Select the length of story you’d like to read.  Please note, until I can work out why I can’t make the filters appear in the order I want, they’re in the default non-logical order.

1-900-OH-SANTA by J LaVa & TBishop
Scully is finding this Christmas particularly stressful until she takes matters into her own hands. (a little pun intended)   Read more.
1,000 Rainy Days by RL Montoya
When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of it, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more far- reaching than either of them realize. Although the author rated this R, it's probably at least borderline NC-17. Read more.
12 Degrees of Separation + Lovers Series by Anne Haynes
Sequel to 12 Rites of Passage; repercussions from their last case lead to the shut down of the X-Files and an unwilling separation between Mulder and Scully. Lovers Series: Expressions of love.  Two short companion stories to 12 Degrees of Separation. The tags keep falling off this one, not everything is tagged. Read more.
12 Rites of Passage by Anne Haynes
Mulder and Scully seek a missing woman and discover frightening truths about their pasts. This is a Prequel to 12 Degrees of Separation and takes place within the same universe. You will find notable discrepancies between this piece and 12 Degrees as I have incorporated third season story developments into the canon of the 12 Degrees Universe. Read more.
45 Hegal Place cover
45 Hegal Place by Admiralty & DanaScullyMakesMeFeelAutopsyTurvy
There’s never a dull moment when your neighbor is Special Agent Fox Mulder. *There was something going on between these two, or else there was something not going on, when there clearly ought to be.* Read more.
99 and 44/100ths Percent Done by Sarah Segretti
Two mysterious and surprising cases -- plus encounters with manhole covers, ice cream and pigs -- lead Scully and Mulder down an unexpected path: the road home. This is an improv fic, with just a sprinkling of mytharc. Read more.
Above Rubies by Rachel Howard
Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree. Some glorious Profiler!Mulder angst. Read more.
Abyss Looks Back, The by Kronos
Mulder is the Bureau’s last hope for solving a horrific child kidnapping/murder case and is assigned as behavioral specialist consultant. It’s Skinner and Scully’s job to keep him well and sane long enough to prevent another death. Similarities to both victim and killer profiles create an uneasy resonance in Mulder, who must fight to maintain enough of a professional distance so as to avoid an unrecoverable slide into the abyss. !References to child abuse. Kronos writes a great case file with sweet angst.  Profiler!Mulder is always welcome in my home.  Thank you to Alicia for this suggestion.  There will be Read more.
Acadia by RivkaT
Acadia:  Mulder and Scully track a killer in the woods, while struggling with the various issues unresolved between them. Fourth season, between Demons Gethsemane.  [The main story is rated T. The smut is in the deleted scene only.] Into the Woods: A deleted scene from Acadia; a direction the story didn't ultimately take. [E/NC-17 Rated] Read more.
After the Future by Donna
An epic post-colonization series. This includes the complete story and the bonus extras. I'm not big on post-col, but I really enjoyed the way Donna threw all the characters into the destruction and rebuilding of their worlds in this one.  It's a long one, written over about 10 years. Read more.
Aftermath by Zuffy
This series began with the devastating effects One Son had on Mulder and Scully's partnership, and continued through their desperate attempt to understand the alien threat and the complex loyalties of Diana and other players. Parts 3 and 4 take place after Biogenesis as Scully and Mulder try to come to terms with his mysterious illness. There's a shippy end for believers... Read more.
Aftershock & Time by Terma99
Aftershock: Agents Mulder and Scully assist the San Francisco Police Department in tracking down a mysterious strangler in the aftermath of a 6.7 earthquake. Time: Returning to San Francisco, Mulder and Scully discover that becoming lovers is just a matter of time. These aren't quite a series; but they're in the same universe (or city at least).  Aftershock is a casefile with UST that's pretty high on the Richter Scale, winning first place for casefiles in the 1999 Spooky Awards.  Then Time sees Mulder and Scully return to San Francisco for some much needed time off. Time also got a Read more.
Agape by Marti Mulder
Imagine Mulder and Scully under the influence of Love Potion Number Nine. Agape ah-GA-pay: Unselfish love for all persons. An ethical theory according to which such love is the chief virtue, and actions are good to the extent that they express it, is sometimes called agapism. Agape is the Greek word most often used for love in The New Testament, and is often used in modern languages to signify whatever sort of love the writer takes to be idealized there. In New Testament Greek, however, it was probably a quite general word for love, so that any ethical ideal must Read more.
Airport, The (AKA The Chili’s Fic) by JessM
SUMMARY: Up, up and away! RATING: Oh, NC-55? (even I can't read it without feeling dirty) CONTENT WARNING: Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats. The captain has turned on the Fasten Seatbelts sign, as we expect to encounter some turbulent SMUT. CLASSIFICATION: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT, MSR, SMUT   Read more.
All the Children are Insane by MustangSally
The Fan-Fiction Writer's Union (NJ Local #527) required post 'End' vignette. I'm very glad Mustang Sally complied with the union rules to write this hot little drunken mutual comfort fic. I prefer this to Mulder drinking on his own in FIght the Future... Read more.
All Things Bright and Beautiful by DLynn
“Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?” Read more.
Alternative Season 8 – Volume 3
Volume Three contains the episodes: Via Negativa by Jaz Salvage by Heather Surekill by Sam Empedocles by Jo & Hazel Dead Alive by Nancy Three Words by Tracy Note: These episodes are in a different order from the aired episodes, and should be read in the AS8 order to get the most enjoyment from them.  Please make sure you read Volume One and Volume Two before embarking on Volume Three. Again major improvements were made to these episodes, but the one that blew me away most was "Salvage".  It was completely replaced with a mytharc episode, which is full of Read more.
Alternative Season 8 – Volume 1
Alternative Season 8 is a retelling of the episodes aired during the eighth season of The X-Files, utilizing the same starting point (the 7th-season finale, "Requiem") and the same essential story premises. We do this in hopes of demonstrating that, given the same basic storylines, there was a better way this season could have been handled, a higher road the producers could have taken. Departures from characterization will be rectified, needless and senseless continuity errors will be fixed, and bad storytelling and plot devices will be eliminated. These are not "novelizations" of the episodes, as such, nor are they screenplays. Read more.
Alternative Season 8 – Volume 2
Volume 2 of Alternative Season 8 contains the following episodes: PerManum by Kristel St Johns Roadrunners by XochiLuvr This Is Not Happening by Jo & Tracy Patience by MaryAnn Badlaa by Elizabeth & Alicia Redrum by Lara Means Note: These episodes are in a different order from the aired episodes, and should be read in the AS8 order to get the most enjoyment from them.  Please make sure you read Volume One before embarking on Volume Two. These talented writers managed to improve all these episodes exponentially, and believe it or not actually managed to pull a decent story out Read more.
Alternative Season 8 – Volume 4
The final volume of the Alternative Season 8 project contains: Vienen by Tiffany & Jo Alone by Juliettt Essence by Kristel St Johns Existence by Kristel St Johns Evolution by Kristel St Johns Extras: About the Authors & Secrets of AS8 Special Note: These episodes are in a different order from the aired episodes, and should be read in the AS8 order to get the most enjoyment from them.  Please make sure you read Volumes One,   Two and Three before embarking on Volume Four. Kristel and the AS8 crew wrap things up and tie it all in a neat little Read more.
And Ashes Fell from the Sky by 2momsmakearight and PiecesofScully
Over the years, his dreams had slowly mutated from Samantha’s abduction to visions of Them taking Scully. For over twelve years when the moon was at its highest, she was his stability, his guard from the horrors that haunted him each time his eyes closed. Now, as he sits in the car on this bridge, watching helplessly as the craft hovers above the only woman he’s ever truly loved, he can only hope and pray that whatever they do to her, they’ll do the same to him because the physical pain from their brutal instruments is nothing compared to the Read more.
And Chaos Shall Reign by Kronos
Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the explosion of an air separation plant in Hampton, Virginia, in which more than a hundred people were killed. Mulder struggles against self-doubt and considers his future with the Bureau, even as he and Scully become embroiled in politics when their opinion as to what occurred runs contrary to that of the local FBI SAC. Despite the roadblocks, their investigation leads them to a conspiracy whose purpose could result in an even worse disaster. Skinner joins his agents in a race against time that could very well end with all their deaths, Read more.
And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms
Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there puts their partnership, their investigative skills, their love and even their sanity to a test neither could ever have imagined. !non-consensual sex, suicidal thoughts This is another dark and angsty one, but well worth the pain. I somehow missed the original dustjacket despite the hundreds of them in my collection, and it wasn't until I went to get the link for this post that I discovered there was one.  After adding the one I made to the epub and pdf files I Read more.
Antidote by Rachel Howard & Karen Rasch
Strange doings in a tiny western town bring Mulder and Scully out to investigate. Once there, they uncover a deadly experiment that may cost both of them their lives. Read more.
April Fool’s Day by Sister Spooky
Happy April Fool's Day! I hope Sister Spooky's foolery adds some Mulder and Scully fun to your day.  Scully plays joke that gets her more than she thought she could ever get.    Skinner is the 'butt' of her practical joke. Read more.
Arcadia Series by Ms31x129
Filling in the gaps before, during and after Arcadia, with alternating POVs. Yes it's another Arcadia fic.  This one's a lot shorter on plot than Illusions - it's pretty much just a fun, irreverant, frolicsome smutromp.  Scully gets to play a little one-on-one with Mulder, and it turns into one of those lurid fics that CC warned us about.  Ms AM has decided to out herself as her current author name: Ms31x129 Read more.
Arizona Highways by Fialka
Anthology containing: • Arizona Highways Book 1 • Arizona Highways Book 2 Visions of Melissa lead Our Heroes on a case confirming the existence of a series of Emilys. But does Melissa really have a message, or is it all in Scully’s head? Read more.
Assumption of Guilt, An by Gerry Hill
Scully makes an assumption about Mulder and it nearly derails their partnership. The stress of back to back profiling cases results in some friction between our agents.  A series of misunderstandings doesn't help things until they finally work out where they're supposed to be. 😉  I was looking for a solstice fic, but because I'm on the wrong side of the world it's Yule here, and in the X-Files world Yule is at Christmastime, so nothing quite fit.  I gave up and got one set around the northern Summer solstice in season 7. Read more.
Away Series by Mimic117
Includes: Blown Away: Riding out a storm doesn't have to be a hardship. Washed Away: Scully's changed her mind about tempting fate again. Or has she? Driven Away: He's driving her crazy. Carried Away: Some people just can't help getting carried away. Category: SPM - At the request of Nell, Cindy and assorted other perverts, I hereby announce the creation of the SexPigMulder category. Insistent, persistent, and doesn’t take “later” for an answer. Not non-con or rape, just an insatiable man who wants what he wants when he wants it. Who doesn't love an insatiable Mulder?  I need mindless smut Read more.
Backtracking by Kel & Scetti
What do Charlie Scully, the Alien Bounty Hunter, and Jesse “the Body” Ventura all have in common? Last April you could have found all three of them in Minnesota. The mysterious Charlie Scully gets to come out and play in this one, set around an icy waterfall and steamy hot springs at Temperance Creek State Park in Minnesota.  It's a nice trip to a cabin in the snow... that ends up in hospital. Read more.
Baseball Metaphors by Leiascully
When you run into your ex, you pretend you're dating your partner. Sometimes things spiral from there. Read more.
Basketball Therapy by Kel
Set shortly before Tithonus, this story explores life in the bullpen, where tedium and background checks are the order of the day. When Scully gets drawn into an investigation at a Maryland hospital, Mulder gets trapped in a deadly hostage situation. Didn't Mulder seem relaxed and well-adjusted in Tithonus? How was that possible? Why wasn't he out looking for alien colonists, fighting the future? Read on; it will be revealed.   Read more.
Beauty in the Breakdown by Neytirijade
Mulder tries pushing Scully away to protect her. Scully doesn't give up that easily. Neytirijade delights us with some MSR smut at the Gunmen's on New Years Eve.  There's a dash of Fowley angst, a pinch of idiotic Mulder, and a splash of self-medicating Scully all whipped up into a delicious coming together. 😉 Read more.
Beds Are Burning by ShannonK
The ever-erotic, if sometimes clumsy, dance from UST to RST. Some allergies, some games, some alcohol, some smut. Oops, I'm late posting today, and a fic that wasn't supposed to be published yet was accidentally set free.  It's been one of those days.  I re-read this story last night and I'd forgotten how funny it is.  It's highly recommended, especially if you're in need of something lighter... like when your day starts with taking a flying fox to the wildlife hospital for euthanasia and you come home to a sobbing family member who needs consoling and you discover you published Read more.
Behind the Looking Glass by Wendiae
After returning from Philadelphia Scully is unsure of her reaction to Mulder's anger and takes an assignment away from him unintentionally placing herself in grave danger. Read more.
