Risking Everything by Cathleen Faye

13,400 words

Book Cover: Risking Everything by Cathleen Faye

During the events of Pine Bluff Variant, we find that Mulder has risked his relationship with Scully for his assignment and as things begin to go bad he fears that he's fast running out of time to set it right again. But Scully has more faith in him than he realizes. This is an expansion on the events of Pine Bluff Variant, an XF episode with more layers (IMO) than it's given credit for. The title is taken from Mulder's line in the episode.

PBV is a favourite episode, and the Scully doctoring scene absolutely went this way, you just didn't see it all on screen 😉 .

The original image is from Cathleen's website, I only had this little version though, so I've expanded it a little for the cover 🙂 

Cathleen Faye (Chimerical) has been adding her fics to AO3 while I wasn't looking. I've now added an AO3 link as well.

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