Honeymoon I & II by Suricata & Jane Mortimer

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Honeymoon I & II by Suricata & Jane Mortimer

Honeymoon cover

Honeymoon I by Suricata In which our heroes find themselves looking for ghosts in an overly decorated honeymoon hotel. Scully is appalled. Mulder is… Mulder.

Honeymoon II by Jane Mortimer In which Mulder’s reaction to happiness is just what you might expect.

Honeymoon I by Suricata

Standard Disclaimer: The characters belong to Ten-Thirteen. Everything else is © Suricata.

The following story is rated NC17, which means graphic sexual acts, which means minors are not welcome. Feedback may be sent to <mailto:>.

“They only had one room, huh?” Dana Scully said, picking up her bag and walking through the hotel lobby towards the elevator. Beside her, Mulder nodded. “The clerk says there’s a sofa, we can switch off nights. And since they screwed up the reservations, we’re only paying for one room.” His partner was immediately suspicious. “It’s a suite, top floor view and all the trimmings.”

Terrific, Dana thought to herself, not placated. The weekend of Valentine’s Day, and we get sent out to investigate a haunted hotel filled with couples, I haven’t got so much as a flicker of a relationship on the horizon to go home to, and now I get stuck sharing a room with Fox yes-I-sleep-with-the-tv-on-doesn’t-everyone? Mulder.

Mulder pushed the Up button, his hand pausing for a second just over the carved cherub on the control panel before letting his arm drop to his side.

“I still can’t believe we’re staying here,” Dana said to him as they got onto the elevator. She looked up and snorted. “Think we’ll get a mirrored ceiling too?” she asked, indicating the reflecting tile above them. “I swear, Mulder, this place deserves to be haunted, if only by the Ghost of Good Taste.”

“Mirrored ceilings always made me seasick,” Mulder admitted, carefully not looking up. Even he had been momentarily silenced by the decor of the hotel’s lobby. But not for long, Dana thought. Not if she could read her Mulder sign.

“Good. Then you can sleep on the sofa, and I’ll take the bed,” she decided before he could recover completely.

“Hey!” Mulder looked up at that, his indignant expression reflecting in infinite duplicate off the ceiling. The elevator chimed softly, and the doors slid open onto the sixth floor. Dana stepped off just ahead of him, carefully hiding her grin of triumph, which was quickly wiped off by her first sight of the corridor. It was, if possible, worse than the lobby.

“Are you sure there wasn’t a Red Roof Inn somewhere we could stay?” the petite redhead asked plaintively, looking in distaste at the plush burgundy carpeting running the length of the hallway. “I feel like I’m in a cut-rate bordello.”

“Sorry, Scully.” He didn’t sound sorry, she thought with irritation. “But this is where the sightings happened. Doesn’t make sense to stay half an hour away, which is where the nearest Bureau-approved no-tell motel is. Besides,” and he ran a hand along the flocked wallpaper. “I kind of like the decor.”

His partner shot him a look, then sighed. He had recovered. Dana was never sure if he was joking or not when he said things like that. Probably not.

Counting off room numbers, he stopped in front of the last door along the hallway. “Number 6-68.” His lips twitched upwards. “Neighbor of the Beast.”

“What?” Dana looked up at him in confusion, not having been paying attention.

“Nothing. Literary reference.”

“Come on, Mulder, you’ve got the key.” She tapped her foot impatiently, the sound immediately absorbed by the carpeting.

Mulder inserted the plastic chip and the door swung open. Swinging her bag over one shoulder, Dana stepped inside, then stopped dead in her tracks, causing Mulder to bump into her.

“Oh. My. God.”

Mulder looked up, then back down at his partner. A grin the size of Kentucky flashed across his face before he schooled it back into his usual poker face. “I’ve got to meet their decorator.” He walked into the room, across an acre of plush carpeting, and up several steps to the king-sized bed, running a hand over the black satin before looking up. “As predicted, mirrors everywhere.” He looked back to where his partner was still standing by the door, mouth agape. “You get the bed, Scully. My compliments.”

“Mulder, this is the tackiest room I’ve ever seen.” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to fall down laughing or run screaming for the elevator.

Mulder looked around, obviously taking inventory. Rose flocked wallpaper, paler rose carpeting, heart-shaped jacuzzi, black leather furniture, all the trimmings of a Penthouse photo shoot gone overboard.

“You know, Scully,” he said finally. “I think you’re right. This is pretty bad.” He paused, looking everywhere but at her. “And just think. The Bureau’s paying for it.”

That, finally, made her smile. She should take pictures to submit with their expense report, give Paula-from-payroll a heart attack.

♡ ♥ ♡

Mulder opened the bathroom door and came out, having changed into jeans and a sweatshirt after his shower. Dana looked up from where she sat on the black leather sofa, feet curled up underneath her, laptop open and running. He definitely looked better, even with his hair sticking out at all angles from his head. She had changed into jeans after her own shower, her feet bare and her hair still damp, but at least her hair was all pointed in the same direction. “Feeling better?”

“Cleaner, anyway. Did you know that there’s a bench in the shower?”

“I had noticed that, yes.” She looked at him, daring him to say anything further. Dana could almost see the comments piling up in his brain but, fortunately, he had enough sense not to make any of them. Letting her raised eyebrow settle back into place, she turned her attention back to the computer screen.

“Writing up your field report already?” He sat down next to her, toweling his hair dry.

“Nope. Letter to my sister,” she said, moving the laptop so that water didn’t get on it. “Shall I tell her that you say hello?”


Dana typed a few lines, then stopped, deleted them, and tried again.

“How is Melissa?”

“Same as always. Trying to educate the masses, and probably succeeding.”

“I always hated teachers who believed in me,” Mulder said, dropping the towel into his lap and leaning back against the smooth leather of the sofa. “Too much pressure. Of course, none of them looked like your sister, either.”

She looked at him, startled. It wasn’t surprising, actually. Men always noticed Melissa. Dana had never loved her sister so much as when the older girl had moved out of the house. What was surprising was the strength of her reaction to Mulder’s comment. Frowning, Dana returned to her typing. It must be the room. That was it. She could deal with Mulder everywhere else, so it must be the decor that was making her uncomfortable.

She stopped typing, aware that Mulder was watching her. Gathering her concentration, she finally answered him. “I thought about introducing her to Frohike. That would get him off my back for a while, at least, and pay Melissa back for everything she ever did to me when we were growing up.”

“I don’t think that would work,” Mulder told her. “Although it was a good idea.”

“Why not?” Dana was genuinely interested. It was her latest plan to get Frohike to leave her alone, but certainly not her last. If Mulder could give her any pointers, she’d take them, especially since it was his fault the blasted man kept calling in the first place.

