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Freeze I & II by KRoch

Freeze I

This one’s just for fun. I just came off of writing 3 pretty intense “Spells” in a row so I needed some mind candy. The result— this story. I feel I should warn you: this is a story about… well, sex.

Just sex. And I created utterly contrived circumstances so that this might be so :). Technical inaccuracies and predictability abound.


The following story is based on characters copyrighted by Ten Thirteen Productions, created by The Man, Chris Carter, and who are the property of the Fox network and are used without permission. No infringement intended.

Freeze I

“They’re not coming back, Mulder.”

“Scully it’s only been… what 20 minutes?”

“Try fifty.”

He looked over at her, sitting just to his left in the seat next to him.

They were huddled in the back of the Suburban, looking over the empty front seats out into the night. The headlights beamed brightly forward only to be swallowed by the darkness. The ground outside was blanketed in thick snow and illuminated by the soft moonlight.

They had been on their way to a research sight at the top of Mount Michelson, only to find the vehicle they’d requisitioned had given them nothing but problems the entire way, eventually giving up in one final rebellious lurch not 5 miles from their destination. Their two guides, experienced in survival in this climate, had gone ahead to the sight to obtain another vehicle and were going to come back for them. They decided it would be safer for Mulder and Scully to remain in the car and wait for them to return rather than risk bringing them along. But they should’ve returned by now.

Another hour passed before Mulder finally resolved himself to the fact that the men were NOT returning. At least not until morning.

They sat quietly in the back seat, trying to ignore the late hour, their rumbling stomachs… and the fact that the temperature inside the car was rapidly falling.

“Mulder what are we going to do??” Scully queried through chattering teeth. Her toes were beginning to feel numb and she pulled her feet up underneath her.

Mulder watched her, his concern growing. Even in the dull, eerie white glow he could see her lips were turning a frightening shade of blue. She was a lot smaller than he was, and was feeling the effects of the cold much more quickly. He didn’t know what to say to her; he wound up stating the obvious. “I don’t know what we can do Scully. Except try and stay warm… and hope they’ll return in the morning. It’ll be daybreak in a few hours.”

“Mulder we could be dead in a few hours.”

He looked over at her, knowing she was right, but said nothing. He stretched an arm in her direction along the back of the seat. He smiled and patted his chest. She hesitated, then the corner of her mouth turned up ever so slightly and she slid across the seat to him.

He curled his arm around her. She snuggled in close, grateful for the warmth of his body. They sat in silence, waiting, willing the time to pass more quickly.

Sometime later, Mulder glanced at his watch for the millionth time<not long now>. He listened to the wind that had picked up and was now howling wildly around the car. It started to snow. His own feet were beginning to numb. He lay a hand on Scully’s- it was ice cold.

Her breathing was deep and even. He gently roused her. “Scully…”

he raised his voice, laying a hand on her cheek. “Scully come on wake up.” She shifted and sat up slightly. “You can’t fall asleep Scully.”

She ran a hand through her hair. “Was I?”

Mulder nodded. “Look I’m going to check the pack up top; there’s got to be a blanket or something up there that we can use. Why don’t you poke around in here.”

A few seconds later he returned, bringing along a gust of snow-filled wind with him… and a blanket. Relief filled Scully’s face. “You found one.”

“Yeah it’s pretty thin, but I think it’s wool.” He got in and shut the door.

Scully moved closer and Mulder shook open the blanket. They stripped off their coats and positioned themselves side-by-side under the blanket. Mulder piled their coats as best he could on top of that, then tucked one arm back under the blanket, the other back across Scully’s shoulders.

They sat there once again, this time trying to make conversation to help the time pass more quickly, and to stay awake. But Scully’s teeth had long-since ceased their chattering and now she fended off sleep with her every fiber. Mulder’s apprehension was growing.

Don’t fall asleep” he pleaded with her.

“Mulder I don’t want to freeze out here…”

“We’re not going to freeze out here, Scully. Come on, talk to me”

he persisted.

She forced herself to sit up and tried to shake the sleep from her head. Leaning back against Mulder’s arm, she sighed. “OK what were we talking about?”

They hadn’t really been talking about anything, just the case, and obviously that wasn’t enough to keep her awake. Mulder looked around the vehicle and tried to think of an alternate topic of conversation. “You know, Scully, this kind of reminds me of when I was in High School.”

“High School?”

“Yeah didn’t you ever make out in the car when you were in high school?”

“Mulder, I was in an all-girls Catholic school. And then I had the strictest nun of them all watch over me when I got home.”

“Your mother,” Mulder said, nodding.

“My father.”

