Five Times She Ogled His Ass by MonikaFileFan

10,000 words

Book Cover: Five Times She Ogled His Ass by MonikaFileFan

Scully loves Mulder and his body, but her very favorite piece of his anatomy is... yes, you've guessed it! Scully loves Mulder's ass. These CAN be read as one shots but they do tie together in a certain way and you WON'T be disappointed by reading them all.

He heard you! Of course he did. You slam your mouth shut and intend to flick your eyes elsewhere. But Holy God! His dick is now right where his ass was and you don’t flick a thing.

Monika makes great use of Mulder's ass-ets in this series of stories. Some very hot UST which turns into some hot RST. 


I'm getting closer to fixing everything, but there may still be temporary breakages as I'm still doing long-overduebackground stuff. Thanks for being patient.