Believe by FrangipaniDownunder
What if it wasn't Mulder that was abducted in Requiem? FrangipaniDownunder is a standout author in a fandom of talented authors.  This story indulges in a little Scully!Torture (and Mulder!Torture by proxy) as Scully is the one abducted in the Season 7 Finale. Read more.
Beltane Fire by Prufrock’s Love
Mulder has a very, very good dream. Or does he? A glimpse into what Mulder was up to during 'all things'.  This one is absolutely impossible to tag, but it's only a short one, so go on and read it. Read more.
Best Friends Series by T Bishop
Scully's feelings for her partner are forced out into the open when another woman comes into the picture. Anthology containing: Best Friends 1 Mulder's Girlfriend Best Friends 2 The Date Best Friends 3 Sleeping Together Best Friends 4 Work Ethics Best Friends 5 Jealousy Best Friends 6 Blood & Water Best Friends 7 In the Future Read more.
Bittersweet Release by Adara
“Scully?” One more whispered question. Slowly, unbelievably, she formed the words. “Yes, Mulder. We’ll stay.” She didn’t dare look at him. She barely heard him over the music: “Oh, Scully …” M&S find better things to do than speak to some informant... Read more.
Blinded by White Light by DashaK
Blinded by White Light: What are we, but the sum of our memories? Open to White: We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.   Read more.
Bone of Contention by Kel & Michelle Kiefer
When an investigation in the middle of nowhere opens old wounds, 2000 miles away becomes too close to home. Can Mulder and Scully unravel the puzzle before they fall apart? Another gripping case file. This one puts our agents in the perilous position of investigating a cloning facility.  I can't quite remember if it's mytharc related, I might have to read it again - all I remember is the Dr Scully awkwardness after Mulder's hurt. Read more.
Breeding Discontent by FatCat
Mulder and Scully are abducted and when they are returned, things have changed. After being missing for two months, when they were found, conclusions were leapt to and evidence tampered with.  Just another day on the X-Files....    On top of that, some ardent loving is walked in on, and there's some video evidence gleefully provided by some voyeuristic members of the consortium.  It's only glancingly mytharc. Content warning: there is dubcon involved in this (they were drugged but otherwise willing).   Read more.
Bridge by Maria Nicole
Mulder and Scully deal with the aftermath of their little trip from "Field Trip," and confront an old case. Today's the 20th anniversary of Field Trip's first airing in this part of the world, so I've gone with a post Field Trip casefile.  It's PG but it doesn't need the smut. It has a nice relaxed UST feel and lots of flirtines intermingled with a revisit with an old monster of the week. Read more.
Brightwater Bunyip by FrangipaniDownunder
Set after season 11, Mulder and Scully are private consultants investigating an Australian cryptid legend, the Bunyip, in Queensland.   Read more.
Butt, Montana & Hellhole, Idaho by Jess M
Scully goes on a date. Mulder is incensed! Comedy and Love ensue. I thought I'd lighten things up with some jealousy smut. The Scully/Other is no more than a plot device, therefore it could be argued that there is some plot involved. Read more.
Butterflies All Tied Up by bugs
M/S are back to work at the X-files, but a madman in their midst finally sends their relationship in a new direction, and someone is watching.   Read more.
Butterfly in China, A by Nicknoc
Mulder and Scully slip into an alternate universe where they meet themselves living a happy life together. After being forced to make out so as not to blow their cover, Mulder and Scully end up stuck in a situation that provides further temptation... Read more.
Calendar Girl Series by Jori
Calendar Girl I follows Mulder and Scully through season six and seven. BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL- Mulder's real Christmas present comes shortly after Scully hands him that little wrapped package after 'How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.' They spend their first night together under shimmering blue Christmas lights before meeting one of the Scully brothers. NC-17 CHIMES- A continuation of my "Blue Light Special" story, this one takes place over New Year's Eve and day, with Bill Scully dropping by for a guest appearance. NC-17 GREENHOUSE EFFECT - Mulder and Scully break free from doing background checks to go 'investigate' an exotic flower grower in Florida. Smut Read more.
Camping by Amperage & Livengoo
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have survived abductions, serial killers, mutants and aliens but the Partner Cooperation Program Wilderness Encounter may finally do them in. After poison ivy and catfish, who wouldn't long for a nice, safe killer mutant? Read more.
Carpe Felis Mortuus & Perforance Art? by Heathers and NicoleVanDam
Carpe Felis Mortuus: How far would Mulder & Scully go for a little nookie? Performance Art?: Mulder and Scully delve into the world of Modern Art… Some might call that kinky According to Nic, this is 265.98% SMUT.  CFM is a rampantly smutcentric fic involving a frustrated Scully, a teasing Mulder, a beach, a rental car, and the line: "We're going to wash this car like you've never washed one before in your life."  It's early in their physical relationship and Scully's at a convention, so the sexual tension is extreme and they're both a bit desperate when Mulder turns Read more.
Carrot and the Stick & The Clock Watcher by Plausible Deniability
The Carrot & the Stick: A sexual encounter with Scully results in additional angst for Mulder. The Clock Watcher: After a less-than-confidence-building sexual encounter with Scully, Mulder determines to do better.   Read more.
Catalytic Converter & Pretensioner by Diana Battis
Diana Battis was one of those authors who could write sweet, sizzling smut while managing to slip some in some plot in as well. If you enjoy a side-order of jealousy and friction with your MSR, these two stories should be right up your alley. Catalytic Converter: Mulder plays Good Samaritan. Pretensioner: After an office confrontation forces Mulder and Scully to re-examine their relationship, the situation is further complicated by the untimely appearance of a woman from Mulder’s past. Read more.
Catfight by Donnilee
Scully loses her cool and fights for Mulder's honor, revealing more than she  meant to. What will they do now? Read more.
Caught in the Act series by Parrotfish
I: A secret is revealed, threatening to permanently dissolve the partnership between Scully and Mulder. II: No Win Situation: Their affair revealed, Mulder and Scully have been given new partners. His is bad, and hers is worse. Together, they must suffer through the power games of their professional lives while learning a very different lesson about power in their private lives. III: Sub Rosa: Mulder and Scully go undercover to rescue a kidnapped child from a white supremacist militia group. Success could mean the salvation of the duo’s partnership — if it doesn’t destroy them first. Note - the third Read more.
Cellphone by Marasmus
A conversation. A game. All is not what it seems. This is one of those fics that sticks in your mind long after reading it. It's widely recommended and received a couple of mentions in the 2000 Spooky Awards.  Read more.
Cheapened Things by MD1016
Basically sex and angst. Lots o' angst. I'm a big fan of MD's work and would like to post all her novel-length stories here. This is just a short one, but it was an extremely popular fic back in the day. And maybe I felt I needed to balance out the tension after the schmaltzy fic I posted the other day... Read more.
Cheekies Stories by Jacquie LaVa & Avalon
Cheekies, Wet With Rain:  Mulder loses a bet but ends up winning. Sequels - Cheekies, In the Night & Cheekies, In the Spring Read more.
Chiaroscuro by BlueSwirl
Summary: The past cannot help but have an irrevocable effect on the present. Author's Note:  This series -- which began with what I thought would be a single, stand-alone vignette -- became a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see if I could tell a story in sequential fragments that were almost snapshots, in that each section only captures a small part of the whole, and each is told from a different point of view. As with any experiment you never know if you're concocting something interesting or are on the verge of blowing up the lab -- I Read more.
Closet Doors by Narida Law
A third party finds himself observing some pretty personal happenings between his best friend's little sister and her partner. The unintentional  voyeurism that happens when Bill Scully tries to set his sister up with his best friend is described by said friend.  I do love a third party perspective on MSR. Read more.
Colombian Exchange by Taylor
It's a story about coffee, terrorism, love, sex, and families, though not necessarily in that order. What happens when a third agent is assigned to the X-Files - a female agent? What happens when Mulder starts dating that agent? What happens when Scully requests a transfer? Cancer rears its ugly head, as does Bill Scully, Jr.   Read more.
Complicity by Promise64
A journey through the shadows of guilt, regret, and responsibility, as a horrific case teaches our heroes about the fragility of trust and the cost of a promise broken. Brief Note: In its way, this story has become my homage to the world of XF fanfiction; it has evolved into something of a pastiche of all my favorite "cliched" fanfic scenarios-Profiler!Mulder occupies a central place in this fic, as does the traditional casefile; Mulder-and-Scully-in-the-Wilderness tm., figures prominently, and it's even a "First Time" fic; Injured!Scully and Injured!Mulder both make cameos, and there's angst aplenty. I did, however, leave out the Read more.
Contact High by Penumbra
Scully drops by Mulder’s apartment one evening and one thing sort of leads to another. Colonization metaphors abound. Mulder’s new bed has a cameo. I love Penumbra's post-ep for Field Trip.  These are the hallucinations CC didn't want us to know Mulder and Scully shared. Just try to ignore the use of the F word. (You'll know what I mean - that awkward F word). Read more.
Continuity Series I & II by Alelou
I: A look at season 7 from all things onwards in light of the revelations in Within. II - Per Manum Fractorum: Missing dialogue that would have explained much that is puzzling in Per Manum. Finally a G-rated fic!  This is very funny.  Alelou fills in some missing scenes  to make more sense of Season 8.  We could really have used Alelou's help with more than just Season 8 storylines.   Read more.
Conversation Hearts by Lara Means
Mulder and Scully's first Valentine's Day together after the events of "Millennium". I decided I liked this Mulder and Scully -- playful and romantic, but still carrying lots of emotional baggage -- and I wanted them to play some more in this little world I'd created for them. There are six completed stories in the series, including the prologue, Non-essential Personnel. [There's mention of more - I've searched thoroughly and can't find them, but all stories included are complete so you won't be left hanging.] Includes: Prologue: Nonessential Personnel - PG - Mulder and Scully have a snow day. Conversation Read more.
Crossing Lines Series by xgirl
xgirl's introduction to the Crossing Lines universe: (For a Glimpse of "What Could Have Been") For those of you unfamiliar with my work, all of my stories take place in what has become known as the "Crossing Lines" universe. It was the name of my first fanfic, an "unplanned" effort that ended up paving the path for my version of Mulder and Scully following their 1998 big screen adventure. This first set of stories — beginning with Crossing Lines and ending with Two Steps Back — essentially take place during the TV series' sixth season.  It continues in the Healing Read more.
Cubed by Louise Marin
Scully does a little body-swapping of her own. Can she and Mulder make it back to each other? Do they want to? Author's Note: This story takes place around the middle of season six, but splits off into its own universe sometime before the events of Two Fathers. Read more.
D is for Dangerous by Donnilee
Mulder reacts to the comments of some less than friendly police once he gets Scully alone while investigating a case. This is one of my favourites of Donnilee's Alphabet stories. It may be a little implausible and inappropriate, but it sizzles.  When CC gets implausible and inappropriate it's never any fun. Read more.
Damage Wrought by a Trip to Philadelphia by JHallmark
Mulder reacts to the events in "Never Again." Part I: Mulder Comes to a Conclusion - R for language and slight sexual imagery Part II: Scully Finds Some Cardboard Boxes and Her Key - PG for angst Part III: Dead Men Don't Feel Regret - PG-13 for slight sexual imagery Part IV: He Didn't Know about the Drops of Blood - R for angst and language Part V: All's Fair in Love and War - R for language and slight sexual imagery Part VI: Her Mother Called Him Fox - PG for Angst Part VII: Memories of a Florida Vacation Read more.
Dance With Me Series by Char Hall & MKR
Dance With Me Series:  Mulder and Scully meet before being assigned to work together.  Author's note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I know it couldn't have happened given the X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to write it. I hope you do enjoy it. It's a romance and it's also an alternate universe story.  A sequel to the original story by Char Hall was written by MaryKate, and they continued to write alternating stories, ending with Dance With Me 10. Dance With Me - Trust of Ice by Char Hall & Amy Schatz - Char teamed Read more.
Dance Without Sleeping by Lydia Bower
Includes the Into Each Other Sinking series.    This is a series about how Scully's cancer might conceivably change her life and the way she lives it. Expect a little bit of everything in this baby--from angst to romance. No real X-File though, unless you want to count Scully. This is a character study. Into Each Other Sinking I - III is a series of vignettes in the Dance Without Sleeping universe and follow the main story. Contains: Dance Without Sleeping Into Each Other Sinking: Liquid Into Each Other Sinking: Storm Into Each Other Sinking: Mirror Read more.
Darkness by Donna
Can he keep the darkness away? What's a girl to do when she's trapped in the rubble with her partner and they're never going to be rescued? Then what's she supposed to do after they're miraculously rescued? Read more.
Day I Tried to Live, The by XPhylia
After the fire destroyed the basement office, Mulder and Scully were split up and go separate ways. A year and a half later they meet again and Scully discovers a terrible secret about Mulder. Determined to rebuild their relationship, she must first face her main adversary: her ex-partner himself.   Read more.
