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Lurid Details by TBishop

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Rated: NC-17

Category: MSR-LF (It’s not smut…CC calls it Lurid Fiction. Who am I to argue with the man?)

Disclaimer: This Mulder and Scully are mine. Chris would never let his do such things.

Spoilers: Naw

Summary: Yes! Yes! Yessss… I think that about covers it.

Feedback: It will only encourage me. Flames will be forwarded to that dark part of my writer’s imagination that roams the night in search of victims.

Dedication: This story is for Mr. Carter who is apparently a reader of “Lurid” XF fan fic. God bless him!

Author’s note: Thanks to David, Shoshana, and Shell for beta. And a very special thank you to the man who inspired these lurid details. As always, thanks to Mistress Grasshopper for keeping up the archive. I’d also like to thank the crew of United Airlines flight 2275 for uncompromising service.


Today has been unbearable. All day Mulder and I have been doing the “little dance” as I like to refer to it. It’s like a strip tease without the stripping. We torment each other with lustful glances, we violate each other’s personal space, we toss around playful sexual innuendo, we try to hide the fact that we are aroused, as the strings get pulled tighter and tighter. Right now I’m so damn taut, I’m about to snap.

Sitting next to Mulder on this late night shuttle flight from Boston to DC after a day of pheromonal waltzing has me on the verge of… well, ‘on the verge,’ I’m trapped in the window seat of all places, Mulder only inches away… so close I can smell his spicy cologne and the lingering remnants of a hard day’s work. It’s intoxicating.

He’s in shirt sleeves, having stowed his jacket in the overhead. I’ve never known another man in my life that looks so incredible in a simple dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Neither of us has spoken a word since take off. Actually, the cabin is quite quiet as it’s almost midnight, and most people are trying to catch a little sleep. There’s only one other person in our row, a young Japanese woman sitting across the aisle. She’s fallen asleep with her headphones on and her book open in her lap.

Just when I’m starting to consider the possibility of getting a little shut eye myself, Mulder starts shifting around and trying to get comfortable. Eventually, he pushes the armrest we share up in between the seats, abolishing the only barricade between us. This time when he shifts, his knee comes to rest touching mine. I shut my eyes and try to ignore that the entire left side of my body is suddenly bathed in goose flesh. I have to maintain some semblance of calm.

A few slow deep breaths do nothing to quiet my desires, and only serve to remind me how incredibly delicious my partner smells. Something else I notice in the darkness… I have become moist with my own arousal, and the scent of it is not undetectable. My face flushes warm with the knowledge that Mulder must be privy to my secret too.

And then suddenly I feel my partner’s hand upon my knee. I am expecting a friendly pat or a gentle nudge. I was not expecting the sensuous caress, or the way his thumb suggestively rubbed the inside of my leg. I’m startled of course. This is a bold move, even for Mulder. His hand continues to creep slowly up my leg and… Oh my… under my skirt. He’s crossed a line he never crossed before. And I’m not really sure what I should do.

I remain perfectly still, my eyes shut. The gentle breeze from the overhead air vent is cool against my hot cheeks. Mulder’s hand continues slowly on it’s path, undaunted by my racing pulse or my quickened breathing. His thumb is tracing small circles along my inner thigh. To my own amazement, I find myself shifting ever so slightly to allow him access to the destination it has now become obvious he seeks.

When his fingers reach the top edge of my stockings, he toys a minute with the lace garter. I wonder if he knew I was wearing thigh highs? I usually wear hose, but today I just felt… well, naughty. I guess Mulder’s feeling a little naughty himself today. He’s going to flip when he finds out I’m not wearing any panties. I don’t when I wear a garter belt and stockings, it’s part of the fun, which my curious partner is about to discover.

I can feel him watching me. Do I dare risk a peek in his direction? I’m not sure I’d be able to control myself if I did. I can’t believe that he’s doing this. Why now? Why here? If we were back at our motel or in one of our apartments… damn him! His timing sucks! What does he expect me to do on this plane? Does he want to do it on the plane? Oh God! What if he does?

His hand has made it’s way all the way up the inside of my thigh. But he’s stopped. Or maybe time has stopped. For one agonizing long moment, he waits. God, please don’t let him change his mind. I want him to touch me so bad I could cry. What is he waiting for? Permission?

But then I hear the soft female voice and I know. His hand makes a hasty retreat. I didn’t mean for him to hear my disappointed sigh. I feel him lean close to me, and when he speaks, his breath is hot against my ear. His voice is cut with the most seductive edge. “S’okay, Scully. I memorized the route. I’ll be able to find my way back without any trouble.”

