Fifteen Minute Window by WhiteRaevyn

Fifteen Minute Window cover


Fifteen Minute Window by WhiteRaevyn

Fifteen Minute Window cover

From: “Nikki L.”

Subject: Fifteen-Minute Window (1/2) NC-17 By Nikki L

TITLE: Fifteen-Minute Window NC-17

AUTHOR: WhiteRaevyn (Nikki L) ( or

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Walter Skinner are property of Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen Productions, Twentieth Century Fox, and anyone else who claims legal right to them.

No copyright infringement was intended.

SUMMARY: I seem to get more replies when I aim for the SMUT target (Sexual Mutual Understanding and Trust), so I am catering to the public.

A New Year’s Eve party provides some Scully/Mulder angst, and a way for our two fave agents to get naughty. Sorry it’s SO late!

SPOILERS: Slight spoilers from ‘Never Again’.


RATING: NC-17. That’s right. Sex. Pure and simple. Hey, give us a break. We SMUT writers have to get our kicks in now, before it’s all ruined for us when Scully and Mulder kiss this summer in the movie. So bear with us. It’s inevitable.


Fifteen-Minute Window

By WhiteRaevyn (Nikki L), 1998

J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building

Wednesday, December 31

8:03 A.M.

Dana Scully sat on her stool in the back of the office she shared with her partner. In her hand she held a gold-embossed invitation. She looked at it once more and read it, numbly.

‘You Are Cordially Invited…’

Oh, really? She thought sarcastically.

‘…To the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s…’

Please, do go on.

‘…Annual Holiday Bash.’

Oh, joy.

She traced the gilded flowers which bubbled up, brocaded, to border the creamy paper. She’d had it in her desk drawer for awhile now.

Every year the Bureau had one of these ‘events,’ and every year Scully had boycotted it. It was a party for the culmination of the holidays: sort of a politically-correct, Chanuka-Christmas-New-Year’s celebration, all in one.

And it was tonight.

She refused to see the significance, let alone importance, of something like this. Someone had once told her that it was for ‘morale’ and to ‘keep the Bureau’s workers happy.’

If they really wanted to make her happy, they would have given her the Christmas bonus she needed. But that would be impossible. No, they had to give her a gilded piece of paper promising a boring evening with a bunch of people she saw every day.

Now, now Dana, let’s not be bitter.

Why not? It’s fun.

Could it be the real reason you hate these events is because you can’t get a date?

Ah. Now even her own brain was turning against her. But deep down, in those dusty recesses of her conscience, she knew it was true.

There was only one person she would remotely consider going with, and even then…

Just then, the door to the office opened, and in strolled her partner, Fox Mulder. She quit fingering the little invite and flipped it into a nearby wastebasket.

Speak of the Devil. Well Dana, here’s your chance. Yeah, right. And the Truth might just fall out of the sky in a platinum envelope and land in her lap.

It was not going to happen.

Scully returned to her work as the Devil strolled over to his desk and tossed his briefcase down. Several files fluttered to the floor, but Mulder was oblivious.

‘Morning Scully.’


‘Happy almost-New-Year’s.’

She smiled. ‘Thanks.’

He then saw the pretty envelope resting amid the stacks of papers.

He picked it up and rolled his eyes, plopping down into his desk chair.

Mulder did not look at her. ‘Is this what I think it is?’

She tried not to look at him, but had to steal a glance out of the corner of her eye. ‘Yes. It’s been there for a week, Mulder. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it yet.’

But then she eyed the expanse of unfinished work housed on his desk. ‘Well,’ she reniged, ‘I’m almost surprised.’

As far as Scully knew, Mulder had never been to the Holiday Bash either. Thankfully, he felt the way she did. She wondered if it was for the same reason.

She watched him silently. Mulder flipped the envelope over and worked a finger under the seal. He ripped it open and pulled out the invitation, carelessly tossing the envelope to the floor. Mulder mumbled under his breath as he read it. Once he was done, he sat for a moment. Then, shrugging his shoulders, he tossed it aside and it was lost to Scully’s view among the sea of papers.

A minute passed by.

She had to know. ‘So, what do you think?’

Mulder was already seemingly engrossed in his work. ‘Hmm? ‘Bout what?’

