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Rated : NC-17….so if your too young you know what to do.

Disclaimer:Yadda, Yadda, Yadda,……………You know I don’t own them…That increadable responsibility belongs to CC, ten thirteen productions, and Fox. And if you really think I’m getting paid for this story then you had better check my bank account.

Summary: Ok I was sittin there watching Biogenisis and the thought struck me that when Diana Fowley said that Mulder was asking for Scully the night before. Then I thought he better have a good reason to be saying Scully’s name while he’s having sex with another woman. This was my thoughts on the matter. It was basically the only way I could keep my sanity and try not to get mad at Mulder when DF took off her shirt and went into his room. The only thing I can say is that he must have seen her without her shirt on and that’s why he went crazy. This not an X-file. I would say it’s straight smut but it does have some comedy in it. It is definatly an MSR though.

All feedback welcome. Flames can not help, but constructive critisism can …so let me know what ya think. Hope you like it. Oh, and all the mistakes are strictly mine.


The smoke alarm was new. Neither agent knew the potential of its very inner workings. They just assumed the office was a safe haven.


God it was hot…

Scully glanced towards Mulder and drew in a sharp breath. <Oh my god…What the hell is he doing????>

His horrible tie that he had chosen this morning was gone, his jacket hanging over the back of his chair. Slowly, as if in casually, he was unbuttoning his shirt. When he had succeeded in undoing all the buttons he took it off.

She gasped and he looked up sharply.

“Are you alright Scully?” She was staring at him. “You don’t mind, do you? It’s just too damn hot in this basement. I wish they’d actually fix that air conditioner, once and for all, instead of just saying they will.”

“No, I don’t mind. I just don’t think it’s very fair.” Her voice was sultry, almost seductive. It had been way to long since she’d seen him without a shirt on. The sight combined with the heat of the basement was getting to her.

Mulder glanced towards her sharply again. “What is that supposed to mean?” He looked almost scared. His jaw hanging slack at the tone in her vioce.

“Well, you can cool off by taking off your shirt but what exactly am I supposed to do?” She was still staring at him. Her eyes were full of the dark hair matted on his chest. <Oh my god…why haven’t I noticed how much I want to run my hands through that hair> Quickly, she looked away.

“Well, you could always take off your shirt….After all fair is fair.” His voice was tainted with that tone he always had when he had said something he thought was going to turn her off. His eyes flew open from half mass when she reached up and started to undo her own shirt. “I was just kidding Scully. What if somebody comes down here and sees you like that. They’d never understand.”

Scully looked back towards him. “And exactly who is going to come down here? AD Skinner? I think I’ll take the chance. After all, I’m hot too.”

His mouth dropped at the same time her blouse did. She sat there in front of him in nothing but a little black bra and a skirt, deftly going through the papers on her desk. Well if she could ignore the fact that he didn’t have a shirt on, then he would do the same for her.

But she wasn’t ignoring it…what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him.


Twenty minutes later…

Mulder looked up from his computer. What he saw made his mouth drop. “Scully what the hell are you doing now?”

“I’m still hot. I figured if I took off this damn skirt and pantyhose it would cool me down some more.” She didn’t let her voice betray her. This was too much fun. She knew exactly what this was doing to him.

Mulder stared at her. She was standing in front of him wearing little black panties and that black bra to match. <God…It’s just like Scully to have underwear that seductive>

“I don’t know Scully…I think that’s going a little too far.” The expression on his face was telling her a different story.

“Well Mulder, you’ll just have to deal with it. I’m hot.” With those words she sat back down and promptly went back to looking at her paperwork

Mulder stared at her. He couldn’t help it. She looked so sexy sitting in their office wearing nothing but her underwear. Grinning to himself, he stood up slowly and proceeded to unzip his pants and pull them off. It was her turn to gasp.

“Fair is fair…Right Mulder?” It was too much. The seductive tone of her voice was almost enough to make him come right then and there. But then she would win, and he didn’t want this game to end that soon. After all, she had started it.

“Yep Scully…Fair is fair.” Mulder sat down behind his desk. Staring at the computer screen he tried to work some more but couldn’t. Not with a half-naked Scully sitting not more than five feet away from his own half-naked self.

All thoughts of paperwork left Scully’s mind. She couldn’t believe she had taken the game this far. She had started it but he had to be the one to give in. She just didn’t know if she could take it further. <Oh my god….I love the way he looks in those boxers. This is too much.>

We’ll just have to see who gives in first….Won’t we Mulder?