“Frohike likes the challenge.”

“Great,” Dana said with a sigh, giving up on the letter and closing the file. “Maybe if I sleep with him he’ll go away.”

Mulder choked on air, causing his partner to look at him curiously. “Don’t worry, I’m not that desperate. Yet.”

“I thought you changed your number,” he said, picking the towel up off his legs and draping it over the back of the sofa.

“I did. Twice. How could he keep getting it, do you know?”

Mulder held up his hands in surrender. “It wasn’t me, Scully, I swear it. I have absolutely no doubt as to your ability to carry out your threat.”

Dana smiled to herself. Sometimes a medical background was so helpful.

Mulder was quiet for a few moments, then put his hand on her nearest shoulder. She jumped slightly, feeling the warmth of him through the cotton blouse.

“You’re still upset about today, aren’t you?” he asked, misunderstanding her reaction.

“Who, me? Just because I had to squeeze through miles of ventilation shafts?”

“It’s not my fault that I can’t fit, is it?”

Dana thought about answering that, but decided on discretion instead of valor. “Three hours of background checks — that could have been done in the office, by the way — and then another five hours of wandering through back corridors and storerooms with the concierge-from-hell, and we still don’t know a thing. And you have the nerve to ask if I’m upset?” She wasn’t, actually — the humor of the situation had finally hit her here I am sharing a honeymoon suite with Mulder, of all people, but someone was going to pay for dragging them out here, and her partner was the only one within reach.

Neither she nor Mulder thought that this had a chance of being an actual haunting, Mulder because neither the hotel nor the Senator had any history of being haunted, and she — Dana frowned. She wasn’t certain why she knew that this wasn’t supernatural, just that it wasn’t. And if it weren’t for Skinner’s gentle suggestion that a Senator with a debt to the X-Files might not be such a bad thing to have when the budget discussions came around again, she had a feeling both she and Mulder would have refused to take on the case. They did have some standards, after all.

“Look, it’s late. Why don’t we turn in for the night, and try and wrap this up tomorrow.” Mulder did look wiped out, his eyes even more shadowed than usual.

Dana closed her laptop and slid it off her lap. “I’m not very tired. I think I’ll read for a while. Will the light keep you up?”

“Scully, this room is so huge, you could have a laser show playing on your side of the room and I probably wouldn’t see it.”

She nodded. “Goodnight, then.”


Dana settled into a large leather chair by the bed and picked up the book she had packed for the trip. Opening the hardcover at random, she watched over the top of the pages as Mulder got ready for bed. Fortunately for her peace of mind, he seemed perfectly willing to sleep in his jeans. Not his usual bedroom attire, she was sure. Dana ducked her head below the pages of the book as Mulder looked up at her, her cheeks flaming red at the thought of what he probably did — or rather didn’t wear to bed.

The sound of satin brought her eyes back up in time to see Mulder pull the bedspread over his shoulders and settle down on the sofa. Fortunately there had been an extra pillow in the closet. The leather squeaked under Mulder’s weight, and she forced her attention to the words on the page.

Dana choked down a laugh. That godawful bathroom! She had never seen anything so… decadent in her life. An expanse of black and rose tile that was larger than her bedroom, complete with plush burgundy towels that you could get lost in… and a shower very definitely meant for two.

Get your mind out of the gutter, Agent Scully. It’s crowded enough with Mulder down there.

♡ ♥ ♡

Dana put her book down and stretched, then checked her watch. It was nearly one a.m., and she still wasn’t tired. She felt wired, actually. Maybe that last cup of coffee hadn’t been such a good idea.

I need to relax. Maybe another shower. I’m not paying for their water bill, so why not? Her gaze fell on the jacuzzi set in the middle of the floor, and a smile crept across her face. Or maybe something else… She’d always coveted a jacuzzi, ever since she and a bunch of friends had gone to a spa during med school finals, and she’d fallen in love with the whole concept of hot bubbly water. But she hadn’t brought a bathing suit.

Looking over at where Mulder lay like a lump on the sofa, she bit her lip in indecision.

Isn’t my conscience supposed to keep me out of trouble, not get me into it? There was no response to that. She was on her own. Getting out of the chair (no easy feat, considering how comfortable it was), Dana went to her suitcase and pulled out a t-shirt. It was a poor second to a bathing suit, but it would have to do. The best would have been her birthday suit, but that was definitely out of the question. Unbuttoning her blouse, she hesitated a second, then took off her bra as well and pulled the t-shirt over her head. Her jeans quickly added to the pile of clothing, and she padded over to where the jacuzzi hummed quietly.

It was heart-shaped, just big enough for two people to recline in it if they sat at the curve of the heart rather than the point. She looked around for the controls, sitting at the edge of the tub and dangling her feet in the heated water. It felt heavenly. Looking over at Mulder, Dana carefully turned the motor on to low. There was a slight whirring noise, and she held her breath. Mulder didn’t move. She reached up to pull her hair into a loose knot on the top of her head, securing it with a pencil slid through the knot.

Sliding into the water, Dana felt contentment ooze over her. For this, she could forgive the room everything else. Settling herself on the low bench, she remembered Mulder’s comment about the bench in the shower and giggled softly. If he only knew the thoughts that had run through her head when she saw that…

Shut up, she told herself wearily. She was tired of fighting with that little voice, the one that interpreted Mulder’s every word, every touch, into something fraught with meaning — all sexual. I just need to get laid, is all.

Stop it. Just stop it, okay?

Closing her eyes, Dana let the warmth seep into her bones, the gentle currents brush against her skin. In the real world, Mulder was off-limits. Dangerous. A definite Bad Idea. Fantasies, fortunately, were safe. A smile crept across her face. In her mind she was back in the shower, only Mulder was there with her, backing her against the warm tiles, soap in one hand, a wicked grin on his face…

Her smile grew wider, and she sank further into the water, a contented sigh escaping her lips. The wet shirt clung to her body, the hem floating just above her thighs. Forgetting that she wasn’t alone in the room, her hands moved softly over her body, reinforcing the images she was creating. Her head fell back against the floor, her body arching out of the water.

A clunk from across the room made her start, looking around. Mulder had shifted, his arm outflung, one hand resting on the floor. She waited, unable to breathe, until she was reassured that he still slept.

Giggling softly, Dana imagined his reaction had he woken up at that precise moment. Whatever had possessed her… Dana bit the inside her cheek to keep from laughing out loud. She knew exactly what had possessed her — this room. It was impossible not to fantasize. And she wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.