About the Spice girls, moron. What do you think I’m talking about? ‘About the invitation.’

He continued to scribble away in a file. ‘I don’t know. Same one they send out every year.’

‘I know,’ she pressed, ‘But what do you think?’

Mulder raised his head. He swiveled in his chair to look at her.

‘You mean about going?’

Scully averted her gaze. ‘I suppose.’

He removed his glasses, which Scully had not even noticed that he had put on. Some F.B.I. agent she was.

‘Why Dana Scully, are you asking me to go?’

She tried her best to give him the patented ‘Mulder, go burn in hell’ look. She continued: ‘No, I’m not asking you to go, I was merely inquiring about your specific thoughts on this matter.’

Mulder smiled. ‘You mean you’re asking me what I think.’


He looked at her for a second.

‘I dunno.’

He turned back to his work.

Scully sighed and rolled her eyes. She should have known better than to try to get anything out of him.

Mulder heard her aggravated sigh and faced her once more. ‘Okay then Scully, what do you think?’

She looked him right in the eye. ‘I think these perfectly pagaged protocol events are a waste of time.’

Mulder nodded, as if to concede her point.

‘Is it just because you can’t get a date?’

She fumed. What is it, Put-Scully-Down Day? She puffed herself up on her little stool. ‘Excuse me, I can get a date.’

Mulder chuckled. ‘But Scully, you haven’t had a real date –‘

It was then that he looked at her again. Her expression clearly read: ‘Say any more, and I’ll cut off a vital body part.’

He clipped short his last remark.

‘I can get a date,’ she repeated, still glaring at him, ‘It’s you I’m worried about.’

Mulder froze. He calmly placed the pen he was holding down on his desk. Still looking at her, he said: ‘What are you insinuating?’

‘Mulder, we both know that your last serious date was almost three years ago, with that…that…’

‘Kristen,’ he interjected for her. He had forgotten he had told her about that incident. Not that it meant anything to him, but he wasn’t going to let Scully know that. Not now.

‘Yes…Kristen.’ Scully spat out the name. It left a bitter taste in her mouth. ‘And even she wasn’t a real date.’

Mulder’s hand snaked up to his desk, and fingered the pen he had just put down. An infuriated thought pervaded his mind: Okay. Now it’s personal.

He turned in his seat and leaned in towards her, even though she was all the way across the office. ‘At least MY last date wasn’t a tattooed, drug-induced, schizophrenic.’

Scully stood, her sapphire eyes flashing with rage. She slowly sauntered over to him, her small frame looking Goliath-like from Mulder’s seated position. She reached the chair where he was and, bending over, placed a palm on each arm rest. Scully leaned in, until she was not more than an inch from Mulder’s nose.

‘That may be true,’ she said with a low, angry purr. She licked her lips tantalizingly. ‘But he was fantastic in bed.’

Mulder’s face fell in anguish. Her last phrase hit him like a bullet through the heart.

Satisfied with his reaction, Scully pushed herself off of the armrests, sending Mulder’s chair gliding back an inch or two. She marched back to her corner of the office, picking up her coat and briefcase. She then walked to the door.

‘I’m going out,’ she stated. Not waiting for a reply, she left, slamming the door behind her.

The sound cracked through Mulder’s psyche like thunder.

Washington Hyatt Royal Regency Hotel

Wednesday, December 31

11:48 P.M.

Mulder tugged at the collar of his ski sweater. It was almost unbearbly hot in the room in which the party was being held. He sipped his glass of tonic water while standing in a corner near the door, oblivious to the gaeity and frivolity which took place around him. Men and women alike talked and laughed and danced with each other, dressed in everything from jeans to skirts to suits. Even though the invitation had said the party was casual, Mulder guessed that some Agents couldn’t get home in time to change.

He glanced at his watch. Almost midnight.

He had decided to go to the Holiday Bash after all. Mulder needed to get out, to get away from the mindless monotony his cases had been presenting to him lately. He had tried to find a date, but all of the women in his division already had dates or plans. Maybe they just did not want to be seen with ‘Spooky’ Mulder. Perhaps what Scully said was true. Maybe he just could not get a date.

Not that his being there had anything to do with her.