Mulder smiled and nodded again.

“What made you think of that anyway?”

“Just sitting here in the back seat with you—” realizing how that sounded, he started quickly “well you know what I mean, you know.

Well it just kind of reminded me.” He regretted bringing up this topic. “Not that we’re… ” He made an indecipherable gesture with his hand. “…and I usually didn’t have a blanket, you know… we usually kept busy enough to steam the windows,” he joked. Then stopped dead.

So did Scully. They looked at each other.

After a moment Scully started “Mulder do you think—”


“I’m not saying we have to… ” now it was her turn to make an indecipherable hand gesture “…take it that far or anything. Maybe just…you know, enough to generate more heat.” He simply continued to stare at her; finally she averted her gaze.

“Are you sure Scully?”

“I don’t think we have any choice, Mulder.”

She looked back up to him. He swallowed hard and met her gaze, seeing there his own discomfort and trepidation mirrored back.

After what seemed like a long time, they slowly, haltingly moved towards each other. As they neared, they tilted their heads into the kiss— in the same direction… then again. They lowered their heads and smiled awkwardly.

Mulder cleared his throat. “OK… let’s try that again shall we?”

Once more, he slowly drifted towards her. This time she tilted her head up and waited for him. Just inches away, he paused to study her face, smooth and delicate as porcelain in that incandescent light.

He pressed his lips against hers. They were cool and stiff against his but he could feel them start to warm at his touch. A delicate cloud of warmth spread over her face as the color rose in her cheeks. He pulled back briefly, then kissed her again. Scully could feel the blood start to move more quickly through her veins as his face warmed her own. They paused to look at each other. Mulder brought a hand up to touch her face; he caressed her bottom lip with his thumb. They kissed again, and this time their lips parted as their tongues tentatively sought each other out. Her kiss was highly sensual and seductive, and an eruption of desire arose in his abdomen and coursed through his body. As the kissing turned more feverish, Mulder shifted to better face her. Scully brought a hand up to his jaw as they continued to kiss; successfully warming the air around them. They broke to catch their breaths, breathing heavily.

Scully moved to his neck and placed a delicate kiss just below his ear, then let her lips graze over the ear itself. Mulder exhaled sharply and lowered his head. “Don’t do that, Scully.”

“I’m sorry…” she whispered into his neck.

“No— it’s OK, it’s just… dangerous.” He offered a weak smile.

She looked up at him then, and saw in his eyes just how dangerous it was.

He brought his lips back to hers. They sat there like that for a long time, enjoying that special closeness for the first time. Scully could feel her body responding to him with tremendous force of passion.

As he continued to kiss her, she struggled with her self-control. He was driving her crazy and she hovered on the brink of her desire; she soon feared if he so much as shifted next to her… their relationship would be irrevocably changed.

She pulled from his embrace abruptly. “OK” she breathed “I think that’s enough.”

“But I’m not warm yet…” Mulder whispered hoarsely back to her.

His tone was serious but the look in his eyes betrayed his intentions.

He was enjoying this much more than he should have been.

She smirked at him. “And what would you do if you had a male partner?”

He attempted a smile. “I’d be freezing.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her mouth; her lips were swollen and red and still wet with his saliva. And he was barely holding it together.

She shifted to sit back against his arm again, resting her head against his chest. Mulder took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, running a hand through his hair. He settled in too, resting his chin atop her head. He absent-mindedly started playing with her hair, gently stroking and entwining it in and out of his fingers. And it made her very uncomfortable: it was a gesture far too intimate in its indication of something beyond sheer survival.



They were silent as they continued to wait. And as they sat there nestled in the back seat of that vehicle, for just a while, they were not afraid. They were together, they were close, and they were warm.

Soon daylight was swelling on the horizon, but their fear was not diminished; it had turned dangerously cold again inside the car and their anxiety was renewed. He could feel her shivering against him despite any warmth she was getting from his body. They looked at each other: it was time again. His insides started to shake with anticipation of touching her again. He gave her a sweet smile and toyed with the collar of her shirt. It was just a baggy flannel thing but its muted earth tones and intricate pattern made it one of Scully’s favorites.

“This is pretty,” he said to her softly.

She looked down at his hand. “Thank you.” She looked back up at him and he moved to kiss her. They warmed quickly, their kisses less awkward this time. Higher and higher they went as everything else seemed to disappear around them: the snow, the howling wind, the cold. As he held her, scenes from their past flashed through his mind like a high-speed movie: the first time they met, their first fight, the times she’d put her career on the line for him.. {{Mulder I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you}}; the time she’d broken down in his arms and cried, not because she was weak or helpless or a woman, but because she was human and the weight of horror had taken its toll on her; the countless times she’d saved his life. He’d never known a stronger woman. That he could be sitting here with her like this now, in spite of the necessity of it all, that she didn’t seem to mind too much; it was more potent than any fantasy he’d ever had about her. Could she be enjoying this as much as he was? His hand stayed at the v of her shirt, then slowly, he ventured to run it, palm down, down her midsection to the top of her jeans.

