Dangerous by Yonada

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Dangerous by Yonada

Dangerous cover

From: “I Yonada”
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:53:59 PDT
Subject: New “Dangerous” 1/1 NC17

TITLE: “Dangerous.” 1/1 NC-17

AUTHOR: Yonada


DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT: Post or Archive wherever just keep my name with it.

SPOILER WARNING: “Memento Mori”, RATING: NC-17 definitely

CONTENT WARNING: Sex lovingly described between our two, favorite characters. There is some angst, not a lot, but it is set right after Scully leaves the hospital. If you are under 18 don’t read this.


SUMMARY: The ride home from the hospital gets “hot” and emotional.

LEGAL STUFF: The X-Files, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. I am only borrowing them for a little while. They’ll be back by Sunday night I promise.


by Yonada

He pulled her against him, his arms holding her tight. She let herself move into his embrace, her head resting on his chest, his chin on the top of her head. It felt good to let him hold her, to relax and let his strength fill her. She could hear his heart beating.

“The truth can save you Scully. I think it can save both of us.” He whispered, pulling back, she felt his lips brush the top of her head and he took her face in his hands and kissed her gently on the forehead.

She held his gaze for a long moment, letting the love she felt for him show in her eyes; seeing that same love looking back at her.

After a moment she pulled away and moved off down the hall to her room. She just wanted to get her things and get out of there. It was time to get on with her life.

Mulder was waiting by her door when she came out. He took her bag and put his arm around her, guiding her, and as always, lending her his strength.

They walked to the car in companionable silence. He held the door for her, tossed her bag in the back, walking quickly around to the drivers side. He wanted to get away from the Hospital as quickly as possible.

Scully looked over at him and smiling at the spray of gravel they left speeding out of the parking lot

“In a hurry?”

“Yeah.” he laughed softly, “I guess I am.” He shuddered involuntarily. “I just want to be as far away from there as we can get.”

He eased his foot off the gas, slowing the car as they pulled out on the open highway. Finally feeling far enough away to drive normally.

“I didn’t tell you to slow down did I?” She said, with a rueful smile.

He smiled in acknowledgment pressing the peddle back down. The car jumped forward increasing speed rapidly. He kept the peddle to the floor, not backing off as the lines on the road blurred to a solid and the lights on the side of the highway went by at a dizzying rate.

Scully looked over at him and then back at the highway ahead. The speed was exhilarating putting the miles between them, the hospital and whatever the doctor would have done; made her feel better, more alive.

“Don’t slow down.” She whispered, her voice husky with the passion of the speed, the danger of the speed. It made her feel high, turned on, alive.

He glanced over at her then back to the road. “I won’t.” His voice echoed the passion he could feel coming from her.

She slid across the seat to sit close to him, her thigh pressed against his. She felt better being near him. God she wanted to be close to him, needed to be close to him.

She saw the Airport exit coming up. “No, don’t.” She said, her hand covered his keeping him from turning onto the exit. “Let’s drive home.”

“Sure,” he was surprised, “but why…” He would do anything she needed or wanted.

“I don’t want to get on a plane and go home. That’s what we always do… I want to drive home and… spend time with you. I need to … I don’t know, I just want to take the time.” She paused for a moment. ” Okay?” she took her hand off of his and let it slowly hesitantly rest on his leg.

“Okay.” He smiled at her, immediately liking the idea of the time together. He slowed the car to a more reasonable speed. Getting comfortable, he put his arm around, her pulling her closer. “I like the idea. We can take our time and just get home when we get there.”

“And when we do; we’ll go back to work..” She said, emphasizing the we’ll go to work.

“Yeah we, will.” He agreed.

“Don’t slow down.” she said, noticing the decrease in speed.

He smiled and pressed his foot back to the floor.

She relaxed against him. High on the speed, and the feel of freedom; knowing that they weren’t going right home. It was just them and the road. There was nothing else. It felt good having his arm around her. She liked having him touch her, and she liked touching him. She was running her hand back and forth along his leg enjoying the way the muscles felt in his thigh. His hand gently caressed up and down her arm. She could smell the soft scent of his cologne mixed with that essence that was Mulder. It was a familiar smell that made her feel safe. It was also making her feel a lot more… Her mind wondered to what it would be like to make love to him. To feel his body pressing against hers, merging with hers. She tried to snap her mind back from those dangerous waters, but only managed to attract his attention with her half moaned sigh.