Not at all.

He sipped his drink again, and shoved a hand into the pocket of his black jeans. It didn’t matter anyway. It was almost two hours into the party, and his partner had not shown up yet. She had rushed out of their office so suddenly that afternoon that Mulder did not get a chance to apologize to her. He felt awful about what he had said. He knew that any man in the entire Bureau would jump at the chance to go on a date with Scully.

Including him.

He was actually thinking of asking her, until he had opened his big mouth and made that stupid comment. She had taken it the wrong way. It was not meant to hurt her, only to tease …

He then noticed a beautiful woman peeking into the room. Mulder caught the glint of the crimson in her hair out of the corner of his eye, and instantly he turned to look. It was a force of habit.

She was wearing a green velvet fitted shirt with black cigarette pants and low-heeled, simple black boots. There were tiny gold-mounted rubies in her ears, which perfectly complimented her fiery hair, and the gilded cross around her neck. She entered cautiously, looking around for a moment and standing by the doorway, rather unsure.

Mulder inhaled sharply and stood up straight, setting his drink aside on a nearby table.

Scully looked wonderful. And she did not have a date either.

The band struck up another song, a slow number. He was straightening his sweater a little in preparation to go and meet her and apologize, when he witnessed a tall blond man approach her from across the room. When he reached her he offered his hand to her and spoke, but Mulder could not hear what he said. He saw Scully demurely shake her head at him, and Mulder realized that the man was asking her to dance.

He offered his hand to her once again, this time speaking and emphatically nodding towards the dance floor. Scully appeared to think for a moment, then she hesitatingly took his hand. He led her across the room to the floor and pulled her into the middle of it, wrapping his arm around her and taking one of her hands in his. They began to move to the gentle rhythm of the slow music.

Jealousy ripped through Mulder. That should have been him. His eyes darkened as he scanned the room for a woman, preforably a woman who was alone.

He found one, a comely brunette, and walked over to her.

Scully danced slowly with the stranger. Adam. He had said his name was Adam. He certainly was handsome enough. She had seen him a few times in the Violent Crimes section of the Bureau, and had noticed his good looks. Apparently he had noticed her as well.

But she hadn’t really been looking for him tonight. Scully knew of the man she wanted, and wasn’t even sure that he was present. She looked into Adam’s eyes, which were crystal-clear sapphire, just like her own. He smiled, showing off two rows of perfect porcelain teeth.

Her stomach flipped sickeningly.

Mulder has perfect teeth, too.

She gave him a tight-lipped smile in return.

What am I doing? she thought angrily. I should be dancing with… She looked at Adam again.

…someone else.

She really hadn’t treated Mulder fairly that morning. His remark had not meant to hurt her, only to chide in that Mulderesque fashion that she usually found so endearing. The only reason she had snapped was because it had touched a raw nerve with her. He was completely correct in his assumption. Scully could not get a date. Nor did she even want a date.

And it was all because of him.

Adam turned them gently to the soft rhythm of the music, and gripped her hand a little tighter. It was then that her eyes rested upon a truly nauseating sight.

Across the crowded dance floor, conspicuously huddled in a corner near a hopelessly overdecorated fern, was Mulder. And in his arms was a cute little brunette, with ringlets of chocolate hair bobbing back and forth as they moved.

And worst of all, they were laughing. Those perfect teeth of his were glinting in the low light, and the mirth of his smile wasn’t hers in which to partake.

A familiar tightening feeling gripped Scully’s heart, and she recognized it to be the same feeling she received upon walking in on Mulder and Phoebe, his ex.

Pure, curdling jealously.

Mulder glanced over to his partner and that man, just in time to catch her eye upon his. What he saw made the laughter die in his throat.

Scully looked as if someone had slapped her. Her features fell in the most heartwrenching way before she looked away from him a split second later.

Mulder’s false happiness disintegrated. He felt like a dog.

He shouldn’t have done this. She only accepted the dance from that guy to be polite, not to be an ass and try to get back at him.

The woman he was dancing with, Renee, looked up at him, concerned.

‘What’s wrong, Fox?’

He winced slightly. God, he hated his first name. And only one woman knew and respected that.

This is not what I wanted.