I can’t help it. The shiver runs right through me. Jesus, this man drives me crazy.

“Blanket?” The stewardess has made it to our row.

“Yes, please.” Mulder tells her. I hear a rustling, but I’m still too afraid to open my eyes. He clears his throat. “Do you think I could get a cup of water… with ice?” Even with my eyes closed I know he’s turning on the old Fox Mulder charm. Our friendly little stewardess is being treated to Mulder’s patented puppy-eyed flirting. She’d crawl on her hands and knees through broken glass to get that drink of water for him… and at this point, so would I.

“Sure. Is there anything else I can get you?”

Like my phone number? She didn’t say it, but I could hear it in the tone of her voice. It used to bother me, his flirting. But I understand it now. Just like a beautiful woman, he’s learned to use his God-given gifts to his advantage.

“No, just the water… ah, Lisa. Thank you.”

When she scurries off to the galley, Mulder unfolds the blanket and spreads it across our laps. Hmm. Maybe this could work after all. I adjust the blanket up over my shoulders so my hands and Mulder’s are hidden beneath. He wastes no time returning to his task. Now he’s more sure of himself, pushing my skirt up and making it easier for his hand to reach it’s goal. I can’t believe this is happening.

His fingers brush lightly over my damp curls and I gasp at the jolt that gives me.

“Scully, you’re not wearing any…” But before he can finish, the damn stewardess is back with his water. He doesn’t let her interrupt this time. His hand is still busy underneath the blanket. He dips two fingers into the heat of my center and teases my clit. He does this while carrying on a flirtatious conversation with Miss Friendly Skies. I have to bite my lip hard to keep from moaning. I try to remain perfectly still, but Mulder is now mercilessly rubbing a very sensitive place, and I want to scream. I’m fighting a losing battle against the impulse to writhe with his ministrations.

He works me harder as he continues his dialogue with the stewardess. He’s keeping her there on purpose. Torturing me. Asking her pointless questions and feeding the conversation, just so I must endure his assault in silent, still, agony. Oh… this man’s going to pay big time.

Surreptitiously, I move my left hand over and do something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I grip that bulge in his Armanis and give it a gentle squeeze. My my my, what have we here, Agent Mulder? Feels like steel… but I don’t believe it’s your gun. Guess I’ll just have to investigate.

My fingers find his belt buckle, and I quickly work it open, followed by the button on his slacks and, with a bit of a struggle, the zipper. I slip my hand through the fabric of his boxers and encounter the object of my curiosity. I feel him jump at the contact.

As I begin tracing my fingernails up and down his throbbing shaft, Mulder brings his conversation with the stewardess to an abrupt end. I finally can’t resist, and steal a glance in his direction. The look he gives me in return is so intensely passionate it takes my breath away. We stare into each other’s eyes and continue our undercover game of titallition and erotic fondling… building the tension with each stroke of flesh upon flesh.

Huddled together under the blanket in the quiet dimness of the airplane cabin, Mulder and I are completely lost in the pleasures, both given and received. I love the feel of his hard pulsing cock as I glide my hand up and down his silky skin. I’ve given up on impassiveness. My body is squirming as he begins rolling my clit between his thumb and finger. Low humming sounds vibrate in my throat.

Mulder’s other hand is now brought into play as he turns towards me and cups my breast. I draw a shaky breath when he starts unbuttoning my blouse. This has quickly escalated beyond anything I would have ever dared imagine the two of us capable of in a situation like this. We’re in public, for Godsake, on a plane… in a cabin with people all around us! I sneak a look to make sure the girl next door hasn’t awoken to a free show… two FBI agents groping each other like teenagers in a drive-in movie. Nope. Still sound asleep.

Mulder takes advantage of the moment and begins nibbling on my neck. Now, this just so happens to be at the same time that he finds his way inside my bra. I am completely overwhelmed, and I can feel my insides liquefy, my juices dripping in Mulder’s hand. As he bites on my neck, he slips two fingers up inside me. I can’t help the sudden gasp.

I lose myself in the feeling of so many pleasures. This is insane for us to be behaving like this, but I just plain don’t give a damn anymore. I want this. It feels incredible. I struggle against the urge to moan and whimper as Mulder brings me closer to the edge.

In the heat of this passion, our lips find each other. We share our first kiss. It is hungry and open mouthed. Our tongues slick over one another. We challenge for dominance. Mulder wins, his tongue probing deep into my mouth. He is relentless, kissing as if he would like to devour me. He owns me completely now. The things he’s doing to me are beyond my ability to resist. I can feel the strings tightening, vibrating, ready to snap.