Fifteen minutes later…

Scully was starting to get flustered. She had expected Mulder to give in after only a few minutes…but he hadn’t. He was still sitting at his desk staring at his computer. Every now and then he would click on the mouse but that was it. He wasn’t staring at her at all. <I’ll get him…I have to win this battle of resistance.>

“Mulder can you hand me that file off the corner of your desk please?”

Mulder reached out to grab the file. His hand was shaking slightly from the tension lacing throughout the room and that caused him to knock the folder to the floor. Papers flew everywhere. Mulder put his hands up, covering his face.

<Oh this was even better than I’d hoped.> Scully stared at his neck which seemed to be turning crimson. <Oh my god is he blushing?>

“It’s okay Mulder. I’ll help you pick it up.” She stood up slowly, waiting for him to do the same. When he didn’t move she walked to the edge of his desk and bent over to retrieve the papers herself.

Mulder pulled his hands away from his face and almost moaned. Scully’s barely clad bottom was only about a foot away from him. He could’ve cried out if he knew that she wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to harass him about it. <I can’t take much more of this.>

“Scully…stop…Let me get it. After all I did knock it down.” She was taking this game a little too far. His voice was evidence of that. It was tinged with the strain of holding onto his sanity and she knew it.

She didn’t stand up. She just kept scooping up the papers until they were back in the folder. Turning around, she glanced at his computer screen and froze. <Oh my God…is that what he’s been doing the past ten minutes?>

Mulder reached up clicking off the monitor, realizing it was already too late. <Did she really have to see that?>

Reaching over she switched the monitor back on. An image of her lying on a bed in nothing but underwear filled the screen. Somehow, or another, he had found copies of her modeling pictures that she had taken in college. She had never told him about that modeling job. It was something she had never expected him to find out about.

“Mulder where exactly did you get a copy of that picture?” She was staring at the picture of herself lying on a bed in nothing but black lace underwear.

“Scully….I …I ….” Where the hell had he gotten that picture? The modeling job had promised some extra money, something she had dearly needed at the time.

“Mulder exactly where did you get a copy of that picture?” She had never mentioned it to him. How had he gotten ahold of even that one picture? Much less have a copy on his computer.

“Scully…I…” Mulder was staring at her now. His eyes drifted from the top of head to the tips of her toes. When he did manage to lock his gaze with hers again she saw lust in his eyes.

“Never mind Mulder.” She was backing away now. This was too much for her to handle. The playing had definitely ended and now she wasn’t sure if she could handle the repercussions.

She turned away slowly wondering exactly how things had gotten this far. She was just about to sit down when she felt his large hands grabbing her roughly, almost violently, against his hard body. She arched backwards pressing closer to his warmth.

“Mulder, we can’t do this here. What if somebody comes down?” He flipped her body around slowly, holding her tightly against him. She kept her eyes lowered, pressing her face close to his muscled chest.

“Who’s gonna come down here?” He said echoing her former words. Was he smiling? She had to look just to see. Lifting her head she never got the chance to find out. His lips crushed down onto hers eliciting something between a sigh and a moan to escape. She pulled away before she could get too caught up in her emotions.

“Mulder, we can’t do this…not here. You have to stop looking at me like that.” She sounded desperate, even to her own ears.

“Scully, I can’t stop. I need you. I could no more stop touching you or looking at you than I could stop chasing aliens. Please just let me make love to you.” His hands were running up and down her frame making her shiver with each caress. Her mind stopped protesting when his mouth clamped down on hers again.

Abandoning her lips, his tongue traced a line to hollow of her throat. His hands were everywhere, searching for her pleasure points. His fingertips found the hard nubs pressing against her bra and she sucked in a deep breath.

“Oh god Mulder…It has to be a sin to feel this good.” Her words came out as a moan. <It definitely has to be a sin>

Mulder didn’t care if it was a sin. She was kissing and touching him with the same passion that he threw into his work. It would be impossible to stop now. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her closer, grinding them against his erection. The sensory overload hit him almost painfully.

Pulling away, he eased the lacy cup of her bra aside. His mouth came down hard on the tight crest he found underneath. She gripped his hair in her fingers with all the passion she had been holding back from all the years that she’d known him. God she wanted this. More than she had ever wanted anything in her whole life. <You knew this was going to happen eventually Dana.>

The blood was pounding throughout his veins. Dropping to his knees, he slowly slid the scant lace from her lower body. Her cries grew fierce as he rained kisses against the apex of hair between her legs. She pressed him closer into her warmth, wanting so much more than just kisses.