Sliding back into the water, sinking up to her chin, she let the foaming water tickle the back of her neck, dampening the tendrils of hair that had fallen from the knot. Dana reached up to brush the hair off her neck, the cold air against her t-shirt causing her nipples to tighten, and a shiver to run down her spine. “Ummmm….” She reached over and turned up the temperature of the water. “One out of one doctors recommend heat therapy for agents on an expense account.” Giggling again at her own silliness, Dana shook her head. If anyone heard her, she’d be kicked out of the Bureau. Federal Agents did not giggle. They just didn’t.

Dana clamped one hand over her mouth, sliding back into the water until only the top of her head was showing. Waterlogged. Her brain was getting waterlogged. It was definitely time to get out of the water and get some sleep. Otherwise she was going to lose it completely.

She was just about to turn the jacuzzi off when a familiar pricking sensation at the back of her neck told her that she was being watched. Not threatening, curious. And, barring any early-morning visits from the Senator’s ghost, she knew exactly who it was.

Dana slanted a glance sideways and, sure enough, Mulder’s eyes were open, glinting slightly in the reflected light. She wanted very badly to see his expression, to know how long he had been lying there, watching her, but the light was too dim.


Her first instinct was to stay where she was, acting like nothing was wrong. He didn’t know that she knew he was watching. If he did, he would have closed his eyes and pretended to be fast asleep. That was the second option, to let him know. You could count on Mulder to be the perfect gentleman; if he thought that she would be embarrassed, he would back off. Dana knew that from past experiences. It was reassuring. And disappointing.

That thought had to be a product of this room’s influence. She should immediately stomp on it, just as she had stomped on every similar thought in the past few years.

This is Mulder! Remember him? The guy with emotional scars three miles deep? I may not always know how to pick them, but I know enough to stay away from the walking wounded. Right?

So I’ll wait for him to stop watching, then we’ll pretend this never happened.

The only problem with that solution was that Dana didn’t want to pretend any more. She was tired of pretending, tired of shutting off that little voice. Maybe it was time to bring it out into the open, stop ducking around the subject like they weren’t two mature adults. Mostly.

Are you crazy? she asked herself, taking another glance at the too-still body on the sofa. Because this is the craziest idea you’ve ever had.

This is not by-the-book, Dana Katherine.

Valid point, she conceded.

But how? What would give him a graceful way to back out, without the offer being so subtle that he’d — Dana smirked — rationalize it away?

She ducked her head as a wave of heat not related to the jacuzzi swept up her neck. Oh yes, that would get the message across nicely!

the little voice cheered. Dana relaxed her body, closing her eyes and letting the jacuzzi work its magic again.

After a few minutes, she leaned forward to adjust the jets, making sure that her upper body lifted out of the pool just enough for Mulder to have an obstructed view. With only the lights from the jacuzzi to see by, he would be able to see that she was wearing only the t-shirt, but not make out any details. Just a glimpse, nothing more. Let him think it was unintentional.

Leaning back, Dana let out a contented sigh that could easily be heard by the man on the sofa. Under the increased pressure from the jets, her legs floated off the bench, her toes breaking the surface and making her shoulders sink. She leaned forward, rising up enough to place her elbows on the carpet behind her, supporting her body. The glow from the underwater lights illuminated her white shirt, causing the darkened nipples to show up clearly.

It might have been her imagination, but she thought she heard Mulder stop breathing. A wicked smile creeping across her face, Dana arched her back again, head tilted back until her hair brushed the carpet. She let out a low growl of satisfaction, slipping slowly back into the water. She heard Mulder shift, as though suddenly uncomfortable.

You are so cruel, she thought to herself. Maybe it’s time to give the poor man a break.

Rising off the bench, she moved to the middle of the pool, where the water was deeper. Standing, the water reached her mid-thigh. She turned slightly, so that she was facing the sofa. Cupping her hands, Dana scooped some of the water up and poured it against her neck, feeling the warmth run down her front, tunneling between her breasts. Her hands followed the path of the water, slowly smoothing the soaking fabric against her body. Her hands hesitated against her stomach then continued lower, sliding over her hips and against her bare thighs. Her head tilted back instinctively, her knees weakening.

Dimly, she heard the sofa creak, the sound of satin sliding against leather. Mulder was giving her fair warning, plenty of time for her to stop what she was doing before he “woke up.” Not a chance, Mulder. You’ve got to make the decision. Go to sleep, or wake up. What’s it going to be?. The sounds stopped, and she could see him sitting up slightly, not even pretending to be asleep any longer.

Dana smiled to herself and reached down for another handful of water. This one she poured over her face, washing away the sweat that had formed there. The pencil came free from her hair, landing in the water with a quiet splash. She leaned down to pick it up, and her hair tumbled about her shoulders. When she looked up, Mulder was standing in front of her. He was barechested, his jeans riding low on his hips. There was a look on his face she had never seen before, a combination of fear, awe and amusement.

Dana smiled up at him, placing the pencil on the side of the pool.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said softly. “Did I wake you?”

Mulder swallowed, his gaze fastened on her face. “Scully…” His voice was hoarse.

“Water’s nice.” She sat back down on the bench, her eyes never leaving his. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to find a cave somewhere in eastern Cambodia and crawl into it, never to return. She was having trouble breathing. The only consolation was that Mulder seemed to be in the same difficulty.

Never taking his eyes off her, Mulder unsnapped his jeans, sliding them down his legs and stepping out of them. Dana swallowed hard when she realized that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her eyes were drawn to his obvious arousal, and a faint blush stained her cheeks. Dana bit her bottom lip, suddenly unsure of the wisdom of what she was doing.

Mulder stepped into the jacuzzi, flinching slightly at the temperature. He looked at the bench across from her, and seemed to be debating with himself. Finally he sat down, legs crossed at the ankle, hazel eyes watching her from under dark lashes.

“You’re right.” His voice was stronger now, more in control. “It does feel nice.” His gaze was fastened on the front of her t-shirt. Soaking wet, it clung to her, leaving very little to the imagination.

“Turn up the power,” Dana told him, refusing to blush. “Now that I don’t have to worry about,” she paused, letting her eyes skim the water surface lapping at his waist, “waking you up.”

“Where are the controls?” He didn’t bother to look around.

Dana shifted, leaning across the jacuzzi to reach the knobs set into the floor next to him. Her arm brushed against his chest in passing, then her leg braced itself against him as she fiddled with the controls. White water rushed around them as she turned the dial up to maximum. Turning, she realized their positions left his face only inches from her chest. “That’s better, isn’t it?” she asked with an innocent smile.

