Trolling by Vickie Moseley & S Proto

16,700 Words

Book Cover: Trolling by Vickie Moseley & S Proto

The partners investigate a case of a missing child and run into a couple of obstacles along the way.


This feels like a Darin Morgan-type story, with Scully operating the slide projector and having the theory, while Mulder questions its validity as an X-File.  It was originally written for Virtual Season 8 (episode 23).  If you like case files, I can highly recommend the Virtual Season X site as a treasure trove.  They also made dustjackets for each 'episode' so the odd virtual episode will end up here.  This project continued the series with virtual episodes when it was unknown whether there would be a Season 8.  It branches off after Season 7's Je Souhaite, meaning the revelations and events in Requiem and official Season 8 onwards never happened.  Mulder and Scully are a couple, but the focus is on the case files rather than the relationship.  [This is a different project from the Alternative Season 8 that's previously been posted here.]

I'm getting closer to fixing everything, but there may still be temporary breakages as I'm still doing long-overduebackground stuff. Thanks for being patient.