45 Hegal Place by Admiralty & DanaScullyMakesMeFeelAutopsyTurvy

33, 000 Words

45 Hegal Place cover

There’s never a dull moment when your neighbor is Special Agent Fox Mulder.

*There was something going on between these two, or else there was something not going on, when there clearly ought to be.*

I'm over editing code today so I'm linking to a fic co-written by one of my very favourite authors, who turns out to be an awesome artist as well.  It's nice to have some quality cover art to brighten up the place.  Thanks Admiralty, for allowing me to share it.

I love a third party perspective of our agents.  I often wonder what their neighbours must think. This confirms my suspicion that they can't all be murderers...

Up In Your Arms by Admiralty

29,000 Words

Book Cover: Up In Your Arms by Admiralty

Post-Closure, Mulder's search for his long-lost sister has finally come to an end. What does this mean for his relationship with Scully? And where do they go from here?

I was inspired by Echo & the Bunnymen's "Killing Moon" compilation album cover when creating a dustjacket for this Killing Moon inspired fic. I'm a big fan of Admiralty's writing, and this angsty season 7 fic with its clever use of canon got my proverbial juices flowing.

Pebble Records

Whole Truth (The) by Admiralty

95,000 Words

Book Cover: Whole Truth (The) by Admiralty

Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley, a partnership of like minds. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, a partnership of perfect opposites. A journey beginning pre-XF and throughout the series exploring these relationships. (Includes Mulder, Diana, and Scully POVs)

Chaps 1-5: pre XF- Pilot
Chap 6: S2-S5
Chap 7: The End
Chap 8-9: Fight the Future/ The Beginning
Chap 10: Drive/ Triangle
Chap 11-12: Two Fathers/ One Son
Chap 13: Arcadia-Field Trip
Chap 14-17: Biogenesis arc

Although this fic examines the Mulder/Fowley relationship, it is MSR. It gives a lot of insight into the behaviour we see on screen, and adds so much depth to all of these characters.  Admiralty  even made Diana almost actually likeable. Or appreciable anyway.  It gives a whole new understanding of the motivations and events of seasons 5 to 7.