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Title: Forbidden Fruit

Author: Fiona E-Mail: ()

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Rating: PG to R

Spoilers: None that I can think of.

Summary: Mulder pushes the boundary lines.

Disclaimer: I took ‘em and wrote ‘em this way. Bite me. <g>

Authors note: Grateful thanks to Jules and Scarlet for their input and nagging 🙂


Forbidden Fruit

Basement Office
Hoover Building
Washington DC

Grimacing in disgust, Mulder crumpled up a third spoiled expenses form and tossed it in the general vicinity of the trash can. It missed.

By a mile.

They had fallen into a companionable silence after their lunch – a menu-for-two from the Chinese place around the corner. Both were trying to clear a backlog of official forms that had accumulated over the past three weeks.

Bored with paperwork and finding his pencil ammunition depleted, Mulder turned his attention to his partner.

Always the professional, she was dressed in a navy suit that flattered her figure, or at least what little he could see of it from where he was sitting. He watched as she tucked an annoying strand of hair behind her ear, her small slender fingers moving to the earring in her left lobe, twisting it back and forth.

The remains of her meal lay neatly discarded in a plastic bag by her feet, and on the desk in front of her lay dessert.

A mango.

And she was gazing at it as though it were the Oracle at Delphi.

His voice cut through the silence, making her jump.

“Are you going to eat that or just stare at it?”

Scully sighed and cast a glance at her partner.

“It’s too messy. I’ll eat it when I get home.”

She regarded the fruit once more, slowly reaching for it, feeling the heavy ripe weight in her hands.

It looked fabulous. Smooth green skin with several blushes of peach and rose, slightly yielding to gentle pressure from her thumb.

It smelled delicious too.

Her lips curved into a little smile. “Looks good doesn’t it?”

“So eat it.”

“I don’t have a knife. Or a napkin.”

She eyed her suit “..besides, I don’t want to get juice everywhere.”

Smiling, Mulder leaned back into his office swivel chair and pivoted from side to side. For some reason, he was more than eager to see his eternally neat and tidy partner eating incredibly messy food. God knows he needed some distraction from the monotony of expense reports. He delved into his pockets and then stood, ambling over to the tiny wash basin.

Scully turned her attention back to the thick files that occupied most of the desk and slipped on her glasses.

“Let’s try and get these finished by five, Mulder. I need to go and buy a birthday present for Bill, and I haven’t a clue what to get him this year.”

Mulder scowled at the mention of her brother. A few uncharitable suggestions skidded across his mind, but he kept them to himself.

Teasing out the blade from a small pocket knife, he washed it thoroughly under hot running water, and then grabbed several paper towels from the wall dispenser.

Basic tools, but they would have to do.

“Hey Scully?,..dessert time”.

Leaning over her shoulder he placed a couple of towels on the desk, moving aside the folders and her briefcase. She watched as his large hands grasped the mango, spearing it with a small knife before setting it down in front of her.

“Bon appetit.” he whispered against her right ear.

Scully closed her eyes briefly as his hushed words vibrated through her body. Only Mulder could make an abysmal French accent sound so arousing.

“I’ll never eat all this by myself. You want some?”

His eyebrows lifted slightly.

Hoo boy. It didn’t get any better than this.

“Sure, Scully. I’d love some.” he said, draping his long body back into his chair.

Silence hung between them for a few minutes as he observed her cut the fruit into delicate slices, admiring her small medical hands as they manipulated the knife with expert precision. Finally, she stabbed a piece with the blade and offered it to him, cupping her palm under it to catch any juice.

Scully had expected him to yank it playfully off the knife with his fingers but he surprised her by scooting his chair over to hers and leaning his elbow across the desk, opening his mouth.

She had no choice but to place it between his lips, and wait for him to accept it.

Slowly, and with a smile that made her blush, he gently placed his mouth around it and drew it inside onto his tongue as if it were the Holy Eucharist.


“Mmmmm.. it’s very good. Here, try some.”

