So Let It Be Written Series by Mish

42,500 words

Book Cover: So Let It Be Written Series by Mish

Includes: So Let It Be Written | So Let it Be Done | Exodus | The Promised Land

So Let it Be Written PG-13, Angst, post-'Milagro'
In a world of extreme possibilities, might we not turn to the implausible?

So Let it Be Done PG-13, Angst, post-'Milagro'
Sequel to "So Let It Be Written";

Exodus R, X-File, Angst, M/S, post-'Milagro', character death (or is it?)
Continuation of the So Let it Be Written/Done series; Mulder and Scully together again, but at whose hands?

The Promised Land NC-17, MSR Final chapter in the series. This book has a happy ending.

Mish takes the typewriter from Milagro and cleverly uses it to make this distinct and memorable version of a Milagro post-ep.  

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