Dust Mites by Jori & MoJo

16,000 words

Book Cover: Dust Mites by Jori & MoJo

A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahh.... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches.

Authors' Notes: Inspired for our love of fonts and cheap, sleazy motel fic, 'Dust Mites' can be found at http://www.dafont.com/dust-mites.font and probably any Motel 6.

I needed a quick fic to add due to lack of time today, and while scanning through my cover repository I found this sweet little tropey classic from 2000, then realised it was on AO3, making it a perfect choice.

I'm too tired to fight my compulsion to have all images in 'portrait' orientation for the book grids. I accept that I have fic-cover-OCD and thus will display the original image under the post if I haven't been able to resist changing orientation.  You'll also find another image on AO3.

Original image by Jori, or perhaps Mojo.