Beds Are Burning by ShannonK

12,700 Words

Book Cover: Beds Are Burning by ShannonK

The ever-erotic, if sometimes clumsy, dance from UST to RST. Some allergies, some games, some alcohol, some smut.

Oops, I'm late posting today, and a fic that wasn't supposed to be published yet was accidentally set free.  It's been one of those days.  I re-read this story last night and I'd forgotten how funny it is.  It's highly recommended, especially if you're in need of something lighter... like when your day starts with taking a flying fox to the wildlife hospital for euthanasia and you come home to a sobbing family member who needs consoling and you discover you published a fic you didn't intend to until you'd contacted the author....   :'(

Stiff One, A by ShannonK

10,000 words

Book Cover: Stiff One, A by ShannonK

A Stiff One is Shannon's first time at a first time fic.  Some bar-inspired smut.

ShannonK* is legendary for her writing of rather steamy fics.  Try not to groan too loudly and her choice of dance tunes (i don't know how many fics I've read over the years with these songs played) and just go with it.  Lick. Drink. Suck. Hot damn.

*I've obfuscated Shannon's full name because I'm under the impression she no longer wants it used.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.