Dust Mites by Jori & MoJo

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Book Cover: Dust Mites by Jori & MoJo
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A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahh.... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches.

Authors' Notes: Inspired for our love of fonts and cheap, sleazy motel fic, 'Dust Mites' can be found at http://www.dafont.com/dust-mites.font and probably any Motel 6.

I needed a quick fic to add due to lack of time today, and while scanning through my cover repository I found this sweet little tropey classic from 2000, then realised it was on AO3, making it a perfect choice.

I'm too tired to fight my compulsion to have all images in 'portrait' orientation for the book grids. I accept that I have fic-cover-OCD and thus will display the original image under the post if I haven't been able to resist changing orientation.  You'll also find another image on AO3.

Original image by Jori, or perhaps Mojo.

I'm getting closer to fixing everything, but there may still be temporary breakages as I'm still doing long-overduebackground stuff. Thanks for being patient.