Death Will Be Our Darling by Deborah Goldstein
Mulder gets car-jacked, and after recovering enough to go back to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever-- which has it's own problems-- and that certain people don't appreciate that. Future relationship in the making. Lots of Mulderangst. Read more.
Diametrically Opposed by Mountainphile
Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearance of a college student in Ohio.  Circumstances demand that they work from divergent ends of the spectrum, unearthing old wounds while opening new doors to the truth. This isn't so much a sequel to Seeds of Synchronicity, but it is set in the same universe. They can be read independently. Mountainphile's come up with another story that puts Ten Thirteen to shame with 'Diametrically Opposed'.  Not only does this have an intricate plot and heaps of action, it also questions Mulder's uncharacteristic acceptance of the walk-ins as Samantha's fate in Closure.  Plus, I Read more.
Direct Orders cover
Direct Orders by Donnilee
Mulder and Scully get together while sent on a missing person's case for the Director of the Bureau. Read more.
Drugged by Peacenik0
Prompt: Mulder and Scully are accidentally drugged and can't help themselves. Exhibitionism, marathon sex, multiple orgasms for both of them. I was a little hesitant to read this one initially due to the dubcon nature of it, but it's clear that these guys want each other, they just usually have better self-control. To give you an indication of what's involved, the tags given by peacenik0 include: Car Sex, Exhibitionism, Light Dom/sub, Marathon Sex, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Pool Sex, Rough Sex, Sex on a Car, Shower Sex. This fic not only has marathon sex, it has a bit of marathon Read more.
Dust Mites by Jori & MoJo
A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahh.... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches. Authors' Notes: Inspired for our love of fonts and cheap, sleazy motel fic, 'Dust Mites' can be found at http://www.dafont.com/dust-mites.font and probably any Motel 6. I needed a quick fic to add due to lack of time today, and while scanning through my cover repository I found this sweet little tropey classic from 2000, then realised it was on AO3, making it a perfect choice. Read more.
Eden Series by Jacquie LaVa
Part One: The Other Side of Eden - If you had your memories torn away from you... the very essence of what made you human... what would you become? Mulder and Scully are about to find out... Part Two: Eden in the City - As Mulder and Scully attempt to make a life for themselves and their new child, the creator of the deadly serum just won't let them be... Part Three: Re-Inventing Eden - Mulder and Scully are forced to send their child into hiding to save him from the threat of a monstrous threat... Part Four: To Keep Eden Safe - Read more.
Edge of Darkness: The Complete XFBandit Collection by Dawson E Rambo
Dawson E Rambo writing as XFBandit. THE NOIR COLLECTION Aphasic [R] Scully is being interviewed about something that went dreadfully wrong with a case involving Mulder and the disappearance of two boys from a deserted farmhouse. Warning: This is not a "nice" story, folks. Please read with caution. Angst, Story, Relationship Base Secrets [PG] A first-person Mulder story that talks about his relationship with Scully. Some parts of that relationship are not what the FBI or the Consortium thinks they are, and this story addresses both how that came to be, and how they maintain the deception. MSR, Angst. Choices [PG] Read more.
El Quinto Sol by One Million and Nine
An explanation of Mulder’s sudden belief in ‘miracles.’ Arthur C. Clarke’s second law in action. A bit of Mytharc in the guise of a case file. But in the end it’s all about sex. Then again, what isn’t? An agent's gotta do what an agent's gotta do to secure the return of a young boy. Read more.
Erlona’s Heart by MD1016
Mulder takes Scully on her dream vacation but things don't quite go to plan. If you haven't figured it out yet, MD1016 is one of my favourite authors, and possibly even the one who got me sucked in to the world of XF fanfic to begin with .  She combines the angst and UST and unleashes the smut in a way that I find most appealing.  This is a vacation fic set during the cancer arc, with all its tenderness, angst, love, and seasickness. Read more.
Erosion by Annie Sewell-Jennings
After being terribly defeated by the enemy, Mulder and Scully struggle to  beat the game. Archivist's Note: This is a passionate and emotional tale.  Be prepared to shed a tear or two. Read more.
F is for Foreplay & Foreplay With Results by Donnilee
Includes F is for Foreplay and Foreplay With Results. Scully gets hit on by a rude fellow pathologist and spills the beans to Mulder, prompting him to try to make it all better.  Then Scully gives her take on the events in Foreplay With Results. I decided that there was no way I could post all of Donnilee's alphabet stories at once, so I'll post them separately.  I don't know why I started with F, I think Kimpa's cover caught my eye.  It doesn't matter which order they're read in - they're not consecutive - it's a collection of stories Read more.
Faith Lost, A by Joylynn
Mulder and Scully are on the hunt for an elusive X-File. However, in the end, they learn that they are searching for a lot more than just a ghost. Read more.
Falling by Emma D
Mulder knew why he was losing her. But to admit it would make it true. And he sure as hell wouldn't do that. This is the third story in Emma's Quantum universe. Quantum and The Road Less Traveled are linked under 'series' below.   This is another story that appears to be missing a chapter on Gossamer - the full text file is available here. Read more.
Fidelity by Suzanne Schramm
A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth.  Takes place right after Two Fathers/One Son. I puffy heart this story so much.  It fulfills my post-One Son need for Mulder to have to suffer for his treatment of Scully in that episode (even if it's Scully who's feeling most of the pain). I can be rather masochistic in my enjoyment of the pain of the rift caused by Mulder's unwillingness to believe that Fowley would betray him.  I'm like a mutant who feeds off the intense Mulder-Scully feels, and this story Read more.
Fifth Column by Kemystre
Fifth Column - (noun) - a secret or subversive group that seeks to undermine the efforts of others and promote its own end. --- Encarta World Dictionary After the events of Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati, Mulder and Scully come to a crossroads in their relationship. The decision that Mulder makes will forever change their path together and quite possibly cost Scully her life.   Read more.
First Time Series by Lolabeegood
A series attempting to establish their first time together... These fics have been compiled in the order in which they were posted to Ephemeral, but the PDF & ePub versions should have a table of contents so you can read them in whichever order you like. They are all pre-eps, post-eps or missing scenes. First Time - SR 819 First Time - The Beginning First Time - Terms of Endearment First Time - Drive First Time - Milagro First Time - Orison First Time - Agua Mala First Time - Sein & Zeit First Time - all things (A) First Read more.
Five Times She Ogled His Ass by MonikaFileFan
Scully loves Mulder and his body, but her very favorite piece of his anatomy is... yes, you've guessed it! Scully loves Mulder's ass. These CAN be read as one shots but they do tie together in a certain way and you WON'T be disappointed by reading them all. He heard you! Of course he did. You slam your mouth shut and intend to flick your eyes elsewhere. But Holy God! His dick is now right where his ass was and you don’t flick a thing. Monika makes great use of Mulder's ass-ets in this series of stories. Some very hot Read more.
Five Years and One Night by Shalimar
This story was originally a short post-Kitsunegari vignette. Then by request, Shalimar kept adding parts until it became this masterpiece.  One of the (multitude of) big plot holes of The X-Files that was never addressed by the 1013 writers was the fetus, created from Scully's egg, that Mulder discovered during the episode "Emily." Nor was the emotional fallout of that episode, and its startling revelations, on their partnership ever dealt with during the series.  "Five Years and One Night" addresses both of those issues, through the creation of an alternative universe that begins in the aftermath of "Kitsunegari", then takes Read more.
Flavours Series by Lilith
Includes Bitter and Butter Pecan. Bitter and Butter Pecan and the four-part Flavours follow up reflect Lilith's anger with Mulder after One Son. Scully receives a series of unusual birthday suprises. Scully’s birthday present was only the beginning. An offer, an acceptance, and a refusal.   Read more.
Flights of Fancy by Pebbles
Flights of Fancy Series, includes: Fancy Dance Fancy Footwork Fancy Three Tickled Fancy Fancy Toppings Midsummer Nights Fancy Fancy Harvest Fancy Fall Fancy Foreplay Fancy Haunts Fancy Phone* extra fic, not in Collector's Edition from the annex. This one comes without a summary, and my head is in full on anxiety mode and  can't quite remember what happens in it.  All I remember is that I was pleasantly surprised by this fic, and I've given it the following tags: ^, >, 1, 1>, Bch, CabW, P°, Pg, Sinit.  They might not mean much to you, but they tell me that Read more.
Four Walls by Xenoprobe
Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped in a phone booth in a foreign town... This is a short PWP challenge-fic to make up for all the drama of the Alternative Season 8 I just posted.  It may not be award winning literature, but Xenoprobe has to gets points for creativity in being able to get Moose and Squirrel indulging in the four-legged foxtrot for the first time in a phone booth.  Read more.
Fox’s Book of Martyrs: Crucifying Scully by Ktblle
Your end is your beginning is your end. Oh the angst. What's a girl to do when her new lover decides to push her away to save her from himself? Go to Hawaii and setlle, that's what. But is that what she really wants?  Maybe, maybe not.  Spoiler: the answer isn't yes. Read more.
From the Ashes by J Greco
When Mulder is accused of sexual assault by a confused young girl, it begins an odyssey which will cause him to doubt every aspect of his life. But as Scully works to find out the hidden truth behind the events, Mulder realizes that she is the one truth upon which he can always rely. Jamie finds a number of imaginative ways in which to torture Mulder, and Scully is the only one he can trust to help him through an extremely difficult time.  There's lots of love in this one - no smut - but it doesn't seem to be Read more.
Full Circle to the Truth by Des
Special Agent Diana Fowley. Special Agent Dana Scully. What do they mean to Fox Mulder? Does he know? If not, how far do you have to go to find the truth? I thought it was time to find out. Read more.
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Jenna Tooms
Scully comes to Mulder with a wound only he can heal. Content Warning: non-con (past) Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was a popular album by Sarah McLachlan back in the day. This time Jenna's used each track as inspiration for a chapter.  This one could be a little implausible, but the same could be said of at least 9/10 of all excuses for smut - plus if plausibility was a problem for you you wouldn't be watching the X-Files or reading its fanfic.  There's some hot monkey loving in Jenna's story, and Mulder is certainly enthusiastic to help. If you're looking for Read more.
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Ryo Sen
Scully and Mulder argue over the Ephesian case and come to a new understanding about their relationship. This is a bit of an angstfest from Ryo Sen, who keeps us teetering on the edge. The ending is probably a little bit on the sappy side for my taste, but for those into more of a smutfest than an angstfest, I've also posted Jenna Tooms' "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" for you. This one's set after "The Field Where I Died", an ep that needed a little fixing. It's also a reminder that Teena Mulder didn't actually have a name for a very Read more.
Games by Lydia Bower
Games are only fun for a little while. This story takes its inspiration from The Field Where I Died but it doesn’t contain a lot of spoilers or a lot of angst. It takes place months after the events depicted in TFWID. This is not a plot-driven story, but what I like to think of as a character study. Read more.
Girls’ Night Out & As Good As It Gets by Jenna Tooms
Girls' Night Out: Scully has a girl's night out that does not end exactly as planned. As Good As It Gets: Sequel to Girls Night Out, Mulder accompanies Scully to a wedding.  Mulder learns fulfilling his obligations has its benefits … And though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted, She will hear me out, and won’t easily be converted To my way of thinking, in fact she’ll often disagree, But at the end of it all, she will understand me…” Yes, the Depeche Mode might be a little schmaltzy, and the M & S in these stories Read more.
Goodnight Newton by Rachel Howard
A bizarre case in Las Vegas leads Mulder and Scully deeper into the Consortium's secrets than they've ever gone before. As excruciating as the mytharc can be, it does inspire fics like this that attempt to repair the problems. Rachel considerately ties up the season 5 mytharc loose ends in this well-written story. Read more.
Gourmet Groping I & II by The Pimpernel
You know you’d have accepted the bet too. Admit it. The title doesn't do this fic any favours.  This one has more plot than porn, with a PG-13 rating for the first part which only makes it to an R in the second story.  But I think it's an interesting and vaguely plausible scenario they put themselves into, and the thought of sex up against a palm tree on the beach is one I'm happy to entertain.   Read more.
Gradual Precipitation by Narida Law
Mulder gets in hot water with an agitated Scully.  A post Brand X fic. Mulder and Scully in a laundromat.  What more can I say?  Spin cycle! Read more.
Grand Seven by JessM
When Mulder voluntarily disappears, Scully traces him to an oil drilling platform in the Grand Banks. But what she finds there will lead her question everything she believes she knows about... extra-terrestrials (said in Pilot!Mulder voice). Features Krycek the Wonder Assassin, CGB Splendifferous and other favorites! And actually, it's not funny, contrary to the tone of this summary. JessM was not only responsible  for some memorable smutfic (for which Tre made a number of covers so there'll be more to come), she's a bit of a devious plot master as well when it comes to her longer fics.   This is Read more.
