Hard Day’s Night (A) & MVP by frogdoggie

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A Hard Day’s Night & MVP by frogdoggie

A Hard Day's Night / MVP cover

A Hard Day’s Night

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TITLE: A Hard Days Night (with apologies to the Beatles)

NAME: frogdoggie



RATING: NC-17 and than some.

SUMMARY: ‘A boy’s night’ out forces Fox Mulder to deal with his real feelings regarding Dana Scully. This story is rated for adults only. If you object to any bodily functions whatsoever, do not proceed beyond this point. Of course, there are scenes of a sexual nature featuring balls out sex between a couple of the characters. No, I’m not going to tell you who, you’re going to have to read the story. This is my first attempt at X-Files fan fic, so I hope you all like it. Comments, and suggestions are always welcome. But, be kind, you can’t knock a guy for trying.

TIMESPAN/SPOILER WARNING. Spoilers would be a bit of ‘Anasazi’ and ‘The Blessing Way’. I would like to think the story is set just before the events in ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Emily’.

KEYWORDS: story romance angst Scully Mulder NC-17

DISCLAIMER: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Byers, Langly, Frohike, and Walter Skinner belong to Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen Productions and 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from their use.

A Hard Days Night by frogdoggie

Fox Mulder munched on the slice of pizza as his eyes wandered around the dimly lit and noisy pub. Flurries from an early snow were falling gently outside the front windows and Mulder had a view of them from his booth. He sighed slightly as he watched the woman and her companion enter the pub and shake the snow from their coats. The woman was petite, red haired and professional looking. Her resemblance to Scully was enough to distract him into thinking it had been her as she came in the door.

On closer study of course, it hadn’t been his partner, but Mulder’s thoughts stayed focused on Scully nonetheless. The conversation of his three companions continued unabated and he was only half listening as it continued.

“Ok, Langly, so which one do you think is better then, 1, 2 or 3?” Frohike growled, putting down his beer with a thunk. “You’ve been sitting on the fence for an hour.”

The skinny long haired blond pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glared back at the shorter, gnome-like Frohike. “All right, all right for crying out loud – 1 – because of the t-shirt scene.” he answered “if I have to vote using your standards.” he added crabbily. “For cinematic quality and non-stop action, I’d have to say 2 though’” “By my standards.” he added to make his point.

Byers grinned around his half consumed pizza slice “Well, those reviews are definitely right along party lines.” he commented turning to the distracted FBI agent “What do you think Mulder?”

“Hmm, what?” Mulder replied coming back from his reverie “uh, what was the question?”

“Which Alien film did you think was the best, G-Man?” Frohike chimed in. “We’d like your educated opinion if you can come down to earth long enough to give it to us.”

‘Ah yes, the Alien Retrospective’. It came back to him then, of course. ‘A typical Friday evening for Fox and his friends’ he thought. Retro SciFi film (While you’re waiting for Alien: Resurrection, see the film that started it all!), and then pizza and beer (coffee for him since he was driving), at DeVito’s pub around the corner from the art house cinema. Mulder usually enjoyed himself on these excursions. But not tonight.

It had been a tough day at the office as the saying went. Paperwork was piling up, and Scully had taken the day off as she occasionally did since her close encounter of the almost terminal kind. He had talked to her regarding some of their recent case summaries but she had sounded tired and he hadn’t kept her on the phone for very long. Besides the natural fatigue hanging on from a major illness, Mulder knew Scully needed some time to deal with her recent sterility diagnosis. If she wanted to take a day off here and there who was he to begrudge her the slack time. Besides, he’d felt terrible too since she’d gotten the word from her doctors. He wanted to kill the black hearted sons of bitches with a secret agenda that had stolen any chance Scully had of conceiving a child. He had vowed that he was going to protect her from the horror of that knowledge for as long as he could. Preferably, forever. Still he had had trouble looking in her eyes when she had confided her diagnosis to him.

So, he had continued to worry about her, and his guilt in a formless, aimless sort of way, pretending to push papers around until a phone call summoned him to Ass’t Director Walter Skinner’s office. To make his lousy day complete, Skinner had proceeded to call him on the carpet for some minor procedural gaff he had made. Yessir, it had been a really rotten day all around.

The three Lone Gunman editors were usually enjoyable, if sometimes annoying companions on a Friday night. But this evening, even Frohike’s randiness was getting on his nerves. The movie, pizza and bantering conversation usually took him away from the bureau and Scully’s recent health problems. But tonight that distraction seemed unattainable and his mind wandered, especially to thoughts of Scully. With an effort he pulled himself back into the discussion, a trifle guilty for not paying attention. After all, he didn’t want to ruin the evening for everyone.

“Best?” “Gheez, I’d have to agree with Frohike on that one, Langly. Alien, without a doubt. You’d better just call me horny for Sigourney, I guess.” He deadpanned eliciting a terrific guffaw from Frohikie and a grunt from Langly.

“Ah ha!” Frohike pounded on the table triumphantly, causing the beer glasses, pitchers, remaining pizza and empty coffee cups to jump in protest. Several people glanced their way despite the noisiness of the pub. “I knew that would be your choice! After all, we have the same taste in woman.” he finished, smilingly wickedly just to make sure Mulder knew who else he was referring to besides the statuesque Sigourney Weaver.

Mulder gave Frohike a baleful, slit-eyed stare at the veiled suggestion regarding his partner. He couldn’t believe the guy could be so tactless sometimes. Frohike’s smile only widened further causing Mulder to decide to go ahead and deliver some type of appropriate retort. “Taste? Maybe, but when it comes to Sigourney, I don’t think you’d meet the height limit for the ride, Frohike.”

Langly and Byers both burst into laughter at that point, Byers blowing beer out his nose in a consumptive splatter as he grabbed for several napkins.

“Hey, watch it there Mr. FBI” Frohike groused, “great things come in small packages.” he finished defiantly, stubbled chin jutting aggressively in Mulder’s direction.

‘Oh oh’, Mulder thought, ‘maybe I misjudged the amount of beer Frohike had swilled over the last few hours’. Once in a while the guy could get testy if he’d had too much to drink. “Hey, sorry, Frohike, truce, I didn’t mean it. Really. Your reputation as a stud is still intact, no question.” he back-peddled rapidly while Langly and Byers suppressed their remaining chuckles.

“Apology accepted” Frohike smiled somewhat dizzily, inclining his head. He was obviously feeling a bit high and didn’t want any petty argument to bring him down from what for him was a pretty pleasant time. To punctuate the comment he burped lustily.

It was Mulders turn to laugh “I’ll take that as a sign of your sincerity.” he coughed out through his half swallowed coffee.

Byers glanced at his watch, stifling a yawn “Hey, I should get going. Early day tomorrow.” He rose to get his coat from the stand next to their booth.

Langly rose also, “Yeah, we gotta finish editing the next edition tomorrow” he added, referring to their conspiracy journal, The Lone Gunman.

“And we’re a little behind.” Byers said finishing his sentence for him.

“You want to share a cab, Frohike?” Langly asked the inebriated Frohike pointedly. Obviously they wanted his help in editing the delayed publication.

Frohike, either ignoring or missing the point looked over at Mulder and asked bleerily, “You in a hurry to leave, Mulder? Because I could use some coffee, I think.”

“No, I was thinking of having another cup myself.” he answered. What the heck, it was barely past 1 AM and Mulder didn’t think the fish would worry about his whereabouts.

“Ok, you guys go ahead without me, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Frohike told his two departing compatriots. “Early.” he promised showing he had, after all caught the drift of their previous query.

“Later, gentleman.” Byers offered as a parting good-bye. He and Langly pulled out some cash and placed it on the edge of the table. “This should help cover the damages.” Langly quipped as the two stalked across the pub to the door. They passed the table with the attractive redhead and her older companion on the way out. Mulder’s eyes followed them but stopped to linger on the figure of the woman, who was laughing, her eyes sparkling, at some pleasantry from her companion. Mulder’s mind wandered again until a polite cough from the still present Frohike startled him.

“Man, you have it bad.” Frohike said, bringing Mulder’s attention immediately back to the here and now.

“What are you talking about?” he asked too quickly, regretting the question almost immediately.

“Cut the crap, Mulder, you know what I’m talking about.” Frohike replied, gesturing towards the redhead. “I was serious about our similar tastes in women, you know.”

Mulder apprehensively looked at the grizzled photographer as the waitress came back to their table, coffee pot in hand. “More coffee gentleman?” she asked.

“Better leave the pot, gorgeous.” Frohike replied leering up at the attractive blond. Mulder was somewhat amazed to see his comments have the opposite expected effect. The waitress smiled broadly as she placed the pot down and hurried off. Strange, Mulder thought briefly, as Frohike turned one of the empty cups over and made a move for the full pot.

Mulder continued to stare at Frohike blinking for a moment, bewildered by the waitress’s actions and still worried by Frohike’s comments. When he didn’t say anything, the grizzled surveillance specialist continued, lowering his voice. “Hey, listen, I’m not talking lust here buddy. Forget it. I mean..” he stopped a moment while he filled his coffee cup. “I was worried about her too.” he finished letting out an enormous sigh. He looked at Mulder shyly then and said “I’ve never said this to anyone G-Man, but well, she is really something special. I don’t just mean she’s a great looker either – I mean she’s a lady, Mulder. A queen. Hell, Sigourney Weaver couldn’t hold a candle to her in my book.” he finished swigging the coffee like he had his beer to add emphasis.

Frohike stared down at his cup, and it was obvious to Mulder that the photographer was very deeply embarrassed. Maybe the combination of alcohol and the fact that they were alone together loosened Frohike’s, tongue. In any event, Mulder was pretty sure he was going to be privy to some of Frohike’s inner most thoughts here – whether he liked it or not.

Mulder swallowed his own coffee very carefully. He had known Frohike since 1989 but it seemed maybe he really didn’t know him. He was beginning to think that behind all Frohike’s gruff cockiness, a deep loneliness was hiding. Mulder could relate to it. The loneliness of the outsider. The geek, the freak. It pulled them together and made them a bit more than acquaintances, maybe for the first time Mulder realized – it made them friends.

Mulder had always figured that Frohike’s imagined reputation as a ladies man and stud was probably a sad little act to cover up his inadequacies with women. His new revelation regarding Scully only made it more sad. ‘This could get a little touchy’ Mulder thought. He didn’t really know what to say. And as sometimes happened with Mulder, he went for the sarcastically trite rather than anything sincere or meaningful in his reply.

“Frohike, I didn’t know you cared.” He immediately regretted his triteness when the Lone Gunman’s face swiftly lifted from his coffee cup. He was beet red and glaring.

“God damn you Mulder, if she only looked at me the way she looked at you…” his voice stopped abruptly as he rose in anger, beer breath reaching all the way over to Mulder’s side of the booth. Mulder gulped in shock. He had never seen Frohike display violence of any sort before. As heads turned he grabbed the much shorter man’s arm from across the booth and hissed forcefully “Sit down.”

The pressure of Mulder’s hand and the urgency of his voice acted like an electric shock to Frohike’s beer numbed but coffee stimulated brain. He plopped back into the booth’s cushions with a slight thwacking sound.

“Cool down, Frohike, I admit that was a bad choice of words. I can be a shit heel sometimes, all right?” Mulder whispered in way of an excuse. “What I meant to say was “I didn’t realize your feelings towards Scully were, well…”

“Anything but prurient?” the bantam weight photographer offered quietly from his nest in the cushions.

“Ah, yeah.” Mulder answered, pulling at his lower lip with his teeth. And then before he thought better of it he added “and what did you mean by I have it bad?” His fatigued and preoccupied mind took a lurch. ‘Shit, wrong question’, he thought, but it was too late.

“Boy, you must be as thick as a brick, Mulder. You gotta realize that Scully adores you by the way she looks at you.” Frohike replied in a rush. “I can’t believe you’re too dim to notice it.” “I only wish she would even look in my direction.” he added glumly.

Mulder shook his head slightly. He had asked for it. He had even known the answer to his question. Frohike was close to the truth about at least part of the quandary that had preoccupied Mulder’s mind all evening. What were his real feelings toward Special Agent Dana Scully? Special indeed. He was all too aware that Scully was special. He was achingly aware of it, in fact. His emotions towards Scully were so complicated, raw and confusing that he just didn’t want to cope with the issue, especially not now with the beer soaked Frohike.

Early on in their relationship Mulder had of course, experienced a healthy sexual attraction to Scully. Attraction was to be expected between two partners of the opposite sex. Mulder had handled the sexual tension by successfully maintaining his professional distance from Scully. Scully had seemed content to do the same. As their friendship grew and they shared so much together however, the sexual attraction became coupled with deeper feelings for Mulder. These new emotions forced Mulder to insist to himself that he and Scully were just good friends willing to support and comfort each other for the sake of their job and their mutual respect. They were valued partners, a smooth working team and that was all. But lately, the professional control was harder to maintain, and after Scully’s brush with death, almost impossible.

That night in the hospital ICU, when Mulder had broken down at Scully’s bedside he had almost wished he had awakened her. He wanted to tell Scully what was going through his mind, to hold her, comfort her and confess all remaining truths to her. If knowing that the person she trusted with her life would love her beyond death gave Scully the strength to face what lay ahead then it was a great injustice not to tell her his true feelings. Besides, Mulder was unsure whether he could live for the rest of his life with the memory of not telling her. But instead of waking the sleeping Scully, Mulder had sobbed quietly at her side, too indecisive, embarrassed, impotent and afraid to share with her that last innermost truth.

He was ashamed of himself in the end. Scully was the only one he truly trusted and he felt like he had betrayed her. With the reinsertion of the neck implant that saved her life, Mulder pushed all his tortured feelings down into the darkness of his subconscious and held them carefully at bay there. The Agent Scully emotions, like his sister Samantha emotions, were just too agonizing. He told himself he felt better suppressing those unwanted emotions – every single one of them.

Frohike, reading the expression on his face, interrupted Mulder’s thoughts. “See, maybe I was right after all, you do have it bad.”

It was Mulder’s turn to show some anger. “Frohike, let’s not talk about this now, OK. You don’t have a clue about it, anyway. And besides, you’re lit”

Frohike blinked myopically from behind his glasses. “Well, excuse me.” he said. “I thought maybe we were going to have a meaningful conversation there for a second. I mean mano a mano. Compadre to compadre, and do I hesitate to presume, friend to friend… Oh shit….” he stopped as he clumsily spilled some coffee onto the table. Mulder reached for a napkin and helped Frohike clean up the wandering puddle. “But I guess if you don’t want to talk to someone whose known you for years about something that’s clearly bothering you, then who am I to argue with you, hey?” Frohike choked out dabbing at the last of the spilled coffee.