He drew in a deep breath, carefully not looking at her chest this time. She gave him points for that, even if it was a little late. “Dana…”

His voice was rough with restrained need, and Dana felt a flush of warmth run up her thighs and settle in her groin, making her want nothing more than to take a step forward and press herself against him, straddle the legs hidden just underneath the foaming water and ease the ache she’d been denying, once and for all.

Placing gentle hands on his shoulders, Dana leaned forward, bracing herself against him while she brushed her lips against his.

“Did you like that?” she asked, pulling away slightly. Mulder looked at her, his heart in his eyes. “You’re killing me, Scully,” he said with an attempt at levity. “Hell of a way to ensure this hotel does become haunted, and justify this being an X-File.”

“Can’t have you dying on me,” she said in return, one hand trailing down his chest. “At least, not yet.”

His eyes flickered shut at that, and his arms came up to pull her onto his lap, anchoring her firmly. She wiggled a little, adjusting, and felt him move against the wet cloth of her underwear, causing an answering rush of moisture that had nothing to do with the water swirling around them.

Curling her arms around his neck, Dana flicked her tongue against Mulder’s lips, coaxing them open. She could hear a growl start, deep in his chest. Her tongue trailed along the inside of his lower lip, and something inside him seemed to snap. His hands slid up her back, pressing her closer. She threaded her fingers through his hair, making gentle sounds of encouragement. Mulder tore his mouth from hers, bending his head to one breast, his teeth raking the sensitized nipples and making her start.

Dana moaned, the sound torn from her. “God, yes…”

Rising, he lifted her out of the water, her legs instinctively twining around his waist.

“I’ve tried to behave,” he said heavily, letting her slide slowly down his body until they were both standing, pressed against each other. “God knows I tried….”

“Maybe I didn’t want you to?” she suggested in a soft whisper, her fingers cupping his buttocks, testing the texture of his skin. His arms slid down her back, fingers curling under the wet shirt and lifting the edge. “Lift your arms,” he told her. Taking one step away, Mulder drew the shirt up over her body, tossing it to land in a wet pile on the carpeting. He reached out, touching first one bared breast then the other with trembling fingers. “I told myself that it would be a mistake to touch you.”

“Unprofessional,” Dana offered, her fingers inching the clinging fabric of her underwear down over her hips. His eyes watched the slow movement, sweat beading on his upper lip.

“Dangerous,” he said.

“Definitely dangerous,” she agreed gravely.

He covered her hands with his own larger ones, helping her remove that last piece of clothing and place it in the pile with her shirt. “I think this is where I say ‘I live for danger,’” he told her, a faint smile curling his lips. His head descended slowly towards her again, his breath hot against her skin. She felt his teeth pulling at her lower lip, and opened her mouth with a sigh. A small whimper filled the air between them, and for the life of her Dana couldn’t tell who it came from.

the little voice said quietly, and then went away.

One hand pressed firmly against the small of her back, Mulder slid a knee between her legs, forcing her off balance. She let out a tiny squeak, and he scooped her off her feet, navigating the steps out of the jacuzzi without difficulty.

“Mulder,” she protested, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head down for another kiss, “what’s wrong with the jacuzzi?”

“We’d drown,” he said, carrying her up the three steps to the king-sized bed. “Trust me, Scully, sex in a jacuzzi is tougher than it sounds.” She raised an eyebrow at that, and he laughed and kissed that eyebrow as he carefully placed her on the black satin sheets. The water from their bodies immediately soaked through the sheet, and she shivered. “Cold?” he asked, sitting alongside her. Dana tried to reach for him, but he held her arms down with a wicked smile. “My turn to tease,” he said.

“Mulder, are you implying that I…” Dana let her words trail off into a silent gasp as he leaned over and took one cold-stiffened nipple into his mouth. Waves of warmth ran through her body, making her shiver again. “Oh, God.”

“No, just me.” He raised his head to look down into her eyes, his face alive with mischief. “Turnabout’s fair play, don’t you think?” He returned his attention to her breasts, laving the soft skin with quick, hard strokes of his tongue.

hey! who’s in charge here, anyway? This was my seduction

Dana laughed, deep in her throat, at her own indignation. When Mulder looked up at her to see what was so funny, she pulled him off balance, using his own weight to move him onto his back. Before he knew what was happening, she was astride him, his arms captured and held over his head.


“Fox…” she said in a teasing tone. His eyes darkened at that. “Don’t,” he began to say, but she interrupted him.

“Fox. Fox.” She placed a lingering kiss onto his lips, then bit the soft skin of his neck “Fox.” Her tongue dredged the line of his collarbone. “Fox.” Her tongue flicked first one, then the other flat nipple until they hardened into peaks, and he groaned. “Fox.” She held herself over him, brushing her mons against the head of his penis teasingly. “Was your mother precognitive, or was it just a lucky guess?”

“Dana, no more games. Please?” His manhood jumped, straining to sheath itself in her. “Put me out of my misery.”

She released his wrists, and his hands came up to grab her hips, dragging her down onto him.

She let out a gasp, body arcing away from him, her head thrown back with sheer pleasure.

“God, you’re so wet, so soft.” He bucked almost involuntarily, his hips lifting off the bed before she forced him back down. “Dana…” Her name came out somewhere between a prayer and a curse. She smiled, sliding her body off, then back down his length, soothing and inflaming at the same time. He followed her movements, gritting his teeth in an attempt to maintain control. One hand stayed clenched at her hip, the other curving around to her belly, stroking the soft skin there before dipping below and disappearing into her soft curls. His thumb was slightly callused against the delicate tissue, and Dana cried out with the sensations it called from her.

It was a wild, gentle battle, each trying to make the other lose control first. Covered in sweat, staring into each others’ eyes, the rhythm increased almost unnoticed, a storm-born wave taking them both along for the ride and crashing them onto the shore at the same time.

“Fox.” she gasped, just before her eyes were forced shut by the power rolling within her. “Oh, God, Fox.” She felt him spasm inside her even as she called his name, and then she collapsed against his chest, hearing both their hearts racing out of control.

Dana could hear him breathing, feel his hands running slowly, caressingly, over her hips. But she didn’t have a clue as to what he was thinking.

I know. I know. But what if he regrets it? What if…. She didn’t know which she was more afraid of, that he would regret it — or that he wouldn’t. Either way, they had just crossed over a clearly defined line, and she didn’t know where that left them.

Maybe I can plead temporary lust?

Some conscience you are. Bad angel is more like it.

Taking a deep breath, Dana raised herself onto her elbows and looked into her partner’s face. His eyes were closed, a small smile curving his lips. Giving in to temptation, she traced the soft outlines of his mouth with her finger, smoothing the faint lines. His smile deepened and, without opening his eyes, Mulder reached up and pulled her down for a long, deliberate kiss.