‘Nothing,’ he replied. ‘Would you excuse me for a moment?’

He left her then, standing next to the ugly fern.

Scully sighed. She just wanted this song to be over so she could go home and sulk and sleep through yet another New Year’s Eve, alone.

Adam continued to beam down at her. It was only a few minutes away from a new year. A new start.

Bet he thinks he’s going to have someone to kiss tonight at midnight. Scully thought.

She smiled sweetly up at him.

Fat chance, buddy.

Scully dared another look over to the corner, just to confirm what she had seen. But, to her surprise, the brown-haired woman was standing all alone, leaning against a wall and looking thouroughly annoyed.

A voice filled the space behind her.

‘May I have this dance?’

Fifteen-Minute Window Part Two

By WhiteRaevyn (Nikki L), 1998

Relief flooded through her at the sound of that phrase. Adam frowned down at Scully, obviously not wanting to give her up. She merely continued to smile, and shrugged her shoulders.

Adam sighed and let her go, nodding as he departed. He had figured she and Spooky had the hots for each other. ‘Thanks for the dance,’ he said.

‘Sure,’ Scully replied, still smiling sweetly.

Mulder swiftly moved in close to fill the space. One hand found its usual spot at the small of her back, and the other tenderly clasped her own hand. They began to dance.

‘Good evening, miss,’ he said, with a half-grin.

‘Good evening,’ she replied, trying not to smile.

They looked at each other for a long moment, each drawing in the beauty of the other’s stare. The words, the apologies, the unsaid feelings hovered in the small space beteween them. So much was said, though no words were exchanged.

Mulder removed his hand slowly from hers. He stopped their bodily movement as it made its way up, up to her face. With agonizing slowness, he ran it down her cheek.

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered.

Sparks shot through Scully’s system. Warnings about their relationship and confused feelings flooded her mind, but one thought rang clear.

She grasped his hand, and squeezed it tightly.

‘Me too,’ she said.

The music came to a close. A voice rang out over the crowd, and Scully and Mulder turned to look at the stage where the band sat.

‘Thanks to the band for their wonderful performance tonight!’

Everyone applauded.

‘And just in time too, because, I am happy to announce that as our party draws to a close, it is only one minute until midnight, until the New Year!’

The crowd cheered.

Mulder turned to Scully. ‘So whaddaya say?’

Scully was a little confused. ‘About what?’

He winked slyly. ‘Do I get a kiss at midnight?’

Scully’s face took on an unsure look. A basket was shoved into her hands by the person next to her, and she realized that it contained assotred noise makers. She chose a little rattler. ‘Oh Mulder, I don’t know…’ She passed the basket to him.

He chose a green horn. ‘C’mon, please? Even if it’s just on the cheek.’

She thought for a bit, fiddling with the rattler in her hands.

Ah, what the hell. It’s New Year’s. And you want to kiss him, don’t you?

She smiled. ‘Okay.’

A small grin played at the corners of his mouth as he tried to hide his happiness, but Scully knew better.

It was finally time. All of the tension in the world is always focused in the counting down of a New Year. Then the crowd began to chant:


Mulder slipped an arm around Scully’s shoulders. Another year, he thought. Another year.


She returned his gesture and maneuvered her arm around his back.

Is this the night? When I tell him the truth? I can’t be alone anymore.


Mulder turned to her, and was lost in her azure eyes. I can’t live another year without her…


Scully reveled in the beauty of the perfect man standing before her, and something surged forward from deep within her.

‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’ the party shouted.

Mulder wrapped his arms around Scully. ‘Happy New Year,’ he said softly as everyone began to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

‘Happy New Year,’ she replied.

He took her face in his hands and bent low, softly grazing the side of her face with his lips, in the chastest of kisses.

Scully’s skin tingled where his lips had touched. She found herself more than a little disappointed. That was all? After all that had happened between them, after almost five years, that was all he was going to give her?

I don’t think so.

He began to pull away, but Scully did not unlock her arms from around his middle. She dropped her rattler. The people continued to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ she asked.

The corner of Mulder’s mouth turned up slightly in understanding.

‘But I thought you only wanted a kiss on the cheek.’