“You okay?” he asked. Did his voice seem huskier than usual or was she just imagining it.

“Uhmm.” Then sitting up a little straighter “What… yeah, I’m fine.” She didn’t want him to know where her thoughts had been, but she wondered what he would think if he did know.

He pulled her close again. She snuggled against him her hand still on his leg. Still burning it’s imprint into his skin.

The back of his hand trailed down her neck, and along her jaw line, then he ran his fingers up into her hair playing with the soft strands.

They drove in silence for a while, enjoying the feel of being close and touching; both of them afraid that conversation would interrupt the touching that they were pretending wasn’t happening.

The scent of his cologne was getting to her again. She shifted in the seat and, before she had time to talk herself out of it, she leaned in and brushed her lips along his neck, gently biting his ear lobe. The car swerved slightly at his surprised. She waited for a moment to gage his reaction. He

shifted his head a little to allow her better access to his neck and tightened his arm around her. Slowly she continued her exploration of his neck. Smiling when he moaned a little.

“That’s very dangerous Agent Scully.” He said softly.

“Danger is our business Agent Mulder. I though the thrill of danger would turn you on.” She responded her hand still tracing patterns on his leg.

“That depends on the type of danger you’re talking about.” His voice had taken on a deep, seductive tone.

“I don’t think I was talking.” She looked down at her hand and noticed the physical effect she was having on him. She moved her hand to cover his erection wrapping her fingers around his hardness, tracing the outline through his pants.

“Scully if you keep doing that I’m …” his voice trailed off as her hand moved.

“You’ll what?” She cooed, her breath soft in his ear.


He slid his hand into her hair and pulled her around to cover her mouth with his. Keeping one eye on the road, he explored her mouth with his tongue. Then released her the kiss leaving them both breathless.

“God… Mulder.” She gasped, at his touch. Her eyes filled with wild passion and desire.

“I see that danger turns you on Agent Scully.” He smiled.

You turn me on Mulder.”

“I’m not dangerous.” He responded his voice betraying his statement.

“Your the most dangerous man I know Mulder.” She whispered.

This was the Scully he had never seen; the Scully that went to Philadelphia, got a tattoo, picked up a strange man and almost got herself killed. The tattoo… he still hadn’t seen it, just the photos from the Police report.

“Let me see it Scully.” He said, softly.

“What?” He was talking about the tattoo. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to show it to him, but the thought suddenly became very erotic. The speed, the way they were

touching each other. His wanting to see her tattoo ….

“You know what. Show me.” His voice hard with an insistent edge.

Not saying anything she pulled slightly away from him to unbutton her blouse; her breath coming in short gasps as the garment fell from her shoulders.

He was glad it was early and there were no other cars around. It was becoming more difficult to watch the road and what she was doing at the same time.

She reached up turning on the dome light, then turned so he could look at her back. Dividing his attention between her back and watching the road, he reached over and traced the outline of the snake with one finger. His touch was as erotic as getting the tattoo had been.

“Mulder your slowing down. ” She wanted the feel of the speed.

The car sped up again.

She turned to look at him, wanting to know what he was feeling. The look of desire on his face was amazing. She had never expected to find her partner looking at her like that. Mulder had never seen this side of her, the dangerous impulsive Scully that she kept hidden and she wanted him to see more.

“Keep driving” she said, as she reached to unzip his pants.

“Scully…” he groaned, his foot coming off the gas.

“Don’t slow down.”

As she felt the car speed up again she slid down and took him in her mouth. Pleased at his surprised gasp. He tasted so good. This was one of her fantasies come true. To have this effect on him was better than she had dreamed.

Suddenly the world swerved and tires screeched. She sat up, thinking he had lost control of the car, and found they were headed down a dirt road. Seconds later the car skidded so a stop. He looked at her for a brief moment before pulling her into his arms and claiming her mouth with his. She slid her tongue over his, sucking it deeper into her mouth as she ran her hands over his body pulling him closer.

Finally they broke from the kiss; gasping as they tried to breathe. Still holding on, they pulled back a little to look at each

other; shocked at what was happening.

“Scully ….” he started, not sure what he was going to say.

“Shhh Mulder, I don’t want to talk right now. I just want to be with you. I want to touch you and kiss you and make love to you, but I don’t want to talk.”

Somewhere in the back of his fogged mind he remembered they were in a car on the side of the road. They should go somewhere better that this.