Mulder considered the comment and had to admit that Frohike was probably trying to be helpful in his own way. He was trying to be a friend and lend a sympathetic ear. After all, Frohike really didn’t have many true friends. For crying out loud, Mulder was probably one of only three people that came under that category. He resigned himself to unburdening just a bit to the Lone Gunman. The guy was half crocked after all. He probably wouldn’t remember what they discussed in the morning anyway.

“Listen, Frohike, I appreciate the concern. You’re right, I really have been worried about Scully. She seems to be out of the woods now with the cancer but well, you know….” he let his voice trail off.

Frohike looked back at him, real concern on his face. “Yeah. Man, I was scared shitless while she was in the hospital. I went over there to see her but they were only letting her immediate family into ICU.”

“I saw her”. Mulder replied, strain in his voice.

“Well.. you’re almost family.” Frohike replied quietly taking a sip of coffee. Silence followed and suddenly both of them felt awkward in the booth. The pub was emptying out. Mulder glanced over to see that the red haired woman and her escort were long gone. He looked at his watch. Two AM. The waitress came back to the table.

“I hate to say it guys, but we’re closing.” she said.

“So I closed the joint again, huh?” Frohike smiled up at her, his expression a bit more charming this time and less pornographic. For a moment Mulder thought he almost looked like a regular sort of guy. He smothered a grin at the thought as the waitress smiled back at Frohike. “Hey, you know you’re welcome to do that anytime, Frohike.” she laughed and put their check on the edge of the table near the money Byers and Langly had left.

Mulder raised and eyebrow and asked in amazement “You know her?”

Frohike took the tone of the question with a grain of salt this time. “Linda?” “Oh yeah, we go way back.” Frohike admitted, reaching for his coat. Seeing Mulder’s mouth hanging open he added grinning “not that way you ass hole.” “She’s just a friend. We’ve taken in a few movies together. I come here a lot for dinner and a beer anyway.”

Mulder figured he really came here to see Linda, but he didn’t dare say it. The ‘I don’t know everything about Frohike’ thought he’d had earlier was becoming more of a truism by the minute. “Nice scenery though.” he laughed and Frohike laughed with him.

Both of them shouldered their coats and left enough cash on the table to pay the check and tip. Mulder grabbed the red thermal stocking cap from it’s hook and jammed it onto his head. Frohike pulled a black stocking cap over his ears and they both braced to meet the cold and snowy evening.

Once outside it quickly became obvious that the storm had intensified while he and Frohike had drunk their coffee. Mulder figured DC was in for one of those freak early November snowstorms as he searched his pocket for his car keys.

“A night fit for neither man nor beast.” Frohike growled, pulling the collar of his navy p-coat around his neck.

“You’ve got that right.” Mulder said gritting his teeth against the bitter blowing wind. ‘Should have brought some gloves’ Mulder thought as he looked up and down the street.

“You’re going to have trouble getting a cab at this time of night and in this weather. Why don’t you let me give you a lift, Frohike.” he offered. Mulder felt it would be just Frohike’s luck to pass out and die of hypothermia while waiting for a cab. “No sense standing around on the curb freezing your nuts off.”

“No shit.” the photographer answered gratefully. “Thanks.” and the two trudged off to Mulder’s car a half block down.

As Mulder negotiated the car out of the slippery parking spot, Frohike settled himself comfortably into the passenger seat and fastened his seat belt.

“Nice wheels, G-Man.” he commented, taking in the cars interior. “I didn’t even have to adjust the seat belt much.”

“It’s a lease.” Mulder replied, easing on the brakes as they drove through a drift. “And I should have gotten four wheel drive for this weather.” he added. ‘And that’s usually where Scully sits.’ he thought to himself.

“I hear you. I’m just sorry I live across half the frickin’ city on a night like this.” he added.

“No problem.” Mulder replied gamely, straining forward against his own seat belt to crank the cars heater up a bit against the cold.

They drove along in silence as Mulder concentrated on the road. Once they were off the tiny side streets where the neighborhood theater was located it was obvious the plows and salt trucks hadn’t been out yet. “Your tax dollars at work’ Mulder thought sarcastically. The wider boulevards were no less snowy and slippery. He stopped for a red light and Frohike spoke up.

“Listen, Mulder, I’m sorry if I was out of line back there, about Scully, I mean.” It’s really none of my business.”

Mulder answered, staring ahead at the intersection. “That’s ok, Frohike. I respect your opinion, really. It’s just that, well, it’s a private matter.”

“Hey, nuff said.” Frohike replied, boozily. It was clear however from his tone that despite the words he was reluctant to let the topic drop.

Mulder sighed and added in an attempt to get the guy to shut up “Besides, things have been a bit… he hesitated… complicated lately with Scully and…..” his voice trailed off again as the light changed to green and Mulder accelerated gently into the intersection.

“You mean you’re sleeping with her?” Frohike asked his voice raising an octave at the end like a teenager suddenly hitting puberty.

Mulder’s foot depressed the gas pedal a bit too quickly in punctuation and the car swerved violently towards the curb as it found one of the roads many slippery patches.

“Oh fuck!” Mulder blurted, struggling to control the fish-tailing Ford as Frohike bleated in distress. Isolated car horns blared. Only luck and Mulder’s adroit steering kept them from going over the curb and hitting a light pole.

“Holy Mother of God!.” Frohike gasped as the nose of the auto came to a graceless halt, inches away from the pole. He was slammed violently forward and than back, the seatbelt cutting into his chest and knocking him breathless. His next immediate reaction was to vomit beer and half digested pizza all over his coat.

“Oh crap.” Mulder exclaimed as much to cover his fright at almost totaling the car as with his annoyance at Frohike. “For crying out loud, Frohike!”

“Jesus, I’m really sorry Mulder” the embarrassed Lone Gunman replied. “But I couldn’t help it. You’re lucky I didn’t do something a lot worse – I thought you were going to wreck this heap, for God’s sake.”

Mulder stared in chagrin at the now wet and stinking Frohike, the question that had brought them into this situation almost driven from his mind. Holding back his own gorge at the smell in the car’s close confines, he came to an instant decision.

“Look, Frohike, I’m going to take you over to my place OK? It’s almost 3 AM, the roads really suck, and man, you stink to high heaven.” Mulder said in a nasal voice as he desperately tried to hold his breath. It was the least he could do after scaring the guy into blowing chow all over himself.

“Hell no, I don’t care” Frohike replied, gratefully. And than again, “I’m really sorry.”

“Ok, don’t worry about it, I understand.” Mulder answered, rolling down the driver side window. They were silent as he concentrated on getting them to his apartment in one piece.

At around 3 o’clock Mulder was turning the key in his lock as Frohike stood well back like he was now all too aware of the odor he was giving off. He gratefully followed Mulder into the warm, dark apartment and collapsed onto the sofa.

“Get the hell off there.” Mulder yelped, turning on a small lamp by the couch. Frohike jumped up like a scalded cat.

“Oh shit, yeah, sorry. Got any Tylenol?” he asked quickly.

“Yes, in the can” Mulder answered gesturing towards the short hallway on the right. “You’re welcome to use the shower too.” he added pointedly as Frohike beat a hasty retreat.

In a few moments, Mulder heard the shower begin to run. ‘I hope Frohike makes it quick’, he thought. Mulder’s coffee consumption was making his kidneys ache and the sound of running water wasn’t helping any. Luckily, the sounds stopped before Mulder was at the leg crossing stage. He quickly hung up his hat and coat and headed for the bathroom. An underwear clad Frohike was just exiting the room as he reached the door.

“Look, I have to take a leak, I’ll join you in a minute.” he said gesturing with his head towards the living room.

“OK, Mulder.” the freshly scrubbed Frohike replied, heading in the direction of Mulder’s gesture.

The FBI agent entered the bathroom and prepared, at last, to take care of business.

As Mulder pulled out his penis and emptied his aching bladder, he stared at his face in the mirror over the back of the toilet. In the harsh light he looked just like everyone’s stereotype of a mug shot – unshaved, dark circles under the eyes, and an expression like a deer caught in headlights. Their near collision had obviously left it’s imprint with the rest of his ‘delightful’ day all over his face. Frowning, he shook himself off, rearranged things and zipped up his zipper. Still frowning he noticed Frohike had attempted to clean off his coat and had hung the rancid thing over the shower curtain to dry. ‘Probably showered in it’, Mulder thought nastily as he washed his hands. However, the rest of Frohike’s outside clothing was neatly folded and sitting on top of the toilet tank. ‘Well, maybe not’, Mulder reconsidered as he eyed the neatly placed garments. Mulder turned towards the bathroom door at a sudden sound. He thought he could hear Frohike rummaging through something in the living room. Mulder hastened to see what he was doing now.

“Hey, Chopper Chicks in ZombieTown!” Frohike exclaimed from his now seated position in a chair. He had been rummaging through Mulder’s video collection. Frohike had turned on the standing lamp next to the chair so that he could get a better look at the tape. “I didn’t know you had this one!”

“Yeah, I’ve had that tape for a while. It’s a great film.” Mulder replied tiredly. “and a hell of a lot more funny than Debbie Does Dallas.” he added, moving to turn off the lamp by the couch.

“Hey, can we watch it?” Frohike asked.

“It’s almost 3 AM, Frohike.” Mulder grouched, sitting down on the couch. “I want to get some sleep.” He busied himself by untying his shoes and kicking them off.

“Well, you can go ahead and go to sleep if you want. I’ll turn the sound down low.”

“Don’t be stupid, Frohike,” Mulder replied firmly. You look like shit. You’d better try to get some sleep if you’re going to help Byers and Langly edit anything later.”

“Oh, ok, I’ll turn in then.” Frohike replied placing the tape down on the floor next to the chair and preparing to curl up on the chair’s seat.

“Frohike, I do have a bed, you know. Just because I sleep on the couch doesn’t mean I don’t own one. The bed is for guests, anyway.” Mulder admonished as he stood up and walked over to turn off the other light.

“Oh, I didn’t know that.” Frohike replied as if he felt even more stupid. He had seldom been beyond the front rooms of Mulder’s apartment in all the years he had known him.

“Ok, whatever.” Mulder replied yawning as he went back and flopped down on the couch. “See you later.”

As Frohike got up and walked towards the bedroom he turned and said into the darkness.

“Mulder before I turn in I have to ask you something, and don’t panic about it, ok?.”

Mulder, too tired and sore to raise any barriers replied “Yeah, what, Frohike.”

“Are you interested in Scully at all, I mean romantically?” he asked hesitantly.

Mulder could tell from the tone in his voice, Frohike was nervous but sincere. He couldn’t blame him in view of Mulder’s possible reaction to his question. After all, the agent had almost smashed both of them and the car to smithereens just a short time earlier. Mulder was afraid to say anything further but his exhaustion, the warmth of the room, the darkness and the comfortable cushions of his couch combined to weaken his defenses.

“I told you it was complicated, Frohike.”

Words came out of Mulder then, in a rush, like gouts of fire from a flame thrower. “Frohike, I don’t know. I’m not sure what to say. I keep telling myself Scully and I are just friends you know, professionals with a great working partnership. We protect each other and trust each other just like any other FBI team would. She’s like a rock, Frohike. An anchor for me. I can count on Scully, yes, indeed.” he stopped abruptly realizing he was babbling.

“Whoa, Mulder, hey.” Frohike responded quickly and sincerely.

“Mulder plunged on, suddenly aware that he wanted to get some of the burden off his chest, even if he had to resort to telling his troubles to Frohike.

“But lately, after this cancer thing. Jesus, I was so scared I was going to lose her. It was…terrifying. Her illness made me finally admit feelings for her I’ve buried down deep for a long time.” Mulder finished.

“What, like you’re in love with her?” Frohike asked.

Mulder considered thoughts of love, maybe honestly for the first time. It made him feel as nervous as a pubescent school boy. “Yup, it had to be love.’ he thought wryly, ‘no one feels this uptight and hot over a woman all at the same time for any other reason.’

Mulder shook his head affirmatively. “till my last dying breath,” was his answer to Frohike. But please, don’t say anything to Scully, OK? I have to figure all this out first. I need to talk to her and I don’t know when or how. ‘It was going to be a slightly difficult discussion all things considered’, Mulder thought. He could just hear part of it now, ‘Yes, Scully I love you madly and I haven’t been able to admit it to myself much less to you. And as an extra added attraction, by the way – ta da – I knew someone stole your eggs and that’s why you’ll never be able to have a child.’ ‘But, I haven’t been able to tell you that either’. What he said to Frohike however, was a little different.

“I don’t want to risk ruining my friendship with Scully.” Mulder added.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Frohike replied “Besides, how would you think I’d feel if she ever found out I felt the way I do about her.” he finished quietly.

“Shit, Frohike, I’m sorry.” Mulder said. “I guess I didn’t take you seriously before. You really do like her then, don’t you?”

“Like her? I worship the ground she walks on, God help me.” Frohike chuckled. “But if you say anything to her, I’ll kill you and then myself.” he added with a depreciating laugh.

The humor took some of the pressure off the situation. Mulder grinned a bit in the dark. It was sort of nice having someone to talk to about this, man to man, even if Frohike was a self described paranoid nerd. And Mulder had to admit, he really did have pretty good taste in women.

“Can I ask you something, Frohike?” Mulder asked. And don’t take offense, but if you worship Scully what’s with the….?”

“The dirty old man shtick?” Frohike interrupted.


“Because I’d die if she ever knew how I really felt, you moron. You can relate to that, can’t you?”

Mulder shook his head in the affirmative again and then remembering that Frohike couldn’t see him in the dark, added “Affirmative to that, I guess.”

“And you don’t have to worry about Scully not feeling anything for you, man, because I know it isn’t true.”

“How?” Mulder asked surprised.

“You remember when you had that little adventure in New Mexico, in the boxcar I mean, and we all thought you were dead?” Frohike began.

“Only too well.” Mulder replied.

“Well, I got up the guts with the help of a bottle of scotch to go over to her place one night. I had that clipping about Ken Soona to show her anyway but I really wanted to make sure she was OK – you know….” he admitted.


“So, I was pretty high but she let me in. She was upset, Mulder. I could tell she had been crying a little. We shared what little scotch was left and I gave her the information about Soona. We talked for a while, and you know her feelings about you were real obvious even though she didn’t say anything in so many words.”

“Then how could you tell?” he asked.

“I could tell, Mr. FBI, I could tell.” something in Frohike’s words made Mulder reluctant to press the man any further on that point. Something else must have been lurking in Frohike’s past as well. Some painful incident that Mulder would never be privy too.

“So, I gave what meager words of comfort I could and got the hell out of there.” Frohike finished. “I could tell at that moment that I would never have a chance with her, Mulder. She was unattainable because she had pledged her heart to another.” he added. It sounded corny but was straight from Frohike’s heart.

Mulder was silent as Frohike turned around and finally headed for the bedroom. “Good night, you lucky son of a bitch.” he said as he headed down the hallway towards the waiting bed, boxer shorts flapping around his skinny legs.