‘I’ve changed my mind,’ she said in a low voice, as her eyelids lowered dramatically. ‘Come here.’ She pulled his face down to hers, and her eyes traveled down his exquisite features to rest on his full, lush lips.

Mulder swallowed nervously as he tentatively embraced her once more. Oh, God, her eyes. That look. That one-and-only look that a woman gets when she needs only one thing. And Scully’s gaze burned with that special passion that Mulder had never seen in her before. How in the hell was he ever going to pull this off?

She licked her lips. ‘Kiss me.’

He needed no more encouragement. He lowered his head that last inch or two and their lips met sweetly, softly, for the first time, their mouths opening to one another, almost flower-like. Toungues intertwined and played as they pulled each other closer, and their bodies pressed tightly together. Mulder wrapped his arms around her and pulled her even farther into an already impossibly tight embrace. The kiss turned fervent as years of pent-up unresolved sexual tension flooded their embrace.

Mulder, Mulder, Oh my God.

She was finally tasting him; their mouths were doing things which Scully was sure was illegal in most states. Her mind screamed with the sensation of her tounge moving over and through the silk of Mulder’s lips. Her fingers were lost all over him. She no longer had control of her body, and it was arching and pressing, and doing things that she didn’t even know it could do. She was utterly intoxicated by the purely masculine scent he exuded; it made her thoughts muddle into shadowed pictures of figures performing acts of passion.

Which, at that moment, was exactly what she wanted to do with Mulder.

The singing ended, and so did their kiss. Scully was breathless for a moment as she fought for something to say. No words would come.

Mulder’s hand snaked its way through the hair at the side of her head. His thumb found the small ruby in her ear and drifted over it, fingering it softly. He gazed at her longingly, his eyes clouded over with desire. It had been much easier than he had thought it would.

Kind of like coming home.

She placed a hand on his chest and traced the pattern of his sweater with a finger. ‘Now what?’

He shrugged. Mulder looked around. People were beginning to leave the party. Lovers were linked arm in arm, with wine-tinged consciousness pervading their steps. Some people simply walked next to each other, politely talking, obviously just acquaintences. But some left the party alone, walking out the double-door in a falsely jovial manner. Mulder sighed. He had been one of the latter souls one too many times.

He looked once more at his partner, his friend, his love. It was time for them to break the boundaries, take that final step in a silent five-year courtship whose final pairing was almost predictable. Of course they had always loved each other. In fact, the whole thing reminded him of some sort of game two people played to see how long the other could hold out without cracking. Mulder decided it was time to crack.

‘Well,’ he said, shyly, ‘We are in a beautiful hotel…’

He didn’t finish, because he was fully expecting a trademark Scully: ‘Well Mulder, I don’t know,’ to break into his comment at any second.

Scully looked at him for a moment, calculating, turning the idea over in her head. A night of torrid passion with her partner? It would be fun; she had to concede that. But was that all it would turn out to be? Just a roll in the hay with a few mumbled acknowedgences in the morning?

Mulder continued to gaze at her, waiting for a reply. He was nibbling his lower lip absentmindedly, and his lopsided half-smile found its way straight into her heart.

No, of course not. They cared for each other too much to let something like that happen and mean nothing. Hell, she admitted to herself.

I love the guy. And I know where he lives. Her hand slid up his chest, where an index finger ran along the base of that lush lower lip she so wanted to suckle on. She smiled.


Mulder was a little surprised, but not really.

After all, it had been inevitable.

Washington Hyatt Royal Regency Hotel

Thursday, January 1

12:08 A.M.

The two agents walked silently side-by-side down the corridor of the beautiful hotel. Normally, this wouldn’t be any different than any other time they had marched with resolution together down some hallway.

Everything between them looked as it usually did, with Mulder’s palm at the small of his partner’s back, and Scully’s gaze turned decidedly forward. But this time they were going to a hotel room. One hotel room. With one bed.


A few minutes earlier, in the lobby, Mulder had purchased a room with lightning speed, whipping out his American Express Card.

‘Never leave home without it,’ he had said to Scully and had received, as usual, little more than a raised eyebrow.

The elevator ride to the thirtieth floor had seemed unusually long. Scully had begun to wonder whether there was some sensor in the paneling which detected sexual urgency and regulated the elevator’s speed accordingly.

