Legacy, A by DLynn

37,000 words

Book Cover: Legacy, A by DLynn

Through a series of diaries, Mulder and Scully’s granddaughter discovers a legacy rich with love and sacrifice. BTW, Mulder and Scully do play a prominant role in this story.

This one was a recommendation that I've had on my "to read" list forever but haven't read yet.  I'm doing a bit of a guess on some of the tags.

This was a really difficult one to format as the original text formatting didn't transfer well.  I've done my best to get the others as close as I can to the .txt file, but if you're a cheater like me who has an e-reader read books to you out loud, you might have to remove the line breaks yourself.  I've gone for presentation above the voice-bot's readability because I don't think anyone else is crazy enough to have a screen-reader (aka porn-bot) read stories to them while they're at the supermarket.


All Things Bright and Beautiful by DLynn

39,000 Words

Book Cover: All Things Bright and Beautiful by DLynn

“Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?”

Daniel is a creepy stalker, and lives are at stake.  This is a wonderful thriller based around Scully's ex, set at the end of the seventh season.

Original cover art by Galia

Reflections of a Rainy Night & Morning’s Promise by DLynn

25,000 words

Book Cover: Reflections of a Rainy Night & Morning's Promise by DLynn
  1. An innocent question at a crime scene leads Mulder into a contemplative night.
  2. “Hmm…chocolate and moonshine. There’s got to be a song in there somewhere.”

I imagine that doing the naked pretzel in the rain and the mud would be quite uncomfortable, but I love that Mulder and Scully just can't resist that urge.  There might be a case file in here somewhere, I can't quite remember the non-smut content that well. 😀 

The main dustjacket is a combination of the original Reflections of a Rainy Night cover by Tracy DC below, and the Morning's Promise mud scene cover I made which is in the ePub & PDF version.