Falling by Emma D

62,000 words

Book Cover: Falling by Emma D

Mulder knew why he was losing her. But to admit it would make it true. And he sure as hell wouldn't do that.

This is the third story in Emma's Quantum universe. Quantum and The Road Less Traveled are linked under 'series' below.   This is another story that appears to be missing a chapter on Gossamer - the full text file is available here.

Road Less Traveled by Emma D

34,000 words

Book Cover: Road Less Traveled by Emma D
Part of the Quantum Universe series:

As Mulder and Scully begin this new facet of their relationship, Scully's life is put in danger and Mulder must risk everything that means anything.

This is the second story in Emma's Quantum universe. Quantum and Falling are linked under 'series' below.  I've included the full text file here - there seems to be a chapter missing from the version on Gossamer. 

Quantum by Emma D

54,500 words

Book Cover: Quantum by Emma D

Is the grass really greener?

A big thank you to xphilernj for compiling this one.  It was originally posted to Ephemeral in around 2009 but missed being archived at Gossamer, and had to be laboriously put together from various sources following the Ephemeral glitch.   This is the first story in Emma's Quantum Universe.  Links to the other two stories, The Road Less Traveled and Falling, can be found below.