Now they were walking down an endless hallway towards something they were both unsure of, but both wanted desperately. They reached their room, 3058, where Mulder deftly unlocked the door with a slide of his keycard. He opened it, stepping aside.

‘Your room, madam.’

She smiled. ‘Why thank you.’ She entered, flipped a nearby light switch, and the room was illuminated.

Scully inhaled sharply. There was an expanse of foyer with a marble floor and two pillars before them. It stretched into an enourmous round sitting room with two couches, a coffee table, and an open bar.

Scully stumbled foward, overcome by the extravagant splendor of the room. Her fingers grazed along soft materials and the coolness of marble as she went. The whole of the decor was done in creams and a dusty rose color, so that the soft overhead track lighting created the illusion of a sunset. There were two open doors on either side of her, and from what Scully could see, they looked like bedrooms.

But straight ahead, up a couple of steps and through two frosted French doors, Scully could see the main bedroom. She walked up to it, entered, cautiously, and flipped another lightswitch.

Soft, low, rosed light filled the circular room. A large, four-poster bed rested close to the opposing wall, which, in fact, wasn’t really a wall at all. It was more of a giant window, which spread out for nearly half of the oval she stood in. There were chairs and a desk and a few potted plants scattered about, and a bathroom to the left.

Scully sighed as she fumbled with the golden cross on her chest.

She walked slowly over to the large window and stared out over the city. It hummed with excitement, abuzz from the parties and events of the evening. It was a crystal clear night, and the lights of the various monuments and buildings shimmered in the eve of the new year.

She could see everything. Absolutely everything.

She stood for a moment, lost in the awe and the love that she was feeling, until a pair of strong arms encircled her waist from behind.

A mouth kissed her ear, then whispered: ‘You like?’

‘Mulder,’ she sighed, ‘It’s beautiful.’ She turned around in his arms, and brought her hands up to capture the sides of his face.

‘Only the best,’ he said, and brought his mouth down over hers.

Their lips met urgently and their tounges found one another quickly, as their kiss gained potency.

Scully finally indulged that little fetish of hers and nibbled on Mulder’s lower lip, eliciting a low moan from deep within his throat.

She sucked softly, continuously, as he licked gently her upper lip.

After a few seconds he pulled away.

‘Scully,’ he breathed, ‘I want this to be perfect. You and me together.’

She found the waistband of his jeans and hooked her thumbs in it.

She pulled inwards, effectively pressing his hardness into her hips.

Enjoying the shuddering breath this drew from him, Scully said, ‘Mulder, I love you. I don’t think anything we do could be less than perfect. But,’ she tugged harder on his waist, almost causing them to lose their balance, ‘If we don’t get to it soon, I’m going to explode.’

Mulder grinned. ‘Yes ma’am.’

With that he grabbed her waist and pushed her back, back onto the huge bed where she fell to the mattress. A sharp little laugh escaped her lips as he moved up to join her, straddling her thighs and pinning her in place.

The laugh turned to a growl of pleasure as Mulder lowered his head to the curve of her neck, where he traced the column of her throat with the tip of his tounge.

‘God,’ Scully cried as his hand found and gently cupped one of her breasts. Through the velvet of her shirt Mulder could feel the nipple rise to meet the grazing motion of his thumb. He moved his mouth back up to her lips where he roughly pervaded its sweet softness with his tounge, plunging in and out rapidly.

Abruptly he broke it off and sat up a little. He looked down at her with a visage of mock disappointment on his face. He shook his head.

‘Agent Scully,’ he informed her, ‘I am afraid that you are way too overdressed for this particular activity.’

‘Well Agent Mulder,’ she stoicly replied, sitting up and shoving him off of her, ‘I can take care of that.’

With that she stripped off the little velvet top, tossing it away to reveal perfect breasts housed in a green-satin bra. She kicked off her shoes, pulled off her thin socks and moved off the bed to stand before him, clad only in her cigarette pants and bra. Fully conscious that she had his undivided attention she moved with agonizing slowness, unzipping and dropping her pants, then kicking them away. Her underwear matched her bra: a shimmering shade of forest-green satin.

