Shipper’s Digest 05: Halloween

33,000 Words

Halloween digest cover

A selection of steamy stories where our heroes do the horizontal hula at Halloween. Definitely Adults Only!!!

  1. Scully in Black Leather by HavelockXF
  2. Aloha Puddytat by DFantum
  3. I'd Know You Anywhere by Yonada
  4. The Grim Reaper by Amy McClure
  5. The Treat of an Unexpected Trick by Sister X
  6. Mind Candy by B Dipherowa
  7. Urban Legends by SueBee
  8. And Dance by the Light of the Moon by RivkaT & MustangSally
  9. Master of Reality by Khyber

More treats than tricks. More pocus than hocus.  It's probably not surprising that Mr & Mrs Spooky enjoy halloween.  This is a bit of a mixed bag of stories.  The majority are first time fics.  Most are refreshingly light on plot, but there's a case file in there too. There's a lot of light-hearted fun to enjoy in this batch.

Iolokus Series by Mustang Sally and RivkaT

270,000 Words

Book Cover: Iolokus Series by Mustang Sally and RivkaT

Painted across the barren and desolate reaches of Texas, the shadows of the Project put additional pressure on Scully and Mulder’s already fragile relationship. After a hostage crisis raises more questions about the Project’s breeding program, Scully begins her own investigation, leaving Mulder to choose between saving her and saving himself. Finally, the investigation leads to an inevitable tragedy and Mulder and Scully find that more questions have been asked than answered.


  • Iolokus
  • Agnates
  • Vix Te Agnovi
  • Res Judicata
  • Syadiloh

I've linked to the fic at xffics for the ePub & mobi versions. That site has been playing up so if you have problems please hit report and let me know and I'll upload to my own server. 🙂

I made the choice a long time ago not to read this fic, and I can't remember why now. 😀    It's a classic fic and you should have the chance to read it, not read it, or re-read it too.

Needless to say, I've had to guess the tags.

There is another dustjacket for this fic, from the Annex, and an image from IOHO.

Acadia by RivkaT

40,000 Words

Book Cover: Acadia by RivkaT

Acadia:  Mulder and Scully track a killer in the woods, while struggling with the various issues unresolved between them. Fourth season, between Demons Gethsemane.  [The main story is rated T. The smut is in the deleted scene only.]

Into the Woods: A deleted scene from Acadia; a direction the story didn't ultimately take. [E/NC-17 Rated]

Sore Luck at the Luxor by RivkaT

12,000 words

Book Cover: Sore Luck at the Luxor by RivkaT

Not enough plot to summarize. I only wrote one story as Anubis. As for the rest, I'm not sayin'.

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.  Anubis was a shared pseudonym used by a number of authors. Rivka T has claimed this short, smutalicous tale set while Mulder and Scully are undercover as a couple.