Mulder stared after his receding back in shock. Could Frohike be right? He wondered. The guy had proven to be pretty perceptive during the course of the evening – even with his boozed soaked brain. He had really surprised Mulder. If Frohike was right it was going to make Mulder’s life a whole lot more complicated, and if he was wrong – well, it would be the same.

Mulder sat up and bent to undo his belt. Standing , he slipped out of his pants, letting them slide down into a pool of cloth on the floor. He sunk down into the couch cushions again, pulling a pillow under his head and the light blanket from the back of the couch onto his lanky body.

His muzzy mind wandered towards sleep and unbidden as he drifted off, Scully came suddenly into his troubled conscious. He was beginning to dream. The dream was one he had probably had before but forgotten – until now. He was with Scully in a hotel room somewhere in the Southwest and she was ministering to his healing shoulder wound. She looked so beautiful and bright in the shafts of molten sunlight that crept around the drawn shades. The sight took his breath away. As she swabbed his chest with an alcohol soaked gauze pad he could feel the galvanic jolt of her touch with each swipe of her fingers. When she stopped and turned to pick up the alcohol bottle again, he gently took her wrist and said quietly….

“Don’t stop.” Scully looked down at him with a questioning look in her eyes. A look of hope and desire and…part of Mulder wanted to stop the dream right there but another part of him, the truthful part, encouraged him to go with it and he sighed quietly in his sleep.

Scully put the sterile swab down on the bed and turned to stroke Mulder’s chest again, this time not in the professional Doctor Scully manner at all. This time it was a sensual stroking that drove desire through every inch of Fox Mulder’s body.

Things progressed and as Scully and Mulder explored each other’s bodies in the dream, Mulder felt himself become incredibly aroused, and half asleep, let his hand stray towards the newly tented area at the front of his boxer shorts. Winding his hand through his fly, he began to stroke his rock hard penis from base to tip slowly imitating the action of the dream Scully’s mouth as he moaned softly. He pulled his swollen hard on free of his shorts and began to pump it in earnest, sweat prickling his upper lip.

He had never done this before under these circumstances his sleep soaked mind told him. Sure he had jacked off to the ubiquitous porno tape or 900 fuck phone conversation. But he had never let himself think of Scully in any of those situations. He had just concentrated on what was in front of him, pulled his pud and hoped for the best.

This sudden thought brought him fully awake and he suddenly realized in horror that he had reduced his feelings for Scully into just another of his self-fuck fantasies. His mind came crashing down to reality in one mother of a hurry. His body, in some sort of sleep induced delay, however, didn’t quite give up the ghost. Mulder turned on his side as he gave up a warm jet of semen, groaning raggedly into the pillow to keep from waking Frohike. “Damn it.” he whispered as soon as he was under control. “Nice move, Mulder.” he added sitting up and looking down to examine his sticky crotch.

Swinging his long legs over the side of the couch, he pulled his semen dampened shorts off with one hand while he used his other to dry himself off with the blanket. With a grunt of disgust he flung the boxers under the couch. He supposed he could retrieve them later before Frohike could see them. At least he hoped so. ‘Shit, it probably wasn’t the first time Frohike had seen come stained boxers’, he thought. ‘Not fair, Mulder, low blow’, he mentally jabbed himself, wincing. ‘Misery loves company, I guess’. And then he surprisingly felt tears spring into his eyes. He pressed his eyelids shut, lay back down, and began to drift back into sleep. The masturbatory relief had acted as a natural sedative . His last waking thought was of Scully, glowing in the sunlight.

Mulder awoke, feeling crusty and uncomfortable to stealthy noises coming from his kitchen. Before he could grab for his service automatic he remembered Frohike and sniffed noisily. Was that the scent of coffee, bacon and eggs he smelled? Mulder got up and plodded into the tiny kitchen. It was only until he scratched his naked ass that it dawned on him that he didn’t have his boxers on. He could imagine just what he looked like sans shorts and wearing only his t-shirt.

Frohike turned at the noise behind him, spatula in hand and taking in Mulder’s state of undress laughed like hell.

“Christ on a crutch, Mulder, when Scully gets a look at that thing she’s gonna duck and cover.”

Mulder peeked below his waist, red faced. Of course he was partially erect with the typical morning need to empty his bladder. ‘God, he would never live this down’ he thought.

“Can it, Frohike” the embarrassed Mulder managed to comment as he turned to leave the room.

“Yeah, on second thought maybe she’ll need a magnifying glass.” Frohike crudely threw at his back. Clearly the old, familiar Frohike had returned this morning. Mulder was actually more relieved. He knew how to deal with this version.

He quickly returned to the living room, retrieved his underwear and blanket and beat a hasty retreat to the laundry basket in the bathroom. Lifting the lid he tossed the shorts in with a small slam dunk. The blanket followed after them. After taking a piss he decided to brush his teeth, shave and take a quick shower. He usually didn’t shave on the weekend but he really wanted to feel clean after last nights sexual debacle. He told himself shaving might help. His clean-up completed, Mulder went back into his bedroom to don sweat pants and a clean t-shirt. Returning to the kitchen he realized his stomach was growling. He concentrated on the appealing breakfast smells and his hunger as he tried to crush his experience from the night before back into the recesses of his mind.

Frohike, obviously in the same mood, was diligently applying the spatula to some eggs in a skillet.

Mulder sat down at the tiny two person kitchen table and smiled saying.

“I didn’t know you were so domestic, Frohike.”

“Yeah, well after you’ve been single for as long as I have you had better learn to cook something.” Frohike jokingly grouched. “But, I’m not that good really. Like, I hope you like your eggs scrambled, because I can never manage to keep the damn yolks intact.”

“Scrambled is fine, I could eat a horse.” Mulder grinned as he poured himself a cup of coffee from the pot Frohike had thoughtfully placed on the table.

“I see you found the uncracked mugs.” he jested knowing he was poorly short of crockery.

“Hey, let’s put it this way, I know what to get you for Christmas.” Frohike replied chuckling.

The two passed the time in a little more sparring conversation until they were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of Mulder’s door bell.

“I wonder who that can be at – 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning”, Mulder pondered, glancing at his watch. Crap he had barely gotten any sleep. He wondered how Frohike was even mobile much less fully dressed and able to cook breakfast. ‘Gheez’.

“Excuse me a minute” he said in an off handed manner as he headed for the front door.

“Sure,” Frohike replied at last succeeding in ladling the eggs onto two plates. “Toast?”

“Sounds great.” Mulder called back as he reached the front door. “Who is it?” he asked loudly looking through the peep hole.

Standing outside, looking fresh and clean just like the cold November air, and holding a take-out bag from the deli down the street stood Special Agent Dana Scully, G-Woman of his dreams.

“It’s me Mulder.” she answered. “I just thought I’d take a chance and stop by. I’ve got coffee and bagels.” she waved the bag under the peep hole, expectantly.

Mulder back pedaled quickly in panic. Frohike’s expression jumped unbidden to his lips – “Christ on a Crutch”. He couldn’t face her right now. Not after everything that had happened last night. Hell, it felt like the proverbial morning after even if it had only been in his dreams. And he was mortally regretting the whole incident now anyway as another manifestation of his imagined sick psyche.

“What did you say, Mulder? Did I come at a bad time?” Mulder winced at the word come. “Are you all right in there?” Scully added tenseness in her voice.

‘Oh wonderful, he didn’t want to have her start worrying about him’, he thought protectively. So, swallowing his chagrin, he replied.

“No, Scully, hang on, I just woke up, let me get the latch here.” and unbolting the door he swung it slowly open. Scully smiled up at him from the confines of her hooded winter parka. Mulder gulped again and shoved all thoughts of how pretty she looked right back down there where they belonged. She kept smiling at him as he stood there stupidly.

“Can I come in, Mulder?” she finally asked quizzically.

His stomach suddenly lurched over and he began to bumble his greetings ushering her past him and into the apartment.

At that moment, Frohike came out of the kitchen protesting loudly. “Hurry up and get rid of whoever it is Mulder, your breakfast is getting cold, and I ….” he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Scully placing the bag down on the coffee table in the den.

“Oh shit.” he exclaimed lamely, eyes wide behind his spectacles.

“Frohike?” Scully asked carefully. “Frohike, how are you?” she added recovering her aplomb gracefully. “What are you doing here, is everything all right?” she asked concerned.

“Oh everything’s, OK, no problem, really.” Mulder stammered.

Frohike looking increasingly red and embarrassed started to sputter his own explanation. Except unfortunately his words got all tangled up. “Yea, we’re fine, really Scully, it was snowing so badly Mulder offered to let me sleep with him last night and I just , shit I mean… he invited me to stay, I mean…he gulped suddenly, his mouth slamming shut with a snap.

Mulder stood by helplessly gaping at them both.

“Would you like some coffee, Scully?” Frohike asked desperately trying to salvage the situation.

Scully looked at them in amazement and then burst out laughing as she waved the hovering deli bag at Frohike.

“I brought the coffee, you guys.” she laughed at them. Frohike made a hasty retreat into the kitchen. “I’ll set out another uncracked mug.” he tossed back valiantly over his shoulder.

Mulder grinned sheepishly at Scully as she set the bag back down and removed her coat and gloves. She glanced at Mulder giving him one of her patent peeved Scully looks. Mulder noticed she had on thermal hiking boots and small pools of water were forming around them as she looked over at him. To his relief, she did seem a hell of a lot more rested than the last time he had seen her. Scully continued to stare, obviously waiting for him to say something.

“What is it?” Mulder asked.

This caused Scully to break into another laughing fit which she stifled only with great effort.

“You should see the look on your face, Mulder.” “It couldn’t be worse then if I really had caught you in some kind of compromising situation with Frohike.” she grinned. And then guffawed again. “I don’t care what you boys got into last night, really, forget about it.” she said emphatically stifling a fit of giggles. The thought of Mulder and Frohike engaged in any sexual encounter seemed to have amused her to no end.

“Whatever.” Mulder grouched annoyed at himself more than Scully. To cover his feelings he joked lamely, “Well, I really didn’t think you’d believe my first homosexual experience would be with Frohike.” “I hope you’d think I had better taste than that at least.” ‘Damn, that didn’t quite come out right’, he thought. Christ, he hoped this wasn’t going to be a preview of his conversational abilities this morning.

Scully picked up the deli take-out bag and laughing, walked past him quickly into the kitchen. She caught him with a wicked wink and said,

“Don’t worry, Mulder, your status as a manly, man is safe as far as I’m concerned.”

“Oh, Sculleee, you send me.” Mulder whined playfully as he followed his partner into the kitchen.

“I nuked the eggs, Topo Gigo,” Frohike said as they walked in. He was standing at the counter eating from his own plate like a starving dog. Sorry you guys, I couldn’t wait.”

There were two settings placed carefully on the tiny table and Mulder looked somewhat balefully up at Frohike as he sat down. Frohike shrugged at Mulder and continued to scoop up eggs and bacon with renewed haste.

“Why this is really nice, Frohike, thank you.” Scully looked up at the little man with sincere appreciation.

“Didn’t realize he was so domestic did you?” Mulder said, and then thought, ‘Ouch, poor choice of words – again!’

“No, I didn’t.” Scully said, trying to sound oblivious to Mulder’s foolhardy innuendo. “I don’t usually eat a big breakfast, but this looks wonderful. Thank you for being so considerate, Frohike”

“You’re welcome, Scully.” Frohike answered with relief. He soon finished off his food with a flourish of his fork.

“Well, you two, I had better get going. I do have to help edit ‘The Lone Gunmen’.” Frohike mentioned quickly. “Byers and Langly will be pissed enough that I’m late.”

Mulder looked at him desperately, willing him not to leave. His veiled looks were not getting through. Or if they were, Frohike was deliberately ignoring them.

“Ok, I’ll see you out” he said through gritted teeth. “Excuse me a sec, Scully.”

“Sure” his partner answered somewhat bewildered. She looked very suspicious Mulder thought with alarm as he left the room.

“Frohike, come back here, you scumbag.” Mulder whispered as Frohike cleared the living room and headed for the bathroom. He knew what Frohike was trying to do, of course. Although a part of his mind dreaded being left alone with Dana Scully, another part desperately wanted it.

“Good-bye, Mulder” Frohike said as he came back into the living room struggling into his mostly dry coat. “I’m sure I can catch a cab.”

“Damn it, Frohike. You can’t leave me alone with her now.” Mulder begged.

Frohike opened the front door and Mulder stepped after him into the hall way.

“Look, I want to leave you two alone, OK. I feel like a third wheel in there.” “She’s here, you’re here, talk to her, Mulder.” Frohike advised, pulling his coat on and turning to go. And then, just so Mulder wouldn’t forget who he was talking to he tossed back, “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” as he left the building.

Mulder’s shoulders slumped as he stepped back and closed the apartment door. ‘Doing anything was the last thing he wanted to think about right now’ he sighed as he turned to go back into the kitchen.

Scully sat right where he had left her, sipping her coffee. “I nuked your eggs again Mulder” she said. “They were getting cold.”

“You didn’t have to wait for me” he told her gesturing towards her still full plate.

She glanced down and replied.

“This? Oh, I’m really not that hungry”. She said. “I just didn’t want to hurt Frohike’s feelings.”

“If he had stayed would you have gagged all that down then?” he asked grinning at her.

“Every last bite.” she laughed in return. “But don’t stand on ceremony…” she added inclining her head towards Mulder’s plate.

“Oh yeah.” he said tearing his eyes away from her. “I guess you’re probably tired of hearing my stomach growl.”

“You have that right, Mulder.” Scully agreed taking another sip of her deli coffee. They sat silently together, Mulder wolfing down his food, and Scully still staring at him with a slightly puzzled expression. Finally she broke the silence.

“Just what did happen last night, Mulder? You can tell me, you know. I mean, if I did interrupt you and Frohike, it’s ok, really, I would understand.” she finished fishing for some type of answer.

Mulder reacted to the question like he’d been bitten by a snake. He jerked, kicking the tiny kitchen table just enough to knock the entire pot of coffee onto the floor with a crash. The pot hadn’t been very full, luckily the ever economical Frohike had only made enough for them to have a cup or so, but it was enough to make a mess of coffee and not to mention, glass, on the floor.

“Oh my God, Mulder, I am so sorry, are you all right? Oh, the hot coffee. Oh no” “Watch out for the glass.” Scully stammered jumping to her feet. She was obviously afraid she had scalded as well as embarrassed her stunned partner and herself all in the same moment.

Mulder danced back and forth desperately pulling the front of his coffee splattered sweat pants away from his sensitive bits. “Oh, ow, oh” he yiped loudly and than made a dash for the bathroom.

Scully trailed behind him entreating him as she went “Mulder, please, are you all right, did it scald you, come on… say something besides Ow, ow – please.”

