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Title: Drive Away 1/2

Authors: Jori and MoJo

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: After sitting through a ‘guy flick,’ a slightly drunken Scully grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.

Category: SR

Keywords: MSR, post episode for Je Souhaite

Spoilers: Je Souhaite, Brand X, all things, FTF

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Disclaimer: They aren’t ours. Can’t afford them. They belong to people who can, namely FOX, 1013 and CC. Author’s Notes (by Jori): MoJo and I like writing together, so we came up with this bit of silliness to have fun. No great message found inside. Just fun and smut. We thought this week, fun would be a nice thing to try. By the way, after coming up empty trying to find a font name to title this story, we had to improvise. We named it after a drink. Not that we are endorsing alcohol consumption in any way, but we suck at coming up with titles. Anyway, you can find it here if you are curious:


Drive Away by Jori & MoJo

Drive Away cover

I watch as Scully flips another bottle cap in the general direction of all the other ones but unlike those, this one misses. By a lot. Could it possibly be due to the fact that this is her fourth Shiner Bock and it is beginning to impair her better judgment? I look down as she puts her hand on my thigh. Perhaps it is impairing it in more way than one.

The credits on the movie are rolling but I don’t want to get up and turn it off. Scully sighs and leans back against the couch, her hand not moving from the space it’s inhabiting on my thigh.

“Guy flick,” she mumbles again and then giggles, turning her head to look at me. I roll my head to the side to look at her and she gives me a smile. I’m getting so used to her smiles now. How did I live so long without them? She’s more than a little drunk. I can tell by her eyes, but I don’t mind. It’s not like I’m going to take advantage of her or anything.

“Keep that up and I’ll make you watch ‘Stripes’ next,” I say, and we both lean into each other comfortably, her head ending up on my shoulder. Great. She’s probably going to fall asleep now. Hopefully, she won’t spill the beer in her hand when she does.

She lets out a gentle sigh when the screen turns to snow and the TV emits a loud buzzing sound. Finally, I surrender and reach for the remote, just turning the whole thing off. I expect for her to move away when I settle back in place, but she doesn’t. Her head is right back on my shoulder and her hand is right back on my thigh. A little higher up, even. She used my move as an opportunity to put her beer down. Now not only is one hand on my thigh, but the other one is holding one of my hands, fingers wrapping around fingers.

We say nothing for a few minutes, and I just enjoy the noise of an occasional car passing by. I will never find the world too noisy again. Well, until the kid downstairs puts on that Manson crap at 4 a.m. Then I’ll probably reconsider the whole world peace concept.

“How long has it been?” Scully asks, sounding somewhat wistful.

“How long has what been? Since I saw ‘Stripes’? Probably four or …” I start to say but she squeezes my thigh. Or maybe a little higher.

“No, Mulder. How long has it been?” she asks, snuggling in closer to me. She is drunk if she can’t remember. Or maybe I’m the only one who knows it has been exactly two months, six days, eight hours and twenty-seven minutes since she was last in my bed.

“It’s been a couple of weeks,” I say, putting my arm around her. She giggles again. I try to remember Scully giggling before we had sex, but I can’t. Her good humor is the direct result of our making love just once. Maybe I am responsible for someone being fairly happy. I’ll be damned.

“Just a couple?” she says, her voice soft and low. She pulls her hand away from my thigh and places it on our already entwined hands. She’s so warm and soft and she better be going somewhere with this or I’m going to go crazy.

“Yeah, a couple. We’ve been busy. And then there was that whole bug and larvae thing. I wouldn’t even want to do me after that and I can be pretty easy,” I say, getting another laugh out of her.

“Easy? Look at how many years it took me to get you into bed. If you were any easier, we would have waited until they checked us into to the Shady Pines Facilitated Living Center before we would have ever done it,” Scully says, tracing her finger slowly up my arm.

“I … I just don’t think we would have been ready before now,” I say, knowing full well there were nights I wanted her so bad it was all I could do not to drive over to her apartment and — do whatever it is people who want people bad do. I just didn’t think she ever wanted this to go here.