“We should go somewhere, a Hotel…”

“No.” She reached for him unbuttoning his shirt. “No, now, here. We don’t need to go anywhere. We’re in the middle of nowhere. There’s nobody around. I want you now.”

“Scully this is … you deserved better…” he tried, “you deserve…”

“I deserve you.” She finished and stopped what he was saying by kissing him again, long and deep. Trailing kisses down his neck as she reached down to unfasten his belt and finish freeing him from his pants.

Mulder didn’t argue. She wanted him. His partner, Dana Scully, wanted him, right here and right now. It was his dream come true and he wasn’t about to try to talk her out of it. His hands slid up her back and removed her bra freeing her breasts; he moved his mouth to one of her nipples.

His mouth felt good. The sensation of his lips on her, sucking her breast, sent ripples of desire throughout her whole being, settling between her legs making her soft and wet.

She felt his hands under her skirt. His fingers found the elastic of her panties and instead of sliding them down, he grabbed the elastic and ripped it apart, to remove them.

“Mulder.” She gasped in surprise.

“It’s all part of the danger Scully.” He said, lifting her so he could slid under her on the passenger side.

She straddled his lap, waiting to slide down over him. Their eyes locked, their breathing synchronized, their heart beats matched. The unspoken communication between them at it’s most heightened. This was it, the final joining. The one place their lives had yet to come together.

His eyes spoke. Are you sure you want it like this? Here?

Hers answered, Yes. I’ve wanted you too long to wait any more.

His hands covered her hips guiding her as she lowered herself onto him, taking him slowly, completely, deeply inside, letting him fill her.

They sat for a moment just looking at each other; feeling their joining. Then she started to move, slowly. Sliding almost off, then back down. He moved his hips up to meet hers; the momentum building as his powerful thrusts matched hers; bringing them together again and again. She tightened and relaxed her internal muscles, grasping and releasing him.

“Oh my god Scully, what are you trying to do to me?” he moaned.

“You like that then?” she smiled, then gasped as he slid his hand between them to touch her.

“And you like that … “

She couldn’t answer. She was right there, ready. Wanting it to be together she tightened around him again; taking him as deeply inside her as was possible. They both cried out in their release, joined together in a magic explosion.

She collapsed down on him, her head resting on his shoulder, their bodies locked together.

Slowly their breathing returned to normal and Mulder slid his hands up through her hair lifting her head to bring her mouth to his. He kissed her for a long time, lips and tongue having their own silent communication.

They broke apart to look again into one another’s eyes.

“You are incredible. Have I ever told you that?” He smiled up at her.

“No you haven’t, but you can make up for it now.” She smiled back.

“You are incredible and I love you. Have I ever told you that?” No smile now, he was completely serious. He wanted her to know how much she meant to him.

“I love you too Mulder.” She whispered. She could feel tears starting to sting her eyes. She really hadn’t expected him to tell her that so easily. “I love you so much.” She stuttered a little trying to keep her voice steady. “I don’t want to leave you…”

“Shhh….” he could feel tears welling in his eyes too. “Your not going to leave me.” She couldn’t, not now, not after this.

“We might not have a choice.” She said softly, her eyes filled with tears.

No. You’re not going to leave me. I believe that and you need to believe it too.” His eyes brimmed with tears he refused to let fall. “ We will find a cure for you. It’s out there, I know it. I’m not going to lose you. Believe that.” His tone was forceful and insistent; desperate really. He needed to believe and so did she.

She nodded, allowing his beliefs to become hers once more.

“I’ve survived on the power of your beliefs before Mulder, maybe I can do it again.”

They moved together for another long, gentle kiss. A sealing of their love and commitment, to finding the answers they needed.

Finally they moved apart.

“It’s getting light. I think we should get on the road.” He whispered in her ear.

She nodded and moved so he could slid back to the drivers side.

After some fumbling and straightening they got themselves back together enough to get moving.

Mulder started the car and headed back to the highway.

“Mulder, I don’t have any underwear.” She pointed out her voice completely dead pan.

“Scully are you coming on to me?”

“Just pointing out the facts Mulder. Thanks to you, I don’t have any underwear.” She was having a really hard time keeping a straight face.

“I just got very turned on.”

“Don’t slow down.”

“That could be very dangerous Agent Scully.” “I thought danger turned you on.”

“It’s going to be an interesting trip home.”


End ” Dangerous” 1/1 NC17

by Yonada

Let me know what you think.

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