Behind the White Curtain by Ficlady

Behind the White Curtain cover


Behind the White Curtain by Ficlady

Behind the White Curtain cover

TITLE: Behind the White Curtain






SUMMARY: A stakeout turns voyeuristic!

DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully do not belong to me. No profit is being made from this story. Just fun!


THANKS: Thanks to Spookychick for her encouragement, without which this, my first story, would never have been written!

Mulder and Scully were, as usual, having a boring time during their assigned stakeout hours. They had discussed the weather, how her mother was doing, last week’s not-quite-solved x-file, exactly which line of their last expense report had gotten them this assignment, and where Mulder should be spitting the shells from his sunflower seeds.

For the last hour they had been pretty much silent, just listening to the tape which was recording the conversation between their suspects. They were parked almost a block down from the house they were watching. The house was a summer cottage that could be rented by the week. This week, it had been rented by an associate of a well known drug dealer.

There wasn’t much going on at the house, either. For the last hour they had been listening to a running argument between Greg and Diana about how long they had until the phone call came in.

That phone call is what Mulder and Scully were there to hear.

There would be a large drug pick-up and delivery going down somewhere in Washington, and they needed to know where. Greg and Diana were waiting for a phone call to come in sometime during the afternoon. It would give them the location of where the drugs would be stashed until they went to pick them up for the boss.

“They won’t call until at least 3 o’clock, so we have time to run to the pizza place down the street,” Diana assured Greg.

“The boss did say it would be late afternoon before the stuff was brought into town,” Greg agreed. They both had been too anxious that morning to eat breakfast. The boss was known for keeping a close eye on part-time help to prevent any problems from developing. By now, their stomachs were growling loudly.

“The problem with that pizza place is that they don’t have take-out or delivery. We would have to eat there. I don’t know if we should be gone that long. If we miss this phone call, the boss won’t be too happy,” Greg said.

Diana knew just how to argue Greg into getting some food.

They had been together for almost a year now, and she had learned how to sweet-talk him when she wanted something her way. Especially when it was something he wanted, too.

“We’ll only be gone about 45 minutes, there is nothing to eat here, and there are no delivery places anywhere near,” Diana pointed out. “And if we don’t eat something now, we probably won’t get a chance to until after midnight. After the phone call we have to go right to the pick-up site, load it all up, and deliver it to the boss. You know he always makes us wait around until he’s ready.”

Greg caved under the avalanche of reasons she bombarded him with, since it was what he wanted, too.

“OK, OK…but we’ll have to make it quick…and no anchovies this time!”

Diana hid a smile and got her purse.

Mulder smiled and knew he would have caved in, too, if Scully had been the one throwing reasons at him.

And all the talk about pizza was making him hungry.

“Well, the phone call could come during the early part of our shift. If the call comes in early, we can have the rest of the day to ourselves,” Scully said.

“What? You have big plans for the evening? A date, maybe?

A wild night on the town with just the girls?” Mulder asked.

“No, nothing special. I’m looking forward to a nice hot bubble bath, something delicious but easy to make for dinner, and a good book to curl up with for the evening,” Scully answered wistfully.

“That’s all you want to curl up with? A good book?”

Mulder grinned as he thought of what he would like to curl up with. It would be something a lot softer than a book. Although he was sure it would have a lot of mysteries and all kinds of new places he ached to explore. Places he had never been but that he dreamed of almost every night.

As Mulder’s thoughts wandered, Greg and Diana came out of the cottage and started down the sidewalk, ignoring their pick-up truck parked at the curb. They walked in the opposite direction from Mulder and Scully’s vehicle. As the couple walked out of sight, Mulder had a sudden urge to do something he knew was stupid.

“Hey Scully, do you remember the briefcase Greg was carrying when they got here?” he asked softly. Scully looked at him a minute before answering. “Yes.”

“Well, when they left, he didn’t have it with him. What do you think he keeps in there?”

Scully knew he was brewing up something, but she wasn’t sure what.

“I don’t know. Probably the usual stuff. The sports page. Paper-

work from whatever he does when he’s not delivering drugs. Address book…Mulder! You’re not thinking of going into that house to have a look in his briefcase, are you?”