“Please Mulder…Don’t make me wait any longer…”

Her soft pleading was enough to send him over the edge. Gently he spread her lips apart and plunged in. His hand traveled up her thigh entering her first with one finger, then two. She moaned and cried, begging for release. When her body started to stutter around his slick fingers he pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked hard.

Scully’s body shook with the power of her orgasm. His tongue lashed out flicking at the hard nub he held between his lips. She cried out again as another orgasm overtook her. This one much more powerful than the last. Her legs started to give out but Mulder was there…holding her steady.<Where the hell did he learn to that with his tongue?>

Scully pulled Mulder up from the floor and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips. She pushed his body backwards until his legs hit the edge of his desk.

“It’s your turn Mulder…after all fair is fair.” Soft, sultry words spoken from deep within her chest. She pulled away from his body slightly.

Gradually, she made her way down his body. Soft kisses here or there. Her tongue snaked out lavishly to flick at a hard nipple as she passed by it. Her hands came up to help pull off his boxers. <Oh my god…he’s huge…am I going to be able to take him?>

She didn’t question herself again. Her mouth slowly closed over the tender shaft and sucked softly. He elicited a soft cry. <Go easy on him…It’s been awhile for you both.> It was instinct that told her what he’d like. A soft swirl of her tongue around the hard tip and his hips bucked into her mouth.

<Oh god…where did she learn to do that with her tongue?> His mind forgot the question when she did it again…and again.

“Dana…stop…please…I want be inside you. I want to feel you wrapped around me…stop please…” She swirled her tongue once more around his hard shaft than softly let go.

Easing her bra off as she stood up, she tossed it aside. She pulled him off the desk then placed her hands on the edge. “Take me Fox….take me now.”

He stepped up behind her and pulled her hips towards his. His erection was straining towards her, but he hesitated. A small mischievous smile flickered across his face and he pushed up against her but didn’t enter her.

His hands explored the soft lines of her back, her waist, and her hips as she tried in vain to push him inside of her. She desperately wanted all of him but all she got was a few millimeters instead.

“Scully…do you want me? Are we gonna ever do this again…or is this our only time together?” He wanted her answer….He wasn’t going to take her until he knew for sure.

“God yes Mulder. I want you more than anything else in the world right now. Please Mulder…I promise this won’t be our first and last time…This will never be enough.” She was pleading with him. It sounded desperate even to her own ears.

“But Scully…do you love me? You know I love you…but do you…” He needed to hear her say the words.

“Mulder…I’ve loved you since the day we met…Do it now… before I shoot you again.” He entered her body slowly. Pausing now and then to let her adjust to the feel of him inside her tight cavern.

“Mulder do it…quit teasing me.” The words were a growl. Then she gave him no choice. Without warning, she pushed back against him. Both of them moaned as her body enveloped his.

Mulders hands traveled around her back, making slow soft circles everywhere he touched. His body moved of it’s own accord as he softly began to thrust in and out. “God Scully…you’re so tight.” She was pushing against him, almost as if she wanted him to go faster. But he wanted to set the pace.

Scully groaned each time he filled her. It was becoming harder to keep her control. She began to push against his body faster. He increased his tempo, matching his thrusts with hers.

Suddenly he pulled out and away from her. “Mulder…what in the hell are you doing?”

“I want to see you Scully. I want to watch your face as you scream my name.” His voice overflowed with desire. He swept his hands across the desk, knocking more files to the floor. Papers flew everywhere as he lifted her and lay her across the desk.

Mulder entered her with more force this time. Their hips pounded together, the hot tide of passion raging throughout their bodies. He hands were everywhere on her body. His expert touch sending her to even higher levels of ecstasy.

Scully was screaming. Her heart pounding, her blood coursing through her veins. Within moments her body was shuddering around him. She screamed his name one last time as the orgasm overtook her.

“Oh god Scully! I love you…..” The breathless whisper came out as he pounded into her, losing all sense of time and place.

Scully locked eyes with Mulder as their bodies slowly came down from bliss. Her happiness was clearly written on her face. “I think some files need to be picked up again Mulder.”

His response was laughter, coming from deep within his chest. “You clean up the office and I’ll make you dinner at your place tonight. After all fair is fair Scully.”

Both of them laughed, completely unaware of the hidden camera placed so cleverly within the very smoke alarm placed in the far corner.




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