“Are you ready again?”

“Maybe,” I say, also knowing full well that all she has to do is say one, maybe two more words, and my cock will be so damn hard, there will be no hiding it. That’s how bad I need her.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you three wishes …”

“Oh, no,” I say, moving away from her. I’ve learned my lesson well. I don’t ever care to hear the word ‘wish’ again, either and I’ve only heard it discussed ad nauseam for the last few days. I can’t imagine 500 years of it.

“These will be good wishes, Mulder. Any wish your heart … or some other part … desires,” Scully says, slurring a word or two together as she goes. Then she starts humming that song from some old Disney movie I last saw as a kid. The one with Pinnochio, I believe.

“Any wish?” I ask, wondering what kind of conditions these wishes might have. Wondering what kind of Scully loophole I’ll have to work around. “Whatever I want to do?”

“Anything your heart desires will come to you,” she says, grinning at me. “Mulder, It’s just me. I can’t make these things go poorly. I can just make them go well.”

“There’s this one thing I’ve always wanted to do, but I don’t think it’s something we should even consider,” I say, nuzzling my nose into her hair, trying to remember the scent of her forever in case I ever make her disappear off the face of the earth again.

“What’s that? What would wish number one be?” she asks in a voice so low it does make my cock twitch. If I thought all those years before were long, they were nothing compared to the last two months, six days, eight hours and twenty-two minutes.

“I’ve always wanted to do it in Skinner’s office.”

I’m greeted with silence. I have to check to make sure she’s still there and that I perhaps didn’t create some sort of loophole earlier where if I say ‘I’ve always wanted to do it in Skinner’s office’ Scully disappears or becomes mute.

“Would that be with me or with Skinner?” she asks with all seriousness, but before I can answer, she laughs again.

“I don’t know. What would you prefer?” I ask only to find more silence at the other end of my question. “Scully?”

“Out of those two choices, I don’t think I’m going to get what I’d prefer …”

“Scully!” I say, grabbing her and pulling her onto my lap. She nods her head at me and shuts her eyes. I hope she doesn’t go to sleep now. I really, really want to play this game.

“Okay, Mulder. Your first wish will be granted. I hope you’re driving.”


Skinner has a big chair. A really big chair. So big that Mulder can sit in it with me comfortably straddling his hips. That hazy, happy feeling sweeps over me again and I dip my mouth down to capture his in another kiss. The force of my soft thrusting makes Skinner’s chair scoot backwards and Mulder grips the edge to the desk to keep it from moving. It is dark and quiet, except for the light squeak of the chair wheels.

“Scully,” he warns, walking the chair closer to the desk again. “Careful. This chair tips backwards.”

“I know,” I say, eyes fluttering close. I smile. I have no idea why I’m smiling. My head sways back and forth in time with my rocking. Beneath me, his erection is straining against the button fly of his jeans. “Skinner and I had to be careful when we were working on that…uh…paperwork.”

“Paperwork, huh?” he teases.

“Yeah,” I say, licking a line to his ear. His cheeks are all stubbly and rough and tactile. I love how Mulder tastes. “You should see what the Skin-Man can do with Post-It Notes.”

Mulder’s fingers release the desk and settle on the hemline of my shirt. He shifts it up my torso to expose my stomach. God, his hands are so hot. Or maybe I’m the one that’s hot. I get all hot when I’ve been drinking. Suddenly, Mulder’s hands are under my shoulders and he lifts me off his lap and onto the edge of Skinner’s desk. He shifts my shirt up higher, moves my legs a little farther apart and scoots in close. I lean back on the palms of my hands, curious as to what he’s going to do.

One finger traces my navel slowly. He pushes my waistband down some more and lowers his head. I gasp as his tongue delves in and out of my belly button. I can’t help giggle. It tickles and but at the same time, it feels so very good. His warm breath makes me shiver with delight and brings a rush of wetness to my core.