Green Silk by Eowyn Evenstar
This version includes the short Christmas fic, The Present. The Present: Scully receives a mysterious Christmas gift. Green Silk: Mulder overhears Scully and her sister discussing whether Mulder might be gay. He has to prove her wrong. Green Silk has some classic fic elements like Jealous!Mulder, Sexy!Scully, a sexist small town cop, and some frenzied season 3-4 smut... It's been a while since I posted so I hope I remember everything I have to do 🙂    Read more.
Grief is the Price We Pay For Love by SarieFairy
Mulder has just pulled up at Scully's apartment after they returned home following Emily's funeral. Read more.
Guardian & Renewal by Amy Vincent
Amy notes: "When I first watched "The Ehrlenmeyer Flask," I was still offline and cut off from other Philes -- in other words, I feared I had just seen the end of one of my favorite shows. I was very disappointed -- as good an episode as that was, I couldn't bear to think of it all ending that way. I thought up my own version of how I would have "liked" to see the show wrap up. Later, of course, I learned that the show would return, and tossed this idea out of my mind. A few weeks ago, Read more.
Gutless by Magdeleine
Deaths in a small town, Uber-UST, and a parrot. This fic cleverly pushes the UST to breaking point, as can happen when they're on a case and have adjoining rooms... I believe the cover was made by shannono. Read more.
Hardball by Missy P
Summary withheld at author’s request. It's enough to say that it's a ball fic, with gossip and jealousy, misdirection and  misunderstanding.  Note: I'm unsure whether Missy has used her real name so I've just used her last initial on the site.  Her full name is on the dustjacket where it can't be googled.     Read more.
Haunted House by Analise
Mulder and Scully are forced to spend the night in a haunted house. Analise does the 'stuck in a haunted house' trope with humour and flair.  My favourite line had to be Mulder's "I've watched Scooby Doo... there should be lever around here somewhere..." (after which Scully finds it by accident).  Analise is also a real proper artist and has the dustjackets to prove it. Read more.
He is the Master of His Fate, She is the Captain of Her Soul by ScullyLikesScience
The story begins during the final events of “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati.” It then chronicles a canon-compliant progression of Mulder and Scully's relationship throughout Season 7, including the beginning of their love affair, and on through Seasons 8 & 9. The story will conclude post-IWTB, and may or may not incorporate Season 10 & 11 storylines.   Read more.
He Wore a Fedora Series by JHJArmstrong
He Wore a Fedora: Mulder. Striptease. Dancing Fool: How did Mulder prepare for his striptease? And how did Scully handle the knowledge he was going to do it? Prequel to "He Wore A Fedora." You should probably read (or re-read) that before you tackle this. Two to Tango: Mulder and Scully become partners in every sense of the word. Sequel to "Dancing Fool" and "He Wore A Fedora." Another  frivolous fic for stress release.  This one features Stripper!Mulder doing his thing for Scully at a charity event.  I would have definitely preferred seeing this on TV rather than that nightmare Read more.
Healing Waters Series by xgirl
XGirl continues the Crossing Lines universe, taking Mulder and Scully from after Sixth Extinction through most of Season 7 with angst and love.  There are two R rated stories in this section - if you want to skip the smut, XGirl has PG rated versions on her website.   I: Truths Untold: In the dark hours before the early morning, the greatest truths out there may well be the unspoken ones. [PG] II: Reconnection: A day at the beach and a story about a boy and his sandcastle spaceship. [PG] III: Acceptance: Mulder and Scully take a significant personal step forward Read more.
Heartland I & II by Eiluned
Delta: Things get hot in New Orleans. Deserts Dry: A cool night in a desert motel. Sequel to Delta. Some very steamy smut in a New Orleans Cemetery, and later in the desert.  Mulder and Scully get to have all sorts of fun that their evil overlord never lets them have. Read more.
Hide and Seek by SpearmntXP
Scully's inexplicable and sudden departure forces Mulder to make a decision. This one's a Scully-centric mytharc x-file with a touch of foreign intrigue. There's some separation anxiety but it leads to a satisfying reunion. Read more.
Human Affairs by Spider
Mulder’s Oxford flat mate arrives unexpectedly with a compound mystery; modern dinosaur and human remains are found near a Loch in northern England. This story precedes Lost Time but it's not essential to read them in order. Read more.
Human Credentials by Scarlet Baldy
As both agents decide to forget what almost happened in that hallway, Scully tries to deal with a clinical depression which was just waiting to happen. The fact that Mulder resumed his relationship with Fowley is not helping. A mysterious letter sends him on another wild goose chase in a country far far away. Scully and Fowley ‘try’ to temper their mutual animosity to find him. The agents will find out that travelling can be a mind altering experience, in the true sense of the word. This story begins right after the movie and gradually evolves into its own alternate Read more.
Hurtful Lies by Gabiabi
What if Mulder wasn't told that Scully's cancer had gone into remission? Read more.
I’ll Be Seeing You Series by XScout and Fox’s Gal
I Know Someone I & II by XScout I'll Be Seeing You by Fox's Gal Not Without Permission by Fox's Gal and XScout Agent Scully receives letters from a psychopath regarding AgentMulder.  Held captive by a madman, Mulder must stay alive long enough for Scully to find him. He may not have a choice. I admit that I haven't read this one yet, but I was looking for a fic set around the Fourth of July, and this one has beautiful covers by XScout.  It's a little confusing because the longest fic, 'I'll Be Seeing You' is based on the Read more.
Illusions by Spooky’s Girl
Post-Arcadia. Mulder loses his memory after an accident and believes himself to be Rob Petrie.   Read more.
Impatient & Intent by Beduini
Season 6 Valentine's day smut.  Sometimes you just can't wait. Beduini makes for some impatient reading with her mastery of smut. Read more.
Impulse by Suzanne Schramm
Mulder and Scully investigate some strange doings in a little town where people seem to have no control over their actions. Read more.
In the Car Series by Icedteainthebag
In the Car: Mulder and Scully find themselves in the car. In my Room: Mulder and Scully find each other in his room. In a Nutshell: Scully goes home early, and Mulder does too. I get warm just thinking about these fics...  Read more.
In the Ruins by Lydia Bower
Some fires destroy. Others cleanse. Mulder and Scully experience both. The office isn't the only thing sizzling in this The End post-ep. 🙂 Read more.
In the Stacks & Under the Stars by LovesFox
In the Stacks: Scully helps Mulder act out one of his fantasies Under the Stars: It's time for one of Scully's fantasies I figured the PWP ratio has been slippingm so go ahead and indulge yourself in these fantasies from LovesFox. Read more.
Increments by Dasha K
The Increments Stories An exploration of love and commitment, set post-Tithonus . . .  After Scully's shooting, she and Mulder must learn to finally accept change in their relationship. Light Sleepers- PG-13 - The original vignette that started the series. A sleepless night, a conversation, a resolution. Increments-  NC-17 - Sometimes love and healing don't come all at once, but in increments. Phoenix Rising-  NC-17 - Marking the moment of change in ink. Keeping the Stars Apart- NC-17 - A brief respite from difficult lives. The Professional- with Plausible Deniability- NC-17 - A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help.   Read more.
Inebriation Series by BarenakedBostonian
Some more trashy smut with no plot to concern yourself with. Probably best enjoyed drunk.  I've included a link to the fanfiction.net version, however it's missing the final chapter.  Heineken: The first in the series, Mulder and Scully go out for some post-case drinks, primarily beer. Merlot:  Mulder and Scully discuss the happenings of the previous story, drink wine and eat salad and chicken. Smirnoff: Another night with our two favorite agents. Substitute the wine for some vodka and shake... Cuervo Gold: Mulder and Scully go to a Halloween party? With the Gunmen? Yes and yes, but it's believeable! With Read more.
Insight Series by Joann Humby
Suppose Scully arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux. Imagine after having worked apart for two years, Mulder and Scully need to work together again. Joann's Insight Series includes Insight Insight II - Dark Fire Insight III - Wake Up Call Insight IV - Shut Down Insight V - Overload Insight (Missing Scene) - PastTense* *The ePub & PDF file contain Insight I-V, with Insight: Past Tense inserted chronologically.  Go to the Web version if you'd like to read it in a different order. Hopefully I haven't messed it up too much.  If you'd like to Read more.
Iolokus Series by Mustang Sally and RivkaT
Painted across the barren and desolate reaches of Texas, the shadows of the Project put additional pressure on Scully and Mulder’s already fragile relationship. After a hostage crisis raises more questions about the Project’s breeding program, Scully begins her own investigation, leaving Mulder to choose between saving her and saving himself. Finally, the investigation leads to an inevitable tragedy and Mulder and Scully find that more questions have been asked than answered. Includes Iolokus Agnates Vix Te Agnovi Res Judicata Syadiloh I've linked to the fic at xffics for the ePub & mobi versions. That site has been playing up Read more.
Jitters Series by Donnilee
First Time Jitters: In the middle of a fight, Scully makes a stunning confession that prompts Mulder to act on his feelings. Jitters 2: M/S embark on married life and Mulder sets out to teach Scully about all the things she's been missing. Jitters 3: Scully's education continues. Wedding bells are in the air. D'oh. I finally upgraded the site to https the other day, so I had to type these book URLs in from scratch... and I got the site URL wrong... 😀  I've now corrected this.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I was actually expecting the whole site to Read more.
Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)
As members of a domestic terrorism task force, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bombings linked to a traveling carnival show. Set early season six. Mulder and Scully are carnies. It's been a while since I've read this one, but from what I remember Scully is initially undercover on her own, and Mulder (who can't be without her of course) joins her.  There's some jealousy involved, leading to an insecure Mulder who needs a little reassurance.   And Scully does a great job of reassuring 😉 Read more.
Lace-Up Fly series by Jacquie LaVa
A series of stories centered around a boutique, a pair of leather jeans, and De Love! Lace-Up Fly: What do you get when you mix Fox Mulder, black leather and no underwear? Ask Scully... Night Train: A whole lotta money for unadulterated power... and our Scully succumbs without a fight... Leather and Lake Water: What more can you give the couple who has black leather and a Night Train? Maybe some creative ways to utilize their toys... Hook and Eye: More fashion fun times. Broom Closet: 'I want to know when I became the prey, instead of the predator...'  This Read more.
Last Chance Falls by Slippin’ Mickeys
A man. A women. A forest. A hit squad. An adventure. (Inlcudes Last Chance Falls Interlude by Pam Gamble.) Read more.
Leaning I & II by FatCat
Leaning I: A series of misunderstandings step in to enlighten Mulder and Scully Leaning 2: The Seduction: The relationship that was exposed in Leaning I continues to develop, despite a non-X-File case and an outside threat to their commitment. Jealousy, fighting, Mulder convinced that Scully's leaving him, assumptions, UST, romance, lost luggage and smut. 🙂   Read more.
Legacy, A by DLynn
Through a series of diaries, Mulder and Scully’s granddaughter discovers a legacy rich with love and sacrifice. BTW, Mulder and Scully do play a prominant role in this story. Read more.
Legend of Hope by Ms31x129
An ancient legend could be the key in saving humanity. This is a post-col story with a rather intriguing beginning, which didn't take long to suck me in despite my usual post-col reluctance.  All your favourite characters get a part in this story.  I'll just warn you though, you might need to drink some strong coffee before you read it to keep up with the changing points of view.   Read more.
Lessons Series by Jori & MoJo
Lessons I: Racked by Jori  - Scully picks the next game. Lessons II: Head's Up by MoJo - After Racked, Mulder decides to teach Scully a new game. Lessons III: Quiver by Jori - Scully tries to improve Mulder's aim. Lessons IV: Fore Play by MoJo - Mulder engages in a little action on the fairway with Scully. Lessons V: On the Fly by Jori - Scully teaches Mulder the finer art of using lines and handling his fly. Lessons VI: Double Down by MoJo - Mulder shows Scully how to go *double down* in darts. Lessons VII: Soaring by Read more.
Lifeguard by ML & Jacquie LaVa
A beach, the sun, some brief swimwear, a locked cabana and our Agents... who could ask for anything more? After Touching Jericho I figured some PWP was in order. Read more.
Little Black Dress I & II by Evielouise
I: All the other writers came up with serious, soul-searching post-“En Ami” fics. I wrote smut. Go figure. While watching that scene in the restaurant, I really wished Mulder could see Scully in that black dress… II: Mulder takes Scully dress shopping to replace that little black number he burned in the incinerator in my last fic. Mulder can show a bit of a jealous and territorial streak, but it rarely extends beyond some quality pouting.  At the end of En Ami he took his pouting to a new level as he tried to deal with the hurt, fear and Read more.