Mulder’s grin just got wider. “They’ll be gone at least another half hour. That would give us plenty of time to go in and get a quick look. He might keep a list of all his drug contacts in there. He would consider that a safe place to keep a list like that. I think it’s worth the risk for a list that would give us the names of the drug dealers he works with,” Mulder replied. Scully just looked at him for a minute. Of course, he was right. A list of Greg’s drug contacts, with their private phone numbers, would give the drug unit a big advantage.

“You in?” Mulder nudged. “OK, I’m in. But if we get caught, you’re writing up the report for Skinner,” Scully answered. She never could resist his suggestions, even when she knew they were risky. Besides, if she let him go by himself she knew he would draw trouble like a magnet. As they got out of the car, Mulder and Scully looked in the direction Greg and Diana had gone. They couldn’t see them at all. The pizza place was two blocks away, so the agents knew that their suspects wouldn’t see them entering the cottage as they were eating. Mulder and Scully casually walked up to the door of the cottage. They found it locked, as they had expected.

Looking around, they didn’t see anyone outside on the block. Down the next block, some kids were playing hockey in the street, but they were too far away to see exactly what Mulder and Scully were doing. Not that they would have cared if they had seen.

Mulder pulled his tools out of his pocket and picked the lock. He and Scully looked at each other. Mulder reached out, opened the door, and made a “you first” gesture to Scully.

As Scully entered the cottage, she realized that it was pretty small-

about what you would expect to rent for a week’s vacation. Basically, there was one large room. Just as you walked in, there was a small kitchen area to the left, with the usual kitchen stuff, and a two- person table with two chairs against the back wall. In the middle of the room was a modest sofa, facing the door. A small TV sat in front of the couch, on a rolling cart. There were three medium-sized windows, all with venetian blinds to close at night, and white gauzy curtains on the inside, held to the sides with tiebacks that matched

the sofa. Against the back right corner of the room was a queen-size bed. The only closet in the place was against the front wall, across from the bed. The walk-in closet didn’t have a door, but its entrance was covered with the same gauzy material as the curtains, hung from a curtain rod.

As the agents entered the cottage, they gave the room a quick glance.

“Not the honeymoon cabin, I guess,” Mulder observed.

“Let’s find that briefcase and get out of here,” Scully ordered, after giving him the look. It took a few minutes of looking around the room before they spied the briefcase handle peeking out from underneath the sofa. Mulder pulled it out from under the furniture and sat down. Scully sat next to him as he put the briefcase on his knees.

Mulder tried the latches and was surprised to find the briefcase wasn’t locked. When he opened it, they were met with a large mess of papers laying loose inside.

As they were digging through the mess, Scully held up the sports page for Mulder to see. She raised an “I told you so” eyebrow at him and put it back in the briefcase. Mulder grinned at her and continued picking up papers and scanning them quickly. Most of the papers seemed to deal with real estate. Some were cryptic letters that made very little sense. Mulder focused most of his attention on these.

Scully had found an address book. She was absorbed in reading it, thumbing through each page, trying to decipher the very small chicken scratches that were pretending to be names and addresses.

What they didn’t know was that, while they were digging through the briefcase, Greg and Diana were on their way back. The pizza place had been closed down late that morning due to a burst water pipe. The entire floor of the restaurant was covered in two inches of water. Neither was in a very good mood at the moment. They were both hungry and anxious. The closer they got to the cottage, the louder their argument got.

Scully had been hearing them for a few seconds before she realized that the arguing voices she was hearing were familiar voices. Her head snapped up from the address book to the open window between the bed and the closet. Framed between the gauzy curtains, she could see Greg and Diana in front of the house next door. They were just standing there arguing about what to do for food. Mulder was so absorbed in trying to make sense of the letters he was reading that he didn’t hear any of it.

“Mulder!” Scully hissed. When he didn’t reply, she gave him a sharp elbow in the ribs. “What??” he answered, looking at her like she was nuts. Scully just pointed out the window. Mulder’s mouth dropped open and he got that panicked look on his face. He knew they were trapped. They couldn’t leave the house by the front door or they would be seen. And there was no back door. With only the one room and a bathroom there really wasn’t any place to hide that they wouldn’t quickly be found. Both of them visually searched the room to find someplace to hide. Their eyes finally ended up on the gauzy curtain covering the entrance to the closet. “Better than under the bed,” Mulder whispered.

