Heat by Spooky’s Girl

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Heat by Spooky’s Girl

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Subject: [XFNC17ff] Heat by Spooky’s Girl
Date: Monday, December 23, 2002 6:56 PM


AUTHOR: Spooky’s Girl

DISCLAIMER: They’re not mine, they belong to the XF god Chris Carter. I’m just borrowing them to give them a little fun once in a while.

RATING: NC-17, but mild NC-17, not strong

CATEGORY: UST, angst, Mulder/Other, Scully/Other, MSR

SUMMARY: She had the power tonight.

SPOILERS: no biggies…bit from The End and a bit from FTF. It takes place just before The Beginning.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: I felt like writing something different for a change…my usual angst but this time for an entirely different reason. It’s snowing outside and since I can’t go out and do anything productive, I stayed in and just started writing and kept at it and look at what happens!

THANKS: To Nancy, SuperBeta, who flew in and saved the day today as she rescued this fic from the evil StupidMistake Demons. You’ve all probably seen her flying around in the red and blue tights with the large B printed on her chest. Once again, what would I do without her?

FEEDBACK: As always, I love feedback and would totally make my day!


She danced with him. Closely, as if she were an extension of him. Her body molded to his, her hips moving along with his, his free hand rubbing up and down her back as her hands ran through the softness of his dark hair.

The intensity of his gaze was unnerving and she looked back with a smile in her eyes. A dark lock of her hair fell out of its clip and in front of her eyes, although it didn’t break their heated looks as he gently pushed it behind her ear, smiling as he did so. They looked happy, oblivious to the world.

Scully was sickened as she watched from the corner of the room. She was sitting alone at the table, hidden in the shadows observing them over the rim of her glass she was holding. Every so often she would allow herself a sip of the dark amber liquid and let it burn as it slid down her throat. This was her third glass of the evening, and while she would normally start feeling dizzy and tipsy at this point, all she could feel was the deep hatred and seething jealousy that was eating away at her.

She didn’t follow her partner to the club tonight, she came of her own accord; needing to drown her sorrows in something other than work for a change, as most of her problems were now stemming from the office. She only found him at the bar when she arrived and couldn’t bear to take her eyes off him. He wore simple chocolate cords with a fitted black ribbed knit sweater. His hair was spiked and his usual end of the day stubble starting to appear on his cheeks. She stood at the doorway both mulling over whether to leave and mesmerized at the sight until she saw the brunette come up behind him and wrap her arms possessively around his torso. She saw him smile at the contact and turn around with two drinks in his hands. The two of them turned in her direction and she quickly moved into the corner, not wanting to be seen, and where she stayed the entire evening.

Several times she felt compelled to leave to save her own sanity, but she needed to stay and watch at the same time, knowing that it would drive her crazy.

“Another glass?” The young waiter pointed to her now empty amaretto glass.

Scully simply nodded, handing over a five-dollar bill. “Better make it two.”

The young man grabbed the bill and left for the bar, leaving her to watch the couple now grinding into each other to the mellow beat and smooth rhythm of DJ Tony Almonte. Exclusive to this particular club he was always a hit on Friday nights and never failed to draw in the crowds.

She wanted to leave and stop torturing herself in this way. It was obvious he had made his choice, despite what he said to her in his hallway only weeks ago. Neither of them had brought it up again, neither of them needed to as his attention had been drawn away from her and to the brunette as soon as she recovered from her accident last month. It was easier this way, she knew. Leaving things unsaid was inevitably better than her making a fool of herself if he rejected her, like she knew he would. Which was why he was dancing Diana tonight rather than with her.

The young waiter returned with the two glasses and handed the five-dollar bill back to her, pointing to the dark blond-haired man standing at the bar. She smiled and lifted her glass in thanks. This was an ongoing thing between the two of them every time he saw her at the club. Usually she’d never stayed long enough to talk to the man, as she’d find an excuse to leave; however, tonight she needed a distraction from the spectacle on the dance floor.

She watched him move through the crowds with a pint of Guinness in hand and make his way to the seat across from hers. She took one last look at her partner, still molded to Diana, before introducing herself to her newfound friend. “Dana,” she said as she raised her glass in cheers again, letting the liquor give her the courage she needed for the night.