Lost Time by Spider
Diana continues to interfere after One Son. Our agents couldn't be any more distant when they're sent out of the country on a case. Author's Notes: For almost 20 years I have lived in a country with a 5,000 year old culture, spending months in villages that count years since the last white person was seen. I was once an academic and thus am still more skeptic that believer. But I have also seen things... On my last trip to Ambrym volcano, I was stuck in a leaky hut with dead bodies from black magic littering the area. . My Read more.
Magician Series by Suzanne Bickerstaffe & Jennifer Lyons
An epic medieval/fantasy style x-files series by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Jennifer Lyons or Matt Weed. From the authors: This story is a small departure from most X-Files fanfiction. At its heart, it is a fantasy, a slightly deeper trip into the 'realm' of make-believe. Sit back, relax, suspend your disbelief, and let us tell you a tale. Enjoy! This series includes: Book 1: The Magician Book 2: The Runaway Book 3: The Dark Queen Book 3.5: The Firebrand (by Suzanne Bickerstaffe & Matthew Weed) Book 4: The Warrior Priest This fic was requested by Kate for the same reason I Read more.
Making it Personal by Brandon D Ray
A series of episode-based vignettes, covering the second half of Season 6 and tracing the evolution of Mulder & Scully's relationship during that time. Read more.
Malus Genius by Maybe Amanda & Plausible Deniability
Full title: “Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur” (The Evil Spirit, or This Title Is Written In Latin for No Reason) What’s your evil spirit? Note: I keep getting reports of a broken link for this book, but every time I test them they work ok.  If you get an error, try clicking the link a second time, and if the error still comes up, please note which link it is in the "details" area on the report.  Thanks. I appreciate the reports, and will fix them if I can find them. Read more.
Metamorphosis by Annie Sewell-Jennings
A photograph of Mulder and Scully together brings Mulder to ask himself a question that he can’t answer by himself. After the burning of their office, Annie takes us into an alternative timeline where a moment of realisation leads to some deliciously frenzied and intense smut.  Read more.
Midnight Sinderella Series by AllThingsX
The Midnight Sinderella Series: Under the Table - Not everything turns into a pumpkin at midnight! Pure fluff-not big on plot, but smut abounds!!!!!!! Lunch Time - Scully's turn-.. What Mulder Likes - we find Mulder and Scully enjoying some quiet time in Scully's apartment,er-bedroom. This more of a seduction type encounter-drawing out the fun just a bit... Rush Hour - The end of the day finally approaching, Mulder and Scully attend one last meeting before they head home for the night-the very long night. Oh, and the drive home ain't bad either! Moon Over Georgia - Never rely on bathroom Read more.
Miles to Go Series by MD1016
Mulder and Scully in the desert, talking to each other through tin can phones. This is a nice 'n' angsty jealousy/betrayal story involving the incredibly dislikable Diana Fowley.  Scully issues an ultimatum and a proposition.  Mulder considers the options.    Read more.
Mind Games cover
Mind Games by Spider
A horrific series of child molestations and murders has escalated. The director himself, under political pressure from the Justice Department has no choice but to assign the FBI's best profiler to the case, despite a promise he made ten years previously. But this series of killings has no resemblance to anything anyone in the FBI, including the X-files' Fox Mulder, has ever encountered before. ! Content warning for disturbing subject matter - graphic description of violence towards children. Please read the introduction before reading. Read more.
Miraculous Series by Mountainphile
Miraculous Manifestation: Scully and Mulder, while in pursuit of a miracle, uncover the one that already exists between them... Miraculous: Waiting in Motion: After leaving the miraculous hot spring, dark secrets emerge as Scully and Mulder explore an x-file on a remote mountaintop... Miraculous: Signs of Life: A frantic ride into the night leads Scully to witness the greatest miracle of her life... Read more.
More Than a River by Flynn
What would it take for Scully to admit some things to herself? How would Mulder take the news? Nomoros, here be dragons. This includes the 12 parts of More than a River. I really enjoyed reading this one. *PDF Link now fixed Read more.
Mulder Dream Series by xgirl
The final pieces of xgirl's Crossing Lines universe.  Note, if you want to think they lived happily ever after at the end of Healing Waters, you might want to reconsider reading this.  It's a bit of a rollercoaster, but it does end up in a good place.  Xgirl does give Mulder his sister back, but it comes at a price. Xgirl notes: All Our Yesterdays takes place after Mulder's abduction in Requiem and the premise is that he is having these visions from his past. The first mini story is a "prickly" encounter in the immediate aftermath of The End, Read more.
Mulderlocations by Abracadabra & Spooky’s Girl
Mulder and Scully go to the Carnival. Mulder and Scully lodge-sit. More mindless smut. Read more.
Mutual Series by JessM
Mutual: Scully is caught doing something... erm... private. Mulder decides to let her know the feelings are mutual. Mutual II: Son of Mutual: Back by popular demand, Mulder and Scully continue to prove to each other that the feeling is... you got it, Mutual. Mutual III: This Time It's Personal: Returning in the third installment of this little series, Mulder and Scully go to the Bureau Ball (thanks to whoever gave me the idea to try and blow the lid off that cliche-ridden experience) and find themselves... in between a rock and a *hard* place? Mutual IV: Mutual in Space: Read more.
Never by A Kinney (Sue Schramm)
No clever summary. Smut biscuit, pure and simple. To summarise it, in a still non-clever way, Mulder is on a deep undercover assignment, and a concerned Scully just happens to find him at the right time.  It falls under the irresistible 'fake sex gets out of hand' trope.  The company Mulder's been keeping start to question his manhood when after three months he's never hooked up on one of their regular drinking excursions, so Scully helps him regain some credibility. 😉  My memory is hazy so I can't remember whether Allison is the author's real name or another pseudonym. While Read more.
New Millennium Series by Vickie Moseley & Ten
This starts as a post-ep for Millennium, but quickly gets out of hand as canon continues to disappoint. Starting the New Millennium by Vickie Dear Chris: this is how I would have loved to end that episode. But you didn't do this, so I had to. Consummating the New Millennium by Ten If Fox William Mulder just started off your new millennium by driving you all the way to Connecticut and then springing a surprise wedding on you - your own, to him - before saying "let's go home," would you REALLY be able to wait that long before bedding Read more.
No Greater Love by Karen Rasch
Mulder and Scully travel to a small town in Missouri to investigate a series of deaths involving a faith healer. Along the way, questions are raised concerning their relationship and their feelings towards matters of the spirit.  Winner of multiple 1996 Spooky awards. I feel a bit dirty after posting so much smut during my recent brain-fog issue, so now that I'm feeling a little better I thought I'd continue with some fics with a little more substance (ie plot).  This one is an USTy classic from Karen.  The tension is almost at breaking point.  There's lots of Scully-angst, thanks Read more.
No More Demons cover
No More Demons by Penny D
Mulder and Scully find a way to keep the nightmares away. Read more.
No Quarter Given by Mish
No Quarter Given: Abstinence, Greed, Surrender & Truce Combined She wants to feel alive. Post Never Again and onwards. Serious angst. All available parts of the story have been combined. Warning: This series was not completed, but what's available ends in a satisfactory way.  Actually, I wasn't even aware that there were more parts than the widely available trilogy until the lovely Marina Frenzy pointed out there was an incomplete part 4.  Part 4 is only available on Mish's old personal page via the wayback machine. Read more.
Not an Exercise in Subtlety by Satina
Not an Exercise in Subtlety: Mulder does something he normally wouldn't, while under the influence of the psychotropic substances in his water supply, as well as the grief and confusion over his father's death. Finding a Way: Mulder remembers, and tries to find a way to make things right. Good Medicine: Mulder and Scully make things right.   Read more.
Not Without You & Chained to You by Spooky’s Girl
Not Without You: Mulder and Scully vs the wild west. Chained to You: 18 months after Scully leaves the bureau, fate intervenes, and Fowley tries to... Read more.
Oklahoma by Amperage & Livengoo
It's 1987 and the Oklahoma cops have an unsolvable case. Fox Mulder, golden boy of the VCU, is called in to stop the murders of children across the state. What he finds takes him places he never wanted to go and forces him to make the pivotal choice of his life. Rated NC-17 for language and violence. I believe the original artwork came from IOHO, please correct me if I'm wrong.  It's been modified to dustjacket format by x-trash. Read more.
Old Growth Forest by Andrea
While following up a case of disappearing homeless, Mulder and Scully are pulled into the mystery. This is the revised/updated edition.   Read more.
Omens by Lepus-Arcticus
Mulder and Scully are called to Horizon, Montana to investigate a mysterious and gruesome death. Read more.
One Belief Away by Laura Blaurosen
Mulder and Scully are called out on an investigation involving a supposedly haunted house with a murderous ghost. They also find out a few other things (unrelated to the case) while they are there. This one's a brief Mulder/other, resulting in some intense Scully jealousy.  Don't worry, it ends as it should ;-).  I'm still excited that I got to go on a paranormal investigation last night, complete with EMF Meters and heat and Kinect cameras and everything, so I figured a ghost hunting fic was in order.  Unfortunately my experience didn't end up NC-17 rated though... Read more.
One Week at Quantico by CrossedBeams
What if Mulder had been teaching at the Academy when Scully was training… Crossedbeams gives us another Pre-XF MSR that's remotely plausible. And hot.   Read more.
One Word Series by Jesse
Unabashed flickfic: Scully forces the issue Includes: One Word Icing WInter Butterfly What Dreams In Due Season This is a real smut treasure from Jesse, who definitely doesn't let that hallway alm0st-kiss be forgotten. Read more.
One-Upmanship by TBishop & Jacquie LaVa
Includes the prequel: Dormi Con Mi Socio by TBishop: Translation is roughly 'I Slept With My Partner' or so I am told. One-Upmanship: To keep a great relationship going requires imagination and creativity - and our erstwhile FBI agents become a little too successful for their own good... This is pure, unabashed smut, with a little bit of story thrown in for good measure. These two magnificent authors pool their depravity in an effort to raise the bar with regards to smutfic.  While the premise of this fic may not be entirely realistic, it's a fun fantasy (until it's not) Read more.
Opsis by Punk M
Apocalypse doesn't always mean the end of the world.   Read more.
Ordinary Life Series, An by Paige Caldwell
Scully leaves the Bureau for what Mulder believes is an ordinary life. A year later, fate brings them back to together, but her “ordinary life” threatens to tear them apart. True Lies - Sequel to “An Ordinary Life”. The ordinary life Scully left the Bureau for was a lie. Reunited with Mulder, they flee the danger created by her role as a CDC operative, only to discover the truth isn’t what they believe it to be. To Bee or Not to Bee - A third installment to the series known as “An Ordinary Life”. Scully and Mulder continue to fight Read more.
Parabiosis by Penumbra
Science and Mysticism conjoin. A detailed look at season 7. (Rated R) This story is supplemented by an NC-17 'addendum to casefile' 'Upsidaisium', which is included.  Upsidaisium is set around Gethsemane which is a bit confusing but smut is smut.  Scully dared herself to give in to this life, to call this enough - dire middle-of-the-nights with this unbelievable parabiosis arcing between them, and the daytime eternities of pretending there was nothing new. And now when he wanted to lie with her, kissing and talking, she thought of how they would act tomorrow, of the subsequent days until they could Read more.
Path of Salt, A by Analise
After taking their relationship to a new level, Mulder ditches Scully yet again to help an old friend solve an unusual murder in the Southeast deserts of Utah.   Read more.
Peaks of Insanity & Valleys of Lucidity by XRae
Peaks of Insanity: Deeply affected while profiling a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge? Valleys of Lucidity: Six months after their experience in Dayton, Mulder and Scully's relationship is slowly, and silently, falling apart. I love this anguished, insane Profiler!Mulder who only Scully can connect with and bring back.   Read more.
Platonic I & II by BlueSwirl
Platonic I - Mulder and Scully discuss Platonic Love and define their relationship. Platonic II: Stolen Moments - The dictionary may be back up on the shelf where it belongs, but Mulder and Scully are still, um, testing the boundaries of their new relationship. A teasing, mild-dom!Mulder makes sure Scully knows exactly how he feels. Read more.
Playing Goddess by Shalimar
Mulder and Scully go camping. S'mores, skinnydipping & smut. I really wanted to share "Five Years and One Night" by Shalimar but as I was preparing it I noticed it had a Do Not Archive request.  I still don't know whether I should post those ones; I kind of figure that it's 20+ years later and the care factor is probably no longer there, but I want to comply with the authors' wishes.  Let me know what you think so I can blame you all 😉 Or if you know how to contact Shalimar can you please beg her for Read more.
Poconos by Jess M
Mulder and Scully looking into a series of mysterious deaths (do they ever do anything ELSE?) in that honeymoon capital of the world, the Poconos. Another very sexy case file from Jess M. She stirs a large dollop of humour into this one and garnishes it with a smut-cherry on top.  Read more.