Mulder threw himself into the bathroom’s shower stall and turned the cold water tap on full force. He plunged the front of his sweats under the forceful stream, instantly cooling the hot coffee and his embarrassment in one sharp shock. He thanked his lucky stars for decent water pressure in the building as he placed his head against the tile wall, sighing with relief.

“Mulder?” Scully asked plaintively from just outside the open bathroom door.

“I’m OK, Scully don’t worry, no damage done.” And then “Since I’m all ready in here, I’d better clean up, would you mind closing the door.” he asked mustering his dignity again. “It’ll only take a minute, and then we can talk, OK?”

He could hear the chagrin in Scully’s voice, still there after her earlier conversational malapropism. “All right, Mulder, can I get you anything? You aren’t burned are you?” she asked closing the bathroom door.

“No, really, I’m fine.” he told her. Except for having you think I’m experimenting with homosexuality now, he thought. He shook his head. What a fine mess he’d gotten himself into. “Just wait in the living room. I’ll be there in a minute.” he finished keeping his voice as light as possible. ‘I’d better think fast if I’m going to get myself out of this one’, he thought, stripping off his soaked sweat pants and t-shirt. As he turned the hot water on and listened to Scully’s receding footsteps he debated the pros and cons of ‘honesty is the best policy’ and the old saying ‘to lie like a rug’. When he was done he wrapped a towel around his waist and padded down to his bedroom.

Mulder rummaged around in his dresser for clean underwear and socks. He also retrieved a pair of black jeans and a clean white T-shirt. He sat down on the bed to put on the socks and noticed it was freshly made with clean sheets. Another Frohike surprise he pondered in amazement, standing up to pull on his jeans. The guy must have hardly slept at all. Catching a glance at himself in the dresser mirror he thought he looked casual enough to comfortably bluff his way through the conversation with Scully. Buttoning his fly he exited the bedroom and headed back towards the living room. ‘Well, here goes nothing. Or maybe everything.’ he said to himself.

Scully was standing at the living room window when he came in. She turned and immediately asked. “Are you sure you’re ok, Mulder, even superficial burns can be very dangerous.”

“Scully, I’m fine.” he repeated once again and moved to sit down on the couch. “And I am not gay.” he added busying himself with placing the pillow back against the couch arm.

“Oh, Mulder.” Scully replied sympathetically, leaving the window and taking a seat in the chair nearby. “It wouldn’t matter if you were, I mean we’re friends – partners. I value that friendship too much to let sexual preference make any difference.” she added quickly in a very PC and proper by the book response. Mulder let out a weary breath and sagged down onto the couch.

“Oh, Scully” he groaned taking his head in his hands. “I’m not gay, please believe me, and when I said we needed to talk I didn’t mean about Frohike and me, I meant about us, you and me I mean, the two of us.” he blurted out.

“Mulder, I didn’t think you were gay, not really. I was just well, confused about the situation that’s all. Quite frankly, you’re confusing the hell out of me.” She added, a trifle bit of annoyance creeping into her voice.

“Well, that makes two of us then.” he replied.

“Well, maybe you should start at the beginning, Mulder.” “I want to help. You know I’m here for you.” Scully said.

Mulder looked over into her face and saw nervous anticipation. He decided in that instant to go for broke.

“Look, Scully,” he began. “It started with your illness, you know. I just, well, I just can’t stop thinking about what I would do if you were gone… if I really lost you.” he said quietly, staring at his hands.

“Mulder, you would go on, of course. I know you wouldn’t give up. You’re not that kind of man.” she replied with confidence.

He shrugged slightly. “I’m not so sure, Scully.”

“I know it’s been hard on you” Scully interrupted. “I know you felt out of control during my illness and, I know how you really hate that feeling. My family didn’t help matters either, I guess. Bill was just rotten.” she finished, attempting to deny the real meaning behind Mulder’s words.

Mulder looked up at her then and made his point perfectly, painfully clear in words neither of them would be able to deny.

“What I’m trying to say, Scully, is, I’m in love with you and if you’d died a big piece of me would have gone right along with you, ok?” and he bent his head to stare at the floor again in self consciousness.

There was silence then and eventually it caused Mulder to look up, irrationally worried that Scully may have quietly exited the apartment. But no, she was still sitting in the chair, the only difference now were the tears flowing silently, weakly down her cheeks.

Mulder rose and strode over to her, concern in every inch of his body as he knelt helplessly beside her.

“Oh, Scully, please, the last thing I wanted to do was upset you.’ he said taking her hands in his. “I must be crazy. How could I do this? How could I even expect someone like you to love a sick fuck-up like me?”

“Mulder!” Scully blurted out in a shocked and angry voice. “Don’t you ever let me hear you say that about yourself again!” “Sick fuck-up?” “You are the most caring, beautiful human being I know” she said frankly, choking back her tears.

Mulder looked up at Scully then and saw the look of naked concern and yes, it was there, the proverbial look of love, on her face. He smiled tentatively and then he bent his head and gently kissed her small hands.

Scully inclined her head, rubbing her cheek in his soft brown hair as she felt the touch of his lips. Releasing her hands, Mulder sat down on the floor at her feet. He rested his head in her lap and she stroked his hair. He said nothing, just savored the moment and the feel of his body against her legs.

The clock ticked on and Scully murmured his name telling him it was all right, and not to worry, she loved him and it was good and right and honest and damn well about time they admitted it. Mulder sat, content, enjoying the feel of her hands on his head, her taunt, toned legs and the sweet feminine smell of her. He wished he could just stay like that forever. But questions still plagued his mind. Had he really done the right thing? Now that he knew Scully loved him he felt caught in a nervous limbo of what to do next. Should he tell her more, reveal to her the gruesome facts behind her sterility? Would it be best to leave that a secret now that they had to face this new turn in their relationship? He didn’t know where to take things next.

As a last resort Mulder resorted to something routine to diffuse the situation. Clearing his throat, he said.

“Listen, Scully, I had better clean that mess up in the kitchen before one of us cuts the hell out of our feet.” and he rose and left her side, leaving her dumbstruck.

As he stood in the kitchen doorway, he sensed Scully’s approach behind him. As he stared at the spilled coffee and broken glass, Scully’s hand came up and rubbed him between his shoulder blades. “Mulder, please, don’t shut me out.” she said quietly.

Mulder shuddered as she continued to massage his tense back muscles. “I’m sorry, Scully, this is just so difficult for me.” “I don’t want to compromise you… to hurt you… to…. well, think about the implications of all this for a minute. I don’t want a relationship between us, no matter how much I want it, to possibly jeopardize your safety in any way. You know as well as I do that the regulations against fraternization were written partly to keep partners from getting involved which each other and then losing their perspective in dangerous situations.”

“Mulder, shut up ok?” Scully slapped his back gently. “I should be the one spouting that crap.”

Mulder chuckled ruefully.

“I’m a big girl, you know.” “Give me some credit for knowing the FBI rules and regs on fraternization between partners and the reasons they were written.”

“Yes, but…”

“No, listen” We’ve known each other for four years, Mulder. We’re a team and I count on your professionalism. I don’t think our feelings for each other are going to jeopardize our job performance.” “For crying out loud, I give you more credit than that.”

“Well, I guess I give you credit as far as that goes too…”

“Gee, thanks…” Scully gave him another, slightly harder jab this time in the ribs. “If you think the fact that I love you is going to cause me to become a simpering idiot during our next fire fight, you are sadly mistaken.”

Mulder turned around to face her then and replied, “Well, that’s me most of the time, sad and mistaken.”. “And I’m more worried I’ll be the one to act like an idiot.” he hastened to add.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Mulder, get a life.” Scully admonished.

“That’s what I’m trying to do here, Scully.” he answered quietly.

They stood looking at each other then and Scully impulsively reached up and touched his tight jaw muscles.

“God, Mulder, you are so tense.” she observed. She turned and walked into the living room, seating herself on the couch. “Come here”, she commanded gesturing for Mulder to join her. As he drew near she pointed to the floor in front of her and added, “Sit here with your back to me.”

Mulder dutifully sat down, willing to obey any command by her at that moment. He sat back slightly against her knees. Scully reached down and began to kneed his shoulder muscles. “Close your eyes and relax, all right.” She whispered, using her small hands to un-knot every tight spot.

Mulder did as told and the massage had it’s desired effect as it began to relax him.

“Wow, Doctor Scully, you certainly have some bedside manner.”

“Ah huh” Scully replied as her hands worked his muscles over. Mulder sat back and enjoyed her attentions.

“They didn’t teach you this at Quantico, Scully. At least I don’t remember the course.”

“Med school, massage 101.” she answered, humor in her voice.

“Well, you must have gotten an A, Doc.” he replied as her hands worked on the tendons of his neck.

“A+” she replied.

Mulder knew where this could lead. Scully’s proximity, her touch, the scent of her, it was all very sexually exciting. And, he wasn’t sure he wanted to go there. Maybe Scully wasn’t ready to explore that area of their relationship he thought. Maybe he wasn’t ready either.

“Ah, Scullly, you know, I’m, ah, I’m really enjoying this, maybe a little too much.” he said in way of warning.

“Mulder?” she asked a hopefulness in her voice that really made him melt with desire.

Mulder picked himself up off the floor and sat down on the couch next to his partner. ‘Partner?’ he thought. What was going through his mind gave a whole new meaning to the word.”

“Scully, don’t take this the wrong way, ok. I mean, I can’t deny you are extremely attractive to me. God, I’ve been lonely and horny for over 4 years and now I really want to drop the professional bull shit and bed the woman I love. It’s just that I don’t want you to think that I’m saying I love you just to get you into the sack. I mean, maybe it’s not a good time. Maybe neither of us is really ready to go there, you know. Shit, I mean – I just don’t want you to think…he trailed off.

“That you won’t respect me in the morning….” she grinned slightly, teasing him.

“Something like that – God that sounds so stupid.”

Scully smiled at him then and put a finger to his lips. “Shut up, Mulder.

She sighed and said “Well, if this is truth or dare time here, you might as well know that I’ve done my share of staring at your tight ass over the last four years.”

Mulder broke into a grin, “So, you think my ass is nice, Scully?”

“The view, as they say, was worth it, yes.”

“Oooh, now I am blushing.”

“Not as much as I am.” she admitted, and when he looked into her dancing eyes he saw it was true.

After that, one thing lead to another. They started to neck like teens in the back seat of a car at a drive in movie. All scared and hot as hell at the same time. Mulder drank in every inch of Scully. She was more than happy to reciprocate. Both of them were breathing heavily when Scully took him by the hands and lead him back towards the bedroom, a radiant smile playing about her lips.

Once in bed, any doubts or fears Mulder had regarding Scully’s feelings for him or his feelings for her quickly vanished. They joked, teased and laughed just like they did every day – except this time it was all foreplay and they were about to express their love for each other in the way lovers had since the beginning of time. Mulder let himself go with the flow, all troubling thoughts temporarily lost in their mutual naked heat.

Mulder let himself wander over Scully’s body from the tiny sensitive scar on the back of her neck to the tattoo on her lower back and beyond. They became lost in the mutual pleasure of his touch. He delighted in the feel of her alabaster skin and her reactions to his hands and mouth. He was slow and gentle and thrilled when Scully reached her first, gasping orgasm for him. Scully for her part returned his delight and passion. Her mouth roamed over his restless body, finding all the erogenous places that until then he had mostly had to explore on his own. Her mouth on his erect penis was unbelievably incredible and he moaned her name as he entwined his hands in her shining red hair.

Soon, it became obvious that things were progressing towards the inevitable. Mulder held Scully close to him and stroked her thigh. Out of consideration he wondered if he should ask her about protection. He knew he had some condoms around the apartment somewhere. Under the circumstances though, he hardly thought he needed to broach the subject. Disease wasn’t really an issue for either of them and Scully knew it as well as Mulder. Pregnancy was going to be a sore point. Mulder didn’t want to risk royally messing things up at this juncture. It would probably be a stupid move to ask about protection. ‘Maybe I should just drop the whole subject’ he advised himself.

Scully had been trailing her fingers through his pubic hair as thoughts of rubbers ran through Mulder’s head. She lightly let her finger wander up to the tip of his penis and back down again. When she started to tickle his balls he grabbed her hand and laughed.

“Umm, doctor what did I say before about your bedside manner…” “I’ve changed my mind, you’re a sadist.”

Scully chuckled and said. “I love the feel of your flesh, Mulder. You feel just like hot steel covered in velvet.” And then as if she read his mind, she said. “I want to feel you inside me, just like this, hot and hard.”

When he finally entered her it was with deliberate and luxurious slowness. He wanted to prolong the moment forever. He wanted to remain connected to her, inside her, for as long as he could.

Scully touched his back as he rested his weight on his elbows and sighed gently into her hair. “God, Mulder, you feel so good…she whispered. Her hands traveled down his prone, muscular body, “Mulder, please, Fuck me, now. I…Please, I can’t wait any longer.”

The words were like a bolt of lightening from Scully’s mouth directly down to his cock. They bypassed Mulder’s hormone juiced brain all together. His reply was a mostly animal groan as he thrust into her. “Oh God…..” he managed to choke out as Scully arched her hips to meet him and her legs gripped his thighs. She had a death grip on his ass as well urging him forward, moaning, taking all of him in and suddenly repeating his Christian name ‘Fox’, over and over again in a mantra of raw lust.

She picked up his rhythm and he concentrated like hell in order to stay with her and not orgasm too quickly. He wanted her to come again first, to heighten the experience for her even more. She bit her lower lip, eyes closed. Soon both their bodies were slick with sweat. He shifted position slightly finding the spot above where his striving penis was going. Scully’s nails raked his back as the pressure of his body further stimulated her swollen labia and clitoris.

“Oh Lord, don’t ever stop. Harder, Yes, Mulder, Oh, Fox, harder please, please, oh fuck…” all her comments were lost in a primal wail as she reached the first waves of an explosive orgasm. She thrashed under him and Mulder concentrated on pounding deep into Scully’s hot, wet, tightness letting her ecstasy travel up his penis and through his entire body. “Jesus, Dana, it’s good, so good.. was about all he managed to groan as he felt his own orgasm approaching.

Scully gasped encouragement, urging him on, telling him she wanted him to come for her, wanted to feel his hot come inside her. Mulder slammed into her and with several final deep thrusts, he exploded, calling out incoherently as he erupted into his lover’s body with great shuddering spasms.

Later, they lay spooned together, Scully cupped against the front of Mulder’s body. He held one arm protectively across her breasts. Mulder slept, quietly snoring a bit, relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time. The hours passed unnoticed in pleasant sex satiated sleep.

At some point, subliminally, Mulder felt Scully gently extricate herself and leave the room. He vaguely heard a toilet flush down the hall. Rolling onto his back he drifted back into slumber. When he next opened his eyes, Scully was cuddled next to him, quietly watching his face.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about my morning run.” he said looking up at her, grinning loopily.

“That goes double for me, Agent Mulder.” she giggled. God, you are one incredible lay.” she added grinning.