While their eyes had been busy searching the room, they had also been quickly stuffing the papers and address book back into the brief-case. After snapping the case closed, Mulder slid it back under the sofa as close to its previous position as possible. If they could see Greg and Diana perfectly, framed in the window, then all Greg or Diana had to do was look over and they would see Mulder and Scully, or at least their silhouettes, in that same window. They wanted to get off that sofa right now! They both slid down off the couch and quickly crawled to the closet. It was about three feet deep, but very narrow. Mulder crawled all the way to the back and turned to sit with his back against the wall. Scully crawled in after him. The only place for her to sit was right in front of him. She turned around so that she was facing the front of the closet, sitting in the V of Mulder’s legs, with her back against his front.

The curtain had barely settled back into place when Mulder and Scully heard the front door opening. Scully turned and looked at Mulder with near panic. He knew what she was worried about. They hadn’t re-locked the door after they had entered the cottage and if the other couple realized the door wasn’t locked, as it had been when they left, they would know something was up. Fortunately, Greg and Diana were too busy arguing to notice that a key hadn’t been needed.

“A candy bar isn’t going to hold both of us until after midnight. I still think we’ll have time on the way to the pick-up to get some fast food,” Diana argued. “Alright, all ready, we’ll get something on the way!” Greg snapped. They had found a candy bar in Diana’s coat pocket on the walk back. That had started the argument that had warned Mulder and Scully, giving them time to hide in the closet.

Greg sat on the couch and turned on the TV, while Diana went into the kitchen to get a glass of water to go with her half of their gourmet meal.

She brought Greg his half of the candy bar, then went to stand in front of the window between the bed and the closet.

As Diana stood munching on her candy bar and watching the kids playing street hockey, she could easily be seen by the trapped FBI agents.

They were scootched back as far as possible, holding very still. They didn’t think they could be seen unless they moved, because it was very dark in the closet. The gauzy white curtain gave them the concealment they needed, while allowing them to see the slice of the main room directly in front of the closet with just a little fuzziness from the white curtain.

Greg quickly got bored with flipping channels on the TV, since there was no cable and only three local channels to choose from.

He got up and stood right behind Diana, putting his hands on her hips.

“Wanna share?” he asked, speaking softly, directly into her ear. Diana popped the last piece quickly into her mouth. “Nope,” she replied.

Standing there together at the window, they made a very attractive couple.

Diana was tall and willowy, with ash-blonde hair, laying loose and wavy to her shoulders. She had well defined facial features, with large brown eyes and lots of dark lashes, with laugh lines around her eyes and mouth.

Greg was only a few inches taller than Diana. He was ruggedly handsome, but with a harder look to his face, caused by the harsher realities he had had to live with most of his life. He had jet black hair and the hands of an artist, long and delicate. He obviously took pride in keeping his body fit, as was evident by his toned muscles and firm butt.

“Well, since spending our time eating is out of the question, we’ll just have to find another way to pass the time,” Greg said, nuzzling her neck.

Diana stretched her neck to the side so that Greg could reach her sensitive spots. Greg slid his lips and tongue up and down her neck, with an occasional side trip to nip her earlobe.

After a few minutes of this delicate, tender attention, Greg wrapped his arms around Diana and rubbed a hand in circles over her stomach. At the same time, he ran his other hand slowly up between her breasts to take her chin and pull her face toward him for a kiss. They kissed deeply with their tongues going back and forth into each other’s mouths, coming up for air every once in a while, but always going back for more. While they were kissing, Greg’s hands roamed Diana’s body. His left hand rubbed over her nipples, going from one to the other. Every once in a while, he gave her breast a sudden squeeze, which always made her moan.

His right hand continued to trace circles on her body, but he covered new territory each time. The circles slowly shifted around to her butt, where he lingered a few minutes, rubbing and squeezing. Then he circled his hand back around to her front. His hand slowly slid inside the front of Diana’s skirt, not stopping until he reached the heat between her legs, where he continued to rub in the circles he knew would soon drive her over the edge.

With his left hand, he had already unbuttoned Diana’s shirt, and they had to stop kissing long enough to pull it off. Next came her bra, which was soon thrown to the floor, too.