He apprehensively took hold of them, curling his fingers around them and letting his thumb caress the top button. Never breaking from their kissing, she gently reached for his hand and guided it back to rest on her side. Mulder whispered into her kiss “Maybe we should…”

“Mulder…” <We haven’t done anything we can’t take back> she argued with herself. But she was kidding herself; this had already changed things. And she didn’t know if she wanted to stop…

He gently used the weight of his body to push her back down on the seat. The Suburban’s seats were wider than most vehicles but it was still an uncomfortable fit. He continued to drown her in his kisses as his hands moved over her body with gentle persistence. He kept her hovering at her threshold in blissful torture. A fine mist of sweat dampened her hairline. Finally, he slipped a hand underneath her at the small of her back and pulled her against him. As he did, she could feel him against her, causing her to start shaking with desire.

He started to move up against her and she could feel herself careening towards the point of no return. “No… Mulder stop…” she breathed forcefully. But he was blind to common sense at this point, as he responded to her body in perfect synchronicity. Besides, even as she breathed the words, it was too late. Her body rose against his as his whisper was intense at her ear “yes…” A strangled cry escaped her, her head arched back as an explosion of ecstacy let go from her center and sent waves of pleasure through her body.

Mulder’s breath was hot at her neck as he suffocating himself in her hair.

Scully’s body relaxed but her mind was reeling. A look of shock came over her face. Mulder moved to kiss her forehead as her breathing slowed. Scully turned her head away and brought a hand up over her mouth. She felt positively nauseous.

Don’t,” Mulder whispered fiercely as he pried her hand away , “don’t you dare regret this…” he kissed her nose, her chin. “Don’t you dare…” he whispered into her mouth as his hands slid down her torso.

“Mulder—” she started, but the words choked in her throat.

No,” he whispered, placing a shower of gentle kisses on her neck.

She closed her eyes as his kisses warmed her neck. His hands slipped under her shirt, the bare skin underneath, and she was amazed to find he was arousing her again. But this time she let herself go where he was taking her. He continued to kiss her; long, sensual kisses that held the intensity of his longing. And as he kissed her, images of their past surfaced and flashed in her mind like those damned slides he was so fond of: that taunting smile at their first meeting, the gentle caress of her cheek and his endearing, protective behavior when her father died, his need to be there for her during the Pfaster investigation… He moved his hands once again to the top of her jeans, and this time she didn’t stop him. He released the button and slowly drew down the zipper. He slid a hand inside her jeans along the side of her hip. And she didn’t stop him.


She nodded quickly. “Yes…”

He tugged impatiently at the waist of her jeans. He was on the verge of loosing control, as his mouth moved hungrily over her neck and face. They continued to kiss as their hands worked at each other’s clothes. Mulder’s thoughts were starting to swim and his head buzzed like a droning engine. Louder and louder it grew…

They froze, Mulder propping himself up on his arms as he listened to the air around them. He looked at Scully and saw that he wasn’t the only one hearing it. Their guides had returned. They looked at each other for a second that seemed to last an eternity between them.

Then, almost simultaneously, they both started quickly into action in a mad rush to fasten and re-zip before the two guides arrived…

The snowcat meandered slowly up the embankments as they neared their destination with Mulder and Scully once again in the back seats. Neither of them spoke a word the entire way. They had glanced at each other once near the beginning of their trip, then Scully had turned to look out the window. She hadn’t looked back since. Mulder kept looking over at her, waiting for her to turn her head in his direction, but she wouldn’t. At one point he’d started to slide his hand across the seat to take hers, then thought better of it.

Scully could feel him staring at her, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him again. God how could she have let this happen? How could she have been so unprofessional? To lose control like that? It was a bad idea, she never should’ve OK’d it in the first place. On the other hand, if they hadn’t, they would most likely be suffering from extreme hypothermia right now… or worse. Besides, she could not deny that there had been some small part of her that had wanted this.