Scully slowly reached around and unhooked the back clasp of her bra, sliding the straps off of her shoulders, hesitating a moment out of nervousness before letting it fall to the ground. She then hooked her thumbs in her panties, locked her gaze onto his, took a deep breath, and slid them off, not taking her eyes off of his for even a second. She then stood before him, suddenly no longer nervous, reveling in the somewhat erotic pleasure of her being completely naked, and his being completely clothed.

Mulder sat on the edge of the bed and licked his lips as his eyes roved over the length of her supple form. Her skin glowed ivory in the soft light. ‘You are so…beautiful,’ he stated, his voice full of emotion. He reached out a hand to run it down her side.

She stepped away from his touch, smiling naughtily. ‘Your turn.’

She arched an eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest.

Mulder nodded. ‘Fair enough.’ He removed each of his shoes and socks, taking his time in doing so, being difficult deliberately. He stood and removed his ski sweater, throwing it atop Scully’s pile of clothes. Mulder then pulled his black turtleneck off, revealing a torso of sinewy, lean perfection.

He attempted to remove his jeans, but had a little difficulty because of what he had just seen. He was eventually able to gently unbutton them and work the zipper over and down his throbbing sex, sliding the pants and boxers off and away.

Scully admired him. Her eyes scalded a path up his body taking in every … ahem … arousing detail.

Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, she thought.

They gravitated toward one another and met in a tender embrace, relishing in the contact of skin against skin. Scully placed her head against his chest and hugged him close, and he did the same, burying his nose in her fragrant crown of crimson hair.

‘I need you,’ he murmured, ‘I’ve needed you for so long.’

Scully’s hand trailed its way down between them. It found what it was looking for; the hot urgency which was burning from between Mulder’s legs and pressing itself insistently into her abdomen. She stroked him slowly, and reveled in the gasp of arousal it elicited from him.

Scully pulled her hand away and wrapped her arms about his waist, locking her fingers behind him. She then turned the both of them around and backed her way towards the bed, pulling her with him. Her backside bumped up against the edge of the satin sheet and she let go of him.

Scully sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up.

‘You going to join me?’

Mulder moved to do so, and Scully scooted across the bed and lay down, back against the pillows. She stretched languidly. The satin felt so exquisite against her skin.

Mulder was instantly by her side, cradling against her. A finger found its way to her face where it traced down, across her chin, down a clavical, until it found the soft roundness of a breast where it stopped and lingered. It moved to circle the slightly darker area of her nipple, and Mulder smiled when it tightened instantly at his touch.

Scully smiled and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She had wanted this for so long…

She moaned as the soft wetness of Mulder’s mouth found her breast at last, and cried out when his tounge darted out and laved over it. It did this for awhile, until it grew tired and moved to shower equal attention over the other breast.

Scully murmured her disappointment when the attention ceased, but quickly recovered as Mulder made his way down, kissing and licking and leaving a hot trail across her stomach. He kissed the soft hairline at the top of her sex before sliding his hands between the upper part of her inner thighs and gently spreading them apart.

Scully spoke through the thick sexual haze clouding her mind: ‘Mulder … Mulder, you don’t have to–‘

‘Shhh,’ he cut her off, ‘You’re exquisite, Scully. I want to.’

All doubts flew from her mind as she experienced the first sweet touch of his tounge. He licked all over and through her as she moaned and yelled her delight. Her backside ground into the mattress and her hips throust forward eagerly into his mouth. Her fingers wound their way through his hair and clutched at the bedsheets, seeking some grip on the tangible world as her pleasure flew higher and higher.

Mulder loved every inch of her. He always had: from her toes to the inside of her knees to her earlobes; he thought he would never get enough of touching this woman. And now, with his mouth filled with the exquisite taste of her, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. It was taking everything he had to keep ahold on his self-control and not embarass himself, and the beautiful creature writhing beneath him and uttering his name wasn’t helping any. But it wasn’t over yet.

Just as Scully thought she couldn’t take any more, just as her ecstasy was reaching its peak, Mulder stopped. Scully panted for a moment before raising her head to look down at him, puzzled, and more than a tad frustrated.

Mulder shook his head, and slowly moved up to position himself between her legs. The tip of his erection barely grazed her opening, making Scully shudder. ‘I have to be inside you when you come.’