“Mulder,” she said when he finally released her. “Look at me.”

His eyes opened, the hazel depths for once completely unshadowed. Despite herself, she had to smile back. It was good to see him like that, to know that she was the reason. “I guess I came on a little strong, huh?” she said wryly. “I could always blame it on the decor.”

Mulder’s face took on that ‘don’t kid the kidder’ expression she knew so well. “Are you claiming to have been possessed by a hotel room, Agent Scully? Because I don’t think that would look good on my field report.”

“Mulder,” she said reprovingly, trying to keep a straight face. “I’m trying to be serious.”

“I think we were just plenty serious, Scully. Don’t you?” When she just looked at him, he sighed, pulling her into a loose embrace. She let her head rest on his shoulder, staring at the hand that was still stroking her skin, raising gentle shivers even now.

“Do you regret what happened?” he asked. Dana sighed. Even now he was giving her a way out, the chance to back away from this and try to ignore it ever happened. She thought about it, her smaller hand reaching out to cover his. “No,” she said finally. “I don’t regret any of it.”

“Good.” Dana could hear the satisfaction in his voice. “Because I think it really would kill me to pretend this never happened.” Mulder shook his head, tightening his hold on her until she let out a soft grunt of discomfort. His eyes focused suddenly, and he groaned.

“What is it?”

“Those damned mirrors,” he said, turning his face into the pillow.

“Some degenerate you are,” she said softly, looking up at their reflection, bodies pale against the black satin. “Can’t even handle mirrors over the bed.” She bit the side of his neck gently. “They’re going to revoke all your magazine subscriptions, that news gets out.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said, pulling himself up to loom over her in mock-threat. “I can do plenty of other things to get myself back into their good graces.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows arched. “What sort of things?”

But instead of taking the bait, Mulder simply stared down at her, almost as though he were memorizing her features.

“What?” she asked him gently, warily. Men are so bad at morning-after stuff. “Mulder, what is it?”

“I always thought — ” he shook his head. Dana reached up and pushed a lock of hair out of his eyes, only to have it fall back the moment she moved her hand. “What?”

“I always thought I’d be alone. Even when you were assigned to the X-Files, even …” he made a self-deprecating face. “Even after I was willing to admit how important to me you had become, I told myself that I was grafting my needs onto you, trying to make a good partnership into something… something more than it was.”

“Mulder,” She hadn’t expected this, didn’t know how to respond.

He placed his fingers over her lips, caressing them gently. “Hush, Scully. Let me finish.”

Dana nodded, kissing each fingertips before he removed them. “Go on.”

“This…” He stroked the side of her face gently. “This scares the hell out of me. The thought of anything happening to you… I don’t know that I could go through that again. Not and survive. And that fear, that,” he hesitated. “That obsession, might make me a bad partner for you.”

“Are you asking me to transfer out of the X-Files?” Dana asked, not sure of what she was hearing.

“No. I don’t know.” He laughed bitterly, dropping to his side, lying next to her. “I’d wrap you in cotton and put you on shelf somewhere if I wasn’t sure you’d hurt me if I tried.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that you haven’t lost all grasp with reality,” she said dryly, trying to ignore the sound of her heart being ripped in two. If she didn’t say the right thing, make him see that she wasn’t going anywhere, she would have lost as much as she’d gained this night. “Mulder,”

“Fox.” He didn’t look at her. “I liked hearing it on your lips.”

She smiled at the memories, old and new. “Fox, nobody’s ever safe. Not really. You know that.” There was a short silence. “At least, if we’re together…”

“You can protect me?”

She risked a glance at his face, sighing in relief at the trace of familiar, mordant humor she saw there. “Nah. You can take any bullets meant for me.”

“FBI manual clearly states that that is the job of the junior agent…”

“And since when did you start going by-the-book, Agent Mulder?”

He rolled over, grinning down at her. “Depends on what book we’re talking about. How flexible are you?”


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Monday, September 1, 1997

Honeymoon II by Jane Mortimer

Honeymoon II by Jane Mortimer

Standard Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me and I make no claim on them. Everything else is © Jane Mortimer.

The following story is rated NC17, which means graphic sexual acts, which means minors are not welcome.

She was doing this deliberately.

—No, she wasn’t.

—Yes, she was.

He watched through half-shut eyes as Dana Scully leaned back in the water, sighing. Her breasts surfaced for a moment, the nipples visible through the wet t-shirt.

It was too unreal. He’d been delighted by the room when they stepped through the door — the heights of tastelessness were a dead ringer for the set of Candystriper Pinks — but much as he was amused at the idea of Scully dealing with these surroundings… this went too far.

It was too much of a dead-on fantasy. Therefore, it couldn’t be happening.

Certainly it couldn’t be happening with Dana Scully.

The woman in the jacuzzi (not Dana Scully — pretend, it’ll be easier that way) sank deeper into the water; her eyes closed… her hands moved down over her body, half hidden by the froth, but he could make certain judgments based on her body language… he let out a breath suddenly and realized he’d been holding it.

This was becoming difficult. In fact, it was becoming extremely difficult, and he cursed the fact that his own hands were outside the bedspread. If he changed position now, the movement would draw her attention.

Her back arched out of the water and Mulder nearly bit his tongue. So stop watching. Close your eyes.

Like that was really a possibility…

He’d pay a week’s salary to be able to walk past her, into the bathroom, and take care of this problem. (Just out for a stroll, Agent Scully. Continue what you were doing… )

This was getting desperate. He had to make some noise, remind her that innocent persons were over here. He rolled onto his side ostentatiously, dropping one hand to the floor. His watch thunked loudly against the bottom of the sofa. Hear that, dammit?

His eyes were closed. When he opened them again, after a count of fifteen, she was still in the water. Had that been a giggle?

Obviously this isn’t Dana Scully at all, it’s an incredible simulation.

He watched as her breasts and toes broke the surface, head back, sighing with pleasure. Pulling off a wet t-shirt was a squidgy process, he considered, as though it were an abstract concept. It would cling to her as it came off…

No, no, no, no no.

She stood up, cupped water in her hands, and let it run down the front of her t-shirt. She turned to face the sofa. He swallowed, his throat dry. Her hands slid down past her breasts, following the water… past her stomach, below her hips…

It’s some kind of new disease, he told himself, from ingesting too many adult-rated tapes. Cheap Video Fever. Hallucinations, sweating, and disordered thinking…

She scooped up more water. It ran between her breasts, clinging to her in droplets as it trickled down between her legs. Her head tilted back acceptingly…

Time to get up, Agent Mulder. Arrest this imposter and ask her what she’s done with Scully.