That curiosity had always been there, but that first kiss had set the wheels of desire into irreversible motion. Even if they had stopped after that first intermission, things would have been different. The feel of his touch was too powerful to forget. Then they had decided to go beyond that, to take their relationship to a new level. For those few moments they had not been FBI agents Mulder and Scully, or even good friends Mulder and Scully; they had been, simply, a man and a woman. But the dawn of reality had revealed that they were agents Mulder and Scully again, and that decision had not been made rationally… so now what? She wondered what Mulder was thinking. Was he regretting it? He looked like he desperately wished to be anywhere but sitting there in that back seat with her.

Mulder tapped his fingers nervously on the door’s armrest. The back of the snow cat seemed the size of a toaster oven. How could he have let things get so out of hand? He never should’ve let her agree to take that course of action. And he was an adult, he should have shown some self control. But she was so… He wouldn’t let himself think about that, he couldn’t. Not if he ever wanted things to back to normal. But could they ever be again? Or was it already too late?

Physically, they hadn’t actually consummated their relationship; but they’d committed to doing so. They would have if their guides hadn’t returned. And regardless, they had shared something special.

No, they were kidding themselves if they thought their relationship could ever be the same again. So… where did they go from here? He looked back over at her as she continued to stare out the window.

What was she thinking? He desperately wished for some sign from her, something to let him know that they were OK, that maybe it wasn’t a mistake; instead, just a natural progression of their friendship, however instigated by their circumstances. But she wouldn’t look at him. He returned his gaze to the passing scenery.

Sensing that his eyes were not on her, she turned and watched him.

He was looking out the window, his thoughts appeared to be far away. As she studied his face, his profile, his posture, a tide of affection for him swelled in her. This was Mulder: her partner, her friend. Maybe this wasn’t a mistake; just the next natural step for them, however necessary it had started out to be. She knew how he felt about her… and that he was probably feeling the same way she was right now: uncertain and embarrassed. Summoning all her courage, she slid her hand across the seat toward him, then lightly tapped the back of his hand with her finger. He turned his head quickly to look at her, surprised. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly in an unsure smile. He took her hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze. And he smiled back.

Freeze II: Release

by Kelli Roch

Date: 7 Oct 1995 03:19:26 GMT

Had some requests to finish Freeze (man, you guys are good!). Your wish is my comand…. here’s a short little epilogue that I hope will meet with your approval ;). Feel free to send any comments to Kelli at or .

The following story is based on characters copyrighted by Ten Thirteen Productions, created by The Man, Chris Carter, and who are the property of the Fox network and are used without permission. No infringement intended.

Freeze II: Release

They held hands the rest of the way back to the site. Scully wished they were alone so that she could slide across the seat to him; she desperately wanted to feel his arms around her again. But this was neither the time or the place, so they sat silently as they rode; both of their thoughts consumed with being alone together…

Surprisingly, the site was beautiful. Better than most of the accommodations they were used to. It was a fairly large single story log-cabin whose research lab and equipment were located in the basement and in a nearby garage-like building. But the rest of the site was equipped with all the comforts of home: a plentiful kitchen, an open living area with a stone fireplace. A narrow hallway connected this part of the cabin with several bedrooms and a bathroom.

The day was spent touring the research building and examining the equipment, for no real reason other than building their own knowledge; when they arrived most of the research data they were sent to obtain had already disappeared. So they spent the day with their two guides going over what bits and pieces of the data had been left behind, trying to salvage what they could. As the sky was beginning to darken with the first shadows of night, the four of them traipsed back from the adjoining garage to the cabin to make something to eat.

Scully could feel Mulder’s eyes on her all through dinner and it kept her face warm with color…

Mulder watched her. He couldn’t wait to be alone with her so they could finish what they’d started…

As dinner was nearing completion and conversation had reached a lull, Scully excused herself and headed down the dark hallway towards her room. Mulder straightened and watched her go before excusing himself.

“Scully wait a second…”

Halfway down the hall she stopped and turned to see his dark figure half-jogging towards her.

He came to a stop and studied her. After a moment, he stepped closer. “So…”


“What are you doing?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, um, I think I’m going to turn in…”

They looked at each other. The hallway seemed to share their secret and was thick and heavy with electricity. Mulder brought a hand up to her face and traced the cupid’s bow of her mouth with his finger.

That was all it took to send a wave of warmth through her abdomen and make her head spin with desire. Scully swallowed hard. His penetrating stare was unnerving her and she suddenly felt uncharacteristically shy. “What do you want, Mulder?” she whispered softly, her eyes studying the floor.

The corner of his mouth turned up slightly. He paused, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He waited for her to look up at him before whispering back to her. “I want to see that pleasure on your face again and know that I’m the one that made you feel that way.”

She stared at him; the effect he had on her could only be described as hypnotic.

Slowly, Mulder moved to kiss her. He stopped halfway to look at her, to make sure it was still all right, then kissed her lightly.

