jeans or…flannel jammies.” He plucked at the arm of her flannel top.”


She giggled. The sound delighted me. I ran my fingers along the neckline of her top. She gasped out loud at the sensation. Then she whispered, “And now?”

I took a deep breath, knowing this was the moment of truth. “And now…” I Swallowed hard, my lips brushing her ear gain. “I think I’ll go up in flames if I can’t kiss you,” I croaked out.

“Oh God…” Her head lifted and turned to me. Our eyes locked. Just one kiss, I thought. I saw her breath quicken, her pupils dilate and her eyelids become heavy.


Good lord he was sexy. And he wanted me! Not some porn flick bimbo with silicone breasts and legs up to her neck. ME!

“Scully, if you don’t…want me to touch you…touch you the way I want to, you better tell me now.”

I should have stopped him. I should have told him thank you and went to sleep. I should have told him to leave. In the same instant I knew I couldn’t do it. I had to know.

“Scully?” he asked gently.

“Touch me, Mulder.” My voice was a whisper.

His eyes went wide for a second and then he was sliding his mouth over mine. His lips were so soft, pressing firmly but gently, asking permission. His tongue shot out and wet my lower lip. A bolt of desire, so keen it made me jerk, ripped through my body. He felt it and stopped, looking into my eyes. He thought the jerk was me pulling away.

“Second thoughts?”

I shook my head and found my voice. “No, that good.” His eyes widened again and he smiled. “Again,” I requested. I grabbed his head and pulled him to me, capturing his bottom lip and worrying it with my teeth and then sucking on it with seven years of pent-up frustration. His moan was animalistic and I shuddered upon hearing it. I could hear his desire and his need for me.

I broke the kiss and calmly started to undress him. His tee-shirt and sweats were gone in a flurry of flying arms. He returned the favor and we stared at each other. We both sat, drinking in the image of what we’d both been waiting to see. He broke out of his temporary stun first, laying me back on the bed. He lowered his mouth to my breasts and sucked each of them in turn.


Her writhing, moaning and clutching at my shoulders did me in. I’d wanted this to last, but this was too much. Naked Scully, moaning because I’d aroused her. The feelings were overwhelming and humbling. I played with the folds between her legs, eliciting more sounds and hip movement.

My voice was ragged. “Scully, I want to do so many things … but God help me, I can’t wait anymore. I need you so much,” I admitted.

“Same…here.” She was gulping air. “We’ll do other…things…later.”

I nodded and sank between her welcoming thighs, propping on my elbows and kissing her, regaining some of myhis control.

“So there will be a later?”

She nodded. “It could never be just once with you.” Joy washed through me at her words and I found myself nudging her entrance.

“Do it now, Mulder,” she demanded.

That’s all I needed. I sunk into her in one long, slow, deep thrust and felt my control slip away again. My head dropped to her neck. “Jesus, Dana, you’re so hot and tight.”

She wiggled her hips experimentally and was rewarded with another groan from me. I started to move slowly, staring into her eyes and speaking softly, “I bet there’s something else you don’t know.”

“Oh yeah. What?” We were both breathing rapidly.

“Bet you didn’t know that I’m completely, hopelessly, head over heels in love with you.” She gasped and saw the sincerity in my eyes.


I was humbled. He loved me! This brilliant, gentle, sexy, kooky man loved me! But what about work? We’d been working together loving each other for years now, so what was the difference? I almost lost him today. Would the pain be any less if I hadn’t expressed my love for him. No, it would probably be worse because he would have died never knowing how much he meant to me.

A sharp thrust of his hips brought me back to the present. I whispered, “I love you too. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t.” I watched his eyes get teary and then his pace increased until they were both grunting with every impact of their hips.

The peak hit me sharply and unexpectedly. All I had time to do was grab his shoulders as an anchor before my body went taut and the waves spread through my body. I shouted his name over and over. It went on longer than any orgasm I’d ever had. As my tremors died down, I felt him stiffen, and then empty himself into me in a series of spasms while he chanted, “OhGodScullyLoveYou, OhGodScullyLoveYou, OhGodScullyLoveYou.”

We held each other for a minute, still joined enjoying the post coital lassitude. Finally he lifted his head and beamed me a smile. I smiled back.

“Now what?” he asked.

“Sleep.” I muttered.

“Do we need to talk?”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow’s soon enough. Let’s just enjoy tonight.”


He rolled off me and they cuddled up spoon style and drifted off to sleep.


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