“So the earth moved for you too, Ma’am?” he drawled.

“I think the pen slid off the seismograph” she replied, brushing the hair away from his forehead.

Mulder laughed. “What time is it?” he asked.

“Around 6 o’clock.” Scully said glancing at the clock.”

“Damn, Scully, you must be starving!” he exclaimed. “Why didn’t you wake me sooner?” “I could have fixed you something to eat, or at least gone for take-out.”

“I didn’t have the heart to wake you. And anyway, after that incredible performance I thought you deserved the rest.” Scully quipped.

Mulder stared into her eyes. He could really get lost in their blue depths he thought. Happily lost forever. He owed her so much. The last few hours had been a dream come true for him. He couldn’t let anything remain hidden between them any longer.

“Scully.” he began “I need to tell you something else…” he began.

Again she placed her finger to his lips. “Mulder, let’s not talk, ok. Don’t take this the wrong way, all right, but I don’t want this to be about talking right now. I just want it to BE. Please?” she whispered. He kissed her fingers.

“All right, Scully.” he replied. The truth would still be out there after all. It could wait.


Fox Mulder finished his slice of pizza as Frohike lifted another slice from the pie sitting between them. Mulder pushed back from the table’s edge and rubbed his stomach with a contented sigh.

“Frohike, don’t ever let me forget that this place has the best pizza in town.” he insisted as Frohike wolfed his piece down.

“No problemo, Mulder. I couldn’t agree with you more.”

It was only the two of them that Friday night. Byers and Langly had business elsewhere. Mulder planned to join Scully later at her place, but Frohike had really wanted to see Alien: Resurrection and Mulder had accepted his invitation to join him.

Mulder glanced at his watch. “Hey, Frohike, I should get going.” “I still have some paperwork to do tonight, and Scully said she’d give me a hand with it. I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

Frohike looked back at Mulder and grinned mischievously. “Paperwork?” “Uh, huh.” he replied with a knowing tone. Mulder smiled but didn’t reply.

“So, kay Mulder,” Frohike continued. “I have other plans myself.” he added, standing up to take his wallet out of his back pocket. “Will this be enough?” he asked fanning some bills in Mulder’s direction.

“Sure, thanks.” Mulder replied.

“Well, good luck with your ‘paperwork’, Mulder.” Frohike added, winking to make his point. “And I know you’ll give a special hello to Agent Scully for me, won’t you?” he finished turning to leave before he got an answer.

Mulder watched Frohike as he walked over to the bar and straight up to the attractive, blond waitress, Linda. He said something to her and she actually laughed and than looked at her watch. A moment later she was getting her coat, joining Frohike, and the two of them headed for the pub’s door.

As they walked by Mulder’s booth Frohike turned slightly and gave Mulder the thumbs up sign. Mulder knew he was staring and as his mouth gaped open, Frohike grinned from ear to ear and placed a hand on the small of Linda’s back, gently guiding her towards the pub’s entrance.

Mulder burst into pleased laughter, “Sometimes there is justice in the world after all.” he thought, grabbing his own coat and heading home to Scully’s waiting arms.




NAME: frogdoggie



RATING: NC-17 and than some.

SUMMARY: Scully and Mulder have yet another fascinating adventure in Wisconsin involving a flat tire, a motel and the Green Bay Packers. Sound kinky? Well, read on! Enjoy! Comments, suggestions and healthy debate are always welcome. Flames I use to roast you on a spit, so don’t bother.

TIMESPAN/SPOILER WARNING. Spoilers would be ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Emily’. This story is a sequel to my first effort, A Hard Days Night. It stands mostly on it’s own but once again the events take place just before the birth and death of Scully’s daughter. Be warned that once again this story is for mature audiences only. Also, if you don’t like blatant, raw descriptions of the sexual act, angst, or the Green Bay Packers, turn back now.

KEYWORDS: story romance angst Scully Mulder NC-17

DISCLAIMER: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully belong to Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen Productions and 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from their use. The Green Bay Packers belong to the city of Green Bay, so as public property they are fair game, I guess.

MVP by frogdoggie

“Come on, Scully, it’s “The Packer Hall of Fame”, “Lambeau Field”, “The Frozen Tundra – it’s all too good! We can’t possibly pass it by.” Fox Mulder whined as he guided their rental car past a hulking tractor trailer south of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. It was late on a Tuesday afternoon and Mulder was excited, filled with visions of Packer green and yellow dancing in his head. His partner, Special Agent Dana Scully was just the opposite and making no bones about it.

“Oh, I don’t know, Mulder, I think I could find it rather easy to drive right on by.”

Scully replied favoring him with a sarcastic glance. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you used this case as an excuse just to pay homage at the shrine of last year’s Super Bowl Champions.”

“Scully, I’m crushed. Was it my fault the case was a bust?”

“Ummm….” Scully replied stifling a yawn.

“Was it my fault that the “Lake Tomahawk UFO sightings” were a bunch of UW-Madison engineering students pulling some idiotic stunt with lasers?” Mulder pressed.

“Well, When you put it that way..” Scully started to begrudgingly agree.

“Yeah. So, we have some time on our hands. It’s a great opportunity to see something truly historic….” Mulder added hopefully.


“Yeah, Scully. The Ice Bowl, Vince Lombardi….”

“Mulder, do I sense your Redskin loyalty wavering here…”

“No! But hey, hundreds of thousands of cheeseheads can’t be wrong, can they? Besides, Austin Straubel is the closest airport. We can fly out of there, connect in Milwaukee and be back in DC late tonight.”

“All right, all right, I guess we have time for the detour.” Scully acquiesced smiling obviously taking pleasure in Mulder’s enjoyment over the prospect of a Packerland extravaganza.

“Yessss,” Mulder said pumping his arm once in the air, “De-tour to the tun-dra tour!” he added as Scully shook her head in amusement.

Mulder felt pretty good. Since that day in his apartment when he and Scully had come to terms with their true feelings for each other he had been able to relax a bit for once in his life. Telling Scully the truth about his feelings and having her reciprocate them had been a profound relief – one weight taken from his shoulders. Even though a part of him logically thought that their love for each other was probably a dangerous thing given their circumstances, his heart reveled in the situation.

Scully helped fill a huge gap in his soul that had yawned open for years. They were good together now in ways they had never been before and nothing would make him give that up. ‘No, and he didn’t just mean the sex, either’, he thought. In point of fact, they hadn’t had sex since that morning in his apartment. They had been alone together several times of course, but it was as if both of them took a step back from the sudden physical intimacy. The heat of that moment still smoldered between them. But, Mulder sensed that some of Scully’s natural reserve may have come back into play. He knew she didn’t regret what they had done because she still showed her approval in subtle little ways. It was just that she seemed to need some distance between them to gather her professional wits about her again. It didn’t matter to Mulder. He felt so close to her, so connected that physical intimacy didn’t even seem necessary. He would let that part of the relationship take it’s own course. For now, he just liked being with her, participating in the old Mulder, Scully on the job teamwork that they both thrived on.

This was their first case since that fateful morning and neither of them had noticed any change in their job performance. Despite the fact that the case had been a washout – the UFO sightings easily debunked – their investigative techniques, healthy give and take debate on the issues and eventual solution had all been business as usual. Of course, the investigation had consisted of traipsing through the cold countryside for the better part of a day and night and the solution had been rousting a bunch of shamefaced university students. But, that was beside the point. It was obvious that Scully had been right about Mulder’s ability to handle their relationship and the job. It was equally as obvious that Scully was as capable a professional in that area as her partner.

The rustle of paper drew his attention back to the passenger side of the car.

Scully was paging through the copy of Sports Illustrated that Mulder had purchased in Rhinelander before they left that morning. Mulder could see that she was ogling the photo of Green Bay’s MVP quarterback, Brett Favre, with obvious interest.

“Are you wondering what combination of genetics gave that guy his unique upper body and arm musculature?” Mulder asked the engrossed Scully. “Or are you just admiring the view?”

“It says here he could be MVP for a record third year in a row.” she replied, not rising to the bait. “It also says he has an arm like a cannon and throws a football like a rocket, so I suppose he does have some kind of structural advantage over the more average football player.” she added turning the magazine as if she were studying a Playboy centerfold.

“So, he does have pretty good pecs than?” he asked goading her again.

“That goes without saying.” Scully replied further pondering the photo.

“Well, shut my mouth Ms. Scully, I didn’t know the rugged Bayou Boy type appealed to you.” Mulder teased again.

“Bayou Boy?” Scully asked, eyebrow raised.

“Born on the bayou, Mississippi bred and raised.” Mulder answered.

“God, Mulder, you make it sound like he grew up wrestling alligators.”

“Maybe that’s how he got his “unique upper body musculature.” Mulder chuckled.

Scully was about to answer when there was a sudden explosive pop and the car swerved violently towards the side of the road.

“Blow out! Hang-on.” Mulder yelled as he turned into the skid and backed off the gas. Luckily, the pavement was dry with the mild Wisconsin winter. Ice would have been a disaster. As it was the car skidded dramatically until it came to a sliding halt in the shoulder gravel.

“Are you ok?” Mulder asked Scully as soon as they were at a complete stop and he had thrown the car into park.

“Fine, I’m all right.” she answered breathing shallowly.

“Ok. I’d better get out and see how bad it is.” Mulder replied, shutting off the ignition and undoing his seat belt.

“I’m right behind you,” Scully replied moving to follow him.

As soon as the two agents exited the car they realized how cold it was during a northern Wisconsin winter. Mulder bent down to peer at the driver’s side rear wheel. To his dismay he saw the worst kind of blow-out – a sidewall puncture.

“Crap.” Mulder exclaimed.

“Is it that bad?” Scully asked rounding the back of the car.

“Yeah, the tire is toast.” “I’ll have to change it.” he replied, taking the car keys from his pocket.

“We’ll change it, Mulder.” Scully corrected, pulling her collar up around her ears.

Mulder opened the trunk and after a few moments of rummaging and clanking slammed the hood down again with a loud thunk.

“Scully, I don’t believe this.” he said in aggravation.

“No spare?” she replied in chagrin.

“Oh, there’s a spare all right. There’s just no jack.”

“We have a problem than.”

“No shit. I guess I should have used Hertz.”

“Instead of “not exactly”?” Scully sighed.

“Don’t rub it in.” Mulder replied.

There wasn’t much they could do except call the local authorities and hope for the best.

“Do you want to phone it in Scully, or do you want me to do it?” Mulder asked looking over at his partner.

“I have my cellular right here.” Scully replied brandishing the phone. “I’ll try calling there,” she added pointing towards the city listed on the road sign the car had narrowly missed hitting.

As Scully called the local law via the Operator, Mulder took a look around. ‘We really are out in the middle of no where, aren’t we,’ he thought. As he recalled from his AAA Atlas they were somewhere west of the Nicolet National Forest and/or the Menominee Indian Reservation. ‘Beautiful country even if it is rather cold and desolate right now.’ Mulder mused.

An unexpected curse from Scully caused Mulder to turn towards his partner.

“What?” he asked.

“Well, the good news is a tow truck is coming thanks to Sheriff William Abbott of Creek, Wisconsin, the closest town. The bad news is since we aren’t in dire distress it’s going to probably be about two hours before the truck gets here. The “owner-operator” is out on an emergency call right now.”

“Two hours?” Mulder asked, incredulous.

“And that’s only because I used my FBI credentials as a last resort.” Scully added.

“So much for the Packer Hall of Fame tour.” Mulder sighed. “It’ll be almost dark by the time the truck arrives.”

Scully shrugged her shoulders and circled back around to the passenger side of the car. “I pointed that out to the sheriff. He did mention there’s a little motel in Creek. He said we could follow the tow truck back there and get a room if we didn’t feel like driving down to Green Bay in the dark.”

“And why isn’t he lending us a hand personally?” Mulder asked, curious.

“Normally he would but he’s out on his own call, right now, domestic abuse I guess. He said he figured two FBI agents were capable of taking care of themselves for two hours.” “He did say to call him if our situation changes.” she added waving her cell phone dismissively.

“Well, I guess we could think about the motel.” Mulder said opening the driver’s side door and gladly seeking the warmth of the cars interior. “We really aren’t due back in DC till tomorrow anyway.” he added slamming the door shut.

“You are so transparent, Mulder.” Scully teased also getting in and out of the wind. Mulder restarted the car as Scully reached over and turned up the car’s heater.

“Transparent?” Mulder asked pretending to pout.

“I know you really wanted to see Lambeau field.” Scully replied smiling slightly. “I’ll give the motel idea some thought.”

“Scully, I’m hurt. I thought you’d realize I just wanted to take you to a motel.” Mulder replied grinning boyishly.

Scully swatted him with the Sports Illustrated, “Mulder!”


“More seeds?” Mulder asked proffering the bag of sunflower kernels towards his partner.

“Thanks.” Scully replied grabbing a handful.

“So, then, he shovel passes the ball, just lobs it sideways to Antonio Freeman and Freeman goes all the way in for a touchdown. The guy has to have MVP tattooed all over his forehead again this year.” Mulder continued their debate.

“But couldn’t you make a case for Barry Sanders. He should break 2000 yards running before the playoffs don’t you think?” Scully replied.

“Barry Sanders, well, yeah, you could have a point there, Scully, but Favre….”

“Mulder, are those headlights?” Scully interrupted gazing into the rearview mirror.

While the two agents had waited for the tow truck dusk had made it’s appearance. The temperature had dropped and despite running the heater Mulder and Scully had gotten cold. Finally they had huddled together, talked football and shared a bag of Mulder’s ever present sunflower seeds. It was evident both were enjoying the close proximity.

Mulder turned around to glance through the rear window. “Looks like it.” he answered unwrapping his arm from around Scully’s shoulders.

“Not that I wasn’t enjoying this,” Scully began gently brushing Mulder’s forearm, “but I really am glad to see that truck.”

Mulder smiled as he opened the car door. Waving at the approaching truck he walked over to the passenger side as Scully got out as well.

The tow truck slowed and pulled in ahead of their car. The driver put the truck in park, turned off the engine and jumped from the cab.

“Sorry it took me so long folks, but I had a multiple car pile up to clear.” “We don’t get many of those around here so when we do, it’s pretty labor intensive.” the driver ventured politely as he walked towards the waiting FBI agents.

As he drew near and they got a better look at him in the encroaching darkness, Scully’s mouth dropped open slightly and she looked at Mulder with a classic double take. The driver, noticing their surprise grinned sheepishly and shook his head.

“OK, ya, I know.” he said “There isn’t much I can do about it, either.” The tow truck driver was a dead ringer for Brett Favre, old #4, the aforementioned Green Bay Packer quarterback.

“I’m sorry sir, it’s just that we were just reading this article in Sports Illustrated and…” Scully began, stammering to recover.