“I always had this thing about Barbara Eden’s navel,” he confesses, as I hold his head in place. I run my fingers through his cropped hair. In the back of mind, I recall the feel of his tongue somewhere else just a couple weeks ago. Was it a couple weeks ago? Whenever. It was wonderful. Mulder is wonderful. Mulder’s tongue is wonderful. I let my head fall backwards as he continues to French kiss my stomach. A logical thought intrudes its way into my mind. I furrow my brow and pull his head up to look at me.

“But you never got to see Barbara Eden’s navel in ‘I Dream of Jeannie’,” I say, in all seriousness. “She had to keep it covered up.”

“I know,” Mulder says, quickly unzipping my slacks. “I tend to fixate on things that I know are there but I can’t quite see them.”

“What do you see now, Mulder?” I ask, tilting my head to the side and holding onto Skinner’s desk. I feel my slacks being tugged away from my body and I lift my hips up. A lock of hair falls in my eyes and Mulder is quick to sweep it back behind my ear. Even though I’m buzzed, I know exactly what I’m saying to him. “What do you see?”

“The woman I love,” he replies in a soft, low voice that penetrates the haze and goes straight to my heart. “The woman who’s already made any wishes I could ever hope for come true.”

I close my eyes again as my shoes, slacks and panties are removed as well. Mulder’s thumb find that spot under my curls and he rubs me over and over again. Sending me into sensual bliss. I rock into it, oblivious to all else. Oh God. I could come…wait. I’m supposed to be making Mulder’s wishes come true and instead he’s pleasuring me. Barbara Eden would not be pleased.

“Major Nelson,” I say, struggling hard to hold onto a coherent thought. I feel the moisture pool beneath me and onto Skinner’s desk. Good thing he has one of those glass tops that clean up easily. “Jeannie here wants you bad.”

Mulder smiles, but doesn’t stop touching me. I pull his hand away and grab hold of his t-shirt. I tug him to his feet and kiss him hard, opening his mouth with mine. Kissing Mulder feels good. My insides ache and contract, wanting him inside me. Where he belongs. Where he’s always belonged.

“Are you going to call me ‘Master’ too?” he whispers, taking my shirt off. My bra follows quickly. Mulder’s hands cup my breasts and his thumbs press into my hard nipples.

“Don’t push it,” I smile, as my arms wrap around my neck and my legs wrap around his waist. We kiss over and over again. Hands everywhere. Lips everywhere. I somehow gets my fingers down to his waistband and I yank at his button fly. Each grommet pops free gratefully to release his erection.

Mulder lets out a groan, happy not to be restrained anymore. We both will never be restrained again. Not from each other. Seven years was long enough.

I lick my lower lip as I lift him out of his boxers and push his jeans down until they are somewhere around his knees. Good enough. I sigh and my entire body shudders with expectation. Mulder starts to lean over me so I have to lie back on Skinner’s desk. I feel paperclips, memo pads and pens pressing into my spine and I don’t fucking care. I stare up at the ceiling until Mulder’s face comes into view as he lowers himself on top of me. His elbows are on either side of my head, my face cradled in his hands.

“I am so lucky, Scully,” he mutters, just before I feel him slide inside me. I let out one long, soft exhalation as my walls stretch and slip around him. His lips move over mine and I moan against them. We share one breath between us and my world consists of only Mulder now. Above me. Inside me.

I feel so happy and it’s not just the Shiner Bock talking anymore.

Mulder starts to thrust into my tight, wet center and I wrap my thighs around him to draw him deeper in. I don’t ever want to let him go. Inside, my walls grip him and I counter trust with equal enthusiasm. He stops to kiss me periodically, fingers playing with the ends of my hair.

“Yes, oh yes,” I hear myself say. I am dizzy and spinning and spiraling, but Mulder grounds me back to earth. To him. His eyes are locked into mine watching every reaction. I feel the orgasm start. Soft at first. Building and building with every slam of Mulder’s hips. Oh God. I squeeze my eyes shut as it hits me and I pulse and throb with intense pleasure.