Forget Scully. I want this one.

Mulder recognized the voice of pure id when he heard it. Immediate law enforcement action was required. He threw back the satin bedspread noisily. That’s it, Scully. Blush nicely, ask me to throw you a towel, and we can all go to bed.

But she wasn’t stopping. He stood up and walked over to the jacuzzi.

She looked at him without surprise. “I couldn’t sleep,” she said, smiling. “Did I wake you?”

No, no problem at all… “Scully,” he said, then had to stop and clear his throat. That was moderately embarrassing. And he supposed he ought to quit staring at her.

“Water’s nice,” she said, as though they were sitting around a pool at the Holiday Inn. She sat back on the bench… her eyes not leaving his.

He seemed to be taking off his jeans. At least, he was aware of the metal button between his fingers, and then of stepping out of them.

There were times in Mulder’s life when he was cognizant of doing stupid things. Right now, the only thing he could think of that would be more stupid than getting into that jacuzzi with Dana Scully would be not getting into the jacuzzi with her.

He stepped forward, into hot water.

♡ ♥ ♡


Any proper scientific inquiry was worth following up with care and attention to detail.

Beneath him, Scully sighed as she awakened. Attention to detail was very important, Mulder reflected. Some people thought he skimped on that aspect of procedure, but he was, he thought, greatly wronged. He just didn’t always focus on the same details other people did.

“I never thought of my feet as an erotic zone before,” Scully murmured.

“We’re working our way up,” Mulder said.

“Geographically, or in order of importance?” She sighed again, contentedly. “Don’t tell me. Let it be a surprise.”

His cellphone rang.

The sound Scully made then was not a happy one. Mulder grinned, kissed the sole of one foot — all rosy and clean they were, and why shouldn’t they be? She’d come straight from the jacuzzi to bed last night, and he’d carried her the whole way — and went to the table next to the leather sofa, where he’d stashed the phone. At the time he’d meant it to be in easy reach while he slept, but life had gotten complicated since then.

He sat down, reflecting that leather sofas were more fun when you weren’t naked.


“Mulder, tell me you didn’t find any spooks in the silverware up there.” It was Skinner’s voice. He didn’t usually call for a play-by-play; there had to be a reason for this one.

“There’s been no evidence of paranormal activity. As yet. We’re going to poke around a little more today — “

Over on the bed, Scully raised an eyebrow at the phrasing. Then she smiled wickedly, got up — trailing a sheet, just the way they did in movies — and walked over to stand in front of him.

” — that is, we’re going to explore some new territory… in the hotel… “

She dropped the sheet and knelt down.

Skinner said, “You can give it another day if you think it’s worth it, but I want you back here tomorrow. Something’s come up.”

Something definitely had come up. She ran her tongue down the length of his penis and he drew in a breath sharply.

“Mulder, you okay?” came Skinner’s voice.

“Yeah, I… stepped on a pencil. I’m still in my bare feet… “

“Christ, it’s nine o’clock in the morning. I’ve been here for an hour. Never mind… This new case is higher priority than a hotel with love-starved ghosts.”

Scully teased the head of his penis, very gently, with her teeth. He was torn by conflicting urges to make her stop and to threaten her if she tried to stop.

“Higher priority,” Mulder managed to say, fairly normally, he thought. “Right. We’ll give it… our full attention.” He ought to be able to simply reach out a hand and gently push her back, but just at the moment he seemed physically incapable of doing so.

“You don’t sound good,” said Skinner thoughtfully. “I hope you’re not coming down with something. I’ve got a workload up to my neck waiting for you,” he added with his usual compassion.

“I’m fine,” Mulder assured him, just before she took the entire length into her mouth. “Call-you-later-bye.”

He did manage to hang up before he came, but it was close.

A few minutes later, Scully stood up. “Shower and breakfast?” she asked, feigning coolness. The glint of mischief in her eye ruined the effect. It also would have made him hard if there’d been any material left to work with, he thought. She was having way too much fun with him today. Fox Mulder… G-Man, Paranormal Investigator… Sex toy.

♡ ♥ ♡

When Scully emerged from the shower, breakfast was waiting on a tray — waffles and a red rose, with flowered napkins. She didn’t bother to hide her disappointment on finding Mulder wearing his jeans. “Didn’t you hear me calling for help to scrub my back?”

“Scully, please. This was already a Near Death Experience. Give me a little time.”

She grinned and joined him on the floor beside the tray. He passed her a plate and said, “I had no idea Irish Catholic girls were like this.”

“No? I’ll tell you my past experiences, if you tell me yours.”

“Uh… have some syrup.” She took the small white ceramic pitcher and poured maple syrup slowly over her waffle, covering every inch with care. Then she lifted the pitcher and licked a couple of fallen drops before they could run down the side. She stared directly into his pupils as she did.

Jesus H. Christ, thought Mulder, as a stream of images flashed through his mind. He cleared his throat. “We should talk business,” he said. Or rather, croaked.

She replaced the pitcher and sat up straight. You could almost see her don an invisible linen suit and sensible pumps.

Thank you, Dana. And thank you, god. He said, “There’s no evidence of any paranormal activity here. Outside of the senator, there aren’t even any other reports.”

“I agree.”

“If we check out by this afternoon we can be back in Washington tomorrow morning. Skinner’s got a new case for us.”

She poured coffee from the pot and stirred it thoughtfully. “What sort of case?”

“I didn’t have a chance to ask him, Scully.”

She blinked. “Oh. Right.” A flush crept up the side of her cheeks.

Delighted, he thought, when she’s in suit-mode, she blushes. He said, “That’s what I want to talk to you about. Being back in Washington.”

She shifted uneasily, looking upset. “I thought we agreed that we could handle this and remain partners.”

“It depends on how careful we are.” Damn, was she going to understand this? “The thing is… we can’t let anybody know about this. I mean anybody.”

She smiled faintly. “Are you suggesting a conspiracy, Mulder?”

“You know Bureau policy on this kind of thing, Scully. They’d certainly never tolerate it in a unit like ours, with only two people in it. You’d be reassigned to Quantico and I’d get who knows what loser for a partner.”

Her smile widened, and he wondered if he’d phrased that the best possible way. But she would be the person reassigned; not only was he senior agent, the entire FBI knew the only chance of removing him from an active X-Files section was to pry his cold, dead fingers off the file cabinets.

“And then there are the others.” He was going to explain what he meant, but she was ahead of him.

“Fox, it’s too late to pretend we’re not close. I think they’ve already caught on to that.”

“There’s close and there’s close. I’m not handing over a weapon that can be used against us. Against me… You’d be the one in danger. Once was enough.”

