Shipper’s Digests

Shipper’s Digests are collections of short stories by different authors, grouped by theme.

Trope Anthologies

Shipper’s Digest 01: A Collection of Close Encounters
SHIPPER'S DIGEST 1: CRAWL SPACE AND OTHER CLOSE ENCOUNTERS including: Crawl Space by Gwendolyn In The Closet by Gwendolyn and DashaK Heating System by Lizzi Wareham Not the Call They Were Waiting For by Yonada Broom Closet by Jacquie LaVa Tailor-Made by OKayVal Scully in Black Leather by HavelockXF Goin' to the Fair by Ficlady This is my first attempt at an anthology of themed stories by different authors.  There are eight "Tight Quarters" fics included, with each story having between 1500 and 5500 words.  Let me know if you'd like more themed anthologies and if so feel free to Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 02: Two Agents, One Tent
Another collection of tropey fics - this time it's two agents consorting in the one tent.  There are only three in this edition, but they're all longer PWPs, and some even snuck in a little plot.  Circumnavigation by Suzanne Schramm Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you get there. Wildcats by Sheryl Martin (Nantus) You're not getting anything more than sex, sex and romance... oh, did I mention sex? He Otter Known Better by Manik Mulder's fiendish plans for an erotic weekend go awry when a large weasel launches himself at Scully. A certain portion of Mulder's anatomy Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 03: Heatstroke
It was winter here the other day, so I'm warming up with some heat-related fics.  This is a collection of PWP set in the heat of summer. Summaries aren't really necessary because there's not much plot, it's generally just hot and sweaty MSR. Includes: Too Darn Hot by ML Ignited by Piper Sargasso Heat Stroke by TJ Hot & Sticky by Eponine119 Hot by Beduini PS. There are more heat fics to come. There are so many that I decided to save some for when the northern hemisphere needs heating up. Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 04: Fixing the Family Jewels
SHIPPERS DIGEST 4 includes: The South Shall Rise Again by Gina Rain Barnacle Babies by Humbuggie Payback by Madame Butterfly & The Wrong Arm of the Law by Terma99 As we all know, Scully's a medical doctor, and there are occasions where that skill is needed to take care of Mulder's mistreated man-parts.  These are but 4 fics where such an indignity has been suffered.  I actually laughed out loud in some parts, which felt wrong under the circumstances, so I hope I'm not alone. Again, I've linked to further reading on AO3... Read more.

Episode Companions

Shipper’s Digest 313: Syzygy Convergences
Syzygy smut, including Improbability - Fran Hartman Syzygy Causes Lust - Paradise Hey Jealousy - Eponine119 Syzygy Smyzygy - Mystic & Angela Game - Eponine119 Stars Misaligned - Donna BONUS: Links to more Syzygy goodness at AO3   Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 413: Never Again
SIX SMUTALICIOUS 'NEVER AGAIN' POST-EPS Skin Against Skin by para8Dice Visceral by Danielle Cold Night Warm Bed by Atticus Never Never by Crash Two Steps Forward by Soodohnimh Expiation by Johnie In celebration of my brand new tattoo I thought I'd put together a few angsty first time fics involving Scully's tattoo. I know many don't like this episode, and I admit that I was in the 'Scully didn't do it' camp for a long time, but I've switched to the 'Scully really wants Mulder but he's being a total jerk so she can go have whatever fun she needs Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 619: UnNatural Attraction
I had trouble deciding what to post today, and when in doubt, turn to smut. This anthology contains seven innings, all with home runs. Backstop by Fialka: UnNatural smut biscuit Batting Practice by Shanda: post-ep smut Alternate Ending - The Unnatural by icedteainthebag: Home Run! Exhibitionism Inspired by Baseball by DiAlex: Who would have known that all it took was a little game of baseball.... No More Giants by KrisMac: Unnecessary Things Balls, Boys & Birthday Gifts I & II by DenyTheTruth: What was going through Scully's mind during her and Mulder's little batting session? And what comes after the Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 712: X-Copulation
I've been screencapping for the new xfphotos archive and happened to catch sight of this episode as it was autocapturing, which inspired me to do a post-ep anthology.  The first story is only PG rated, but it's a good laugh and a reminder of some of the events in the episode. Bill Scully Meets The X-Cops by Girlie_Girl7 (a smut-free appetiser) Inversion Layer by Blackwood Inevitable by Flynn The Thing With Feathers by Diana Battis Willow Park: Aftermath by Kelly Moreland Read more.