Not Without You & Chained to You by Spooky’s Girl

48,000 Words

Book Cover: Not Without You & Chained to You by Spooky's Girl

Not Without You: Mulder and Scully vs the wild west.

Chained to You: 18 months after Scully leaves the bureau, fate intervenes, and Fowley tries to...

It's bothered me that I don't have many smutless fics here, so much so that I'm seriously considering combining G and PG rating tags to obfuscate that fact a little.  I've guesstimated these fics as PG, as they're not rated, nor were they summarised.  They came from the dark, cobweb-infested basement of the wayback machine as I'm pretty sure these are from Denise's pre-ATXC writings which never made it to Gossamer.   Spooky's Girl is one of my regular dustjacket providers, but unfortunately she hadn't done any for these two stories  and all my efforts were a little underwhelming.  There are days when nothing seems to work... I should post a couple of the rejects for a laugh... it was that bad.

Mulderlocations by Abracadabra & Spooky’s Girl

10,500 words

Book Cover: Mulderlocations by Abracadabra & Spooky's Girl

Mulder and Scully go to the Carnival.

Mulder and Scully lodge-sit.

More mindless smut.

Illusions by Spooky’s Girl

60,000 words

Book Cover: Illusions by Spooky's Girl

Post-Arcadia. Mulder loses his memory after an accident and believes himself to be Rob Petrie.


I'm a sentimental old phile. I just happened to notice that it's 20 years since Arcadia was broadcast in this part of the world (26 May 1999), so that sounded like a good excuse for this Arcadia fic and cover by Spooky's Girl (Denise).