Poe Mountain Horror by West Shore
While a little Tennessee Mountain town revels in its new-found celebrity status as an alien abduction site, Mulder and Scully try to tell them that they are ignoring the real danger and are caught in the snare of an evil serial killer. This one's a real thriller, beautifully crafted by West Shore. The mature rating is for the violence/horror themes, it's strictly platonic hurt/comfort. Read more.
Preponderance by Alanna
Preponderance (Books 1 & II) Guilt is painted in shades of grey. When Scully is involved in a serious crime, how will Mulder react? This fic is a meal of angst and emotional torture, with a side order of smut.  Alanna sets our agents on an extremely emotional journey, with a divide that seems impossible to bridge.  But have faith. Read more.
Press of Darkness… by JessahmeWren
Full title:  The press of darkness in the swell of night (is where I find my healing) Post S2x13: Irresistible. Mulder takes care of Scully following the nightmare with Donnie Pfaster.   Read more.
Price of Truth I & II by E Livingstone
Price of Truth: Scully puts her life and beliefs on the line to get Mulder his truth. Tangled Web: After trying to find Mulder his Truth, Scully has to face the consequences of having seen too much. E weaves quite a complex web with these stories.  After Scully ditches Mulder to prevent him getting hurt, angst and jealousy arises. Read more.
Primal Sympathy by Lydia Bower
In order to find a cure for Scully’s cancer, Mulder fakes his own death without her knowledge. Once reunited, they embark on a journey of discovery that may end up costing them their lives. This cancer-arc fic from 1997 had a fandom all of its own.  It's exquisite Scully-torture, but she's comforted with some hot horizontal mambo.  You can even choose to skip the smut if you're not into that kind of thing.... well I suppose it's remotely plausible that someone might not be here for the smut.... Read more.
Process of Elimination Series by Mimic117 & XochiLuvr
Variety is the spice of life. Includes 6 POE stories: Prequel: Hot Scrunchy Love by XochiLuvr Board FAQ by Mimic117 Process of Elimination by Mimic117 Breaking and Entering by Mimic117 Tat for Tit by XochiLuvr Desk Jockey by Mimic117 Read more.
Professional, The by DashaK & Plausible Deniability
A woman from Mulder’s past returns, desperately needing his and Scully’s help. This one's a 'Mulder's caught hiring a substitute-Scully' fic, with all its associated revelations and complications.  Don't let the Mulder/other freak you out, think of it more as a faux-Scully to genuine-Scully fic. Read more.
Punishment by Spooky66
SO! I threw around the idea that Mulder likes to be spanked and was asked to write it! This is just a little bit of gratuitous smut just because Mulder deserved a spanking after One Son.  Spooky66 and I collaborated on  this illustration for her post-One Son punishment fic.  We just had to make Dom!Scully spank Mulder with a name plate with her name on it.  I'm so easy to lead astray. Read more.
Pythagorean Harmonics by Vesalius
What if Pythagoras was right and all IS number, and the universe is indeed harmonious? Post-episode study of the human condition. This is a post-Biogenesis treatment of the mythology that seems to make sense. I have to admit that The Third Extinction/Amor Fati left me clueless, despite trying to read many post-ep analyses. There seemed to be so much in it that was unresolved or unexplained and I had to admit that I'd finally lost the plot of the mytharc. This fic is the action/adventure story we should have had after Biogenesis.  Scully's trip to Africa has a purpose, and Read more.
Quantum by Emma D
Is the grass really greener? A big thank you to xphilernj for compiling this one.  It was originally posted to Ephemeral in around 2009 but missed being archived at Gossamer, and had to be laboriously put together from various sources following the Ephemeral glitch.   This is the first story in Emma's Quantum Universe.  Links to the other two stories, The Road Less Traveled and Falling, can be found below. Read more.
Queen of Hearts by Syntax6
In early season five, during Scully's resurrection and Mulder's crisis of faith, they travel to small-town Nebraska to investigate a series of portentous crop circles and end up plumbing the mysteries of the human heart. Syntax6 returned to her fandom roots in 2018 to give us this special little casefile, with a couple of bonus tropes for good measure.  I tried to do an old-skool type cover to complement it, but collages have never been my strong point... Read more.
Ramp Series by OKayVal
I figured some PWP was in order after recent angsty fics posted. Ramp Series combined. Ramp I - The Right Angle: A Valentine’s Day surprise for Scully Ramp II - A Different Angle: Scully’s turn to surprise Mulder. Ramp III - Surprise Angle: "Escape is at hand for the travelin' man (and woman)!" Ramp IV - From Every Angle: Mulder can't wait, as usual... The original cover art was done by Donnilee, which I combined and made pretty for the series cover. 🙂  The images are also on the linked web page, so try to avoid opening any of the Read more.
Rarity of the Human Connection by MD1016
Scully in jeopardy, Mulder in mourning, and their connection. This is a fic that stuck with me for a long time.  It's angsty; full of Scully torture - and Mulder torture by proxy, and it has a devious little twist at the end... Read more.
Recycled Virgins by Kel
The world of MSR fanfic has many wonderful stories about the "first time." Here's one about the changes and adjustments that follow. Mulder and Scully suffer through their own insecurities as they take on the Consortium. Some jealousy for Mulder. Read more.
Reflections of a Rainy Night & Morning’s Promise by DLynn
An innocent question at a crime scene leads Mulder into a contemplative night. “Hmm…chocolate and moonshine. There’s got to be a song in there somewhere.” I imagine that doing the naked pretzel in the rain and the mud would be quite uncomfortable, but I love that Mulder and Scully just can't resist that urge.  There might be a case file in here somewhere, I can't quite remember the non-smut content that well. 😀  Read more.
Remember Me? by Caroline O
Mulder and Scully have been forcibly separated from each other for fifteen months. Scully has a new life, but no knowledge of her previous one. Read more.
Revanche by Ryo Sen
Revanche (noun) political policy designed to recover lost territory or status. This is a Scully-centric mytharc fic.  I love the 'Scully goes out alone to prove that Fowley is a traitor' genre. Even when no smut is involved. Go Scully!  🙂  Read more.
Revelations Series [Volume 1] by Windsinger
The Complete Revelations Series This series takes place during the first season of The X-Files, beginning the morning after the last scene in The Jersey Devil and ending prior to the Season One finale,  The Erlenmeyer Flask. The full series is split into three volumes, as follows: VOLUME ONE: 1. REVELATIONS 1: DAWN (This has been mislabelled as "Revelations" at the top of each volume) Let us return to the days of yesteryear when Scully's abduction, bounty hunters, clones and cancer are still far in the future. It's the morning after the Jersey Devil case, Scully is dismayed to be Read more.
Revelations Series [Volume 2] by Windsinger
The Complete Revelations Series This series takes place during the first season of The X-Files, beginning the morning after the last scene in The Jersey Devil and ending prior to the Season One finale,  The Erlenmeyer Flask. The full series is split into three volumes, as follows: VOLUME ONE: 1. REVELATIONS 1: DAWN (This has been mislabelled as "Revelations" at the top of each volume) 2. REVELATIONS 2: THE BOX VOLUME TWO: 3. REVELATIONS 3: THE VACATION Angst (of course), developing M/S relationship. Occurs towards the middle of the first season. There is even a tiny bit of foreshadowing of Read more.
Revelations Series [Volume 3] by Windsinger
The Complete Revelations Series This series takes place during the first season of The X-Files, beginning the morning after the last scene in The Jersey Devil and ending prior to the Season One finale,  The Erlenmeyer Flask. The full series is split into three volumes, as follows: VOLUME ONE: 1. REVELATIONS 1: DAWN (This has been mislabelled as "Revelations" at the top of each volume) 2. REVELATIONS 2: THE BOX VOLUME TWO: 3. REVELATIONS 3: THE VACATION 4. REVELATIONS 4: THE ABDUCTEE 5. REVELATIONS 5: MILE HIGH 6. REVELATIONS 6: MEMORIES VOLUME THREE: 7. REVELATIONS 7: JUST THE TWO OF Read more.
Risking Everything by Cathleeen Faye
During the events of Pine Bluff Variant, we find that Mulder has risked his relationship with Scully for his assignment and as things begin to go bad he fears that he's fast running out of time to set it right again. But Scully has more faith in him than he realizes. This is an expansion on the events of Pine Bluff Variant, an XF episode with more layers (IMO) than it's given credit for. The title is taken from Mulder's line in the episode. PBV is a favourite episode, and the Scully doctoring scene absolutely went this way, you just Read more.
Road Less Traveled by Emma D
As Mulder and Scully begin this new facet of their relationship, Scully's life is put in danger and Mulder must risk everything that means anything. This is the second story in Emma's Quantum universe. Quantum and Falling are linked under 'series' below.  I've included the full text file here - there seems to be a chapter missing from the version on Gossamer.  Read more.
Ruby by Ary GH
When your friendly neighbour psychopath starts killing redheads, Scully is requested to go undercover ... as a stripper. I have a weakness for undercover stripper stories.  This one has been described as an erotic thriller, with sex, violence, angst and misunderstanding.  Mulder is in a world of torture with Scully being in this undercover role and the target of a serial killer.  Our agents end up getting a bit physical in more ways than one. Read more.
Sal From 4C by Dianora & MD1016
Mulder and Scully have a fight to end all fights, then discover that making up makes it all worthwhile. Read more.
Scattering Seeds Upon a Stone by J Selby
Scully becomes dangerously obsessed in her search for the truth behind a shocking piece of evidence from the past, and Mulder, recognizing an all-too-familiar pattern of self-destruction, is determined to save her. Scully gets to have a turn at uncovering conspiracies in this one, while Mulder's the one tending to her wounds and keeping her grounded. Read more.
Second Skin Satin by Kim Berglund
Scully asks Mulder to meet her at a club after work. Yes, more PWP.  I've been on a bit of a smut bender this week. Sorry, not sorry.   Read more.
Second to Last Seven Eleven by Punk & Sab
Across the street, a bank clock proclaimed it was 99 degrees, and the sky was black from another fire.  Written as V. Salmone.   Read more.
Seeds & Shells by AliciaK
Seeds: Scully discovers the hidden benefits of Mulder’s oral fixation. Shells: More oral fun with our intrepid agents. A follow-up to "Seeds." Read more.
Seeds of Synchronicity by Mountainphile
Six years after the events of "Aubrey," Scully and Mulder revisit the Missouri town to confront old demons and lay new ones to rest. Mountainphile takes us back to the town of Aubrey late in Season 7,  where murders continue despite their solving the case way back in Season 2.  She also manages to tie some mytharc-related Scully angst in, all while Mulder and Scully are attempting the navigate recent changes to their relationship.  I'm in awe of authors who can write complex plotlines whilst keeping our heroes in character and tossing in some angsty sexytimes, and  Mountainphile is definitely Read more.
Sense Memory by Tesla
How can two people share a memory of something if it never happened? A tantalising fic from Tesla. Read more.
Seraphim by chekcough
After Mulder returns from the dead, Scully tries to pick up the pieces. AU, with Mulder/Scully relationship pre-established after FTF. !Implied character suicide & pregnancy loss. Read more.
Sex and Loathing by MalibuSunset
Time Frame: Seasons 4 & 5. Starts out post-Paper Hearts. Ends post-Pine Bluff Variant. Some malarky in between. Warning – bad, bad sex. But that’s not the end, so keep reading. One of those times that things don't go right, which has to resolve itself. MalibuSunset is always a pleasure to read, even her bad sex is good. 😀  Read more.
Sex, Violence & A Complicated Fable by Beduini
Sex, Violence & Filling in the Gaps:  Hello! It’s me! (dancing on pointe) Here to ply you with more shameless fantastical MSR! (demi-plie) In this episode, a conversation goes slightly off topic. (sissonne fermee) Enjoy!  Post episode for FPS. Sequel - A Complicated Fable: A very smutty romp through Los Angeles. Post episodic for all things, Brand X, and Hollywood A.D. I love the way Beduini's dirty mind works. She begins this pair of stories with some intense UST, then takes us to its natural conclusion, and beyond. Read more.