Then, just as it starts to subside, Mulder pumps harder and I come again. Not as strongly, but I quiver around him as he cries out and empties everything he’s got into me. His hips jerk a few times, riding out his own pleasure. Mulder buries his head into my shoulder while he recovers, panting hard as his body winds back down.

After a couple minutes, I take hold of his head and pull his face up to mine. I know he’s feeling what I’m feeling from the look in his eyes. I smile, still high on endorphins and suddenly I’m overwhelmed with curiosity.

“What’s your second wish, Mulder?”


The second those words are out of her mouth, there’s a clattering of keys outside the office door followed by someone whistling ‘Zip A Dee Doo Dah’ loudly as they bang around. Fuck. The night custodial staff.

“I guess my next wish should be that we can both be invisible,” I whisper, moving off of her as fast as I can. I trip over the jeans now wrapped around my ankles and end up with my sweaty ass planted on Skinner’s chair.

“Mulder, you know that there’s no way a human being can be invisible, don’t you?” Scully whispers back, throwing on her clothes as quickly as possible, skipping her bra and panties and just stuffing them in her pockets. I give her an incredibly exasperated look and both of our heads turn to the door as a key slides in. Shit. We grab everything that we aren’t wearing yet and sprint towards the outer door that bypasses the reception area. We barely slip out as Mr. Zip A Dee Doo Dah comes in. He’s going to be able to tell what was going on in there. It isn’t like we had a lot of time to clean up and the air is still permeated with the fragrance of love.

We slink down the hallway to the restrooms and complete the finishing touches separately, meeting each other as soon as we are done. Her face is now washed clean of any makeup except a light layer of lipstick and her hair is starting to curl up from the heat we were generating. If someone saw us now, they might not even recognize her, this Scully only I get to know.

“Shall we get out of here before we get arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior?” I ask, my voice low enough that if anybody else was around us, they would never be able to hear. Oh, to hell with hearing or seeing. I grab her quickly and give her one last kiss before putting some distance between us.

“Anything you wish,” she says, walking ahead of me but looking back over her shoulder every few steps to make sure I’m still there. Like I’d do anything but follow her at this point. She’s not as drunken as she was before, but now she’s on a different high. The same one I’m on. “What is your second wish, Mulder, considering that we don’t need to be invisible. Not that being invisible is possible anyway …”

“Scully, enough already!” I say, catching up to her right as we get to the elevator. The doors open and she steps all the way to back, leaning against the wall. I don’t get in as quickly as she does, but instead I look it over carefully, thinking.

“Mulder … no.”

“You said any wish,” I say, finally stepping in and letting the doors slide shut behind me. I accidentally hit the button for the basement without thinking and she just shakes her head at my mistake.

“Not in our office, either.”

Our office?” I ask, kidding her. I want to at least kiss her before we reach our floor and she seems more than willing to comply. Her mouth opens under mine and our tongues dance around the other’s while the floors go by too quickly.

“My office?” she asks as she pulls away. She’s smiling now and whatever lipstick she just put on is gone again.

“Maybe someday it will all be yours, but not yet. For now, it’s still mine,” I say, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her even closer. I’m glad that this seems to be the slow elevator to nowhere. Too bad I didn’t specify that she remain separate from my ‘peace on earth’ wish. We could have done it everywhere …

“I don’t care who’s name is on the door as long as we are both inside,” she says, resting her head against my chest. We reach the basement and the door opens, but we don’t move. There really is no need to get off here when there are so many other places we can … get off.

“Are you getting sentimental on me, Scully?” I ask, running my hands through her hair.

“No, not sentimental. Just waiting on you,” she says, placing her hands squarely on my ass and tugging me towards her. We bump and grind for a few seconds before she finally finishes her thought. “Waiting on you and your second wish.”

“Let’s get out of here before we discuss it,” I say, moving away from her just long enough to hit the right button this time. This time we end up in the right place and I take her hand and lead her to the garage and the car.

We drive aimlessly around for at least twenty minutes before she asks again.