Scully managed to murmur: ‘Okay.’ She thrust her hips forward suddenly, sheathing him fully in a swift movement, causing Mulder to cry out, and a hiss of pleasure to escape her.

‘God, Scully,’ he breathed, sliding out of her, then diving back in, burying himself to the hilt. He waited a few seconds to regain control of his fizzling nerves before repeating the motion: a slow withdrawal and a quick, hard thrust.

Oh, it was perfect. (Thrust.) God, just fucking perfect. Scully dug her nails into the mattress. He knew exactly how she (thrust) ahhh, just how she liked it. Hard, oh, so goddamn (thrust) hard. A few more of these and (thrust) … Jesus …

He was so happy. The emotions driving through his being were indescribable: the pure physical and mental pleasure coarsing through every fiber of his being was almost tearing him apart. Mulder couldn’t believe it; couldn’t believe anything. He was almost over the edge. He had waited for so long.

(Thrust.) ‘Oh Mulder,’ Scully groaned, her belly tightening as her body prepared to plunge into that epitomous chasm. (Thrust.) ‘Just …

oh God … just like that.’

One more, her mind yelled at her, the liquid fire burning its way down, down. Just one more and I’m done for …’

The final thrust came, and so did Scully. It was like an earthquake: slow at first, with small shudders coarsing through her body, but then it grew, and grew some more, until she was locking her legs around Mulder’s hips and clasping his slick body to her own, crying out his name like a mantra.

That did it. As soon as he felt Scully fly over the edge, he was quick to follow. He managed to plunge into her once more before the last shred of control he had shattered, and he screamed and sobbed over her as his orgasm tore through him.

Their cries mingled together until the waves subsided. Mulder could no longer support his own body weight. He just managed to gently slide out before he fell to the side of her.

‘Scully,’ he panted, ‘I’d grab us a blanket but,’ he licked his lips, ‘I can’t move.’

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, tiny aftershocks of pleasure still rippling through her, ‘That’s okay.’ She smiled. ‘I’m not really that cold anyway.’ She shifted over so that she could snuggle against him, molding her body to his. ‘Just hold me.’

Mulder yawned as sleep began to overtake him. ‘All right.’

‘Love you,’ Scully managed to utter before drifting off.

‘Me too.’

They slept.

J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building

Friday, December 2

7:01 A.M.

Scully unlocked the door to their office and stepped inside. She flipped on the lights, and walked back to her area. Setting her briefcase down, she moved to perch on her stool.

A whole new stack of files was waiting for her. She really hated it when she missed out because she was sick. The Bureau hadn’t shut down on New Year’s Day. Of course that would have been much too easy.

Then again, she really hadn’t been sick yesterday. And Mulder didn’t really visit his sick mother either. In fact, neither one of them had bothered to put on clothes yesterday.

They’d decided to call in sick from the hotel and had spent the day in that glorious, four-poster bed. And on the couch. And in the shower. And on one of the barstools. And on both of the guest beds.

Jeez, Scully thought with a smile. I think we set a new record.

But today, they had agreed that it was best that they show up.

She’d just had time to stop by her apartment and change into a fresh set of clothes. She hadn’t even been able to check her answering machine.

Scully hoped her mother wasn’t worrying about her.

Mulder still hadn’t arrived yet. But he would soon. Scully picked up the phone nearby and dialed her mother’s number. She smiled again.

Her mom always thought that Mulder was ‘such a nice man. Dana, why don’t you date him?’

‘Oh, mom,’ she had said numerous times, ‘He’s my partner, nothing more.’

But now …

As the phone rung softly in her ear, Scully glanced down into the wastebasket, which had not yet been emptied. There it was. That invitation. The gold winked up at her from its depths.

Scully reached down, pulled it out, and set it on a nearby shelf, angling it towards her.

A voice answered on the nearby phone. ‘Hello?’

‘Hi, mom? It’s me,’ she replied, turning just in time to see the office door open and Mulder walk through. He saw her and smiled.

‘Dana, hello! What’s new?’

Scully waved to Mulder, returning his grin. ‘Not much. I met someone, though …’


Feb, 1998.

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