She pushed aside the breakfast tray. “Mulder, I need to convince you that I’m not a fragile flower. We can arm-wrestle, or… “

“I’m serious.”

Her voice softened. “I know you are. And I can accept that. If you want to keep things secret, we will.”

“Really?” he said, suspiciously. She’d caved pretty fast.

She pulled herself over to him, the invisible business suit vanished. He wondered what she’d done with it.

“Really.” She pushed him back down on the floor. “For access to your bod, I am prepared to make sacrifices.”

He blinked. “Why, Agent Scully. You surprise me.”

“Not yet,” she promised, “but soon.”

She slid her fingers inside his waistband and begin unfastening the button on his jeans.

“Uh, Scully… “

“Shhh. Hmmm, how close to death are we?” Her hand slid south. “Mulder, you fibbed.” She peeled the jeans down to his ankles and straddled his hips.

“So,” she announced melodramatically, “this is a clandestine operation.”

“That would be the term,” he agreed. She moved gently on him as though he were a rocking horse. Hitherto he’d always thought of himself as useful rather than recreational.

“Meaning we can’t do it in the J. Edgar memorial elevator?”

“Pretty much.”

“And we can’t do it in the office.”

“Well, not unless we can do it without making any noise. You never know who’s listening. Although I sweep the place for bugs regularly.”

She stopped suddenly, looking down at him. “You never told me that.”

He smiled, he hoped, opaquely. “We could make it a tradition. The Friday afternoon bug-sweep, followed by the Friday afternoon… desktop processing.”

She said, “You know, Mulder, I always thought there was an essential innocence about you, in spite of your video pursuits. I’m beginning to revise my opinion.”

Fox Mulder, sex toy, grinned. “Follow that thought, Special Agent.”

Suddenly he bent one leg, rolled, and turned them over. She recovered quickly. “Come on, I wasn’t finished — “

She stopped talking as his lips moved down over her breasts, her midriff, and her stomach. Her expression softened, eyes closing with languor and arousal as a warm flush spread over her body like spilled maple syrup. “I, um… wait a minute… “

“Too late,” he said, continuing his progress. Considering Dana’s ability to form long, rounded sentences at the drop of a corpse, he found her current verbal difficulties pleasant.

She lifted an arm to touch his hair, but he took hold of her wrist and kept it locked in one hand as he went on.

“Why are you doing this?” It came out in a vague, far-away tone, as though she were relaying a message from some distant part of her brain.

He said, grinning, “Because I was taken shocking advantage of last night.”

“You’re over the age of cons— ” Her breath ended in a gasp. He went on teasing her with his tongue until she groaned and tried to pull away her wrist. Then he let go and sat up.

It took her a moment to focus on him. She was breathing with difficulty and had to clear her throat before trusting her voice. He waited for her first words.

“Don’t stop, or I’ll have to kill you.”

He smiled. “Just wanted to make sure you were interested.” He took hold of her wrist again as he pushed her back. This time she made no resistance and he could feel the pulse throbbing wildly in her neck when he kissed it.

He felt around for his jeans; they were out of reach. Damn. He sat up and rolled over to get them.

She pulled herself up on one arm. “What are you doing? Get back here, Mulder, before I have a heart attack.”

“Give me a second.”

He reached into the back pocket and pulled out a white silk scarf. Scully tilted her head with speculation. “I was wrong about the essential innocence, wasn’t I?”

He unfolded the scarf, opening it lengthwise. She reached over and took it from him, feeling the quality of the material it ran through her fingers. “Where on earth did you get this?”

“I asked if Room Service could bring it up with breakfast. You want to know the interesting thing? They didn’t find my request strange.” He pulled himself over to join her. As she examined the scarf he touched her hair; it was softer than the woven silk she held.

“More likely they try to sound cool about all requests. You’re reading a lot into a tone of voice.”

“It was more when they offered me a choice of colors… “

“You’re kidding about the whole thing, aren’t you?”

He smiled. She said, “Tell me you found it in the closet. Although that scares me just as much.”

He traced one finger along the hills of her breasts. “They sent a lower-order minion over to the gift shop to buy it, and it will appear on our bill. They also asked if I’d like a pink heart balloon with it. I declined.”

She sat up further, eyes wide. “It’ll appear on our bill? Mulder, how can we possibly submit this thing to Payroll?”

“You think I should have gone for the balloon?”

“I’m serious!”

He smiled. It was nice to be the one doing the teasing, sexually and otherwise. “Don’t worry about it.” He brushed her lips gently, then kissed her more deeply until he felt her mouth become pliant and her body relax. Then he said, “I told them to put it on my personal card.”

Her voice came out soft but disturbed. “That’s pointless, Mulder. Why should you —”

“Shhh.” He kissed her again. “It’s my fault. Anyway, I expect it to be worth the cost.”

“You spent a lot on a fashion statement.” He put one hand behind her head, tangled in the living silk there, and pulled back only slightly from his last kiss. Their eyes were an inch away from each other, hazel facing blue, filling the visual field. When he moved forward again her head and shoulders sank back to the floor, seemingly without her awareness. “Because, you should know, my tastes are simple… “

He touched his tongue to her neck, feeling again the heartbeat there. He followed the line behind her ear, slowly, one hand kneading her breast. “Please,” said Mulder, who wasn’t above begging if it got him what he wanted. Scully’s resolve was clearly crumbling; he doubted if she was aware of how every passing thought was visible on her face just now.

“What is it you want to… “

“Trust me.”

He kissed her cheek and felt her breath whisper along the side of his face. “All right…”

He pulled the scarf slowly out of her fist. Once having agreed, she wouldn’t back out of the game. This was the little girl who shot BB guns so she could play on the same terms as the boys. He’d never told Dana he knew that about her.

“You FBI guys and your obsession with equipment,” she said kiddingly. For a moment he thought of Jack Willis, then dismissed him.

“Give me your hands,” he said, and she laid them in his. They were soft and well-tended, nails trimmed neatly, without polish; just the hands that would go with the invisible crisp linen suit.

He fastened her wrists together, making sure that the band of scarf was wide enough there would be no discomfort. He looked up from the knot to see a fleeting hint of uncertainty. This was also the woman who cut into bodies with a scalpel, who moved from medicine to investigation because she wanted to distinguish herself. Who wanted to be in control.

The glint of uncertainty was ruthlessly extinguished. She smiled, eyes challenging him. “Ever done this before? You don’t have a box of toys from The Pleasure Chest in the closet at home, do you?”

“I don’t cuff and tell, Scully.”

He lifted her arms and pressed them down in the carpet above her head. “Leave them there.”