Long slender fingers lifted a piece to her parted lips, pushing it gently between them and she suddenly became aware that the pad of his index finger was spreading juice across her bottom lip, tracing the natural shape of it with a deliberate caress.

The fruit melted in her mouth, sweet and refreshing with a slightly musky, peppery after taste. Delicious. Another slice arrived between her lips.

Scully closed her eyes briefly, feeling a little uncomfortable. Mulder often invaded her personal space to tease her, and she usually welcomed his attempts as part of the banter they enjoyed together at work.

But this was different.

He wasn’t speaking. He wasn’t goading her over some illusive monster whose existence she couldn’t disprove with science.

He was concentrating on the simple act of feeding her.

And it felt incredibly intimate.


She opened her eyes to find him even closer, the side of his thigh pressing hard against her own, his arm resting along the back of her chair.

She accepted another piece, the juice sliding out of the corner of her mouth and watched with widened eyes as he caught it with his finger and raised it to his lips, sucking it clean.

“Messy, Scully.” He whispered, repeating the action, this time managing to run his thumb across the blushing skin of her cheek.

She summoned her composure.

“Actually Mulder, the best place to eat a mango is in the bath.”

His eyes twinkled. “You mean we started this in the wrong room?”

“Something like that.”

He opened his mouth to suggest a rain check when Scully took advantage and stuffed a large slice of the mango inside before he could speak.

“Help me eat this damn thing!”

He let out a small moan. “Spoilsport.”

“You started this Mulder.”

He swallowed quickly, “Yeah, and I want you to finish it. Isn’t that how we usually work as partners?”

She pressed another morsel into his lopsided grin. “Eat!”

“You too.” He grinned, returning the gesture, laughing as their hands became sticky with juice, and loving the fact that Scully was indulging him with a little horseplay.

“Last piece!”

“You have it.”

“No, Scully. It’s your mango.”

“But this suit is going to be ruined!”

“Share it then?” he asked hopefully, placing the slice between his teeth and waggling it up and down.

He moved within a couple of inches of her face and teased her lips with fruit slowly, holding his breath.

She shocked the hell out of him when she leaned forward and opened her mouth, biting down so close that he could feel her teeth graze his bottom lip.


Checking her watch she began reaching for the paper towels, and he suddenly realised that the game was over.

Disappointment clouded his rational thought and he quickly reached for her wrists.

“You’re not finished.”


“You missed the best part, Scully.”

When he didn’t let go of her she turned and glared at him.

“Mulder! Bill won’t … “

He took his hands away and moved behind her chair once more, wondering if he could coax her into staying a little longer. His palms settled upon her shoulders. Worst case scenario: he’d be on the receiving end of a right hook, and if she indulged him,..well, the possible benefits of that made him light-headed.

“Haven’t you ever sucked the flesh from the stone?”

His mouth floated inches from her ear, the mixture of heat and moisture assaulting her senses.

“Mulder, I..”

Two large, sticky hands reached for the right cuff of her blouse, popping the button before slowly rolling the silky material upwards over her forearm.

“I know you don’t like it messy,” he whispered, “..but I’ll help you clean up.”

The left sleeve followed suit.

“But Mulder, it’s..”

“Just try it Scully. Don’t let it go to waste.”

He stepped around to face her and delicately tucked a napkin into the ‘V’ of her neckline, lingering a little longer than necessary in the shadow of her cleavage.

A sigh signalled her defeat, swiftly followed by a distinct blush over her pale skin.

The remainder of the mango felt slippery and fibrous in her fingers, the pulp sliding under her nails as she tried to anchor the stone between her teeth as she sucked. Sweet, rich nectar filled her mouth and she closed her eyes, swallowing it with a pleasurable hum, her cheeks hollowing when her tongue moved across the hard core to draw in more of the succulent flesh.

Mulder was transfixed, his world suddenly acutely focused on two things, her busy mouth and the persistent throbbing in his swelling cock. Even the best porn couldn’t compare to this.