Oh God!



How I managed to come without making a sound is a complete mystery to me. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Mulder’s tongue was halfway down my throat at the time. I wonder if that was all part of his plan?

I pull back from him and he studies my eyes. We exchange smiles.

“Was it good?” he asks.

“No.” I tell him simply and delight in the surprised look on his face. When I laugh, he pinches my nipple. “Ouch!”

“Serves you right. You’re supposed to say it was good. Humor me, Scully. I’m working in a confined space here. There are limitations on what I can do.”

“Mulder, it was incredible.”

“That’s better.”

I increase my efforts to give him release, bringing both hands into the act, stroking his length with gentle pressure. His hips buck reflexively.

“God, Scully, you have amazing hands.” He’s trying to restrain himself but he can’t sit still any longer.

He is wonderful to touch. But it’s just not enough. I want more.

After all our years together, there are still some things that Mulder doesn’t know about me. For example, I give incredible head. We all have special talents… it’s not one I care to brag about, but it’s something I’m particularly proud of. I know I can make him mine forever once he experiences a Dana Scully blow job. Do I dare go down on him here? What the hell? Everyone seems to be quietly tucked away. It’s time Mulder found out what he’s been missing all these years.

I let go of him for the moment and though he doesn’t say it, I see the disappointment register in his eyes. Smiling, because I know what’s in store for him, I put my finger to my lips and tell him, “Shhh.” Then I duck under the blanket and lean over his lap, wasting no time getting to my task.

I tease him first by tracing only the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft. His erection is hot and pulsing with need as I take him into my mouth. I only wish I could see Mulder’s face right now. His left hand is gripping the armrest, his right hand is tangled in my hair. Hold on, Mulder, this jet’s about to go supersonic.

I let my tongue rub back and forth around the head of his cock as I suck him hard. I begin humming, letting the vibrations move through me into him. His hand starts trembling in my hair. Slowly, I let him slip from my mouth, and bring my hands to worship him instead, working him up and down with steady pressure, pumping and pumping, faster and faster. As I let the tip of my tongue flick quickly across that most sensitive area just underneath the head, I am rewarded with a dribble of juices which I hungrily lap up.

He’s close. So close. His hips are in constant motion. I take him so deep into my mouth I can feel him pressing against the back of my throat. I can’t keep him there for long, but if I concentrate it will be long enough. As I suck him, I gently claw at him with my fingernails. His erection dances in my mouth as I let him fuck me all the way to the back of my throat and then back to where only the tip rests against my swollen lips, over and over.

Doing this makes me so hot. When we get off this plane I’m taking Mulder back to my place and we’re going to do this right. God, I want him!

He is my obedient slave now. I can feel him fighting the temptation to force my head down onto him. His fingers are flexing in my hair. Behave yourself now, Mulder, it won’t be much longer. My lips are getting numb from sliding up and down his shaft, but he’s just about over the edge and I won’t stop now. I can’t be cruel to him. I use a little teeth and that’s all it takes.

He’s spilling his hot cum into my mouth and I greedily suck him dry. Swallowing the mouthful of his salty chism, I pop my head back out from under the cover and see what damage I’ve done.

Mulder’s eyes are closed and his mouth is hanging open, and I hadn’t noticed before, but he’s breathing rather hard. I can’t help it, I giggle, and his eyes snap open. “Jesus, Scully.” His whisper is hoarse and deep.

I start straightening my clothes and he does the same, but neither of us can take our eyes off each other. Once things are all back in their proper places, Mulder ditches the blanket in the empty seat beside him. And then he kisses me. Nothing like before, just a simple tender kiss.

The inevitable has finally happened. We’ve crossed the line that we’ve been dancing on for years. I would never have guessed it would happen this way, but then Mulder and I never seem to do anything predictably. I’m excited that we’ve taken that final step, but I’m nervous too. I wonder what Mulder’s thinking, what his expectations are? I hope we haven’t done something we’ll both regret later. As much as I’ve wanted him all these years, I’ve been terrified of getting involved with him. I’ve just been too afraid of what it would take to sustain a relationship with my partner. But really, what choice do we have anymore? The attraction is just too strong.

He senses my apprehension and he takes my hand in his. “It might not have been iced tea, Scully, but it’s definitely love.”

I smile and actually find myself blushing at his comment. He smiles back and puts his arm around me, letting me snuggle in beside him. We’ll be landing in DC in ten minutes the pilot announces. Well, the plane might be landing, but I don’t think my feet will be touching the ground anytime soon.


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