Airport, The (AKA The Chili’s Fic) by JessM

10,000 words

Book Cover: Airport, The (AKA The Chili's Fic) by JessM

SUMMARY: Up, up and away!
RATING: Oh, NC-55? (even I can't read it without feeling dirty)
CONTENT WARNING: Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats. The captain has turned on the Fasten Seatbelts sign, as we expect to encounter some turbulent SMUT.


In case that didn't clue you in, this is pure, unadulterated smut.  It's one of those stories that's reached legendary status in the fandom, to the extent that it has even been mentioned by Gillian Anderson.  Thanks to Trelawney there are a few dustjackets for Jess's fics, so there are more to come.

I'm getting closer to fixing everything, but there may still be temporary breakages as I'm still doing long-overduebackground stuff. Thanks for being patient.