Undercover Swing by 2momsmakearight

54,000 words

Book Cover: Undercover Swing by 2momsmakearight

Mulder and Scully go undercover to find a heinous criminal... who also happens to host sex parties

Keep a fire extinguisher close to your device.  This could possibly be the hottest fic I've ever had the privilege of reading.  Mulder and Scully try desperately to keep in character as Paul & Holly to pull off a convincing enough performance to be invited back to the next party, never quite knowing how much is an act and how much is real... the tension between them is sky high.  

And Ashes Fell from the Sky by 2momsmakearight and PiecesofScully

88,000 words

Book Cover: And Ashes Fell from the Sky by 2momsmakearight and PiecesofScully

Over the years, his dreams had slowly mutated from Samantha’s abduction to visions of Them taking Scully. For over twelve years when the moon was at its highest, she was his stability, his guard from the horrors that haunted him each time his eyes closed. Now, as he sits in the car on this bridge, watching helplessly as the craft hovers above the only woman he’s ever truly loved, he can only hope and pray that whatever they do to her, they’ll do the same to him because the physical pain from their brutal instruments is nothing compared to the emotional pain of her absence – or of his failure to save her.

His world is nothing without her in it. He resolved himself to that a long time ago.

Post My Struggle II
!character death (but I can't remember who!)