Rooted in Friendship by CultureisDarkBeer

385,000+ words

Book Cover: Rooted in Friendship by CultureisDarkBeer
Publisher: AO3
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This follows MSR beginning with "The End" in season five until life leads me in another direction. I will attempt to be canon compliant. The continuity in the storylines always bothered me and I always thought MSR deserved more than for it to become an x-file. This is a result of that nagging, my first attempt at fanfic, and a labor of love.

Like Master Captain, this is another of those absolutely epic fics that intertwines with canon.  These authors deserve extra credit for even attempting to make canon fit with canon.  It's still being added to regularly, and is now in the post-season 11 universe.   There are now even more books in this series to enjoy.