She raised an eyebrow. “That’s it, ‘leave them there’? You’re not in favor of tying them to a bedpost? I’m losing my respect for your degree of perversity.”

“If you don’t think you can do it… “

She shook her head. “That is such an obvious piece of dare-motivation, Mulder.”

“Yeah, I know it’s obvious,” he agreed, looking down at her. “But if you don’t think you can do it… “

“I can do it.”

He grinned and she flushed. Fair skin was a curse, she’d told him once. He liked the way, with her naked, you could see the flush spread below her face and down her chest.

“Whatever you say,” he agreed diplomatically.

Her eyes flashed. You could almost read words in them.

Think you can drive this car by yourself? Here are the keys… sucker.

He smiled. Time was on his side. He started at the hollow of her throat, with light, teasing strokes of his lips, tongue, and fingers. He moved down the center of her body with maddening slowness, not even bothering with the obvious erogenous zones. He didn’t have to. He stopped at the mound just above her legs and noted that the rosy flush had covered her skin completely and her nipples had hardened. The muscles beneath him had softened to such a degree it felt as though she were melting.

Her eyes were closed. He moved up beside her and spoke softly, inches from her ear, letting all the arousal he felt fill his voice. “Scully, I have every intention of seeing you come harder than you’ve ever done in your life.”

As her eyes flashed open he returned at once to the hollow of her throat, and began again.

She wet dry lips and spoke, her own voice trying for steadiness. “You know, under the circumstances, you could call me Dana. You did last night.”

“I was self-indulgent,” he said, continuing the torture. “I might forget and call you Dana in front of other people.”

“There are partners in the world who use first names.”


“God, you’re stubborn!”

“You’re safer,” he said patiently, “if I don’t call you Dana.”

“Mulder, I never asked — “

He didn’t want to hear more; it hurt to think about the consequences of carelessness. He kissed her breast, taking the nipple in his mouth, sucking and releasing it. He lifted his head slightly and licked it with his tongue. It stiffened even more. Like a flower closing up for the night. Dana’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed.

Since last night he’d been unable to look at those rose nipples without thinking: Peppermint. No doubt this oral fixation was very childish, but sunflower seeds can only go so far.

He moved to the other side and gently tongued the aureole before taking the other nipple in his mouth. She moaned, shifting under him, but her arms remained where they were.

“Open your eyes, — “


” — Scully. Open them.”

They fluttered open. He brushed his head against her neck and chest like a cat, sensing as the hair touched her skin. “Not fair,” she said. It ended in a groan. “It’s worse when I look at you.”

If I can stand it… he thought, but he didn’t admit it aloud.

He trailed his fingers down her skin until he reached her legs. It was easy to find the nub of clitoris; it was swollen and throbbing to the same beat as the veins in her neck and wrists. He ran his thumb over it lightly. She groaned and closed her legs around his hand.

“Not yet. Come on, Scully, not yet.” He coaxed them open again.

Her voice was heavy, dazed. “Please… put me out of my misery. I did it for you.”

He stretched out over her and looked down in her face. Her eyes were dark with arousal, soft, and desperate. Whatever the game was, she wasn’t hiding any of it from him.

All this trust was exhilarating. And frightening.

I always hated teachers who believed in me. Too much pressure.

Don’t trust me, Dana. I can’t even keep you safe.

She twisted beneath him. “I never asked to be safe,” she said fiercely. Before he could register his surprise, she raised her head and put her lips against his, taking possession of his mouth. So much for control.

He followed her down into their mutual darkness, unable to lose contact, entering her without having made any decision to do so. She cried out against him. He swallowed her breath, her words, taking in and giving out at the same time. Legs, arms, and thoughts tangled.

♡ ♥ ♡

Sometime afterward, her head on his chest, she said, “That was practically a Triathlon. We should get a bonus or something for that.”

“I think my hands are still shaking,” he admitted. “Although I’ll never have acne again.”

She laughed. She turned to face him, eyes glinting in the hotel lights. “Next time,” she said, “I get the car keys.”

He laughed with her, then it faded…

He thought uneasily, I hope you’re not going to read my mind every time we have sex.

♡ ♥ ♡

She was in the bathroom, gathering up her personal things, when the cellphone rang again.


“Do you recognize my voice?”

It was female, middle-aged, and belonged to Edwina Prentice, Senator Matheson’s personal assistant. She was the only one on his staff, besides the senator himself, whom Mulder ever dealt with.

“Yes. How are you,” he added, cutting himself off before he could say, “Eddie.”

“Not bad, Mulder. Not bad for two kids racking up twenty thou a year at Georgetown U.”

He laughed. “The bill just came again, didn’t it?”

“What a crack investigator.” He heard the grin in her voice. He often spent more time with her than with Matheson, and they got on well.

“That’s why they put the ‘ I ‘ in FB— “

“I know, Mulder, I know. Say — ” and the question came out seriously — “you aren’t on any medication, are you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Sorry, just wondering.” Eddie’s voice was wryly apologetic. “Every time you come over here you seem so… I don’t know, tense. You’re sounding very mellow this morning.”

He felt himself grinning.

“Anyway, the senator wanted to know if things went well with your little joke. He says he deserves to know, since he had to make three phone calls to get you assigned the case.”

Mulder heard the water turn off in the bathroom. He could visualize her face in the mirror as she checked her makeup. Sometimes she wore Chanel in the daytime, although she never carried it when she traveled. All those familiar scents… Dana/perfume, Dana/alone, Dana/sex… time to close the box and pretend they had no effect on him at all.

“It went well. It went better than I expected, actually. Even though,” honesty compelled him to add, “the joke was on me.”

He hung up as she emerged from the bathroom.

♡ ♥ ♡

“Coming, Agent Mulder?”

“Be right with you, Agent Scully.” He grabbed his suitcase and followed her to the hall.

He pulled the door shut behind him. All business, Agent Scully. Not a problem.

Right. Not a problem. The pink-and-white wallpaper and burgundy carpeting of the hallway seemed especially unreal, as though the place had been redecorated while they slept. Or as though they’d been in that room for years, and the place should have been redecorated. Trauma effect, he thought. Sudden life changes can have that disorienting quality.

Come on, how big a life change could this be?

The elevator doors closed and he felt his stomach drop. The floor lights blinked quickly past, and Scully glanced at him strangely. “It’s just the elevator, Mulder. You looked startled for a second.”

“Right,” he said, “just the elevator.”

So what happens next?

Think you can drive this one? Here are the keys. Sucker.

The doors opened and he stepped out, onto the tightrope.

♡ ♥ ♡

© Jane Mortimer

Monday, September 1, 1997


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