Her soft, full lips were glossy with juice, her head tilted back exposing her throat, and he could hear the initial sound of a low moan resonating around the room.

Silently leaning forward, he positioned his hands on the arms of her chair and simply gazed in wonder as the minutes passed, listening intently to the wet smacking sounds coming from her mouth. This was an experience to be savoured.

Supporting his weight he leaned close enough to smell her hair, his eyes flitting between her occupied lips and the inviting depths of her cleavage. He wanted to fall into it.

Head first.

Trespassing further into her personal space, his height afforded him a glorious view of her breasts and the black bra that supported them.

His eyes snapped shut and hers flew open as the sudden spatter of juice sprayed them both.

“Mmmmm! Mul.. Dammit!” The mango stone, now almost stripped of flesh on one side, escaped from her fingers and dropped onto the floor with a dull plop.

He looked down at the rest of her.

Oh God. She was covered in it. There were orange rivulets gliding down her arms towards her elbows, and her face glistened in the artificial light as she turned to him in panic.

“Shit!” She grabbed for the paper towels.

He wasn’t listening. His eyes were following a stray orange droplet that coursed down her neck beneath her cross. He willed it to travel lower.

“This is dry-clean only!”

He dragged his eyes to her face and then back again. The tiny drop tracked to the left and stopped.


“My skirt.”

“Oh. Oh yeah.”

The small squares of paper proved to be rather inadequate. “Ugh, I’m all sticky. I need to wash my hands.”

Gaining momentum, the bead slid effortlessly between her breasts and disappeared from sight.

The proximity of his body prevented her from standing.



“You missed a bit.”

A frown creased her temple as she inspected her clothes. “Where?”

With his right hand he resumed his position on the arm of her chair and placed his weight above her, immediately risking all by pressing his left index finger against her breastbone.

“Just here.” It was barely a whisper.

Her breathing accelerated a little.

Once the stickiness had collected on the pad of his fingertip he raised it to his lips and sucked, keeping his eyes on hers. Back went his finger, this time a little lower, sliding downwards until his knuckle collided with a pearl button.

Scully let go of the soggy ball of green paper she had been holding and it rolled onto the floor.

“What are y..?” she breathed.

He pressed his wandering finger to her lips. “Sshhh.. no talking. I said I’d help you clean up, didn’t I?”

“Mulder, this isn’t..”

It was a struggle at first to capture her wrist but her annoyance soon turned to astonishment when his tongue began to wash her palm, curling around her fingers like a snake before his mouth devoured each digit with one hot, slow suck.

Scully tried to squeeze her thighs together only to discover his left calf placed firmly between them.

It was almost a minute before she was able to cover her embarrassment with constrained laughter.

“Come on Mulder, cut it out. I really have to go.”

“But I’m not finished!”

She gave him an ineffectual shove backwards. “Well I am!” Annoyance flared in her eyes.

“Scully, wait..”

“Stop it Mulder! You’ve had your fun. Don’t be such a ..”

And then he devoured her indignant words with his mouth.

Just like that. No warning or requests for permission.

A small fist thumped twice against his shoulder and then weakened into gentle grasping movements at his collar. For eight glorious seconds, his lips slid against hers before pulling back with a little syrupy smacking noise.

He tried to keep his eyes closed, waiting for small hands to pound his chest, along with a few choice words about inappropriate behaviour.

He got neither. With a rustle of fabric and a feint cloud of perfume she slipped out of her chair, ducked under his arms and rushed towards the door.

“Bill. Birthday. See you tomorrow.” She muttered breathlessly. And then she was gone.

Mulder straightened up and surveyed the sticky mess that surrounded him. Then he smiled. It had been worth it.

He whistled softy as he gathered up the paper towels, his eyes drawn to the back of her chair.

Due to her hasty departure Scully had left her jacket behind.

And he knew that it was his duty to return it to her. Say about eight o’clock.. with a bottle of wine.

After all, she might need help wrapping that present…



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