Pulling back he brought a hand to her cheek. “Come with me,” he whispered, taking her hand and turning to lead her the rest of the way down the hallway to his bedroom. They entered the room and Mulder shut and locked the door behind them. Scully stood with her back against the door and looked around the small room.

Illuminated only by light from the fireplace, the room was warm and comfortable. Mulder had taken their two sleeping bags, zipped them into one large one and placed it on the floor in front of the fire. She looked at him with the slightest smile on her face. He returned a sheepish grin. Mulder seemed to have already made the tiny room look like home: clothes scattered around rather than unpacked, a half eaten plate of waffles on the bureau next to the door. Mulder saw her looking at the plate. He had been starving from the night before and, unable to wait until dinner, had decided to have a little snack to tide him over. He looked down at the plate. He ran his finger along its center, collecting a large amount of syrup on his forefinger. Scully’s jaw dropped slightly as she watched him bring the finger up to her face, his smile reflecting his mischievous intentions. He smeared the syrup across her bottom lip, then haphazardly down her chin, running the finger down her neck to the v of her shirt. Her breathing started to come more quickly as he leaned into her, kissing the skin just above her shirt. Letting his tongue indulge in little tastes along the way, he followed the trail of syrup with kisses up to her collarbone, along her throat, across the soft place under her jaw, her chin, finally pausing at her lips. He kissed her mouth, cleansing it of the sticky substance. She brought a hand up behind his neck and kissed him back, their tongues moving slowly as they tasted each other’s mouths. The kiss was more potent than any other this time, away from the security blanket of necessity they’d had in that vehicle. Mulder pulled from the kiss and studied her face.

<I can’t believe this is really happening> he thought to himself. He had deeply cherished their friendship, and only in the farthest realms of his dreams had he dared to even imagine this happening between them. He felt like he was walking through a dream now; this whole thing had felt unreal to him, yet there she was in front of him, her eyes filled with warmth and consent. She wasn’t pushing him away or telling him to stop… he could see for the first time that she believed; she believed in this… in them. As amazing as it was, she believed. And then his mind realized suddenly what his heart had known all along: that he wanted this too; that he wanted her. Only her. He brought his lips back to hers, this time more demanding in his intent, setting all the right responses in motion. He pulled her from the door, then stepped behind her. Pulling her back against his chest, he walked her over to the sleeping bag. “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he whispered into her ear. He pulled her down onto the sleeping bag so that they sat facing each other. They looked at each other for what seemed like a long time as the gentle radiance from the fire warmed their sides, unsure of who would make the next move. Scully reached over and lay a hand on his cheek; he turned his face into her palm and placed a kiss in its center. She stood and stripped her bottom half, her oversized shirt still leaving much to the imagination. She sat back down in front of him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Holding his gaze, she reached for his belt and slid it from his jeans. She unfastened the button and drew the zipper down. Mulder’s breathing came more quickly as he watched her with a wolf’s hunger. He couldn’t wait any longer; since last night’s encounter he hadn’t been able to think of anything else but her; of holding her again, of what she would feel like… he reached for her, taking her by the waist and leading her to him. His breath rushed out in a single quick gasp as he found her, and his head fell forward against her neck. He brought his hands up to hold her face. Their frames were silhouetted against the orange glow from the fire’s light as he pushed her back onto the sleeping bag. His low sounds of pleasure quickly turned more untamed as he moved deep inside her; then they were silent in a long, slow moment of release that was almost instantaneous for both of them.

As they slowed, she wove her hands underneath his open shirt and around his torso. She took in the musky, masculine smell of his skin as he settled on top of her. He kissed her dampened forehead, then gently nudged her nose with his own. She tilted her head up to kiss him softly. He lifted up the sleeping bag so they could crawl inside.

They lay there facing each other; Scully resting her head on her arm as Mulder propped his up on his hand, looking down at her. She closed her eyes as he traced the outline of her eyebrows, her eyelids with his finger. He shifted to match her position, resting his head on his arm. She opened her eyes and he saw that they were hazy with contentment. Her feelings for him radiated so clearly from those eyes and touched his soul. Through the night, they made love several times, their need to be close overriding any inclination for undisturbed slumber.

As first light was brightening the windows, a few scattered red embers smoldered in the fireplace. Now Scully’s clothes were mingled in with Mulder’s mess. And two lovers lay holding each other in the warmth of a heavy sleeping bag. They slept deeply.

They may not have known what the future would bring, but there was one thing, a simple truth, that they were certain of: although they were now more than partners, they would never be less than friends.

The End.

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