“Todd,” he smiled, as he reached across the table for her hand. “Four weeks of this ritual and you finally allow me to talk to you. For what do I owe this pleasure to this evening?”

“The alcohol. I don’t meet with many men both in and out of work. I thought tonight would be a good night to change that.” She finished her first glass and set it to the side of the table.

“I would have thought the men would be crawling all over you at work, and I’m surprised you haven’t had many offers to dance while here,” he winked. “If I were a different man I’d have pulled you onto that floor instantly to show off my catch of the day to everybody else.”

The idea of being wanted by another quelled her feeling of unease at her partner being with another woman. It was a good chance to show him that others desired her, even if he didn’t. It allowed her to feel beautiful for a change; something the brunette hadn’t allowed her to feel since she arrived on the scene. “What’s stopping you? I’m not going anywhere tonight.” As long as the other two were around, she knew she wouldn’t leave, and thought it was about time she actively went out to have some fun too.

She blushed slightly as his dark eyes raked over her. She wasn’t Special Agent Dana Scully anymore. Unlike the last four weeks she hadn’t come in wearing her suit, she was just Dana, and she dressed the part, something very different. Much like Agent Scully she wore all black, but instead of dress pants, the pair she was wearing today was leather, and skin-tight until they flared out around her calves. Her silk sleeveless top was short, bearing part of her midriff and tattoo, and the neckline was square cut, showing enough cleavage to entice but not enough to go overboard. She knew her beauty resulted from simplicity as she kept her hair down in soft waves, rather than straightening earlier this evening.

She had the power tonight. Like she did every other night she was here with Todd. Always he waiting for her signal to show her readiness, always he obeyed her every command, silent or otherwise. He observed her, he revered her, and he followed her every lead even though it was he who was the first to wrap his arms around her and slowly started moving against her.

And for the first time in months, she was enjoying herself.


The beat of Tony Almonte’s original compilation picked up a bit and Mulder took the opportunity to part from Diana for a moment and grab another drink. The night was different for a change, something so out of his ordinary routine that he had questioned himself several times as to why he chose to come to a place like this. When Diana had asked him earlier in the week to do something this evening, he couldn’t say he was excited, but it was something to do nonetheless, and he really was enjoying himself for a change.

Granted, it was not with the woman he wanted but he was settling. He looked down at her and smiled, wiping the bit of perspiration that had gathered on his forehead. It was nice to know that things hadn’t changed much with them over time. He wasn’t head over heels with her this time like he was last time, this time there would be no hurt, no pain, but nonetheless, much of it was still the same. It calmed him in a way. At the same time it disappointed him that it was her with him this evening, her grinding with him rather than the one he’d lusted over, and loved for so long now.

“Two Jack’s please. Make one a double,” he yelled over the drumming sound to the bartender. He tapped his fingers against the cool wood of the counter while waiting, looking over to Diana dancing solo on the dance floor. She really hadn’t lost her flare for fun, he noted as she smiled at him from across the way without missing a beat. This was what he wanted, somebody he could go out with after hours and have a bit of fun.

He was convincing himself of this. Scully stayed at home and usually focused on work. He wanted to stop being a workaholic for a change. The woman on the dancefloor was just his ticket to that.

“That’s $7.50,” the bartender yelled back as he received the ten from Mulder. He signaled to the young man to keep the change and carried the drinks back to the dance floor, to his former girlfriend keeping his spot warm, when he caught a glimpse of red over her shoulder. There was only one shade of red that he knew so well and he knew to whom it belonged without having to see her. He took a long sip of his drink; glad he ordered a double. Although it was originally meant to help him get through the night and be more receptive to what he knew Diana was going to offer afterward, now he needed it for an entirely different purpose.

He smiled as he handed Diana her drink, and leaned down as she stepped up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He was too preoccupied, however, to notice that the look she was giving him afterward as she pulled herself closer to him. He held onto his drink tightly with one hand and wrapped the other around her, meanwhile looking over her shoulder to see if he could spot the familiar red again. He wanted to know what she was doing here. He knew it was her; that much he didn’t need to confirm.