“Hey, believe me I am only too used to people staring.” he said with a wave of his hand. “It’s a fact of my life right now.” he finished stretching out his hand.

“Walter Abbott at your service, ma’am.” he said.

“Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI, and this is Agent Fox Mulder.” Scully replied embarrassed for staring as she shook hands and introduced them both.

“Abbott, as in Sheriff Abbott?” Mulder asked returning the driver’s handshake in turn.

“Yes, sir, my uncle is the Sheriff.” he said with a smile. “Sometimes it’s good for business…” he added gesturing towards their car. “No jack, hey?” he asked bending to examine the blown out tire.

“Yeah, the rental company’s going to hear about that one.” Mulder answered bending over to peer at the tire along with Abbott.

“Whoa, that’s a bad one.” Abbott advised as he got his first look at the puncture, “Lucky you stayed on the road. Well, I can put your spare on for you right now and you can be on your way.”

“Yes, Thanks.” Scully replied still staring at him a bit. Mulder grinned and whispered into her ear “MVP – Motor Vehicle Professional” Scully poked him in the ribs with a look.

“I’d better get my jack, it’s getting cold out here.” Abbott finished as he walked back to the tow truck.

“Your uncle mentioned something about a motel?” Mulder asked. “We may not want to drive any further tonight.”

“Yeah, there’s a motel. It’s the Pines right in Creek, he pronounced it “Crick”. Pretty good place. Plain but clean. You can follow me back there if you’d like.”

“Sounds like a plan, what do you think Scully?” Mulder replied, looking at Dana hopefully and blowing into his hands.

“Well, I guess you’re probably right, Mulder.” Scully replied. “I’m a little tired and I know you had your heart set on that Packer Museum tour.”

Mulder grinned and Scully just shook her head again, smiling at his enthusiasm.

“Ok, than.” Abbott said, “I’ll just get your spare.”

Mulder and Scully watched as Abbott retrieved his jack and headed for the trunk of the rental car.

“Can I give you a hand with that?” Mulder asked, as the mechanic unlocked the trunk.

“Sure, Agent Mulder, if you don’t mind getting your coat and suit muddy, wet and greasy.” he replied with humor as he popped the trunks lid.

“Well…on second thought, maybe not,” Mulder shrugged as Abbott fished around for the spare tire. “Oops” Abbott exclaimed suddenly as he hefted the tire onto the trunks rim.

“As a doctor, I never like to hear that word…” Scully said as she came up behind the two men. “What’s wrong?”

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news. This is a real nice top of the line tire, folks. It is also flat as a pancake.”

“What?” Mulder exclaimed.

“See this nail?” Abbott asked gesturing towards the tire. Obviously the cars last renter forgot to mention something else before he returned the car.”

“To go along with, oh, and by the way I stole your jack too?” Scully asked in exasperation.

“Bingo.” Abbott answered slamming the tire back into the trunk.

Mulder stood with his hands in his pockets and Scully rubbed her arms together. Abbott shuffled his feet. The cold was obviously getting to all three of them.

“Look, this is going to take more time to repair than I think any of us want to spend out here. I can patch that flat on the spare at the garage with no problem. Why don’t I hitch you up and haul the car into Creek. I can give you a ride to the motel.

“OK, let’s do it.” Mulder replied through chattering teeth.

As they drove towards Creek in the cramped confines of the tow truck cab, Abbott regaled them with information about the area, all of which Mulder had to admit was pretty amusing and interesting. The guy was a natural conversationalist and his stories helped to pass the time. His knowledge of football was pretty detailed too. Before they realized it, Mulder and Abbott were engaged in a healthy debate regarding the merits of the Packers versus the Redskins. Scully, seated to Mulder’s right, next to the trucks door, soon nodded off. Once football had been exhausted as a topic, the conversation circled around to the FBI.

“So what’s it like, working for the FBI?” Abbott whispered to avoid waking the sleeping Scully.

“It’s a job.” Mulder answered not really interested in talking shop.

“Oh, come on, it has to be pretty interesting.”

“Sometimes more than we want it to be.” Mulder answered cryptically.

“Ha, I hear you.” Abbott replied. “Just like my Uncle says – the shit is usually hitting the fan.”

“Something like that.” Mulder agreed.

“So what were the two of you doing up in this neck of the woods?” Abbott asked trying to keep on topic.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that.” Mulder replied in his best G-Man voice.

“Oh, I guess not.” Abbott answered.

“I tried out for the Sheriff’s Academy once.” Abbott admitted, changing the subject.

“Yeah..” Mulder replied.

“But I didn’t pass the physical. Heart murmur. Didn’t even know I had one.”

“Sorry to hear that, it isn’t serious is it?”

“Nah, my doctor just keeps an eye on it, but he says I’m as healthy as an ox.”

“I guess I won’t be following in my uncle’s footsteps, though. But, I can’t complain. I own the garage, set my own hours, get to work with my hands, it’s a pretty good job all the way around.”

“Being your own boss definitely has it’s advantages.” Mulder agreed. As he said it Scully breathed a gentle sigh and collapsed further onto his shoulder. Mulder looked over at Abbott and raised both his eyebrows in a “What can I do?” look. Abbott smiled back. Mulder shifted slightly to allow both Scully’s head and his arm to remain comfortable.

“So how long have you been working with Agent Scully?” Abbott asked.

“About 5 years.” Mulder replied.

“Interesting.” Abbott continued.

“How so?” Mulder asked.

“Well, it’s just interesting to see an example of equality in the workplace, I guess.” Abbott replied.

“The FBI is an equal opportunity employer.” Mulder deadpanned.

“My uncle keeps saying he wishes the sheriff’s department wouldn’t bring in any woman officers. He thinks it’s too much of a distraction.” Abbott grinned. “He’s pretty old fashioned when it comes to women working in non-traditional fields.”

“Uh huh, and that’s probably why we never saw Officer Abbott today and had to wait 2 hours for the tow” Mulder thought to himself.

“Well, if your uncle met Agent Scully, he’d probably change his mind in a hurry. She’s pretty persuasive.” Mulder replied. “She works very hard at the job and her qualifications are first rate.” “And she’s tough too, amazingly so, sometimes.”

“A hard nosed G-Woman, hey?” Abbott asked craning his neck around Mulder to glance at the dozing Scully. Mulder was pretty sure he saw more than average interest in Abbott’s face as he studied her. He felt a stab of jealousy for a moment. ‘Down Boy’ he told himself as the green eyed monster reared it’s ugly head. ‘Just because this guy has the rugged face of a sports celebrity and the body of a Greek statue doesn’t mean I have anything to worry about,’ he chided himself. ‘I gotta grow up.’

“Like a rock.” Mulder replied to his question.

“At least she sleeps like one.” Abbott added smiling widely.

“What, what did you say…” a bleary voiced Scully interrupted.

“I was just saying we’re coming into Creek, Ma’am.” Abbott answered suppressing a chuckle He guided the truck into the parking lot of the Pines Motel. “Here’s the Pines.” “That’s Gracie’s Diner right next to it too, so if you’re hungry you don’t have to go far for a meal.”

“How convenient.” Scully said as the truck came to a halt. The two FBI agents exited the cab and Abbott helped them to retrieve their bags from the tow truck’s storage compartment. “I’ll patch that spare and have your car ready in the morning. I can call over here then and if you’d like I can drop the car off. My garage is just down the road.”

“Thanks a lot, Walter, that would be great.” Mulder replied shaking his hand again. “It’s been a pleasure.” he added handing over the car keys.

“Hey, likewise.” Abbott replied returning the handshake. He turned and got back into the truck.

“Yes, thank you, sorry I fell asleep on the way here.” Scully added looking up at him. “I usually don’t do that kind of thing.”

“Hey, no excuses necessary, Agent Scully. I know a hard worker when I see one.” he laughed. “Hey, maybe we can have a cup of coffee together in the morning, what do you say?” he added looking straight into her face.

“Oh, well…” Scully stammered caught off guard.

“Hey, sleep on it, Agent Scully, I’ll see you all tomorrow,” he replied including Mulder in his parting remark.

“What did he mean by hard worker?” Scully asked looking suspiciously at Mulder as the truck receded into the distance.

“Nothing, I’m sure.” Mulder replied, and than he added teasing her, “De-Caf or regular, Agent Scully.” in a fair imitation of Abbott’s northern Wisconsin accent.

“Shouldn’t we go register?” Scully asked giving him a really poisonous look.

“Yes, please, I’m freezing my nuts off out here.” Mulder replied.

“Not a body part you’re likely to miss.” Scully zinged back at him.

“Ouch.” Mulder replied to her successful retort.

When they left the motel office, a brisk walk brought them to their door and Mulder unlocked it. Entering, he turned on the wall light switch. Scully silently followed him in and shut the door. Mulder put his garment bag down and surveyed the two full sized beds in the center of the room, a bemused look on his face. He rubbed a hand through his hair.

“Ok, which one do you want?” Scully asked, breaking the silence. Than she burst out laughing. Mulder turned and diving, flopped down on one bed and than shot over onto the other bouncing on each in turn.

“Mulder, what are you doing?” Scully asked still lost in laughter.

“Testing them for “bounceability”, of course.” he answered grinning.

“I thought you had to stand up and jump on a bed to test that?” Scully replied, finally taking a moment to put her bag down.

“What, and hit my head?” Mulder teased back.

“Listen, I’m going to put my things in the bathroom, all right, and than let’s get something to eat, I really am starving.” Scully advised.

“Sounds like a great idea to me.” Mulder answered. “Which side of the sink do you want, Scully?”

“Vanity, it’s a vanity.” Scully answered as she took her toiletries out of her bag.

The diner wasn’t crowded so Mulder and Scully were able to get a booth without any problem. Their order was placed and delivered quickly and soon they were both tucking into cheese burgers, fries and diet cokes with gusto.

“I’ll tell you Scully, you can’t beat good old American diner food.” Mulder mused dabbing a fry in some catsup. “It’s classic.”

“Ha, straight from my lips to my hips.” Scully, seated across from him, retorted.

“So, why did you order the cheeseburger?” Mulder asked.

“Cheeseburger’s, they’re my only weakness.” Scully answered in a voice reminiscent of Dr. Pretorious from Bride of Frankenstein.

Mulder grinned and motioned towards Scully’s chin. “Well, you’d better watch out, Doc, some of your ‘only weakness’ is about to drip onto your blouse.”

Scully quickly reached for a napkin and wiped at the grease that was running down her chin.

“Thanks.” she replied smiling.

As they were talking, a young couple with two children came into the diner and took a booth near the entrance. The two youngsters, obviously brother and sister, were talking and tussling together as their parents tried to get them settled into the booth. The little girl suddenly squealed with glee and took off down the aisle towards Mulder and Scully, her older brother restrained from following by his bemused father. As she ran towards the FBI agents, she tripped over her own feet and sprawled flat on her face in front of Dana Scully.

“Oh, no, are you all right?” Scully asked worried as she quickly got up to help. The girls mother had been close behind the errant tot and reached her just as Scully was kneeling down beside the crying child. Scully crouched next to her and wiped away a few tears from the little girl’s face.

“There, see, no harm done.” she smiled into the youngster’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” her mother said, worried and embarrassed. “She’s just so fast sometimes….” she added her voice trailing off.

“Oh, no problem, she seems to be fine.” Scully replied, smiling at the woman as she stood up.

“Thank you.” the young mother returned the smile and took her daughter’s hand.

“Thank you.” The little girl said to Scully without prompting.

“You’re welcome.” Scully replied as mother and daughter walked back towards their booth.

Mulder watched the exchange between his partner and the little girl. For just an instant as she watched the child leave, Scully’s thoughts were written all over her face. Her look of wistful longing made Mulder’s heart ache for her. Even though Scully had confided in him about her sterility, she hadn’t really been forthcoming regarding her deepest feelings about it. Mulder had some idea that she wanted to marry some day and start a family based on off hand remarks she had made in the past. But they had never really discussed the profound affect her inability to conceive a child was having on her as evidenced by that one raw instant of emotion. ‘I have to talk to her about all this,’ he thought, ‘but God, I wish I knew how without hurting her.’ ‘How can I tell her the real cause behind her sterility?’

Scully continued to stare after the little girl, prompting Mulder to say quietly, “Ah, Scully, your fries are getting cold.”

“Oh, yes.” she replied smiling hesitantly. “Thanks.”

The remainder of their meal was eaten mostly in silence. Mulder’s furrowed brow matched the dismal expression on Scully’s face. “Talk about your major mood shift,’ Mulder thought to himself. ‘Shit.’ he mentally added taking a forlorn crunch on the ice in his diet coke.

It was approaching 8 PM by the time they were paying their bill and exiting the diner. The temperature had really dropped outside and both Mulder and Scully made a dash for the warmth of the motel room. Once inside both of them shed their coats, throwing them over a chair back. Guns and badges, watches, jewelry and Mulder’s pocket change all went on the night stand between the beds. Mulder sat down on the edge of the bed nearest the bathroom and Scully stood by the chair where they had placed their coats. Suddenly, it seemed that they both felt awkward and shy at being alone together. ‘Now what?’ Mulder thought. Scully was the first to break the ice.

“Mulder, I think I’ll take a shower. Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“Oh, yeah, thanks,” he replied. “I’ll only be a minute.” he added beating a hasty retreat for the bathroom door. While he was washing his hands he heard Scully turn on the TV. When he left the bathroom she was seated on the edge of the bed watching CNN.

“I thought we might catch the weather.” she said.

“Good idea, I’ll watch for the report while you shower.” Mulder replied glad to have something to do.

Scully handed him the remote and taking her night clothes from her bag, entered the bathroom. Soon the shower was running and Mulder turned his attention to the CNN broadcast. Propping the pillows up against the headboard on the bed nearest the bathroom, he stretched out, first removing his shoes and socks. He turned on the lamp between the beds and settled back into the pillows. The local area forecast came on after a few minutes and Mulder was relieved to see that the weather would be uneventful the next day. Using the remote he turned down the volume slightly – the better to force his mind to concentrate on what the announcers were saying. All too soon, Scully came out of the bathroom, sensibly conservative pajamas on, clothes in hand and a towel wrapped around her head. Mulder thought she looked wonderful, but her mood kept him silent. Presently, she looked over at him and smiled a little as she hung her clothes up in the small alcove next to the bathroom.

“Next?” she said.

“Oh, Ok, a shower does sound like a good idea.” he replied. “The weather is supposed to be decent tomorrow too, by the way. You can change the channel if you’d like.” he added retrieving a clean t-shirt and boxers, his “night clothes”, from his bag. He heading for the john. While the hot water ran over his lean body, Mulder let his mind go blank. He concentrated on the feel of the spray, letting it relax him as completely as possible. While he was changing into his clean boxers it occurred to him that he could no longer hear the TV. Turning off the bathroom light, he took a deep breath and prepared to face whatever issues lay outside the bathroom door.