Ship Building by Jess M
When THEY set out to break Scully, Mulder steps in. CONTENT WARNING: Sex, Angst, child murders, molestation references, ickiness. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This one is dark, folks. This ain't "Hog Heaven", put it that way. I'm not an FBI agent or a murderer, so my details may be off, but my heart's in the right place. I wish you could buy what Mulder gets Scully, but I've never seen one. It does have a happy ending and it's LONG, but complete. Jess proves to have a truly evil mind in this fic beginning the morning after 'Millennium'. . Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 01: A Collection of Close Encounters
SHIPPER'S DIGEST 1: CRAWL SPACE AND OTHER CLOSE ENCOUNTERS including: Crawl Space by Gwendolyn In The Closet by Gwendolyn and DashaK Heating System by Lizzi Wareham Not the Call They Were Waiting For by Yonada Broom Closet by Jacquie LaVa Tailor-Made by OKayVal Scully in Black Leather by HavelockXF Goin' to the Fair by Ficlady This is my first attempt at an anthology of themed stories by different authors.  There are eight "Tight Quarters" fics included, with each story having between 1500 and 5500 words.  Let me know if you'd like more themed anthologies and if so feel free to Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 02: Two Agents, One Tent
Another collection of tropey fics - this time it's two agents consorting in the one tent.  There are only three in this edition, but they're all longer PWPs, and some even snuck in a little plot.  Circumnavigation by Suzanne Schramm Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you get there. Wildcats by Sheryl Martin (Nantus) You're not getting anything more than sex, sex and romance... oh, did I mention sex? He Otter Known Better by Manik Mulder's fiendish plans for an erotic weekend go awry when a large weasel launches himself at Scully. A certain portion of Mulder's anatomy Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 03: Heatstroke
It was winter here the other day, so I'm warming up with some heat-related fics.  This is a collection of PWP set in the heat of summer. Summaries aren't really necessary because there's not much plot, it's generally just hot and sweaty MSR. Includes: Too Darn Hot by ML Ignited by Piper Sargasso Heat Stroke by TJ Hot & Sticky by Eponine119 Hot by Beduini PS. There are more heat fics to come. There are so many that I decided to save some for when the northern hemisphere needs heating up. Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 04: Fixing the Family Jewels
SHIPPERS DIGEST 4 includes: The South Shall Rise Again by Gina Rain Barnacle Babies by Humbuggie Payback by Madame Butterfly & The Wrong Arm of the Law by Terma99 As we all know, Scully's a medical doctor, and there are occasions where that skill is needed to take care of Mulder's mistreated man-parts.  These are but 4 fics where such an indignity has been suffered.  I actually laughed out loud in some parts, which felt wrong under the circumstances, so I hope I'm not alone. Again, I've linked to further reading on AO3... Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 313: Syzygy Convergences
Syzygy smut, including Improbability - Fran Hartman Syzygy Causes Lust - Paradise Hey Jealousy - Eponine119 Syzygy Smyzygy - Mystic & Angela Game - Eponine119 Stars Misaligned - Donna BONUS: Links to more Syzygy goodness at AO3   Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 413: Never Again
SIX SMUTALICIOUS 'NEVER AGAIN' POST-EPS Skin Against Skin by para8Dice Visceral by Danielle Cold Night Warm Bed by Atticus Never Never by Crash Two Steps Forward by Soodohnimh Expiation by Johnie In celebration of my brand new tattoo I thought I'd put together a few angsty first time fics involving Scully's tattoo. I know many don't like this episode, and I admit that I was in the 'Scully didn't do it' camp for a long time, but I've switched to the 'Scully really wants Mulder but he's being a total jerk so she can go have whatever fun she needs Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 619: UnNatural Attraction
I had trouble deciding what to post today, and when in doubt, turn to smut. This anthology contains seven innings, all with home runs. Backstop by Fialka: UnNatural smut biscuit Batting Practice by Shanda: post-ep smut Alternate Ending - The Unnatural by icedteainthebag: Home Run! Exhibitionism Inspired by Baseball by DiAlex: Who would have known that all it took was a little game of baseball.... No More Giants by KrisMac: Unnecessary Things Balls, Boys & Birthday Gifts I & II by DenyTheTruth: What was going through Scully's mind during her and Mulder's little batting session? And what comes after the Read more.
Shipper’s Digest 712: X-Copulation
I've been screencapping for the new xfphotos archive and happened to catch sight of this episode as it was autocapturing, which inspired me to do a post-ep anthology.  The first story is only PG rated, but it's a good laugh and a reminder of some of the events in the episode. Bill Scully Meets The X-Cops by Girlie_Girl7 (a smut-free appetiser) Inversion Layer by Blackwood Inevitable by Flynn The Thing With Feathers by Diana Battis Willow Park: Aftermath by Kelly Moreland Read more.
Shirt, The by Audrey Roget
Set between Pine Bluff Variant and The End. The traditional toss of a bridal bouquet at the wedding of a colleague (yes, a cheesey situation, but work with me here) sets Mulder and Scully on a relationship slalom which causes them to question the nature of truth in their lives. Read more.
Shut Up, Mulder & Bitch by David S
Mulder and Scully go on a stakeout in rural backwoods Virginia. Scully gets her man. Sequel - Maggie Scully makes an observation. Scully makes things right. !very mildly (if at all) dubcon, dom!Scully.  Two amusing stories: A perp that gets away, and some naughty little forest critters who also get away (after getting a show from two agents on a stakeout and taking some of their clothes with them). There's also an accidental switch-flicking faux pas during a second stakeout fail, and Scully makes Mulder pay for a few faux pas of his own. That might not make sense but Read more.
A Simple Complication cover
Simple Complication, A by Sally B
Mulder suffers what he believes is a minor injury during stakeout duty.  Ignoring it, he convinces Scully to accompany him to New Jersey to investigate what he hopes is an X file. Mulder realises too late that his minor injury may not be as trivial as he first thought. Read more.
Smoking & Patch by Alanna & Michaela
Includes Smoking: Oh, the trials and tribulations of jealousy and frustration Patch: The sequel Jealousy may be unbecoming but it makes for great smut.  Scully has dinner with an old boyfriend while they're out of town on a case, resulting in an irresistible dark and brooding Mulder.  Michaela and Alanna also toss a good serve of humour in this smoking hot fic and its sequel.  Read more.
Snapshot by Dawson E Rambo
Dawson Rambo thought he was writing a vignette about Mulder & Scully's need for comfort from each other after a tough case. In fact he was writing a novel expanding on this and veering into a mytharc-based X-File epic which puts them up against all kinds of agencies with initialisms from all over the alphabet. Read more.
Snooping Series by Su Barringer
If you had an hour alone in Mulder's apartment, what would you do? And how about Scully's apartment? A classic series from Susanne. Mulder and Scully just can't help themselves. Read more.
So Let It Be Written Series by Mish
Includes: So Let It Be Written | So Let it Be Done | Exodus | The Promised Land So Let it Be Written PG-13, Angst, post-'Milagro' In a world of extreme possibilities, might we not turn to the implausible? So Let it Be Done PG-13, Angst, post-'Milagro' Sequel to "So Let It Be Written"; Exodus R, X-File, Angst, M/S, post-'Milagro', character death (or is it?) Continuation of the So Let it Be Written/Done series; Mulder and Scully together again, but at whose hands? The Promised Land NC-17, MSR Final chapter in the series. This book has a happy ending. Mish Read more.
Solitary Confinement by Jean Robinson
Being alone with your thoughts can be worse than sharing them. Read more.
Something Wicked by Donnilee and Fatcat
Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it’s too late. !noncon, incest Donnilee & Fatcat combined their wickedness to bring us this glorious "undercover as a stripper" story, starring Mulder as "The Lone Wolf". Poor Mulder has to suffer a number of indignities in order to catch the bad guy. Read more.
Sore Luck at the Luxor by RivkaT
Not enough plot to summarize. I only wrote one story as Anubis. As for the rest, I'm not sayin'. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.  Anubis was a shared pseudonym used by a number of authors. Rivka T has claimed this short, smutalicous tale set while Mulder and Scully are undercover as a couple.   Read more.
Sound of the Shell by K Roch
Mulder & Scully.  Shipwrecked. This story was written in 1996 by one of the early giants in the MSR fanfic world.  It's set around the end of season 3, so the UST factor causes issues as Mulder tries to show restraint living in close quarters with a very casually dressed Scully. Read more.
Sounding the Depths Series by ML
Sounding the Depths: In which Mulder gets Lesson One in Regaining Your Partner’s Trust. A series of missing scenes from “Agua Mala.” Interval: Bridging gaps and redefining partnership. A conversation after Agua Mala and before Monday. Do Overs: Continuing work on partnership. A series of missing scenes from "Arcadia." The Nature of the Beast: Mulder and Scully continue to work on their partnership in the aftermath of Two Fathers/One Son Read more.
Speedo Optional by Thalia D’Muse
A string of bizarre murders send Mulder and Scully to a secluded resort in Florida. This is a casefile with the added complication of a rather uncomfortable setting for our agents.  Of course Mulder is a lot more amenable to going with the flow than Scully. Read more.
Spell by KRoch
This story is about Mulder and Scully confronting their attraction to each other. It has it’s origins in my desire for Mulder to someday see Scully completely decked out— instead of the usual standard FBI suits he usually sees her in.   It then follows their journey as they negotiate changes to their relationship. ! Fertility/Reproduction issues NOTE: This author has requested that her work not be republished/shared under the name used when the stories were originally posted. Read more.
Splash in Texas, A & Fireworks by xfimnotdone
A Splash in Texas: Mulder and Scully return to Texas for vacation fun, improving their relationship has never been so fun or so hard. Fireworks:  After their argument in Texas, Scully comes to terms with what she wants and how to control her controlling side. Read more.
Stiff One, A by ShannonK
A Stiff One is Shannon's first time at a first time fic.  Some bar-inspired smut. ShannonK* is legendary for her writing of rather steamy fics.  Try not to groan too loudly and her choice of dance tunes (i don't know how many fics I've read over the years with these songs played) and just go with it.  Lick. Drink. Suck. Hot damn. *I've obfuscated Shannon's full name because I'm under the impression she no longer wants it used.  Please correct me if I'm wrong. Read more.
Swizzle Stick by StorybyCorey
His hand lands on her thigh with a heat that makes her gasp, and he says in a low, soft voice, “I’m just worried about you is all.” She feels herself getting dizzy. It has nothing to do with the alcohol, and everything to do with unpartnerly touches on her couch close to midnight, after too many drinks and the most god-awful night she’s had in probably a decade. Oh, and also- Scully strips for Mulder. This one was a fun one that I just had to illustrate. Being an aphant, the only way I can 'see' the images that Read more.
Tam Lin by Pequod
Myth and murder combine in a remote Scottish village and Mulder and Scully investigate. Pequod gives us that ever-infuriating Mulder who withholds important details but gets away with it because he's adorable.  The plot is strong, as is the UST, until PartyDress!Scully tips that over the edge.  It's a well-written tale with the humour and banter that made me fall in love with Mulder and Scully, set in the beautiful Scottish countryside. And Kilt!Mulder even makes a cameo. 🙂  Read more.
Tantric by Jacquie LaVa & TBishop
"Honest to God, I meant to ease her into it; I never meant to blurt it out like that. You’d think, after seven years and countless bizarre cases, I would have learned my lesson. But I was so excited; so anxious to get my teeth into this one, I forgot to be diplomatic – forgot to use my head instead of my heart. I had spent the weekend going through all the files and the plethora of information I’d found, on the Web and in B. Dalton’s; I’d taken notes, collected documented testimonials from folks who had decided to talk Read more.
Tempest Series by Missy P
Includes: Tempest, Distance, Wild Places & Escape Me Never Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash to find themselves injured and stranded in the Appalachian wilderness. There's no need to talk this one up, there's an Anne Haynes recommendation on the cover! Read more.
Ten Seconds by Amy McClure
What if Mulder and Scully's first time is, well...less than perfect?? (Okay, okay, I know their first time will be incredible, but just go with me here...) Read more.
There For You by Rhondda Lake
Mulder helps Scully out by going with her to a friend's anniversary, which leads to further exploration. There For You There For You: Carpe Diem There For You: Food For Thought There For You: Always Read more.
Think Series by virtue_fluttering
Scully receives an unexpected and long overdue call while working undercover on a racy phone line. The Think Series includes: Not What you think Is that what you think? Try Not to Think What Were You Thinking About? Don't think too much Read more.
This House is Burning by Tesla
Includes: THiB: Blood on the Snow THiB II: A Thief's Diet THiB III: The Quiet Glades of Eden [Incluing prologue: There is only me in my bedroom] Mulder and Scully are assigned to track a serial killer. They go undercover at a ski resort in Colorado with two other agents, and tension ensues. Set early in canon. Read more.
Three Times Series by Joann Humby
Three Times: Overture Scully's missing, having left home with CSM. When she returns, emotions are running high. Post En Ami. Mulder's POV. Three Times: Overture Mirrored This is Scully's version of what happens in the closing hours of "Three Times - Overture" Three Times: Restart After a sexual misadventure in the aftermath of En Ami - Mulder and Scully still haven't talked about what happened. Mulder returns from his trip to England to find Scully considering fate. I love Mulder's angst-level at the end of En Ami, so I love a good post-En Ami fic.  Read more.
Through the Walls by Jenna Tooms
A little piece of fluffy smut: Scully overhears something that gives her—and Mulder—a few ideas. Read more.