He saw the flash of red again and hugged Diana closer as he subtly tried to move a few feet to the right, hopefully enabling himself to get a clearer view. It upset him that she was here having fun without him. And he felt enraged knowing she was probably here with somebody else having a good time

“Fox darling,” Diana’s voice was low, seductive and extremely familiar as she whispered into his ear. He knew she felt him tense up, and he placed his hand on her lower back acknowledging that he was with her. Physically anyway if not mentally.

He scanned the room again, this time finding her in a dark corner of the dance floor, and looking like a girl from one of his videos at home, dressed in tight black and leather. He could see her eyes despite the distance between them. They were always among the first things he noticed about her. They were a dark and smoky blue as she intensely looked at her dance partner. And rage turned to blinding jealousy as he saw how she was dancing with him, as if they were two people glued together, becoming one. One of his legs was tightly placed between hers as they ground together in perfect unison; much like he was with Diana earlier, only dancing with Diana didn’t count. He only danced with her to distract himself from thoughts of Scully. She was obviously dancing with this guy because she enjoyed it.

Holding Diana in his arms became secondary to watching the way his partner moved with the man. She moved with an air of prowess he noted, and could empathize with the man about the power she exuded. He too had fallen prey to that power, willing to do anything she asked of him, if only she knew it.

This time she did know it with her dancing partner. She was in complete control and was acting upon it as he saw her hand push against the man’s chest.

Fascination turned to anger again. Anger at the man for dancing with his partner, anger at his partner for not dancing with him and anger with himself for believing he could forget all about her with Diana wrapped around him. She was not allowed to touch the man, nor was the man allowed to receive her touch. That touch was meant for him and him alone, nobody else. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know that already, she soon would though, and he became hard with the thought. His possessiveness of her often led to arousal as he thought of the ways she would become his.

However, that wasn’t the source of his arousal tonight.

It was imagining her touching him and dancing with him like she was with that man. With her leather clad thigh rubbing against his, holding her so her back was to his front hiding her tattoo from the rest of the world, keeping it for him only and gazing into her smoky eyes, watching her mouth open just a bit as she breathed while moving…

He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt somebody grind against him in a more rhythmic motion, focusing primarily on his one area of concern, and he was lost until she spoke to him, her voice breathy in his ear, “Fox.”

He stopped and his eyes snapped open as he realized it wasn’t Scully he was with, but Diana, and that she took no notice of his change in mood. He looked across the room to find the man wrapped around his partner in the way he wanted to be, working her from behind with his hands splayed against her stomach as her arms were up high, wrapped around his neck.

And she was looking directly at him rather than at the man she was dancing with. While she had previously turned away quickly everytime he caught her looking at him, this time she behaved differently. This time she focused her gaze on him, increasing its intensity. She was watching him move and getting as turned on by it as he was — her eyes darkening even more.

He looked back at the woman he was dancing with one last time and lightly pushed her aside, giving her a lopsided smile as he downed the last of the drink he had in his hand. And he didn’t look back as he walked away from her and toward the red vixen in front of him.


She could feel the amaretto shoot through her veins as she lured the one man she wanted away from the one woman she hated. She felt power in her femininity as her partner walked toward her with a single-focused look in his eyes, a hunger for her she had never seen before. Todd pulled her back closer to him, announcing to Mulder his possession of her, and she couldn’t help but laugh as the two men sized each other up.

This was far from her original plan of the evening of just letting loose; however, she couldn’t have planned it out any better if she tried.

She knew in the end she’d be going home with only one of them, the man she’d wanted for years now, but she thought it only fair to play with him a bit now since he’d done the same to her since the first day. Since day one he had been flaunting his sexuality in front of her, making it known to her the women who wanted him, and never had she had the chance to do the same back, and she was enjoying every minute of it tonight.

She could see the looks in the eyes of both men, both showing a hunger for her she hadn’t had focused on her in years, and both willing to do anything to feed their arousal. Todd was mysterious to her, a quality that attracted her to him instantly, as she knew nothing about him. He was dangerous in that mysteriousness. Mulder on the other hand was dangerous in his intensity. He would put his all into that one focus and would go for it single-mindedly without a second thought. She could get lost in that intensity, she knew that and yearned for it.