“What’s your second wish?” Scully places her hand on my thigh and I shiver at the sensation. Why in the hell did we wait two months, six days, seven hours and three minutes between the first time and the second time? I certainly hope we don’t have to wait that long until the next time. If she keeps this up, I might not even be able to make it another ten minutes.

We get stuck at what has to be one of the longest red lights on earth. Here I have all these free passes to a night of pleasure with Scully and I’m waiting on a poorly timed light. That’s when it hits me. Something I’ve always wanted.

“Scully, how many miles do you think we’ve driven together through the years?” I ask, looking over at her. During that brief glance, the light turns green and the asshole behind me honks his horn because I don’t move fast enough for him. He goes racing by in a Camaro dating back to the early Reagan presidency and it’s held together with mostly Bondo and maybe some Silly Putty. Scully laughs.

“I think I used to date him. Or at least that car,” she says, resting her head back and shutting her eyes. “I believe we’ve driven a lot of miles together. Lots and lots of miles. Too damn many miles, Mulder.”

I look over at Scully as she rests, her face lit only by the headlamps of passing cars and the dim glow of the dashboard light. The same beautiful face I’ve seen for all those miles together. Too many miles. She’s right.

I turn my eyes back on the road before I start on the next wish. “In all those miles, Scully, there’s always been something I’ve wanted … wished you would do. You would be sleeping next to me and we would be traveling through the darkness somewhere and I wish you would have just waken up and …”

Scully unfastens her seat belt and all of a sudden I realize that maybe this isn’t all that safe. My driving record is okay, but it’s been well over a decade since the last time someone did this while I was driving. That was so long ago, I was driving on the other side of the road coming home from ‘holiday.’ Scully releases my seat belt, too. Well, at least we both will get killed. I won’t feel so bad then.

She moves closer to me and taps the bottom of the steering wheel with her fingertips. I find the lever that tilts it up, getting it out of our way and then Scully repositions herself so she’s comfortable. I have a feeling she might have done this before. My mind turns over the possibility that it was with some guy in a Camaro, but I can’t think about it for long.

At least we’re out of the city now and traveling to nowhere on some highway that isn’t too busy considering the time of night it is. Almost our usual routine. Almost. Except for the fact that she is stroking me through the denim fabric of my jeans and I’m thanking the Ford Motor company right now for cruise control.

I moan softly as I hear those buttons pop open again. We both do our best to position ourselves so this will work and I’m going to make it work no matter what. I squirm around as she manages to free my cock from all the clothes I have on and wraps her fist around it, pumping it to near submission. Thankfully, the little man just saw some incredibly hot action or he’d be through with just her fingers touching him.

Somehow, I keep my eyes on the road and not on her head bobbing down toward my lap and my waiting hard-on. I know I cross the center line just a little as her tongue laps around the tip, circling and circling with quick, soft touches. Then she takes me into her mouth, forming a quick, even rhythm and I must focus entirely too much on keeping my hands on the wheel and not wrapping my fingers into her hair. I know there will be impressions left on the steering wheel that will match my hands perfectly. I can’t help it.

Miles of highway seem to fly by and all I can hear is the gentle hum of the engine and the wet noises of Scully’s mouth on my cock. Oh, and my heart damn near beating out of my chest. I can’t believe this is happening. This whole night, wishes or not, is surreal. Who in the hell needs a jinniyah or a magic lamp or even Barbara Eden’s mysteriously absent navel when you’ve got Scully’s lips wrapped around you.

She starts to go faster and I know I’m getting close. Too close and it feels so fucking great I wish I could just sit right here on this precipice looking over the edge forever, but I can’t. With an astonished gasp, spasms begin to rock through my body and I slam up harder into her mouth than I intended to.

I have to fight to keep my eyes open and focused as I come and I’m somewhat aware that Scully didn’t move her mouth, but is lapping up everything with her tongue and I don’t even know what to say right at this moment. All I can do is pant and make some awful, primitive groaning sounds.