Scully was propped up on the bed’s pillows, under the covers. She was reading his Sports Illustrated. Mulder hesitated at the foot of the bed and than walked to the wall light switch and turned off the brighter overhead lights. He than turned and went over to hang up his own clothes. Finally and without looking at Scully, he crossed to the bed closest to the door and climbed in. As he reached to turn off his side of the bed lamp he finally looked at Scully and said.

“G’night, Scully.”

“Night, Mulder.” she said forlornly, placing the SI on the nightstand between them and turning off her own light. Mulder lay on his back staring at the ceiling. ‘This sucks’, he thought, upset. ‘I can’t believe it.’ ‘How can I be so stupid, stupid, stu….’

“Mulder?” a small voice reached out to him in the dark.

“Yeah, Scully.”

“Please – come to bed.” she replied, a catch to her voice.

Mulder crawled out from beneath his covers and carefully crossed over to the other bed. A rustling of sheets told him Scully was making room for him. He gently moved in next to her and used the pillows to once again prop himself up slightly. Presently, Scully drew close and he wound his arm around her shoulders and held her against him.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked her quietly.

She hesitated a moment and than said, “Oh, Mulder, I apologize. I don’t know what to say. It’s just, well, you know, that little girl… it’s very hard sometimes.”

Mulder stroked her arm and said, “I know.”

“Well, you can’t know, really, Mulder. I mean I feel so, so – oh shit, I feel so cheated and than I think, well, maybe I’m selfish for feeling that way. I’m not the only woman that’s ever had to face being unable to bear children, after all. It’s just that the whole thing is such a damn disappointment.” Scully said angrily.

Before Mulder could say anything she plunged on, “And I haven’t even been able to tell my family yet either, Mulder. My mother is so caught up in being a grandmother again, with Bill’s wife expecting. And they’ve been trying for so long. Everyone is so thrilled. God, I can’t bring myself to broach the subject.”

“Well, that’s a difficult situation.” Mulder offered. Maybe there isn’t going to be a best time to tell them. Maybe you just need to lay it out, they’re big people, they should be able to handle it.” he added. ‘I should talk,’ he thought to himself but than shook it off. “And, I wouldn’t say it’s selfish at all to feel cheated, either.” Mulder continued. “I don’t blame you for being disappointed and angry.” “You have the right, you’ve earned the right.” he finished, gently stroking her hair.

She continued then very quietly, her voice muffled against his chest. “Lately, you know, after the cancer I just started to reevaluate my whole life, Mulder. Suddenly, having a child took on a new importance and meaning for me. Becoming a mother was something I hadn’t really thought too deeply about before. And than that day in your apartment, when we were making love, when you were inside me and I felt you giving yourself to me I thought later, Oh my God, I, I can never, ever have this man’s child…” her voice trailed off and Mulder felt hot tears through the cloth of his t-shirt.

Mulder felt his own tears then, bitter and salty as they leaked down his face. He struggled to control himself for her sake, to be strong, to be her anchor.

“Oh, Scully, Oh Dana…” he began. “Hey, listen it’s all right, it’s ok, don’t worry, I love you.” he murmured over and over. He didn’t know what else to say.

Scully was sobbing than and all Mulder could manage to do was hold her tight and rock her gently until the sobs subsided. Eventually she brought herself under control, dissolving into snuffles and sniffles in Mulder’s embrace.

“Mulder, I’ve gotten your shirt all wet.” she said as soon as she could manage to talk.

“Hey, I’ve been wiping my nose on my sleeve for years.” he replied trying to cheer her a bit. His comment had the desired effect because when she answered there was a new lightness to her voice.

“Well, I’m not going to make any more additions to your snot collection.” He felt her tiny smile against his armpit. “I’m going to go blow my nose.” and she extricated herself from his arms. He heard her blowing her nose violently in the bathroom. As she returned to bed, Mulder noticed she had left the bathroom light on and it’s gentle illumination outlined her form as she climbed back in next to him.

“God, I hate crying.” Scully said as she cuddled near him. “I look like such shit afterwards. And I don’t even want to mention the state of my sinuses.” she added.

“Well, crying is a great cathartic.” Mulder offered.

“Yeah, I know, I do actually feel better.” Scully replied. “I’m sorry I dumped on you like that, Mulder. I didn’t mean to.”

“Listen, who else can you dump on, hey? Besides, it’s about time I gave you back some support, Scully. I can’t even begin to describe what you’ve done for me. Just let me be the rock here for a while, ok. I want to be there for you too, now. Deal?”

“Deal” she replied.

“Look, this stuff about giving me a child. Truth?” Mulder asked.


“I’m not basing my love for you or your value to me on your ability to bear me children, you know.” Mulder replied. “But, I can understand some of what you’re feeling, I think. It’s a loss – almost like a death to be mourned, right?” Mulder sighed slightly as thoughts of his sister Samantha crossed his mind.

“Right.” Scully replied sympathetically, sensing his inner turmoil regarding his sister.” “And I do know all that logically, Mulder, of course. It’s just that emotionally, well, a child is something I thought I’d be able to eventually give the man I love. Now, the impossibility of that, the disappointment, it just caught me so unawares, so….oh, I don’t know…I feel like I’m making an ass out of myself.” she said annoyed and embarrassed all at once.

“Well, I’m still ahead of you in the ‘looking like an ass’ department.” Mulder joked. “I’m the pro here in that area.” he added.

She laughed a bit than and Mulder felt a whole lot better.

“Look, Scully, if you want me to go with you when you talk to your mother, I’d be happy to do it.” he offered.

“No, Mulder, I think that is probably something I should do on my own.” she replied regaining some of her old Scully toughness. “I’ve got to face it eventually. I’ll find a time.”

“All right, but if you change your mind, let me know.” Mulder replied.

“My mother likes you, Mulder.” Scully said, teasing him a bit. “She always thought you were cute. She’s even hinted about us a couple of times, you know.”

“Oh yeah?” Mulder answered grinning slightly.

“Yes, she asked me whether I’d like to bring you over for dinner a few times, that sort of thing.”

“Why didn’t you?” Mulder asked. He really liked and respected Margaret Scully and was touched to think she might like him enough to think of him as a prospective son-in-law.

“Well, at the time I was pretty much in denial mode regarding my feelings for you. I blew it off and told her it wasn’t really acceptable for two partners to socialize too much.” she giggled slightly. “I guess we’ve sort of blown that convention, haven’t we?”

Mulder chuckled as well. “Yeah, I wonder what she’d say if she saw us now.”

“God, I wonder. She’d stop worrying about my social life, I guess.” Scully replied.

Mulder chuckled, “You’re probably right about that.”



“Thank you.”

Mulder kissed the top of her head in response. Scully reached up and touched his cheek and felt the tears drying there. She drew herself up to head level with him and kissed each trail of tears in turn. Than she met his mouth with hers.

Mulder sighed as she softly brushed his lips. There was still a shyness and hesitancy to her touch, desire tempered with receding sorrow. Mulder met her shyness with tenderness, letting his lips reciprocate with a feather light kiss. He didn’t want her to feel like she was obligated to please him with sex. He didn’t want to use her that way, not ever. He was willing to give Scully all the time and space she needed out of respect and love.

“Scully, we don’t have to go any further here, really, not if you’re uncomfortable about it.” Mulder murmured quietly into her ear. “I’m fine, it’s ok. I can just hold you for a while if you’d like. You can go to sleep even, if you’re tired.”

“I’d like you to hold me, Mulder. It feels good.” she replied. “And please, don’t think you’re making me uncomfortable. It’s me, not you. I just need to relax a little, that’s all. I am feeling better, really.” she added. Mulder thought she did sound a lot more like the old Dana Scully. Talking things out had seemed to help.

“Would you like a back massage?” he offered. “I had a pretty good chance to study your technique last time.” he smiled.

“Oh, that would be wonderful.” she answered smiling back.

“Ok, sit up.” he advised, as he moved up against the headboard. Scully shifted and tucked herself between his outstretched legs.

“Is this good?” she asked.

“Perfect, now lean back a little against me” he commanded as he started to knead her neck muscles. Scully’s head lolled from side to side.

“Ah, I see you are a quick study, Agent Mulder.” she smiled.

“My professors always said so.” Mulder replied moving on to her shoulders.

He kept his movements on her body deliberately impersonal at first, ministering to the knots of tenseness from the base of her skull to her tattoo. At last, Scully’s whole body seemed to sag against him and Mulder held her close, letting his body warmth add to the massage.

“Mulder, you feel so nice and warm.” Scully exhaled with pleasure. “It’s….”


“Oh, much better.”

They sat for some time like that, their breathing in synch. Mulder inhaled her freshly scrubbed scent. He loved the way she smelled. Her scent was so feminine, musky and delicate all at the same time and always very arousing. He enjoyed the pressure of her ass against his thighs and balls and penis, the touch of her delicate scapula against his pectoral muscles and nipples. He’d never really considered the erogenous possibilities of the male nipple until right at that moment. The feeling as Scully shifted position against his chest, even through the material of his t-shirt, was almost indescribable. He bent forward slightly and nuzzled her neck.

She responded by inclining her head to meet his lips and breathing deeply. “Ummm, that tickles.” she whispered.

“I didn’t know you were ticklish?” he replied kissing her ear.

“Well, it’s a nice tickle.” she smiled against his jaw.

When she seemed ready, Mulder began to explore Scully’s body, rediscovering all the little spots she liked him to touch. Scully’s breath quickened as Mulder unbuttoned her top and teased her breasts and nipples. She moved against him as his hands wandered lazily down her stomach. He took his time, going slowly letting her breathing set the pace for him. Her head was back against his neck and her eyes closed as she concentrated on each area his hands and lips were touching.

As Mulder touched her breasts, Scully raised her arms so that he could have better access to them. Mulder cupped each in turn enjoying the weight of them in his hands. “God, your breasts are wonderful.” he whispered as he rubbed a nipple between his fingers. Scully brought one hand down and gripped his hair lightly, pulling his mouth down again to her neck. Mulder could feel her pulse quickening in her jugular as he kissed her. Scully lowered her arms and began to gently stroke her own body in time to Mulder’s caresses. It was incredibly erotic. His hand followed her hands past the band of her pajama bottoms and down between her legs. He was going along for the trip as she stroked her inner thighs and the wetness between her legs intoxicated him. He had never really experienced a woman as she pleasured herself before. Sure he had watched enough videos to see what it was like, but the actual real life experience enthralled him. He could just see her profile and the power and beauty of her face was undeniable.

Scully rubbed her taunt clitoris and Mulder picked up her strokes as she bit her lip, moaning. He maneuvered one hand beneath her tight ass and than first one finger and than another up inside her. Scully gasped. She rubbed against him in long sinuous strokes, almost catlike in her absorption in what her hands and his hands were doing to her. In the process she rubbed against his all ready engorged penis and Mulder moaned in enjoyment.

Scully’s movements became more intense and Mulder talked to her than as his hands heightened her every sensation. “Let go, Scully.” he whispered. “Go with it, Dana, let go.” he urged her on as she thrashed against him in ecstasy. “You’re so beautiful.” he added as her whole body tensed and arched back against him. A guttural groan came somewhere from deep within her as she began to come, jerking against his hands. He moved his hands from between her legs and held her through her orgasm. At the last moment of Scully’s ultimate pleasure, Mulder lost control as well, and ejaculated all over the inside of his boxers. It felt wonderful though, and he found himself laughing and groaning all at the same time. “Oh, fuck.” he managed to gasp out. As soon as he caught his breath he hugged Scully and added. “Christ.”

Scully, breathing hard and sweating, leaned against him. “Are you ok, I mean was it ok…” she exhaled trying to catch her breath.

“Hell, yes.” he answered with a grin. “I’d have to confess that I’ve always been a little apprehensive on the subject of premature ejaculation. But right now… I’d be the first to admit that it’s possibly very underrated.” he deadpanned.

“Scully collapsed forward in a heap, laughing hysterically.

“Mulder, please, no jokes, I can hardly breath as it is.” she howled. Mulder joined in her laughter and fell flat onto his back.

“Just close your eyes and think of England.” Mulder advised smiling broadly.

“That’s it, you sadist,” she grinned back, picking up a pillow and swatting him playfully with it.

He struggled the pillow away from her and she promptly flung herself on his chest, tickling him unmercifully.

“Oh shit, he grimaced, who’s the sadist?” he joked, grabbing her hands. She was really laughing now.

“Ah, ha, so you’re ticklish too?” she crowed in triumph renewing her efforts. Pretty soon they both dissolved into a heap, too out of breath to keep going any further.

As they both began to breath more regularly Scully looked into Mulder’s face.

“Really, Mulder, are you all right? I mean I feel so strange…”

“Getting off like that?”

“Well, yes, it seems kind of…”

“Naughty?” he teased.

Scully’s after orgasm flush deepened even further and Mulder almost began to laugh all over again. Scully slapped him on the stomach. “Yes.” she admitted with good humor. “I mean, nice girls don’t do that sort of thing.” she confessed. And than added, “God, I can’t believe I said that.”

Mulder really choked back laughter than and replied, “Listen, believe me, if you want to be a naughty girl again Scully, you won’t get a lecture from me.”

“Was it really a big turn on?” she asked hopefully.

“Oh, yeah.” Mulder admitted grinning from ear to ear.

“Mulder, you are really bent.” Scully smiled and rubbed his stomach where she had slapped him.

“Bent and sticky.” he advised. “I’d better get these off.” he added tilting his head towards his waist. With Scully’s help he removed his come dampened shorts. She used the bundled up clothing to swab his crotch area with delicate, tantalizing slowness. As he lay beneath her hands, she grinned seductively into his eyes and than dropped the garment over the side of the bed.

“More comfortable now?” she asked huskily.

“Yes, thank you Doctor.” he replied maintaining the eye contact.

“Good, than I want you to watch this..” she replied sitting upright and moving her legs over his body to straddle his thighs, just behind his penis. Incredibly, and erotically she began to strip for him, provocatively removing her top and trailing it over his thighs, stomach, balls and cock. Than she shifted up to a kneeling position as she drew down her pants, shoving them off and over the side of the bed to join his clothing on the floor. All the while she looked at him, un-flinching, a goddess for him, just for him. All Mulder could think was, “Good Lord!” and “I’m glad she left the bathroom light on.” It was the perfect mood lighting for the floorshow.

“Do you like this, Fox?” she asked wickedly, using his Christian name in the double entendre meaning that they both knew it possessed.

“Oh, shit..” he whispered quietly.

“Is that a yes, or a no?” she pouted slightly, containing her humor, not wanting to break the mood.

“Oh, it’s a yes, definitely a yes,” he replied breathlessly.

“Good.” was her definitive statement as she began to fondle her own breasts, her arms, and her stomach. She rocked gently on him. The sensation against his thighs and genitals made him shake. She was hot and wet and oh so desirable.