Now Greg had access to Diana’s bare skin, and he spent more time on each breast instead of going back and forth. He leaned her back in his left arm so that he could lick and suck her nipples. He slid a finger deep inside her while his thumb rubbed her clit. Diana moaned and twitched her hips in time with his finger, which was slowly sliding in and out of her. Her movements were repeatedly bringing her back into contact with his erection, which was making him moan also.

In the closet, the temperature had seemingly risen twenty degrees, and it felt like all the air had been sucked out.

Both Mulder and Scully were sweating and having trouble breathing.

Scully still sat in front of Mulder, between his knees. There was nowhere else to go, and they were afraid any movement might be noticed by the couple making love right in front of them. They had a clear view of everything that was going on.

They could see Diana’s bare breasts being worshipped by Greg’s hand and mouth, and they could also see the way her skirt was moving with the rhythm of Greg’s fingers inside of her. They could hear moaning, panting breaths, and weren’t sure who’s throat it was coming from. The two hiding in the closet could feel phantom hands on their bodies, doing the same things they were watching.

Since Scully’s entire back side was pressing against Mulders front, she could feel how hot and hard he was. Scully had tried to inch forward enough to break the contact between their bodies, but Mulder had snaked an arm around her waist and held her tightly to him. Every time he breathed, she could feel it blowing into her ear. Her skin was tingling all over, and her nipples were hard and aching. Her panties were already wet, and she was aching there, too…wanting Mulder’s fingers inside her, moving with the same rhythm Diana was experiencing. She could smell how aroused she was and was sure Mulder could too.

Scully was having a hard time keeping back the moans that were trying to force their way out from deep inside her.

Mulder couldn’t believe what he was seeing! This was way better than any of his porn movies. The only problem with the situation was that he was very hard and couldn’t do anything about it. And it didn’t help his control to have the woman he’d been fantasizing about for years pressing against his aching erection. He could hear her panting breath and could smell how aroused she was. He had one arm around her waist, holding her in place while his other hand gripped her shoulder, squeezing in time with the rhythm of Greg’s fingers. Scully’s skin twitched under his hand and her whole body was melting into him. Mulder kept squeezing her shoulder, afraid if he did anything else one or both of them would make a noise that would be heard by the other couple. Or that he would lose control completely and take her right there, consequences be damned.

Scully could feel Mulder’s rock hard erection pressing into her back, as together they watched Greg and Diana make love. Finally Diana came, calling Greg’s name, while he held her upright. After her breathing slowed a little, she turned in Greg’s arms for a gentle kiss. He swooped her up and carried her to the bed. Dropping her gently onto the bed, he started to unbutton his shirt.

Then the phone rang.

All four people in the cottage moaned with frustration, the two in the closet somehow managing to stifle themselves.

Taking a deep breath, Greg answered the phone. After a few “uh huhs” and “okays”, he hung up. It was obvious while he took a minute to look at Diana’s half bare body that he was trying to decide if they had enough time to finish what they had started. Deciding that they really didn’t want to chance the consequences of being late, he shook his head and offered Diana a hand up from the bed. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her a last time. “We’ll finish this later,” he promised.

“The pick-up is at 1677 Pine Lane,” he continued. “The warehouse will be unlocked by the time we get there. Since it’s clear across town, we’d better get going.” Diana put her bra and shirt back on quickly, then grabbed her purse while Greg gathered his briefcase from underneath the couch. Holding hands they left the cottage, locking the door behind them.

Mulder and Scully waited motionless until they heard the truck tearing off down the street before they moved. Mulder slid his arm from around Scully’s waist up to cup her cheek, turning her face to him. In her eyes he could see the same overwhelming arousal he was feeling. He knew this first kiss between them would reveal how deep his feelings for her were, but he he couldn’t not kiss her. His mouth immediately came down on hers for a deep kiss that had them both moaning. Their hands frantically roamed each others bodies and they both wanted to be touching naked skin, but that would have to wait.

After a few minutes, they had to come up for air. “We have to call in the location of the warehouse, then we’ll be off duty,” Scully said, not bothering to open her eyes. Mulder groaned in protest, muttering under his breath what sounded, to Scully, a lot like the words slave driver. Then he slid his hands around her waist to help her stand. They left the closet and the cottage and returned to their car.

When he had finished calling in the location of the warehouse, Mulder sat back against his door and grinned at Scully.

“So, do you still want to curl up with something hot, delicious and easy?”

The End


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