Scully releases me from her mouth with a soft popping sound and tugs my boxers shorts back up and over my cock, but I’m not ready to be confined in my jeans yet. She wipes her mouth with edge of her hand and looks at me. I glance at her quickly before looking at the road and she shifts back to her side of the car.

“Seat belt, Mulder. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” she says as I hear her’s click into place again. I struggle to get mine around me while I steer and she helps fasten it.

“You aren’t offended that I’ve wished for something like that for … a while?” I ask, and she laughs.

“You’ve probably wished for that as long as I’ve wanted to, or thought about …”

“That’s okay. I’ve got it,” I say, wondering how much damn time we wasted and why?

“So, Mulder, you’ve got one more wish,” Scully says, taking one of my hands off the now imprinted wheel and entwining her fingers in mine. “You better make it special.”


I can still taste Mulder in my mouth, even twenty minutes later. We keep exchanging knowing glances in the dark solace of the car. The car smells like Mulder. I smell like Mulder. Like sex and I like it. Why the hell did we wait two weeks before doing this again? Hold on. Two weeks isn’t right. It’s more like seven or eight, isn’t it? Right after Daniel. When I found my place in this world. Funny. It’s where I’ve been for the last seven years—by Mulder’s side. Only now, I want to be even closer than that. I want Mulder inside me. Always. In every sense of the word.

The Shiner Bock has definitely worn off because I start thinking about all the obstacles that still lie ahead for us. We have enemies out there that would use this against us. There are questions that need to be answered. We still have a long way to go before we can think about a future together.

I sigh and steal another glance at Mulder. Not tonight. I will not have thoughts like that ruin tonight. Tonight is about wishes. Wishes that are within my power to make come true.

Mulder is smiling to himself as he drives back into town. He still hasn’t said what his last wish is. Maybe the jinniyah wouldn’t let him wish for an unending supply of wishes, but this jinniyah will. Especially if he keeps wishing for…me.

My skin flushes over and I shift in my seat. Our hands are still laced together and I give his hand a reassuring squeeze. The clock on the dashboard says it’s two-fifteen in the morning. Most places are closed or will be closing soon.

“Where are we going, Mulder?” I ask, looking out the window. I don’t recognize the neighborhood we are in at all, but I get the sense Mulder does.

“Somewhere,” he mutters, making another left turn. He smiles at me and I smile back. I never know what Mulder is up to. I never will. “I love seeing you smile, Scully.”

“It’s just the alcohol,” I say, making excuses for the wide, goofy grin that is spreading across my face again. It’s not me to be this uninhibited. Or maybe it is the me I’ve buried so deep inside that I don’t even recognize her. She tried to get out before with men like VanBlundht and Jerse, but it was wrong. They weren’t Mulder. Only Mulder can bring her out of her bottle.

We are in some dark, forgotten corner of the city and it borders on seedy. He passes several triple XXX theaters and a few strip clubs, but luckily he does not stop at any of them. Not that he would, but I know that he has in the past. He’s still got a drawer full of tapes in his desk. I have no idea where he’s taking me or what this might have to do with his last wish, but I want to find out.

Without warning, Mulder stops the car in front of a tiny bar.

“The Wild Child?” I read, raising my eyebrow at the broken neon sign. It looks even seedier than the strip clubs we passed. Mulder unfastens his seat belt quickly, exits the car and on my side before I can blink. He opens my door for me and no sooner am I out of the car that I’m pressed up against it with Mulder’s mouth covering mine.

He kicks the door shut and my arms come up around his neck. His tongue rolls over mine and I wonder if he can taste himself. I am breathing hard against his mouth as he practically devours me with his kisses. Aggressive and wanton.

“Want to show me how wild you are?” he breathes against my lips. My blood races through my veins as my hands reach around to grab his ass again. So firm. So tight.

“Is that your wish, Mulder?” I pant out, as one hand comes up to cup my left breast. He squeezes it soundly and underneath my clothing, my nipple hardens. Oh God. It feels good. So good it makes my core contract and ache.