“God, Scully, is this what that AC-DC song means by “she shook me all night long”?” he asked laying helpless as she smiled down at him.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she replied and than added “Don’t move.” as she began to fondle her legs, her thighs, and her crotch. As she ran her hands down over his thighs and up onto his flat stomach, every muscle there tightened in anticipation.

Mulder stared transfixed, mouth open. Rather rapidly, Scully’s performance began to have a positive effect on his limp cock. Agent Scully, ever observant, noticed the change and smiling, reached down and took him into her hands. She stroked him expertly from base to tip at first gently and than more firmly, just the way he liked it, until he was completely erect. As she teased the tip of his penis, Mulder closed his eyes and his body trembled over it’s entire length.

He was almost beyond words. Scully was bringing him close to orgasm and than backing off just enough so that he didn’t plunge over the edge. ‘I’m going to go crazy,’ he thought. His breath coming in gasps. “Oh God, Scully, Dana, please, I can’t…please.” he begged her.

A low chuckle came out of Dana Scully as he begged. Suddenly, a really naughty little girl was about to raise her head.

“Should I stop?” she asked, lusty humor in her voice.

“Are you serious?” Mulder just managed to groan, his voice rising an octave on every word.

Scully smiled broadly and replied. “I just wanted to show you…I can be as nasty as I want to be.” she whispered the emphasis on the word nasty.

Mulder moaned looking up at Dana Scully in wonder. He never realized that inside his so called prim and proper, by the rulebook partner, a pornographic princess lay ready to ambush him. He’d stay her boy toy forever, under these terms, no problem. Mulder tried to talk but Scully hushed him with a finger to her own lips.

“Be still.” she commanded. “This is about body talk now, Fox.” and shifting her weight, she took the length of his erection into her body. Mulder almost cried out with surprise and for a fleeting second he worried that his size and the position might hurt her. But, the expression on Scully’s face calmed that fear in a hurry.

“This feels so good.” she whispered. “It’s so good to have you this deep inside me, you’re, it’s, God, you’re so hard, it’s incredible.” she finally added shutting her eyes and breathing heavily. Her hips rose up slowly and than as she caught her breath, down again causing Mulder to cry out and thrust up to meet her.

She was loving it, and as she began to ride him, Mulder finally gave up all rational thought for the idea that he wanted to fuck Scully until he hit her tonsils. He was all ready so close to coming that his orgasm did arrive quickly and so violently that for a moment he blacked out as he ejaculated into her. He was half conscious of reaching up for Scully but not really sure if his hands connected with any part of her. His next conscious realization was that she was bringing herself to orgasm again and calling out his name as she pumped him for everything he was worth. A little voice in the back of his mind said, “If I die now, I’ll die a happy man.” as he and Scully collapsed sideways together.

Eventually, Mulder reluctantly pulled out. Neither of them talked at all for quite a while. Mulder for one, at a total loss for words. So he reached for the first hormonally besotted thought that came into his mind.

“So, how about those Packers, Scully.”

“Redskins…” came Scully’s muffled voice from somewhere in the pillows next to him.

“You can say that again,” Mulder hissed, touching himself gingerly. He was going to be sore tomorrow. He could only imagine how Scully would feel. ‘It had been a long time since he’d enjoyed being so royally fucked,’ he mused ironically. Mulder could tell from the dazed smile on Scully’s face when she came up for air, that the feeling was mutual.

Scully plucked at his t-shirt, a bemused expression crossing her countenance.

“You know, Mulder, this is a nice look for you.” she said taking in his half clothed body.

“Frohike thought so,” he deadpanned referring to that other time in his apartment.

“What?” she squeaked.

“It’s a long story.” he replied.

“Well, you’ll have to tell me about it sometime.” Scully advised.

“Sometime.” Mulder agreed.

They soon fell asleep in each others arms, the bathroom light still illuminating their bodies nestled together in the bed.

Mulder was awakened by the sound of running water. The effect it had on him was immediate and he realized he had better head for the bathroom or risk embarrassing himself. He got out of bed and moved towards the closed bathroom door, hesitating when his half awake brain realized Scully was inside and the running water was coming from the shower.

“Uh, Scully…I hate to say this, but..I have an urgent need out here.”

“Mulder? What did you say?” she replied over the noise of the rushing tap.

“I have to take a piss.” Mulder called out in desperation.

“Oh, well, come on in, I won’t look.” Scully offered.

Mulder quickly entered and lifting the toilet seat just in time, emptied his bladder exhaling in relief.

“I didn’t want to wake you up Mulder, I figured you could use the rest.” Scully called from behind the shower curtain.

“I bet it was just an excuse to get the shower first.” he joked, shaking himself off.

“Well, I’m almost done, you can have it soon.” she replied.

“OK, I’ll wait outside” Mulder said, flushing the john. Grabbing a towel to wrap around his waist, he exited the bathroom, shutting the door. As he went back to lie on the bed he heard Scully’s muffled expletive from behind the closed door. “Damn it, you left the toilet seat up.”

“Sorry.” he called out, wincing. ‘She’d never let him live that one down, he just knew it.’ To make amends he picked up their discarded clothes from the floor. He neatly folded Scully’s and placed them on top of her garment bag. He took his boxers and shoved them into the side pocket of his bag that he reserved for dirty laundry.

While he was getting his clean underwear out of his bag, Scully came out of the bathroom, drying her hair. She was dressed only in bra and panties and looked rested, relaxed and ravishing.

Noticing the clothes folded neatly on her bag she smiled and said, “Why thank you, Agent Mulder.”

“It’s a peace offering.” he replied.

“Peace offering?” she asked eyebrow raised.

“For the toilet seat.” he squinted at her as she took a pair of panty hose out of her own bag.

“Oh, that, well, I didn’t fall in or anything, I just dropped a towel in the commode, that’s all. Now if had been my underwear…” Scully replied.

“Ok, I get the message.” Mulder stated with a grin of relief. “Forgiven?” he asked double checking.

Scully walked over and pressing herself against him in a tight hug she said, “I’m in a very forgiving mood this morning, Special Agent Mulder.”

“Oooh, Doctor Scully,” he crooned over her head, “you nasty girl.” She lowered one sneaky little hand and pinched him hard right on the ass.

The phone rang.

“Ha! Saved by the bell.” Mulder flinched, laughing.

He extricated himself from Scully’s embrace and moved to the phone on the nightstand.

“Mulder.” he barked into the receiver.

“Walter Abbott, here Agent Mulder.” the mechanics voice sounded tinny.

“I’m out jump starting someone right now, but I just wanted to let you know your cars ready.” he yelled over the car phone. “I can bring it over to the motel in about an hour, if that’s ok?”

Mulder turned to his partner, covering the receiver and glancing at his watch on the nightstand. It occurred to him that he didn’t even know what time it was. ‘Seven AM’ he thought, ‘Scully really was a morning person.’

“The cars, ready.” he advised. “He’s bringing it here in about an hour.”

“Oh, all right.” Scully answered sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I can be ready.”

Mulder turned back to the phone.

“That’ll be great, Walter. “We’ll see you in an hour.”

“Great,” Abbott replied and than added, “is Agent Scully there?”

“Uh, Yes, why?” Mulder replied, suspicion in his voice.

“Well, I was just wondering if she had considered my offer for coffee this morning?” Abbott asked, the hopefulness in his voice coming through even the tinniness of the connection.

‘This guy must be pretty lonely up here in the wilds of Wisconsin’ Mulder thought annoyed. But out of politeness he once again turned to his partner.



“Walter wants to know if you thought about coffee this morning.”

“Oh, God.” Scully sighed considering. “I could really use the caffeine, but Mulder, get him to invite us both, OK?”

“How in the hell am I going to do that?” he asked, the annoyance creeping into his voice.

“Here, let me have the phone,” she asked scooting over the bed to sit next to him.

“Mr. Abbott?” Scully said into the receiver, trying to sound formal and official.

“Is that you, Agent Scully?” Abbott asked cheerfully. “Sleep well? “and it’s Walter, by the way.”

Scully suppressed a smile as Mulder stared at her perplexed. He hated trying to follow a one-sided phone conversation, especially under these circumstances.

“Yes, to both questions,” she replied.

“So, coffee than?” Abbott persisted.

“Well, this is sort of awkward, Walter,” she began. “Agent Mulder is really starving this morning, and if he doesn’t get his breakfast and coffee he’s going to be a real bear on the drive to Green Bay. Would you mind if he joined us?” she asked politely.

There was silence for a moment on the line. Than Abbott answered, just a touch of disappointment in his voice. “Sure, bring him along. I’ll see you both in about an hour.”

“Thank-you, Walter, you’re a Prince.” Scully smiled into the phone.

“My pleasure,” he answered breaking the connection. Scully hung up the phone.

Mulder stared at her, questions written all over his face.

“We are having breakfast…and coffee, in an hour,” she said. “All three of us.” she added grinning.

“Good.” Mulder replied curtly. Scully smiled again and patted his knee.

“You’re sweet, Mulder.”

“What?” he asked perplexed.

“I didn’t know you could be so jealous.” she smirked, looking sideways at him.

“Is it that obvious?” he asked in chagrin.

“Does Brett Favre wear green and yellow?” she replied

“It’s green and gold, actually.” he corrected, annoyance still in his voice.

“Whatever, but you’d better watch it, a thing like that can go right to a girl’s head.” she advised. It was a gentle warning but Mulder knew she was chiding him for being so adolescent.

Changing the subject Mulder said, “Hey, uh, Abbott said he was jump starting some guy.” He ran his hand over her naked thigh.

“Oh?…” Scully asked looking at his hand.

“Yeah, I thought it sounded like something interesting for a guy to do in the morning, giving a jump start.”



“Well, maybe it’s something a woman might like to do too.” Scully suggested meeting his eyes.

“We have an hour.” Mulder held her eyes and shifted his weight slightly.

To his surprise, Scully got up and than went down on her knees, deftly parting his legs. “I’d say that would be more than enough time.” she purred.

“God, Scully! ” Mulder blurted out as Scully’s mouth sent an electric shock of lust right up his spine.

Breakfast proved to be interesting. Abbott had joined them at the diner and boldly slid right into the booth next to Scully as Mulder resorted to taking the seat across from them. He had been very charming and Mulder had to admit the guy was pretty likable. Abbott had guts too in the face of Scully’s polite but obvious rejection of his attentions. Eventually he seemed to be getting the message and much to Mulder’s relief, the sexual tension at the table went out the window.

“So, are you guys going to take that Lambeau tour, than?” Abbott asked as they finished their last cup of coffee.

“I’d like to try to, if it’s all right with Agent Scully.” Mulder nodded at his partner.

“Oh, I think we can manage to do that, Agent Mulder.” she smiled back at him.

“Well, I think you’ll enjoy it.” Abbott said. “It’s pretty impressive.”

“I’m sure we will.” Scully stated.

“Can you two excuse me for a minute,” Mulder interrupted. “I need to use the facilities before we hit the road.”

“Sure,” Abbott and Scully replied in unison.

As Mulder stood at the urinal he heard the door to the men’s room open and close behind him. He glanced sideways as Walter Abbott stepped up to the porcelain next to him.

“You are one lucky guy, Agent Mulder.” Abbott said as he unzipped his fly.

“What?” Mulder asked looking at him.

“Hey, I know when the best man’s won.” he replied. I may look like a hick, but I’m not stupid, just slow maybe.”

“Walter…” Mulder started to object.

“Listen, Mulder, never mind, OK. I just wanted to apologize for coming on to Scully, I didn’t realize you two were, well, involved. I wouldn’t have been that crass if I’d caught on right away.”

“Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying, I guess.” Mulder replied giving Walter his due for being both diplomatic and perceptive.

“I was hoping you’d see it that way.” Abbott replied with relief.

Mulder left the urinal and went to wash his hands. Abbott followed him and as he lathered his hands Mulder sighed and fished for the best way to convey what was on his mind next, “Look, Walter, Scully and I, well, our relationship – it’s not exactly company, policy..” he began.

Abbott shrugged his shoulders dismissively at Mulder’s fumbling comments. It was obvious that he knew where Mulder was going with his remarks. It was equally obvious he figured it was none of his business.

“Mulder, just be good to her, all right, I can tell she’s a special lady,” was all he said in reply.

Mulder shook his head in the affirmative as he threw his towel into the waste basket and left the men’s room.

Scully was just exiting the ladies room, meeting Mulder as he headed back to the booth. Abbott followed close behind. Before either of the agents could pick up the check, Walter grabbed it.

“Hey, you don’t have to do that, Walter, meals are on the expense account.” Mulder said.

“It’s on me, really, please.” Abbott smiled. “Just call it a little “Creek” hospitality.” he added.

Scully smiled, “Why, thank you, Walter.”

“Once again, my pleasure, Agent Scully.” he replied.

They all donned their coats and once outside in the crisp cold air headed over to the rental car.

“How are you getting back to the garage?” Scully asked Abbott.

“Oh. If it isn’t inconvenient, I thought you guys wouldn’t mind dropping me back there, it’s on your way out of town.” Abbott answered. “If it’s a problem, I can call for someone to pick me up.”

“No problem.” Mulder replied. “Get in.” Walter handed him the keys with a smile.

“Thanks.” he said.

Mulder and Scully dropped Abbott at his garage. As they all stood outside the rental car saying their good byes, Abbott took Scully’s hand and kissed it gallantly without saying a word. While Scully looked on, a startled expression on her face, Abbott grasped Mulder’s hand and arm and shook it heartily.

“You two watch your backs now, you hear.” he advised and with a flash he turned and headed for one of the garage bays. Mulder looked after him, a stunned look on his face. Scully, regaining her composure more quickly, looked over at her partner and said, “Mulder, get in the car, I’ll drive.”

“Hey, you’ll have to adjust the seat.” Mulder advised, opening the passenger door.

“You’re feet aren’t going to reach the pedals.” he chuckled.

“Hmm, my legs may be short Mulder, but they’re strong enough when it counts.” she retorted, a grin playing about her mouth.

“Oh, you have that right, Doc.” he replied returning her smile with one of his own. Scully’s answer was to rev the accelerator and the car shot out of the parking lot towards the southeast, towards the city on the Bay.


Of course later, Scully told him she and her mother would be going to San Diego to spend the Christmas holiday with her brother Bill and his pregnant wife. Mulder expected it and wasn’t surprised when she told him she was going to have that talk with her mother. He would be going up to The Vineyard he thought, to visit his mother, he told her. Scully should call him though, and tell him how it went.

‘In hindsight, he wished he had known what was coming,’ he thought as he stood before the tiny coffin in the church. Tears brimmed in his eyes as Scully opened the coffin and removed the little gold cross from her daughters neck. ‘Everything’s changing now’ his soul cried out in anguish for the both of them. ‘No, please, don’t let it change.’ he asked silently as Scully closed the coffin’s lid.

-The End of the Whole Story-


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