She was playing a dangerous game with both men, knowing she could lose the one dearest to her with a single wrong move, but she couldn’t resist the urge to continue to play as she reached out to bring her partner to her as well. She was drunk on hormones as the alcohol in her system brought them to the forefront. She could feel Mulder pushing himself into her, making her understand how much he wanted her at that very moment. Heat emanated off him in ways it never had before and it swallowed her whole, bringing her closer to him and away from Todd who was holding her close to him from behind her. She would deal with him later, but at that moment she wanted nothing more than to sink beneath Mulder’s skin and stay wrapped in his heat.

She could feel Todd’s arms release her as Mulder reached for her hand and led her off the dance floor. She was no longer in control. She gave in to her partner here willingly, the moment she pulled him to her on the dance floor. She had made her choice clear then, and she knew Mulder understood that, or else he would have kept his distance. She was pulled into a dark room and pushed up against the wall as she heard a door shut behind her.

The scent of his cologne invaded her, joining the heat that was filling her body, and she could deny him nothing as he ravished her mouth, parting her lips with his tongue and allowing her to nip at his lower lip. No words were needed to express their desire for each other. She knew him as he knew her, and his hands slipping under her shirt reaffirmed that knowledge.

“Mulderrr,” she managed to moan out in question between breaths, silently asking him what was going through his mind, asking him the exact reason why he had pulled her into the empty room.

He replied in kind, silently answering her questions as he attempted to show her the passion he was feeling toward her, and all the emotions that encompassed that in the one way he knew how this evening.

His hands were hot against her sweaty skin and moved with a frenzied urgency toward the laces of her leather pants, slipping both them and her black laced thong off her in a rush. Her hands followed suit in acceptance as she worked the belt buckle and released the top button. The room became warmer with each passing second as she tried to free his cock from his pants without breaking contact with his mouth, which, combined with his tongue, was doing unbelievable things to her tonsils. They parted only a second this time, his mouth a scant half an inch from hers as they breathed before connecting again; allowing her to tell him how much she wanted him.

There was no time for foreplay tonight. She knew next time he’d take more care but they had both waited too long for this to waste anymore time. She wanted him inside her at that moment. She wanted to claim him as hers and leave the bitch he was with hanging out to dry. No doubt right about now she was fuming over him leaving her behind, and a primal surge ran through Scully as she lifted her hips to his, allowing him to lift her legs so she could wrap them around him.

He was hot as his cock slipped inside her, stretching her and filling her, allowing her a moment to adjust before moving. She felt ravenous and raw as he continually pushed inside her. She wanted to swallow him whole and keep him for herself only, and matched him in intensity, demanding all of him or none of him at all. His mouth left hers and moved to behind her ear, suckling her and branding her as his. It was too much for her to take in such a short time, possessing him and being possessed at the same time. Everything she was feeling at that moment came to the forefront as his hand slipped down and worked her, matching his wild and uncontrolled rhythm, causing her to cry out in the darkness, and sink her teeth into his shoulders; her own way of branding him.

It wouldn’t be much longer, she knew as she felt them building up, and reached blindly for him, needing to grab and keep a hold of him before losing herself. He pushed her further up against the wall, the cool stone clashing with the heat of her back and allowing him to thrust harder into her. She lost all thought as she crashed and shuddered against him, crying out into skin, allowing the pleasure to replace the alcohol running through her veins and wash over her body, bringing her back down to earth. He was still moving within her and despite the lethargy that overcame her, she managed to bring her hand down between them and with a single touch she could hear him groan and feel his explosion inside her as he was brought to the same level of consciousness as her.

She could hear Tony Almonte shouting his goodnights to the crowd as he played his last song and wondered with a smug grin if Diana was still outside, waiting for Mulder to return to her. She saw him looking down at her with heavy lidded eyes with promises of more to come later in the evening and she smiled.

Despite her loss of control, she still had the power, and although he didn’t know it yet, he had it too.


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