He doesn’t answer me. Instead, he takes my hand in his and pulls me towards the entrance of the bar. I’ll follow him anywhere at this point. After all, he followed me to practically the end of the earth to find me in Antarctica. I don’t ever want to be separated from Mulder like that again. Not now. Not ever.

The smell of cigarette smoke hits me as we step inside. It is a hole-in-the-wall. And it’s practically deserted except for the bartender and few drunks hanging on the bar itself.

“Want something to drink?” Mulder asks as I slide onto a barstool. His hand remains on my back, fingers skimming up and down my spine. He leans in to whisper against my ear. “More Shiner Bock?”

I smile again and look up at him. My voice lowers. “I am a little thirsty, Mulder. I didn’t have anything to wash you down with in the car.”

Mulder lets out a little laugh. It feels so good to be with him like this—with nothing standing between us. “Bartender. Two Shiner Bocks,” he says after a moment.

“What was your third wish for?” I ask, looking over at him. “What did the jinniyah grant you?”

“It’s not so much what she granted me…it’s what I granted her,” Mulder replies, handing me my beer. I raise my eyebrow at him. Mulder takes a sip of his beer and twirls it around in his mouth.

“What you granted her,” I repeat, confused by his answer. I raise the bottleneck to my lips. Mulder watches me intently as I swallow. The taste of Mulder is quickly washed away by the beer. “What was it?”

“Freedom,” Mulder exhales, reaching over to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “I wished for her to be set free.”

“Oh,” I say, wetting the corner of my mouth. I wasn’t expecting him to say that.

“And,” Mulder continues, putting his beer on the counter and giving me his undivided attention. His long lashes flutter close and he smiles to himself. “That’s what my third wish is for you. I want to set you free.”

My heart starts beating faster as he opens his eyes to look at me again. I want that more than anything else in the world right now. If only…

“Let me set you free, Scully,” he says, standing up. Mulder wanders out to the jukebox and shoves a couple dollars in it. He punches buttons then motions for me to join him. I set my beer down and walk slowly towards him. The music starts to pulse out from the machine. I don’t recognize the song, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing I hear right now is my heart and it’s beating in time to Mulder’s.

I step into his waiting arms and Mulder presses my body into his. My breasts slide against his chest and our hips grind. His hands glide all over my backside. Up and down my back, across my buttocks, over my hips. He lowers his head and we kiss. My fingers travel up the nape of his neck and lace through his hair, deepening the kiss. My other hand moves to his ass again and I rest it squarely on his left cheek. I feel him hardening again underneath his jeans and I drive my hips into it, eager to relieve some of the pressure in my own groin as well. We sidestep around each other and all our moves are suggestive. Simulating sex as his hips rock into mine.

I feel Mulder’s hand slip underneath my shirt and I moan as his bare skin comes into contact with mine. My center grows tighter and wetter. I rake my nails down his chest then snake my hand up his shirt as well. Mulder’s lips fall open as my fingers circle around his nipple. He shudders and bucks his erection against me, increasing the friction. Thrusting in time with me.

I’m sure the few people around us are watching. They are probably grateful they don’t have to pay for it like they would down the street. This floorshow is free and so am I. I stop for a second and look at Mulder. I want him. I want him so much.

“It’s done,” I breathe. “Third wish is granted.”


Her legs are wrapped around my hips and I have her back up against the bathroom stall. We snuck into the women’s bathroom and locked ourselves into this tiny dark space because we can’t wait. Her pants are hanging up on the rusty hook on the back of the door and mine are around my ankles and I don’t give a shit if anybody walks in here now.

Actually, after that show we gave them on the dance floor, I’m surprised half of them didn’t follow us in here. This must be a normal thing. Doing it in the bathroom stall at ‘The Wild Child.’

I’m sunk into Scully so deep and I can’t believe this is happening again myself. Her mouth meets mine and she tastes like beer and tastes like her with deep, dark undertones of me. Her tongue moves over mine and she can’t even imagine what she does to me.

“Scully, I hope you don’t expect this kind of performance every night,” I say, my voice raspy now. I lean my forehead against hers so I can look into her eyes as we continue to thrust against each other. “I hope not because I think I’m getting too old.”

