Flights of Fancy by Pebbles

55,000 words

Book Cover: Flights of Fancy by Pebbles

Flights of Fancy Series, includes:

Fancy Dance
Fancy Footwork
Fancy Three
Tickled Fancy
Fancy Toppings
Midsummer Nights Fancy
Fancy Harvest
Fancy Fall
Fancy Foreplay
Fancy Haunts
Fancy Phone* extra fic, not in Collector's Edition from the annex.

This one comes without a summary, and my head is in full on anxiety mode and  can't quite remember what happens in it.  All I remember is that I was pleasantly surprised by this fic, and I've given it the following tags: ^, >, 1, 1>, Bch, CabW, P°, Pg, Sinit.  They might not mean much to you, but they tell me that they go to a forest, Scully runs out, there's first time sex, someone has regret after the first time, there's a beach, a cabin in the woods and outdoor sex, not necessarily in that order. Also, someone gets pregnant (probably not Mulder) and Scully initiates the romance.  I did enjoy it and it was hailed as one of Fred and Ginger's Smut Classics, so I hope you enjoy it regardless of my inability to remember what actually happens in it.