Til Stars Align by MonikaFileFan
Mulder and Scully are currently stuck under Kersh’s thumb and banned to the bullpen. It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and Scully also finds herself under romantic admiration from another. Scully has a secret admirer, Fowley's messing with them, and there's an FBI Ball.  I'm a trope tragic. Read more.
Tiny Dancer by Wildwing Suz
Summary withheld at author's request. I'm reluctant to tag this one since Suz doesn't want the plot given away.  I might leave a couple of tags off it.  Just go by the rating. 🙂  Read more.
Tootsie Pop I-III by EvieLouise
CONTENT WARNING: The following story is contrived, cliche-ridden, unrealistic, and unhygienic. And really, really smutty. ~Sap alert~ as well. Don't venture further unless you dig that kind of thing Tootsie Pop After returning from an assignment where Mulder inadvertantly caught sight of Scully in her underwear, a cliched evening of boring paperwork was made more interesting by Mulder seeing even more of Scully. Tootsie Pop II: Marshmallows & Mints Summary: Mulder and Scully go on another nice trip to the forest, or thereabouts, share conversation and confections, and engage in other fun adult activities. Tootsie Pop II: JellyBellies and Twang Read more.
Touched but Never Held by Rachel Anton
What happens after the funeral in Emily... A lesson for CC:  When you give the agents life-changing angst, don't just ignore it the next week, make it count by turning it into a rampant smutfest.   Mulder helps Scully deal with the aftermath of Emily. Read more.
Touching Jericho by Ford & Ursula Luxem
Sometimes one man’s faith is all that stands between revelation and destruction. Scully/Other, M/S UST, Angst, Mytharc I was surprised to enjoy this one as much as I did given that it's a Scully/Other. The story sucks you in, and it's set during the time of Mulder's disillusionment in Season 5, a few months after The Red & The Black, when Mulder's trying to deliberately push Scully away. While Mulder's playing up his asshole side, Scully's still trying to come to terms with the whole cancer/chip/Emily thing, so it's understandable that she'd seek comfort with someone who's going through a Read more.
Trefoil Series by L’il Gusty
A series featuring Ethan Minette, Scully's boyfriend who didn't ever make it to screen. After a chance meeting reunites them, Ethan makes Scully an offer she can't refuse, a chance for something that Mulder knows he can't give her. ScullyAngst to the extreme.  !Domestic violence. Read more.
Trojan War by Ten
"A war is going on, Agent Mulder. Either you're on the right side or the wrong." How did Mulder and Scully feel about the sides they had to take during 'Pine Bluff Variant'?  (PG-13) There is an R-rated sequel included: "The Trojan War II: Victory is Ours". This is what I came up with following a quick search for a Good Friday fic.  PBV is a favourite episode and this story adds to that. Plus there's a rather humour-filled sex scene in Part II for those inclined. Late posting today... I broke the book plugin... I'm going to have to Read more.
Truth or Dare Series by Amy McClure
Anthology containing: Truth or Dare: Mulder and Scully are the most unconventional “couple” around. Why should their first sexual encounter be…well…conventional???? Expense Account: Our lovable agents get a little carried away in their basement office, and face an untimely interruption. Payback: Mulder gets Scully back for her earlier actions. Read more.
Unbelief Series by Anne Milne
How Scully reacts to being ditched in the middle of a nasty case, and the consequences of said ditching. I love a good Mulder-bashing after he ditches Scully to run off somewhere with Diana Fowley.  Mulder suffers the consequences in this one, in a way that I find quite satisfying (despite the lack of smut) 😉 Read more.
Undercover Swing by 2momsmakearight
Mulder and Scully go undercover to find a heinous criminal... who also happens to host sex parties Keep a fire extinguisher close to your device.  This could possibly be the hottest fic I've ever had the privilege of reading.  Mulder and Scully try desperately to keep in character as Paul & Holly to pull off a convincing enough performance to be invited back to the next party, never quite knowing how much is an act and how much is real... the tension between them is sky high.   Read more.
Unnatural Disaster by Michaela
It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ... Glorious angst.  18 months after Never Again, Ed Jerse returns to taunt Scully in this gripping tale. It's one that's hard to put down so free up some time to indulge yourself.  There is a character death, but it's not one most people would cry over. I can't remember whether it's before or after Fight the Future, so I guessed. *files reuploaded with Read more.
Unquiet Grave by Mimic117
“Death in itself is nothing; but we fear to be we know not what, we know not where.” John Dryden A lot of snow, a couple of stranded FBI agents, strained nerves, and some unexpected visitors. How can anyone lie quiet in their grave with all that going on? You can't go wrong with mimic117 (unless your depravity levels vary, in which case you won't find much to read at this site.)  This one's got a bit of a case file, but more importantly Mulder and Scully are stuck in a cabin in the snow.  Fun and games happen while Read more.
Untitled Random Casefile #4664 by JessM
Mulder and Scully set out to solve a case. The Author tags along. Literally. This fic makes me want to proposition Jess too... if only I didn't have to compete with Mulder and Scully to do so.  I love this, in the same way that I love it when the show makes fun of itself.   Jess bravely Mary-Sue's herself in order to visit Moose & Squirrel off-season and discovers that their off-screen personas are exactly as we imagine... Read more.
Up In Your Arms by Admiralty
Post-Closure, Mulder's search for his long-lost sister has finally come to an end. What does this mean for his relationship with Scully? And where do they go from here? Read more.
Victim Soul by Prufrock’s Love
The case of a purported victim soul - one who suffers for and heals others - sends Mulder & Scully, still coming to terms with her cancer,  to New Orleans. Read more.
Walking Away Series by ScamBeliever
Walking Away I: Big Mistake: Regretting One Night Walking Away II: Stolen Shots: Bridging the gap has been painfully trying. Something else makes it even worse. Walking Away III: Unexpected Visitor: Scully gives in at the wrong time. Walking Away IV: Passing Torches: Things might never happen. Walking Away V: Repress, Restrain, Deny: "I won't follow you anymore, Scully. I can't. Not in this." - Mulder Read more.
Weekend Series by MoJo
There are 19 parts to this epic series, including Nocturne, co-written with Andie, which is a novel in its own right. The Weekend Series includes: 1: PERCEPTION OF SNOW 2: NIGHT OF THE GUNMEN 3: ORA PRO NOBIS 4: LUCK OF THE IRISH 5: TOUCH OF SPRING 6: PICKING UP PIECES 7: PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR 8: 58 MINUTES, 15 SECONDS 9: ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS 10: MELVIN'S TURNING 40 11: HELL OR HIGH WATER 12: MODERN ALCHEMY 13: NOCTURNE (WITH ANDIE) 14: PRAYER FOR THE DYING 15: AFTERBURN 16: PARTIAL ABANDON 17: RESIDUAL 18: LUCIDITY 19: AFFIANCE Read more.
What Doesn’t Kill Us… by Katherine Benton
Mulder and Scully struggle with issues of trust and betrayal during and after the events after Fight the Future. It includes: Betrayal From Within Betrayals From Without The Ultimate Betrayal Even the Strong Will Crumble Some extra angst for the Easter break. This is a masterful series by Katherine Benton that sees some major changes in Mulder and Scully's personal and professional lives, and tugs on the heartstrings a little. This is the only fic I've read that deals, among other things, with Mulder's discovery that his body was used for sex without his consent during Dreamland.  It's a deliciously Read more.
What Happens in Vegas by Malibu Sunset
This is an alternative ending to the episode Three of a Kind. What might have happened if Scully had reached Mulder when she called him and he had met her in Vegas? Maybe this…. Another  "I was drugged" story, where our heroes were both under the influence and resistance was low. Wild abandon ensues. Read more.
What Was Taken, What Was Lost by Sunflowerseedsandscience
Mulder and Scully, still reeling from the events of Christmas, 1997, go undercover as a honeymooning couple at a romantic retreat in upstate New York to investigate a series of suspicious suicides and accidental deaths. Being undercover as a couple is normally difficult for this pair, but Sunflowerseedsandscience ups the ante in this story, set right after Emily. Read more.
Whiteout by Evan Black
Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash - but can they survive the aftermath? Read more.
Whole Truth (The) by Admiralty
Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley, a partnership of like minds. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, a partnership of perfect opposites. A journey beginning pre-XF and throughout the series exploring these relationships. (Includes Mulder, Diana, and Scully POVs) Chaps 1-5: pre XF- Pilot Chap 6: S2-S5 Chap 7: The End Chap 8-9: Fight the Future/ The Beginning Chap 10: Drive/ Triangle Chap 11-12: Two Fathers/ One Son Chap 13: Arcadia-Field Trip Chap 14-17: Biogenesis arc Read more.
Wine Series by Dianora
Alcohol consumption and sex.  Pure mind candy with little redeeming social value. Smut. Drunken, wild, crazy smut. Dianora lets them loose in the office,  at a renaissance fair, and on a pier by the lake, among other places.  Not only that, but there's more fun to do with board games and the mile high club.  What the story may lack in social value, it delivers in hot sexy times for this extremely dynamic and enthusiastic duo. The smut tags on this one rival those on One-Upmanship,  You're welcome. 😀  Read more.
With a Vengeance by Rachel Arlington
After five long and eventful years, Mulder and Scully finally get to grips with each other (snigger). AUTHOR’S NOTES: This story was inspired by a comment Gillian Anderson made to the effect that if Mulder and Scully were to get together after all this time, it would be intense rather than romantic. So when they come to film this, she’ll be happy with her character anyhow. I should also acknowledge the people who wrote all those millions of K’s of ‘G’ rated MSR on the Gossamer archive. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t have been driven to write Read more.
Women’s Intuition by J Greco
Mulder is targeted by a woman who has allegedly killed four men in a mysterious and undetectable way. They attempt to gather evidence against her, hoping to break the hold she has on Mulder before she takes everything from him. Jamie gives us that irresistible territorial Scully, whose mission is to keep this dangerous woman away from Mulder.  There's also plenty of opportunity for Dr Scully to give her special touch therapy.  This is a fic I only discovered because it had a striking dustjacket by Anne Haynes. Read more.
Wonderland Series by Karen Rasch
Contains: Of Cabbages and Kings, Impossible Things, More Than Nothing, & Joining the Dance. Cancer Arc: As Scully's cancer worsens, Mulder and she grow closer together, both learning that the only chance they have to survive is to draw strength from each other. This one begins as a really sweet romance, with Mulder and Scully opening up to each other during Scully's cancer. It ends the same way, only with some (initially awkward) smut. Read more.
Words Series by Karen Rasch
A murderer forces Mulder and Scully to address their feelings for each other. From that point on, they struggle to keep their professional and personal lives separate yet balanced, until an old nemesis threatens not only their relationship but their lives. Three Little Words - PG-13 Saying the Words - NC-17 Words on the Wire - PG-13 The Gift of Words - G Beyond Words - NC-17 Early Morning Words - NC-17 At a Loss for Words - NC-17 A Mother's Words - G Words to the Wise - NC-17 Words to Live By - NC-17 Read more.
Worth Breaking by Narida Law
Mulder and Scully embark on a relationship neither is able to handle, and the question of what is or isn’t worth breaking must be answered. I'm not positive, but I think the main dustjacket was made by Trixie, and the one below by Kimpa.   There may be a third dustjacket floating around which is confusing me. Read more.
X-Files Color Series by mommieburger
Mommieburger writes some lovely E rated casefiles/action-adventure tales, some of which are included in this series.  It's a series of standalone fics which includes: Mulder Sees Red One of Mulder’s old friends has died under contradictory circumstances. The widow asks Mulder for help and he leaves Scully behind to do it. When certain facts come to light, the plot thickens and Mulder is caught between two immovable objects, but the irresistible force pushes Mulder and Scully even closer together. Mulder Takes the Orange Pill Mulder and Scully get called to a commune in Colorado to investigate the death of a Read more.
XII by FragileVixen
A killer romanticizes each and every victim, leaving behind symbols of his "love"...but who is his intended target? Sometimes I'm not sure whether to be impressed or concerned about the minds of authors who create horrific case files.  This is one of those stories 🙂 This is an epic fic which I haven't finished reading yet, so further tags may be added as I go. This is only the first story in the Into the Shadows series. The second story in this universe, Dance in the Dark, is currently underway.  Read more.
You Saucy Thing & Wickedly Innocent by Nessie
Nessie has kindly filled in a couple of blanks from the second season episode "Red Museum".   Read more.
Yule Vibrations cover
Yule Vibrations & New Year’s Buzz by Donnilee
Yule Vibrations: Mulder buys Scully a naughty Christmas gift and they take it to work. New Year's  Buzz: Mulder and Scully attend the annual FBI New Year's Ball and Scully's payback's a bitch. Read more.

See also Shipper’s Digests for collections of short stories.