“That’s good, Mulder. I like my men a little more … experienced?” she asks as she searches for the right word. It’s hard to find the right words to say in the john of a dark, smoky bar, but I don’t care what she says. Actions are everything right now, and her thighs squeeze around me tighter.

“Just don’t tell me I’m the youngest,” I say and she whimpers something so sweet as I adjust our position.

“Close, but not the youngest … shut up now.”

“Yeah. Good,” I say, trying to focus on what we are doing. Over her left shoulder, someone has carved in the wooden wall ‘Karla loves Joey ‘93’ and I briefly wonder how they are doing now. Probably split up about three hours after Karla carved that in.

Some things aren’t meant to last forever. And some things are. I’ve found one that is and I’m not letting her go.

I continue to slide in and out of her hot, slick body and everything feels like it is moving so slow and yet, this will never last long enough. Too much time to make up for and we can’t do it all in two nights. Thankfully, we don’t have to.

“Please, please, please,” she moans out slowly as she holds on to me tighter, pulling me even farther in. I pick up the pace of my thrusts to the point where she slides up the wall with each stroke. She rolls her head to the side, her mouth open as she gasps for air and I can hardly hold off much longer.

One more strong thrust and I release everything into her body again, feeling free from so many things. I’m free from so much of my past. Free from what I thought was going to be the future. And most of all, I’m free to be whatever I am when I’m with Scully. She wants me. I make her fairly happy. Maybe for just tonight, that will move up to more than just fairly.

She moves her legs from around my waist and stands up, still holding on to me. Good thing, too, or I’d fall over. My legs wobble and I can’t catch my breath just yet. Just enough to say a word or two, that’s all.

“Did you?” I ask, and she turns her head away, not wanting to answer. “I want you to.”

I move my fingers past her damp curls until I find that little bundle of nerves. My touch makes her tremble and I move closer, wanting to absorb this whole moment. The air around us smells like sex and booze and stale cigarettes, but most of all, it smells like Scully. Nothing can overpower that sweet fragrance.

My fingers work away at her, wanting her to feel good. She settles on my hand, her back sliding down the wall and revealing that Lisa loved Jesse a few years ago, too.

“I want to watch you when you come. I want to see your eyes,” I whisper and she tries to say something back but it takes her a moment.

“You are out of wishes, Mulder,” she says softly, her hand coming up to rest upon my cheek.

“Consider this one as part of number three. A subclause added to the wish,” I say, and I can tell by how she’s grinding against me, she must be getting close.

Then it happens. Wish number 3-A happens. Her whole body rocks against the wall, but she doesn’t make a sound. I watch as her head gently rolls from side to side but she fights to keep watching me and she succeeds. Those eyes never come off of mine.

When it is over, I take her into my arms and hold her tight. I’m so damn tired and I want nothing but to lie down with her somewhere and pass out.

“Mulder?” she asks, her voice sounding as tired as I feel.


“Do I get at least one wish of my own tonight?” she asks and I moan, hoping to hell that this wish doesn’t include anything to do with certain body parts of mine.

“That depends,” I say, leaning back against the other side of the stall and bringing her with me.

“I want to spend the night with you. The whole night where neither of us has to be anywhere in the morning. I want to just get up with you whenever the hell we feel like getting up and I want to make love to you ten seconds after we are awake,” she says, her voice so soft and low I could deny her nothing at this moment.

“I think we can arrange for that.” I pull her pants off the door and hand them to her. She wiggles around getting them back on and I just smile.

“Another thing, Mulder. One more wish …”

“Don’t waste them all at once,” I say, as she zips up her slacks and pulls her shirt back down over her waistband.

“Next time I say you get three wishes, your first wish should be for more wishes,” she says, smiling at me. I pull her into my arms again, holding her even tighter than before.

“That doesn’t work like that. Wishing for more wishes isn’t possible,” I say, kissing her forehead and rocking her in my arms.

“Mulder,” she says again.


“It works with me.”


The End

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